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Season 4, episode 02 (Production order); Episode 80 (Overall)

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You know, I lied too. I lied to my mother so that we could see each other. I even lied to her when I said you came here with me tonight. I lied at every fencing lesson so we could spend more time together. You see, we're both a couple of liars. Except I lie because I want to be with you. You lie... because you don't want to be with me.

Kagami Tsurugi, "Lies"

"Lies" is a Season 4 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[3] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Lies" is the 2nd written and produced episode of Season 4. It is also the 80th written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]


Disney Channel

A friend of Adrien's gets akumatized into Lies and becomes determined to rid the world of lies and those who tell them.[4]


Marinette in her room trying to decode the message of Master Fu.

In her bedroom, Marinette tries to decode the message Master Fu gave to her before departing to London. Tikki tells her that it's not a big deal and that Fu put the hidden meanings there to protect the secret of their magical powers. Marinette still feels distressed, but Tikki continues to try encouraging her by saying that even Master Fu had a hard time figuring it out, and that she helped him discover the recipe to the aqua power up. Then, Marinette regains her self-confidence. Mullo and Xuppu carry a red apple to Marinette's computer, which turns on the news. Nadja was in the middle of discussing Prince Ali's birthday. Xuppu and Mullo walk across the keyboard while trying to carry the apple, switching the channel to Alec doing an exclusive report on Adrien's life. Marinette watches in awe as Alec discusses Theo making a statue of Adrien, his modeling career with Vincent and practicing tongue twisters with Sarah. Then, Marinette fawned over him, and says that Adrien must have a perfect life.

Adrien exhausted because of the busy day.

Back at Adrien's room, Adrien is exhausted after the day he had, with Plagg adding that they didn't even get a lunch break. Then, Adrien plays some piano on his cellphone to transform into Cat Noir and escape without anyone noticing.

Cat Noir leaves his house, only to notice that Ladybug isn't around. Then, he sends her a voicemail using his staff. He later on waits for Ladybug, but she doesn't show up. Cat Noir checks his messages again, but she did not reply. He comes to the conclusion that since she's the guardian now, she has more important things to do. Cat Noir then decides to start doing patrols. Some fans notice him and begin shouting his name. He jumped down, and the boys took a few selfies with him. They thanked him and ran off. Cat Noir checks his messages again, but there were none.

Some time later, Cat Noir is at the park sitting beside Xavier Ramier, who is feeding pigeons, and Mr. Banana, who is reading a newspaper. Cat Noir tries stirring up some small talk between Mr. Banana, but he ignores him. He then began talking to Xavier, attempting to get him akumatized so Ladybug could show up. Xavier tells him that he's actually been in an excellent mood lately, so Cat Noir leaves. Xavier tells him to say "hi" to Ladybug for him, to which Cat Noir agrees if she ever showed up. He checks his messages one more time but Ladybug still hadn't answered.

Cat Noir at Le Grande Paris for a glass of milk.

Cat Noir goes to Le Grand Paris for a cup of milk. Butler Jean asks how Ladybug was doing, considering that she wasn't around. Cat Noir sighs about how calm it was, but then turns over to Chloé and Sabrina. Chloé is enraged at Sabrina for losing her purse. Sabrina repeatedly tries telling Chloé that she had her purse on her, but she won't listen. Cat Noir gets excited, and hopes for either Chloe or Sabrina or both of them to get akumatized. However, Chloé notices her purse was on her and lectures Sabrina for not noticing it. Cat Noir mopes again and asks Butler Jean for another cup of milk.

Cat Noir waiting for Ladybug at rooftop.

Cat Noir is on another rooftop and checked his messages, and Ladybug had still not replied. Cat Noir began sending her another voicemail, but then overheard Kagami and her mother fencing. The two were going over a lesson of not being surprised, with Tomoe telling her that she needed to be prepared for anything if she wanted to excel Adrien. Kagami confidently tells her mother that she wouldn't worry about him. Then, Cat Noir sends Ladybug another voicemail, this time telling her that the patrol was over.

Adrien De-transforming after coming back.

Cat Noir goes back to his house and detransforms. Plagg then tells Adrien to not worry because there could be a surprise in store. Adrien begins eating lunch by himself. He receives a voicemail from Nathalie, who tells him that Tomoe changed the fencing schedule and that they would have to attend the classes an hour early. Then, Adrien happily wonders what Kagami had in store for their next class.

Kagami is now being taken to her next fencing lesson, as Tomoe tells her that the schedule changes by the Agrestes are tiring. Then she tells her daughter to make the most of it so they could practice learning Russian. In the Agreste's car, Gabriel tells Adrien the same thing while he is being taken to the fencing lesson, saying that the schedule changes by the Tsurugis are exhausting and that he should make sure he is ready for his next photoshoot.

Kagami and Adrien at Collège Françoise Dupont, before one hour from actual class.

Both cars pull up to Collège Françoise Dupont. Kagami and Adrien enter the building, only for Fred to tell them that they arrived an hour early and that Mr. D'Argencourt didn't arrive yet. Kagami insists that the schedule was right. Then, Mr. Haprele tells them they couldn't stay in the school alone. Kagami agrees and pretends to leave with Adrien, only for her to take him to the art classroom.

Adrien asks why Kagami brought her here, prompting Kagami to explain that she wanted to show him her talent in art. She explains how art never lies, and how the poses people make reflect their personalities, but her mother never let her draw because she didn't think she was good enough. Adrien then tells her that she was talented. Then, Kagami tells Adrien to make a pose so she can draw him. However, Kagami doesn't like them, saying that Adrien was making model poses. She asks him to pose over and over, but she still feels that the poses he made didn't reflect the real him. Then, Adrien decides to do a pose similar to the one he does at the end of the transformation sequence as Cat Noir. Kagami then says that he is acting silly. Adrien tried convincing her that acting silly was the real him, but Kagami doesn't agree. Then, she backs him against a wall, making Adrien nervous. Kagami states that this is the real Adrien, but Adrien isn't sure. Kagami leans in for a kiss, but then their phones ring to notify them about the fencing lesson. Adrien delightfully leaves.

Adrien and Kagami begin fencing. Kagami stops, lifts her mask and gives Adrien's mask a kiss.

In the courtyard, D'Argencourt has his students fence against one another. Adrien and Kagami begin fencing. Kagami stops, lifts her mask and gives Adrien's mask a kiss. Then, he takes off his mask and leans in to kiss her. But from the corner of his eye, Adrien notices Ladybug chasing after some pigeons. Then, Adrien lies about forgetting something in the locker room and leaves.

Adrien notices Ladybug chasing after some pigeons.

Cat Noir goes to the top of the TVi studio as a flock of pigeons in the shape of an airplane drops substances that appeared to look like bombs. Cat Noir reaches the top and notices Ladybug on her phone listening to one of Cat Noir's voicemails. Then, Cat Noir startles her, and she throws him off the building. Ladybug grabs Cat Noir's ankle with her yo-yo, causing him to hit his face against a window. Ladybug reprimands him for pranking her, to which Cat Noir replis by saying that she left him alone during their patrol. Ladybug apologizes and explains to him that she was busy nowadays, with Cat Noir replying that she amazes him and that with great power came great responsibilities. Ladybug then promises to never forget their patrols again. Then, they take off to fight Mr. Pigeon.

Kagami is waiting for Adrien at the Seine. Then, Adrien arrives for their little date. André hands the couple some ice cream. But then, Adrien notices Ladybug fighting Lollipop Boy, prompting Adrien to leave again.

Adrien checks his phone, noticing that Kagami had sent him a message.

Adrien finishes school, exiting the building alongside Alya and Nino. Marinette and Luka then leave on Luka's bike. Adrien checks his phone, noticing that Kagami had sent him a message. Then he bids his friends goodbye and goes into the car. The Tsurugi car pulls up to the Agreste car and Kagami opens her window. They lean in for another kiss, but then Adrien draws his attention to Ladybug, who was chasing an akuma. Then, Adrien claims to have forgot something in class and leave, so Kagami had the car drive off and Cat Noir leaps into action.

On the Liberty, Kitty Section finishes playing another song. Kagami, Marinette, Alya and Nino cheer for them once the song was over. Nino then tells Adrien that he caught it all on camera and that they did an excellent job. Adrien denies it, stating that he missed the intro. Ivan and Rose say that they can repeat the song, but Kagami tells him that they have to attend Prince Ali's birthday party. Adrien asks if he could have five more minutes, but Kagami shakes her head. Then, they both leave. Kagami grabbs Adrien's hand, making him drop his bag. They both pick everything up and leaves but then Kagami noticed Adrien's lucky charm and picks it up.

When they depart from the Liberty, Adrien points out that their cars didn't arrive and how he could've performed the song again. Kagami notes that they'll have more time together, but Adrien shakes it off, saying they will spend plenty of time together at the party. Kagami then says that she meant she wants to spend time with just him and how he makes her happy. She notices Adrien looking behind her and also looks, so Adrien lies about thinking there was a wasp behind them. Kagami asks if he loves her as well, but Adrien didn't pay attention. She asks what was the matter, and Adrien lies again, saying that he forgot something on the boat and that she should go without him. The Tsurugi car pulls up as Adrien leaves, and Kagami goes in.

Adrien notices Light Eye and hides behind a building. Plagg says that he hopes to go to the party since they have the best cheese. However, Adrien says that Ladybug needs him and transforms. Cat Noir pulls out his phone and receives a voicemail from Ladybug explaining that Hawk Moth merged the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculouses to become Shadow Moth. Cat Noir goes over to the Liberty, watching as Light Eye immobilizes Ladybug and Truth asks about her identity. Right before Ladybug reveals herself, Cat Noir shoves her into the water so she couldn't finish her sentence.

Meanwhile, at the town hall, Kagami arrived at the party just as Mayor Bourgeois announces that it was an honor to celebrate Prince Ali's birthday with him. Tomoe questions why Kagami hadn't arrive with Adrien, as her and Gabriel agreed on it. Kagami then lies to her mother, saying that Adrien is answering questions for journalists. Then she goes outside, sits on the steps and clenches the bracelet in her fists.

Ladybug and Cat Noir finish fighting Truth. Cat Noir says that he never had so much fun, to which Ladybug teases him about enjoying fighting Truth and Light Eye. Then she jokes around about wondering what his life is like. Cat Noir then asks Ladybug if fighting an akumatized villain and an amokized sentimonster along with Shadow Moth's debut was exciting. Ladybug responds by saying that Shadow Moth could change his name all he wants, but they will still defeat him in the end. Cat Noir says that she could count on his jokes, and Ladybug tells him that he wouldn't have to joke around much longer. Then, Cat Noir states that he had so much fun with her. He takes off, detransforms and runs to the town hall.

Adrien arrives, telling Kagami that he didn't want to make her wait so long. Then, Kagami asks if he found what he was looking for. Adrien says he did, but then Kagami asks what it was. Adrien lies about how he was looking for the lucky charm Marinette gave him and tries taking it out of his pocket, only to realize that he genuinely lost it. Then, Kagami holds out the lucky charm, shocking Adrien. She then says that she also lied to see each him several times this day. Kagami pointed out that they are both liars, although while she lies to get closer to Adrien, he lies to get away from her. Adrien tries stopping her, but Kagami says that she'd rather be alone, and goes inside.

Shadow Moth senses Kagami's despair over Adrien repeatedly lying to leave her. Then, he sends an akuma to akumatize her. Kagami holds out the bracelet again with sadness. Then, the akuma infects it. Shadow Moth offers her the ability to rid the world of liars like Adrien in exchange for the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses. Kagami complies and says that no lie will be tolerated. Adrien opens the door to come inside just as Kagami transformed. He then shuts the door and Lies makes an orb. Adrien admits that it was all his fault Kagami was akumatized and transforms into Cat Noir.

Inside the party, Jagged Stone is in the middle of playing a song for Prince Ali on his guitar while Penny is trying to keep Fang under control. Then, Lies' orb enters the party. Everyone panicks and Lieutenant Roger pulls out his tazer, asking what it was. Lies then asks if Roger lies. He denies it, saying that a policeman never lies. However, Lies decides that he does lie and freezes him. Then, Lies asks if Tomoe lies. Tomoe responds by saying she doesn't permit her daughter to do this, but Lies freezes her as well. More people try escaping but become freezed as well. Then, Cat Noir comes in, urging Lies to stop. Just as she is about to freezes XY and Bob Roth, Lies decides to attempt paralyzing Cat Noir. He says that that he will be able to defeat her, and Jagged Stone says he will help too. Cat Noir tells Jagged to leave, but he doesn't listen. Then, Bob called out that Jagged lies about his age, and he is paralyzed as well along with XY and Bob Roth.

Cat Noir runs out of the town hall and Lies' orb grows bigger. Cat Noir prepares to fight her, but Ladybug grabs him with her yo-yo and tells him that he can't go in there unless they've never lied. And they have lied before due to being superheroes. Then, Ladybug uses her Lucky Charm which grants her a drone. Since the drone can't lie, due to being a machine, Ladybug plans on making the drone go inside to get an idea of how to defeat the villain. Meanwhile, Cat Noir distracts Lies by shouting a bunch of lies.

Using the drone, Ladybug sees the charm bracelet on Lies and deducts that's where the akuma is. Lies starts following Cat Noir to paralyze him. The two talk through their pyra-pods, saying that they can't destroy her akuma unless they use someone who's great at telling the truth. Then, Ladybug sees Fang through her drone and comes up with an idea: animals, like Fang, don't know how to lie, so Fang is unaffected. The drone grabs some cake and Fang follows it. The orb becomes bigger and more Parisians get freeze, so Cat Noir sacrifices himself and jumps in to distract Lies. Lies prepares to take his miraculous, but then Fang jumps in and smashes it with his jaw. Then, Lies is deakumatized and Shadow Moth screams in defeat.

Ladybug de-evilizes the akuma and uses her Miraculous Ladybug to let people move again. Ladybug comes up to Cat Noir and reprimands him for sacrificing himself yet again. Cat Noir makes a joke out of it and they do their pound it. Then, Cat Noir transforms back, sighing romantically over Ladybug. Plagg makes a reference to how while he loves many cheeses, he usually sticks to his favorite, camembert.

It's another day and D'Argencourt hosts their next fencing match. Kagami and Adrien are paired up again. However, Kagami's style this time is much more aggressive. D'Argencourt stops her before she can strike, saying that this isn't the time for solving personal problems. The class ends and Adrien and Kagami sit beside each other in silence. Then, Adrien apologises for hurting Kagami's feelings and admits that he actually enjoyed spending time with Kagami. She says that she knows he is hiding something, but there is also some sincerity in Adrien. He wonders if she's saying they can't be friends, to which she replies by saying they can't since she can't trust someone who lies to her. Kagami gives Adrien the bracelet back and tells him that when she's ready to see him again, she'll let him know.

During the midnight time, Ladybug and Cat Noir are chatting on a rooftop. Cat Noir then disappointedly says that they have to hide secrets from everyone, including each other. But Ladybug looks on the brighter side and says that they can trust each other. The two then fist bump, ending the episode.


Major characters

Minor characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Switzerland on RTS Un.
  • Starting from this episode chronologically, Cat Noir has a new transformation theme, first introduced in "Miraculous Shanghai".
  • At the start of the episode, Marinette is seen working on decoding the grimoire.
    • Tikki also references how Marinette helped Master Fu in deciphering the aquatic potion recipe.
    • It's unknown exactly how Marinette got copies of the grimoire's pages if Nathalie stole Wang's tablet back in "Miracle Queen", it's likely before passing his role he gave them to her as another precaution.
  • This is the fifth time Kagami has been akumatized, following "Riposte", twice in "Mayura" and "Oni-Chan".
    • However, unlike her previous akumatizations, Kagami doesn't get akumatized into Riposte or Oni-Chan, but instead into a new villain, Lies.
  • Mr. Pigeon's akumatization is not shown, making this the ninth time this happens, after Magician of Misfortune in "Princess Fragrance", Vanisher in "Antibug", the Unnamed boy in "Sandboy", Alya and Nino's akumatization in "Oblivio", Vivica in "Desperada", the current Chris in "Christmaster", the adult Chris in "Timetagger" and Mr. Pigeon akumatization in "Truth".
  • This is the second time where Kagami and her mother appeared in the season's second episode, following "Animaestro".
  • This episode has a unique version of the Season 4 intro, where Luka and Kagami's photos switch positions.
  • The events of this episode are a parallel to those of "Truth".
    • Both episodes are similar to each other, as they focus on the relationships of the main characters with their current romantic partner, which becomes strained due to the heroes' double life, and leads to a breakup. But each breakup is handled differently for each couple.
      • With Marinette and Luka in the previous episode, the latter is perfectly understanding that this is best but tells Marinette that he'll be there for her when she is ready to open up to him.
      • With Adrien and Kagami in this episode, the latter feels betrayed by Adrien's lying that she can't be friends with him for the time being. But she'll let him know when she's ready to see him again.
    • Some scenes are shown twice from each character's perspective; this time, from Adrien's.
    • This is the second time more episodes, which aren't part of a special, happen on the same day, following "Volpina" and "The Collector".
      • Judging from the end of "Miracle Queen" and the beginning of "Truth", this is the first time three episodes occur, at least partly, on the same day, excluding flashbacks.
    • This is the first time an episode happens simultaneously with a previous episode, instead of beginning right after the last one ends.
  • In the French dub of the episode, Cat Noir whistles the theme song while he is waiting for Ladybug on the roof.
  • This is the second time that Adrien's lucky charm is used as an akumatized object following "Gorizilla".
    • This is also the first time an akumatized object is exactly the same for two different villains.
  • It's revealed that a Miraculous holder that fuses the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculouses will use the combined light mask regardless of whether or not they've used both powers.
  • Lies' akumatization is one of the shortest out of all titular villains, lasting only around 5 minutes.
    • It's also the shortest time an akumatized identity has appeared in the episode they're introduced in, only being longer than the one in "Ephemeral", in which the time between the titular villain's first and last appearance is only 20 seconds.
  • This is the first episode in which an akumatized object is destroyed by a non-human character, in this case, by Fang.
    • This is also the fourth time where an akumatized object is destroyed by someone else followed by Queen Bee, Carapace, and Rena Rouge in Mayura, other than Ladybug or Cat Noir.
  • This is also a rare episode that focuses exclusively on Adrien, with Marinette only having a minor role throughout. This has also been done in episodes such as "The Bubbler", "Simon Says", "Gorizilla", "Oni-Chan", "Félix" and partially "Party Crasher".
    • Marinette has the least amount of screen time she's ever had in an episode.
  • It's shown as Cat Noir, that Adrien always comes to the Le Grand Palais Hotel when he's feeling down.
  • It's shown as Ladybug, Marinette knows how to operate a drone.
  • It appears the voice lock on Kagami's car was disabled, as Kagami was able to command it without using her mother's voice, unlike in "Ikari Gozen".
  • It's shown that Kagami is a very good artist and is learning Russian.
  • It's shown that Fang also likes cake which shouldn't be a part of a carnivore's natural diet.
  • This is the third time when Ladybug gets a Lucky Charm in multiple pieces following "Troublemaker" and "Anansi".
  • This is the third time when the heroes use their ear communicators following "The Dark Owl" and "Gamer 2.0".
  • Ladybug warned Kagami when taking the mantle of a hero a lot of hearts would be broken with the heroine referring to herself in "Heart Hunter", "Truth" and "Gang of Secrets" as well as Kagami felt in this episode.
    • When Kagami lied so she could be with Adrien and felt that he did the same thing but not to be with her it's likely that she assumed Adrien went off to be with another girl but actually unknown to her Adrien is the hero Cat Noir. Meaning he did want to be with her but couldn't be (or with any other girl) until Hawk Moth was defeated.
  • Each time Cat Noir opens his messages, Plagg's message "Don't forget my cheese!" becomes more and more aggressive, seemingly implying that kwamis can communicate to their transformed holders through their weapon-phones.
    • However, in the French version, his voice is always said in the exact same way, suggesting it was a pre-recorded message.
  • The French title of the episode is "Mensonge", meaning "Lie".
    • Interestingly, the official trailer and the clips uploaded by the official French YouTube channel refer to it as "Mensonges", or "Lies" in English.
  • This is the last episode animated by an Indian studio DQ Entertainment. After this, they went bankrupt caused by financial problems due to COVID-19.


  • When Adrien puts his phone on his piano, the stripes on his shirt are missing.
  • When Kagami gives back Adrien's lucky charm, her hand is actually Adrien's hand.
    • In the next shot, the lucky charm is slightly floating above Kagami's hand instead of resting on her hand.
  • When the akuma flies out of the window of Shadow Moth's lair, the Butterfly and the Peacock Miraculouses are missing from Shadow Moth's chest.
  • When Mayor Bourgeois is running away from Lies' sphere, the button on his jacket clips through his sash.
  • Throughout the whole episode, the Peacock Miraculous on Shadow Moth's chest is in its activated mode, not its charged mode.
  • When Chloe hits Sabrina with her purse, her purse phases right through her shoulder and head.


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