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The "Ladybug 2D Trailer Song" is a song that was used in a 2D trailer for Miraculous Ladybug that came out in 2013. It was played underneath reused clips from the Ladybug PV. It was performed & composed by Noam Kaniel.


Note: The lyrics for this song are hard to make out, so while most of what is written should be taken carefully, words or phrases especially difficult to figure out are not italicized. Keep in mind that some of the lyrics are in French as well as English.

Note №2: So, it was the second attempt to recognize the lyrics of this song. Result of this you can see below.

I can never love and achieve a pretty madame
I can nearly dommage don
I kill, but never get her and la devra livrer malheur me
And I'm feel la comme les autres

I kill, but I’m gonna tell them all the way
And can I let her did it, got a wonder
She tell them: “Gonna get away!”

It's Ladybug! She has the power
You can tell, if you believe in yourself
She will never never let you down!

It's Ladybug! She has the power
To keep all the rebel life, that she can
She's a hero in love
It's Ladybug!


  • The opening instrumental of this song was also used in a trailer with the older 3D animation.
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