It's been a long time since we last stretched our wings, Gilbert!

—Liiri, Miraculous New York

Liiri[3] is the kwami of Freedom who is connected to the Eagle Miraculous. With his power, Liiri's wearer can use the talon pendant to transform into an eagle-themed superhero.

Liiri and his Miraculous are currently active, used by Jessica Keynes to transform into Eagle.


Liiri is a small creature that is 10 centimeters (or 4 inches) tall and has a tiny dark blue body with a large grayish blue head with a tuft of feathers in the back. He possesses grayish blue feet and neck and tail feathers, as well grey eyes and a yellow beak.


Liiri is shown to have a balanced blend of formality and casualness, as it is shown he used to address Gilbert du Motier, their former owner, by both his first name and his title.

It would appear as well that Liiri can be easily intimidated, as the mere dark presence of Gabriel is able to make him so nervous that he ends up blabbing what his powers can do without his new master even asking him. When in the possession of an owner he feels comfortable with, he becomes rather confident and is immediately ready for a transformation.


As a kwami, Liiri can fly, levitate, and phase through solid objects. Liiri can also carry objects that are larger and/or heavier than him.

As a kwami, Liiri is able to transform the holder of the Eagle Miraculous into an eagle-themed superhero. Liiri grants the wearer of the Eagle Miraculous the special power Liberation which, when used on someone, frees them from any mental or emotional restrictions that limits their actions. In the hands of an evil holder, this leads to the person becoming uncontrolled, following their every whim without any concern for the consequences.


Gilbert du Motier

Not much is known about Liiri's relationship with Gilbert, except Liiri was very civil and formal with him, while also being quite close with him, addressing him by his first name and also by his title, while he was his owner.

Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth

Despite their meeting being brief, Liiri could sense something dark about him to the point where he fearfully revealed the use of their powers to him and were horrified to know that his powers were being used for evil by him.

Jessica Keynes/Sparrow/Eagle

Upon their first meeting and sensing Jessica's calm, compassionate and determined aura, Liiri happily appears from their jewel, affectionately calling her "fledgling", and helps her transform into the Miraculous heroine Eagle. After Techlonizer's defeat, it's implied that Liiri felt great joy that they got to stay as Jessica's kwami.


Not much is known about Liiri's relationship with Monk, but Monk was determined to retrieve Liiri and return him and his Miraculous to the Native American Miracle Box.


When the concept of freedom came into existence, Liiri came into existence. Before the Miraculous jewels were created, Liiri and the other kwamis traveled all over the universe unable to interact with humans. Then, thousands of years ago, a mage created the Miraculouses. The first holder was from China.

Liiri and his Miraculous are a part of a set of jewels that belongs to the Native American Miracle Box, but somehow for unknown reasons, Liiri, along with his Miraculous, were lost. One day, Liiri and his Miraculous were found by Gilbert du Motier about 240 years ago and helped him transform into an eagle-themed superhero and fought in the American Revolution alongside George Washington. After the revolution, Liiri laid dormant within the Eagle Miraculous, which was given by du Motier to Washington until it was put in a museum, along with the former's saber, to symbolize peace and friendship between North America and France.

Miraculous New York

Liiri continued to stay dormant in the Eagle Miraculous as it was being displayed in a museum, along with Gilbert's saber, in honor of French-American Friendship week. However, as the young heroes were being distracted by Techlonizer, Hawk Moth sneaked into the museum and stole the Eagle Miraculous. When activated, Liiri was unexpectedly happy to be working with his old owner, Gilbert du Motier, but he became scared upon sensing Gabriel's threatening aura, and he easily blabbed the use of his powers. Then, Liiri and his Miraculous were given to Techclonizer who used it to transform into Miraclonizer, who in turn used his powers to make the adult superheroes go wild. Thanks to the quick thinking and creativity of Ladybug, Cat Noir, Sparrow and Uncanny Valley, they were able to retrieve the kwami and the Miraculous. Upon being activated by Sparrow, Liiri happily appeared, affectionately calling her fledgling and helped her transform into the superheroine Eagle. By reversing the effects of Liberation, all the adult heroes were returned to normal, and they were able to defeat Miraclonizer, who had detransformed into Techclonizer at that point, thus saving the city. Afterwards, Liiri continued to help Jessica protect New York.




  • Liiri is the first known kwami whose concept does not end in "-ion".
  • Liiri's name is based on the Albanian word for freedom, "liri".
    • In the end credits of Miraculous New York, his name is misspelled as Liri.
  • The eagle is said to symbolize guidance, wisdom, and freedom, among other things.
  • With Liiri's coloration and a tuft of feathers in the back of his head, Liiri appears to be based off of a harpy eagle, the most powerful eagle in the world.
  • Liiri is the 5th kwami to be used for evil, though briefly, following Nooroo as Hawk Moth's kwami, Duusu as Mayura's, Pollen was briefly used for evil for Queen Bee in "Miracle Queen" and Plagg as Cat Blanc in the same episode.
  • Liiri is also the only kwami that has an owner but the only one that has been confirmed from the Native American Miracle Box
  • Liiri is the only Kwami whose both good and evil transformation phrases are known.


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