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Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)

Season 1, episode 22 (Production order); Episode 22 (Overall)

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Trust yourself, Marinette. Just say 'Spots on.'

Tikki, "Ladybug & Cat Noir"

"Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)" is a Season 1 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[9] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)" is the 22nd written and produced episode of Season 1. It is also the 22nd written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1][10]

This episode is also the 1st part of the Season 1-based 2-parter, "The Origins Story."



Each story has its beginning. Discover how Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, two high school students practically like everyone else, became Ladybug and Cat Noir, and why Hawk Moth is their sworn enemy.


In a flashback, Ladybug and Cat Noir's origins are revealed, as Marinette befriends Alya and meets Adrien, a famous model with an overprotective dad.[11]


Every story has a beginning. Discover how Marinette and Adrien became Ladybug and Cat Noir.[12]



The episode begins with Nooroo recounting the story of the Miraculouses, and explains that the Ladybug Miraculous and the Cat Miraculous are more powerful than the others and that whoever controls both Miraculouses will have absolute power. Nooroo is interrupted by a man holding a brooch with a picture of a woman inside. The man proclaims that he wants that absolute power. Nooroo states that no one knows where the Ladybug or Cat Miraculouses are, but the man says he found the brooch, which is revealed to be a Miraculous, and asks Nooroo to remind him of the power of the Butterfly Miraculous. Nooroo explains the power of the brooch is to grant other people superpowers, and the man declares his intent to use it to create supervillains, thus drawing out the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses with users to stop him and take the Miraculous. Nooroo protests, saying the Miraculouses are not intended to be used for evil. However, the man insists and forces Nooroo to submit to him, as he holds the Butterfly Miraculous. He attaches the Butterfly Miraculous to his chest, and he transforms into Hawk Moth.


Wayzz wakes up and flies out of a gramophone to Master Wang Fu, who promptly dismisses a man lying on a mat. As soon as the door closes, the kwami explains that he felt the negative energy of the Butterfly Miraculous. The brooch was originally thought to be lost forever. Determined to get Nooroo back, Wang Fu holds up his arm, with the Turtle Miraculous on his wrist. He calls Wayzz's name to transform but freezes in pain. When he stands up again, he comes to the conclusion that a new hero is needed. Walking to the gramophone, he presses several buttons, resulting in the gramophone revealing the Miracle Box of Miraculouses.

Inside her bedroom, Marinette wakes up. Turning off the alarm on her cellphone, she goes downstairs, kissing her mother on the cheek. Making breakfast, she bemoans her first day of school, expecting Chloé Bourgeois to be in her class for the fourth year in a row.

Her mother tries to reassure Marinette that she doesn't have bad luck, right before Marinette accidentally causes a chain reaction making a mess of all the food on the counter. Sabine silently reassures Marinette and helps her clean up. In the bakery below, Tom Dupain presents Marinette with a box of macarons to share with her class. Marinette hugs her father, kisses both her parents and runs out the bakery.


Marinette comes to a pedestrian crosswalk, waiting for the light to change. As she waits, Wang Fu crosses the street. Noticing a car heading towards Wang Marinette lunges forward and drags him onto the sidewalk. In the process, Marinette drops the macarons, and people step on them without noticing. She offers one to Wang, going on her way to school. Wang holds a box in his hand, picking up his cane and walking past the bakery.

Marinette runs past Fred Haprèle and into Miss Bustier's classroom. Miss Bustier is at the front of the class, telling Nino to move to the front row. He gets up as Marinette sits down, groaning. Chloé Bourgeois approaches Marinette and orders her to move, claiming the spot Marinette had sat in for the past few years is her spot, and that she wants to sit behind Adrien.


Backed up by Sabrina, Chloé orders Marinette to sit in the front row next to Alya, a new student. Alya approaches, accosts Chloé and grabs Marinette's arm, dragging her away. In the process, Marinette trips over her own feet, dropping the box of macarons. When Marinette sits down next to Alya, Miss Bustier begins class. Marinette admits she fears she'll never be able to stand up to Chloé, and Alya replies with a quote from her favorite superhero, encouraging Marinette to stand up to evil. Marinette breaks apart the single remaining macaron giving half to Alya, as the two introduce themselves to each other.


Outside the building, Adrien runs toward the school, but a car swings around to meet him. Nathalie Sancoeur shouts at him to stop, as his father did not allow him to go to school. Adrien protests, but notices an old man is on the ground with his cane out of his reach. Adrien runs past Nathalie and his bodyguard to give the cane to the man and help him to his feet. When he turns around, Nathalie and the bodyguard block the stairs, ushering Adrien back into the car and driving him home. Wang Fu nods to himself, puts his cane on his shoulder, and walks away.

Back in Miss Bustier's classroom, Miss Bustier dismisses her class. As the students leave, Kim hands Ivan a note. Ivan reacts angrily, and Miss Bustier sends him to see Mr. Damocles.

Hawk Moth senses Ivan's anger and sadness and sends out his first akuma.


Outside the school, Mr. D'Argencourt leads Kim, Max, Alix, Nino, and Rose to class. Inside the school, Ivan opens the door to Mr. Damocles' office. Because he did not knock, Mr. Damocles makes Ivan leave the room and knock on the door. Angrily, Ivan leaves the room, and an akuma flies into the crumpled note. Almost immediately, Ivan accepts Hawk Moth's proposal of taking revenge on those who hurt him, and he transforms into Stoneheart. Mr. Damocles asks Ivan if he's knocking, and the door flies off its hinges. Stoneheart enters the room shouting Kim's name. The crash makes Mr. Damocles fall over, and students in the library also fall over with each step Stoneheart takes.

The students scream as they run toward the television in the library, Alya picks up Marinette and drags her by the hand. On the top left screen is Stoneheart, shouting Kim's name. In his office, Mr. Damocles calls the police and the army. Marinette has no clue what's happening, nor why the monster has Ivan's voice. Alya, on the other hand, claims that a superhero will show up to fight the villain, and leaves Marinette behind in the library, to chase after Stoneheart. Before Stoneheart leaves the school grounds, he picks up a car and chucks it at the school, knocking out the camera.


Wang Fu stands outside the Agreste mansion with a small box in his hands, smiling. Inside the mansion, Nathalie is asking Adrien questions about history, but Gabriel Agreste interrupts her, reprimanding Adrien for sneaking out and telling him that he has everything he could ever want in the mansion and that the outside world is too dangerous. Nathalie then states that they could be done with the homeschooling for the day if Adrien wished. Before she finishes speaking, Adrien runs from the room to his bedroom. Adrien lies on his bed crying, face in a pillow, but runs outside when he hears rumbling crashes. He sees police cars and hears sirens. The police ready their weapons as Stoneheart approaches, firing on Roger Raincomprix's command. When they fire, Stoneheart glows yellow, curling in on himself before growing in size. He picks up a police van and throws it as the officers scatter.


Marinette watches a news broadcast about Stoneheart's attack, terrified. Simultaneously, she and Adrien look down at the tables in front of them, each finding a small, hexagonal, black and red box. When they open the boxes, each flashes with light. They both flinch backing away from the lights. From inside each box emerges a large sphere of light, pinkish-red for Marinette's and greenish-yellow for Adrien's. Tikki manifests in front of Marinette, who panics at the sight of a 'talking giant bug-mouse' and starts chucking everything within reach at her. Plagg appears in front of Adrien, who reacts with curiosity as Plagg flies around the room looking at shiny objects. Marinette calms down and questions Tikki, who begins to explain the situation. Adrien captures Plagg, who also begins to explain the situation. Marinette calls out to her parents, but Tikki tells her to stop, expressing friendship she asks Marinette to trust her. Tikki reveals to Marinette that she is the only one who can stop Stoneheart.

In Wang Fu's shop, while Wang Fu hides the jewelry box with its remaining Miraculouses, Wayzz asks Wang if he had made a mistake. Wang responds that he's only made one mistake in his life and he doesn't intend on making a second.

Marinette tells Tikki that she doesn't feel qualified to be a superhero and recommends Alya as an alternative, but Tikki insists that Marinette was chosen. Adrien tells Plagg that he can't be a superhero if he can't leave his house, but Plagg insists that can change. Marinette puts on the Ladybug Miraculous, and at Tikki's request says "Spots on!", panicking as she begins to transform.


Adrien puts on the Cat Miraculous and says "Claws out!", beginning to transform as Plagg protests that he hasn't finished explaining.

Ladybug expresses her distaste at her new costume, and asks Tikki for advice, but can't find Tikki and is distracted by news footage of Alya following Stoneheart. She goes to the roof and throws her yo-yo forward, leaping into the air above the city.

Cat Noir walks along his staff between two buildings. He pauses as he hears screaming, and Ladybug falls from the sky and crashes into him, her yo-yo wrapping around them both, suspending them from his staff. They dangle as Ladybug apologizes. Cat Noir recognizes her as the partner Plagg had mentioned and introduces himself as Cat Noir.


Ladybug tugs on her yo-yo to free it and it comes crashing down on Cat Noir's head. When she introduces herself, she calls herself "Madly Clumsy." Cat Noir forgives her for accidentally hurting him. Loud thumping interrupts them as a tall building crashes down. Cat Noir extends his staff and vaults up to Paris' rooftops, intent on saving the city. Ladybug reluctantly follows, screaming all the while.

At the Parc des Princes, the students are finishing up their class. Stoneheart jumps onto the wall of the stadium, shouting Kim's name. The students flee as Stoneheart chases after Kim, who trips over his feet and falls to the ground. Cat Noir's staff stops Stoneheart from touching Kim and gives Kim time to flee. Cat Noir goads Stoneheart into attacking him.


In his lair, Hawk Moth states that everything is going according to plan.

Cat Noir hits Stoneheart with his staff, and Stoneheart grows in size. Cat Noir avoids Stoneheart's next blows as Ladybug watches in horror from the top of the stadium's wall. Stoneheart wrenches a soccer goal from the ground and throws it at Cat Noir. It bounces, arcing toward Alya, who is hiding and filming. Cat Noir acts fast, throwing his staff and extending it. The goal post bounces off it, missing Alya. This distraction gives Stoneheart the opportunity to catch Cat Noir.


Alya spots Ladybug, asking her what she is waiting for. Ladybug winces and dives into the stadium. She hooks her yo-yo around Stoneheart's legs and slides to a stop in front of him. Unbalanced, Stoneheart releases Cat Noir. Ladybug runs to Cat Noir's side as he prepares to attack Stoneheart again. Ladybug stops him and reminds him of Stoneheart's ability to grow stronger with each hit.

Cat Noir suggests that they use their powers, and he summons his Cataclysm, testing it on one of the goal's posts, which rusts and dissolves. Excited, Cat Noir runs out to Stoneheart, placing his hand on Stoneheart's foot. When nothing happens, Stoneheart kicks him back to Ladybug, who berates him, telling him he has only five minutes left before he transforms back into his civilian self.


Ladybug summons her Lucky Charm, a wetsuit, and explains the akuma to Cat Noir, who points out that they don't know where the akuma is. Ladybug realizes that Stoneheart keeps his right fist closed, and suggests the akuma is hidden in his fist. She ties the open ends of the wetsuit together and ties a water hose into the neck of the suit. Asking Cat Noir to trust her, she wraps her yo-yo around his legs and throws him at Stoneheart, who catches Cat Noir in his left fist. Ladybug taunts Stoneheart and throws herself at him, wetsuit in hand. When Stoneheart catches her, he drops the crumpled note, which is now a purple rock. Ladybug then yells at Alya to turn on the hose, which allows the wetsuit to fill up with water and forces Stoneheart's hand open. Ladybug runs over to the purple rock and stomps on it, freeing the akuma, which flutters off as Ivan turns back to normal and drops Cat Noir to the ground. The crumpled note returns to its paper form.


Ivan has no clue what's going on or why he is at the Parc de Princes. Ladybug and Cat Noir pound fists, complimenting each other. Cat Noir leaves before his Miraculous runs out. Ladybug turns to Ivan, reading the note she finds it contains a taunting message from Kim to Ivan for not telling Mylène he loves her. Ladybug consoles Ivan as Alya films the entire scene. Alya asks Ladybug many questions as she's walking away and in response, she tells Alya to call her "Ladybug". Taking out her yo-yo, the hero now known as Ladybug swings up and out of the stadium.

In her room, Marinette watches a review of the fight on her computer. Her father calls her down from her room for dinner. The television in the living room shows a press conference from Mayor Bourgeois, stating that he will be hosting a grand party in Ladybug's and Cat Noir's honor. Adrien watches the same press conference in his room. While Plagg searches through the four covered dishes set in front of the television for food. He lifts the cover of the fourth one, revealing a dessert. Disgusted, he tells Adrien such and that his palate is more refined.


The free akuma lands on the top of the Eiffel Tower. It multiplies, sending out streams of its copies into Paris.

Marinette is washing dishes when the news reports on multiple citizens turning into Stoneheart. Tom and Sabine hold each other in horror as Marinette rushes to her room. At the same time, Adrien laments that he's going to smell like stinky old cheese because of Plagg's affection of Camembert. The news interrupts his lament explaining the situation with the people turning into Stoneheart duplicates, inactive and immobile.

When they question their kwami on what went wrong, Plagg and Tikki ask the same question: "Did you capture the akuma?" Tikki explains that the akuma can multiply itself and seek out people who have negative emotions. This can create an army of akumatized villains. Marinette blames herself, saying it's all her fault and that she's too clumsy to be a superhero.


Tikki tries to tell Marinette that it's only her first time fighting, that she'll fight Stoneheart again and win next time. Marinette doesn't listen, insisting that she makes everything worse for everyone. She even states that Cat Noir would be better without her. Simultaneously, Marinette and Adrien learn that Cat Noir cannot purify akumas: only Ladybug can do it. But Marinette still tells Tikki to look for another Ladybug. She takes her earrings out, much to Tikki's protest. Before Tikki can say anything to dissuade Marinette, she disappears. Marinette puts the earrings back in their box and hides the box away in her vanity. She kneels at the foot of the vanity, upset.


Hawk Moth declares that Ivan's sensitive heart will allow him to be akumatized again. The akuma flies back through the open window, landing on Hawk Moth's cane and resting in its jewel. As the episode ends, Ivan sits on the steps of the collège, Adrien worries in his room, Marinette regrets her decisions in front of her vanity, and Hawk Moth cackles as his window closes.


Major characters

Minor characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in South Korea on EBS1.
  • The title for the French version is "Ladybug et Chat Noir (Origines - Partie 1)", and the title for the Korean version is "Rise! Ladybug 1".
  • As of Netflix, the episode was a flashback.
  • This is the first part of the two-part episode about Ladybug's and Cat Noir's origins.[13]
  • This was one of Thomas Astruc's favorite episodes to direct.[14]
  • Mélody Cisinski did the pre-layout and cleaned this episode while it was in production.[15]
  • Rather than being the season finale, Thomas considers this episode, as well as its second part, to be "a special 2-parter to be watched after the series."[16]
  • This is the only episode of Season 1 that is not named after an akumatized villain.
  • Alya is revealed to be a new student in Marinette's class; they have not met before this episode.
  • Ivan is revealed to be the first character to be akumatized by Hawk Moth.
  • It is revealed that Hawk Moth's powers stem from a Miraculous, more specifically the Moth brooch.
  • Marinette's first transformation sequence is different than all the others: she's frightened and doesn't pose.
    • Adrien, on the other hand, transforms like he does in every episode. However, the music for his transformation is different and is extended slightly.
  • In the English dub, after Marinette first transforms into Ladybug, she tells her mother she got home alright, but Sabine doesn't hear her.
    • In the French dub, Marinette runs to her balcony without answering her mother.
  • There are two French songs hummed in this episode.
    • The first is "La Marseillaise", hummed by Tom Dupain right before Marinette leaves for school.
    • The second is "Frère Jacques", hummed by Master Fu right after Adrien is forced to return home.
  • Plagg unrolls at least four toilet paper rolls in Adrien's room.
  • Ladybug almost calls herself "Marinette" when she meets Cat Noir, and to cover it up, she calls herself "Madly Clumsy" instead.
    • In the French version, she calls herself "Maladroit," which means clumsy in French.
  • Alya asks Ladybug if she was bitten by a radioactive ladybug when she got her powers, a theory she mentions in the webisode "Ladyblog" most likely to be a reference of the famous Marvel superhero, Spider Man.
    • Before this episode aired, a fan made a comic similar to Spider-Man's origin story. It is currently Thomas' Twitter header.
  • The akuma isn't captured and the Miraculous Ladybug power isn't used.
  • This episode doesn't have an end card.
  • The creature one of the previous Miraculous bearers fights in the Greek Vase style drawing seems to be a mix of several mythological creatures. The snake hair is from the Medusa, the stinger tail is from a manticore, the wings are probably from the Sphinx. The human face can be either from the Sphinx or a manticore, while the leonine body can be from the same as well as the Chimera. None of the four were known to use tridents.
  • Master Fu breaking the tradition of giving the Miraculouses to other than adults is similar to what Kion did in "The Lion Guard".
    • His actions leading to the disappearance of the Order of the Guardians and by extension the Miraculous holders is similar to what Scar did in "The Lion Guard".
  • Adrien and Marinette share a connection to Avatars Aang and Korra of the Avatar franchise:
    • Adrien and Korra were eager to accept their roles as the hero and the avatar.
    • While Marinette and Aang were not at first but they slowly grew into their roles.
  • Based on Tikki's knowledge of akumas it's implied that one had gotten away and multiplied before most likely during her time with one of her previous owners.
  • Since Master Fu mentions that he is 186 and half years old and the French duo's journey started in Sept 3 counting 6 months backwards this is would imply that his birthday is in early March.
  • With "Feast" it's revealed that Master Fu gave the Cat Miraculous to Adrien because he saw himself in the boy being thrown or stuck into a world he didn't want and being unable to change it and gave him the power to do so.


  • Before Marinette reveals her superhero name, Hawk Moth already knew her superhero name as he said, "Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous have been activated."
  • When Adrien is lying on his bed, he is wearing the ring even though he hasn't seen the box yet.
  • When Adrien tries to catch Plagg, he is wearing the Cat Miraculous, even though he hasn't put it on yet. This error happened again after Adrien grabs Plagg.
  • The earrings have their transformed colors when Marinette puts them on, but in the next shot, they are in their usual solid black color. However, this may be that the miraculous simply turned to its camouflage mode.
  • When Cat Noir throws his staff to save Alya, it reappears on his lower back, even though he was nowhere near her to retrieve it.
  • When Plagg lifts the cloche to inspect the food Adrien is offering him, the cloche goes behind the TV.
  • There are many more errors in the French version of the show than in the subsequent versions. These errors include certain objects glowing (the Butterfly Miraculous) or being transparent (the Black Cat Miraculous). This is due to the show's staff still working on the episodes at the time they aired. Many errors have since been corrected in subsequent versions of the show.
  • When Master Fu mentions how he "only got it wrong once", the Peacock Miraculous appears in its place in one camera angle but disappears in the next.
  • Despite Miss Bustier referring to herself as "Mademoiselle" (Miss, indicating she is not married) in the French dub, the abbreviation for "Madame" is written on the chalkboard. This is fixed in the comic adaptation.
  • When Kim first writes on the paper to give to Ivan, there doesn’t appear to be any ink. But when he gives it to Ivan, the ink appears on the paper.
  • In one frame when Ladybug tosses Cat Noir to Stoneheart, her hair appears in front of Cat Noir.
  • When the footage of Ladybug transitions to a TVi news report, Nadja Chamack doesn't appear in the news report for eight frames.
  • In the beginning, when the Miracle Box is first shown while Nooroo was talking, the Turtle, Fox, and Peacock Miraculouses are in camouflage mode, while the Butterfly, Bee, Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses are in their charged mode.


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