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Scene: Alya’s voice is heard from a video.

Alya: Yo peeps, Alya here. Live from Paris with the one and only Ladyblog. For those of you who don't know what that is, welcome to the greatest blog ever. I created the Ladyblog to share all my exclusive videos of our favorite superheroine… Ladybug. Why? Because she's awesome! Any time a villain shows up, Ladybug manages to stop them and save Paris without even breaking a sweat! I'm telling you, she really is the best!

from "Timebreaker".

Ladybug: Time out, Timebreaker.

Alya: Those of you who don't know, the Ladyblog are always asking me how I just happen to be there whenever Ladybug's in action. Easy. I have a special alert on my phone.

from "Lady Wifi".

Reporter: [on Alya’s phone] Once again Ladybug and Cat Noir have saved Paris from the clutches of a –.

Alya: All I have to do is rush to the scene and start filming, so you don't miss a thing. Of course, my dream is to find out who's behind that mask; because if I knew Ladybug's secret identity, I could offer her my help! Truth is, so far I haven't found much. I've looked through every book in the library and still haven't found a single thing about Ladybug. So I’m relying on my own superpowers, the power of observation, to uncover clues about Ladybug's identity.

For example, I used to think that maybe she was a scientist who got stung by a radioactive ladybug while strolling at the Cité des Sciences. But the more I think about it, the more I believe it’s actually the earrings that help Ladybug to transform, so the whole bug-bite theory kind of went out the window.

Anyway, as you can see, I look, I listen, and I share everything I learn with you here on the Ladyblog. And I insisted to keep tracking and filming our favorite superheroine on all of her missions. Sooner or later I'll find out who Ladybug really is. In the meantime, if you've got any ideas or theories, send them to me. I've gotta get to class. See you later bugheads, and stay connected!


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