Liberation is the special superpower granted by the Eagle Miraculous to its owner.


The user shoots magic feather(s) at their target(s) and the feather disappears into the targets body.

When used, this power can free people from any mental or emotional restriction of the user's choosing that prevents the recipient(s) from reaching their full potential, such as fear of one's own destructive power, a code of ethics, or a vow to not do something.

However, the user must be careful in choosing the binds they wish to break, or else the target they have chosen may go out of control, following their every whim without any concern for the consequences.

The Eagle Miraculous owner can dispel the effects of their power by speaking the cancellation phrase: Cool Down. Once the trigger phrase is spoken, the feathers used to affect the victims leave their bodies and disappear.


Episode User Target Limitation Result
"Miraculous New York" Miraclonizer Majestia Square.png Her fear of her own power. Majestia began experimenting with her powers to see exactly what she is capable of, even going as far as to fly into space and push the moon out of orbit.
Knightowl Square.png Her code of ethics. Knightowl started punishing people for minor crimes, such as late library books, by resorting to extreme measures, such as blowing up their cars.
Victory Square.png Her promise to protect people's freedom. Victory became tyrannical and accessed various military grade weapon systems as a means to subjugate others.
Doorman – Superhero Square.png His belief that his powers should only be used for the greater good and not for personal gain. Doorman began opening portals to various locations all over the world so that he could fulfill his own curiosity.
Snowflake Square.png Using her powers when needed. Snowflake used her powers to create ice all over the street and went ice skating on it.
Hurricane Square.png To use her powers usefully. Hurricane started playing with her powers, and even played with a cloud.
Mercury Square.png To be quick on his feet and to help people. Mercury pulled up a folding chair and began to lounge lazily.
Sting Square.png Unknown TBA
Thorn Square.png To grow plants for the good of the health, not for the sake of rapidness Thorn started using his powers to make plants grow all around, covering everything in plants.
Agent Red Square.png Not to steal Agent Red, Agent Blue, and Agent Yellow got a shopping cart and ran around, filling the cart with anything they wanted.
Agent Blue Square.png Not to steal
Agent Yellow Square.png Not to steal




  • This is the fourth Miraculous superpower that can be called off by the user; following Akumatization, Amokization, and Mirage.
  • It's the third Miraculous superpower to use an object to affect their targets following Akumatization and Amokization.
    • It's the second Miraculous superpower that uses feathers to affect their targets.
    • The effects of Liberation on their targets will remain even if the user detransforms, or if they or the jewel are no longer of this world.
      • However, Amokization and Akumatization does it indirectly, infecting objects that people have, and Liberation is more direct, affecting humans on a mental and emotional level.
      • Also unlike Amokization and Akumatization, these feathers don't need to purified by a Ladybug Miraculous user.
      • When the user is an adult they can shoot multiple feathers at multiple targets, however the adult users of Amokization and Akumatization must have their powers amplified or their victims have to touch the same object to be affected.
    • Similar to an amok it's unknown what will happen when the feathers misses their target.
  • Since Eagle used her powers to undo the effects of Liberation and in turned not the feathers herself it's also unknown if the timer was activated.
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