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The Miraculous are magical jewels that give powers to superheroes, like Ladybug's earrings and Cat Noir's ring. But supervillain Shadow Moth also has two Miraculous brooches in his possession, and they will give him his powers. We can figure out from this that the Miraculous can either make a superhero or a supervillain. It's all riding on who wears it, which is why these jewels can't fall into just anybody's hands. That's all for today, guys! See you soon, and stay connected!

Alya, "Gabriel Agreste"

The Ladyblog is a blog created by Alya Césaire about Ladybug.


On the blog, Alya uploads information about Ladybug, including, but not limited to, the traditional cultural symbolism of ladybugs, theories on Ladybug's origin and the source of her powers, interviews from people who have interacted with Ladybug in various contexts, and attempts to discover Ladybug's secret identity.

After finding out that Marinette is Ladybug, her content on the blog changes and now focuses on not finding her secret identity, as well as talking about other superheroes.





  • Marinette and Adrien visit the Ladyblog, as seen in "The Pharaoh", where they watch a video of Alya hypothesizing that Ladybug could be a teenager because of a history book she dropped, and in "Oblivio", where they're looking at the photo of Ladybug and Cat Noir kissing.
  • The name of the blog itself is a portmenteau of the words "ladybug" and "blog".
  • It is unknown if Alya is paid to be a blogger, or does it as a hobby.
  • The webisode "Ladyblog" is focused on the Ladyblog, with Alya describing in detail some of the things she has to do to run the blog.
  • Despite the fact that the Ladyblog focuses on Ladybug, Alya sometimes streams unrelated things, like the fashion show in "Queen Wasp".
  • Not all of the videos uploaded to the Ladyblog are true and accurate, as Alya uploads an interview where Lila talks about being saved by Ladybug in "Volpina" which, unbeknownst to Alya, is a lie.
  • The Ladyblog logo is based off an old version of the series logo.[1]
  • Whenever a date for the day of the episode is shown on the Ladyblog, it's always May 21.
  • In "Gang of Secrets" at the end of the episode, Marinette reveals that she is Ladybug to Alya, therefore, Alya now has one of these goals done.


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