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Scene: Miss Bustier's classroom. Adrien is writing a letter while Miss Bustier is talking.

Adrien: "Dear Ladybug"...
Miss Bustier: Can anyone tell us why...
Adrien: Or maybe "Bugaboo".

from "Copycat".

Cat Noir: Don't you, Bugaboo?
Ladybug: Stop playing around and calling me Bugaboo! This is really serious!

Adrien: No, no, that's not right! She doesn't like it when I call her that. "My Lady", perhaps.
So, "Your hair's is dark as"... "night". Mmhh... "and your eyes as blue as"... "a summer sky"? No, no! Ah... How could I possibly tell her that?
Something like: "I can hardly wait for our missions together, for the chance to fight by your side!"
Ahhh, no! She'll think it's lame! She's the smartest girl I know! I have to write something more... smart? But I can’t make jokes, she doesn't like that!

from "Timebreaker".

Ladybug: ... But we've gotta capture Timebreaker's akuma! Your life depends on it!
Cat Noir: Which life? I've got nine...
Ladybug: Mh, I’m serious!...

Adrien: Which makes no sense because my puns are on point. I find them to be extremely funny!
OK, I should just tell her how I feel. Keep it simple. "My Lady, I wish I knew who you were behind your mask..."

from "The Evillustrator".

Ladybug: If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret!

Adrien: "...I wish I could tell you who I really am. Who knows? Maybe we already know each other; without even knowing!

Maybe you've seen some pictures of me on posters around Paris." What am I saying, I can't write that! Nobody can know who I really am.

from "The Bubbler".

Plagg: What’s your prob-

Adrien: Not even the one I love.

from "Rogercop", Cat Noir is hanged upside down in front of Ladybug.

Cat Noir:(tries to kiss Ladybug) Mmmmh...
Ladybug: (drops him)
Cat Noir: Ow!

Adrien: Maybe it's best that I tell her nothing, then. For now, at least. But I’ll find something; and someday, I'll tell her the truth.


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