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Lady Wifi

Season 1, episode 03 (Production order); Episode 03 (Overall)

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I will expose the lies of anyone who tries to cover up the truth. Sign me up!

Alya Césaire, "Lady Wifi"

"Lady Wifi" is a Season 1 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[7] According to the series' production/written order, it is the 3rd episode of Season 1, as well as the 3rd episode of the series, overall.[1]


Mistakenly believing that Chloé is Ladybug, Alya gets suspended from school for her nosiness and becomes akumatized into the villain Lady Wifi.[8]


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Alya cuts Ladybug's face out of a photograph during class. She holds the picture up to her classmates' faces to look for the perfect fit, trying to find out who Ladybug is. She stops on Chloé, who points at Miss Bustier, who is standing in front of Alya's desk. Once she realizes the entire class is watching her, she puts the picture away. Miss Bustier asks if Marinette is still in the bathroom since she has not returned to class. Alya shrugs. When class ends, Miss Bustier gives Alya Marinette's homework to pass on to her.

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After school, Alya calls Marinette but is forwarded straight to voicemail. Alya then notices Chloé pulling several Ladybug-themed items from her locker (including a costume and yo-yo similar to Ladybug's) and putting them in her bag. Believing Chloé to be Ladybug's secret identity, Alya calls Marinette, only to be directed to voicemail again. She sees Nino and drags him with her to explain what she found out. Nino sympathizes with Alya's inability to contact Marinette, as Adrien also disappears for hours on end when he tries to call him, although Nino blames it on Mr. Agreste's strictness. Alya checks her phone and finds a news report that Ladybug has once again saved Paris. The news report focuses mainly on Ladybug, with Cat Noir in the background behind reporter Nadja Chamack.

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Alya recognizes the yo-yo in Ladybug's hand as the yo-yo Chloé took out of her locker and tells Nino that she's figured out Ladybug's secret identity and whispers it in Nino's ear: Chloé is Ladybug. Nino laughs at her revelation, saying Chloé is too narcissistic to be a hero.

Marinette comes home and finds that Alya has dropped off her book bag and tablet with Sabine at the bakery. Alya also left a note, telling Marinette to call her because she figured out who Ladybug is. Marinette is a little panicked, but when she tries to call Alya back, she finds that she doesn't have any signal. She wanders onto the roof to find a workman, who tells her that they're updating the service. Marinette spends the rest of the day doing her homework.

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When she wakes up at her desk the next morning, Marinette realizes that she's already an hour late to school. Meanwhile, Nino is still skeptical that Chloé is Ladybug, but Alya has him distract Chloé while she tries to take a picture of the evidence in Chloé's locker. However, Sabrina and Kim catch Alya snooping, and she and Chloé wind up in Mr. Damocles' office. Mr. Damocles gives Alya detention after school, but by citing her right to privacy and the school's theft policy, Chloé uses her father's name Mayor Bourgeois to blackmail Mr. Damocles into suspending Alya for a week.

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Alya storms out of the school just as Marinette runs in, Alya swears to expose Chloé and tarnish her reputation as Ladybug. In his lair, Hawk Moth senses Alya crying and her anger, sending an akuma her way. The akuma lands on her cellphone and transforms her into Lady Wifi.

Marinette sneaks into Miss Bustier's class but disrupts it by shouting, "What?!" twice when she learns that Alya was suspended for trespassing in "Ladybug's" locker. Miss Bustier sends Marinette to the principal's office, where she finds Mr. Damocles frozen in his seat with a pink pause sign on his chest. Just then, Lady Wifi uses the school projector system to play a recording of herself. She introduces herself as the deliverer of truth and promises to show all of Paris who Ladybug really is. Recognizing Alya from the charm on her phone, Marinette transforms into Ladybug to save her best friend.

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Miss Bustier dismisses her class for their safety. Adrien runs to the bathroom to transform into Cat Noir, reasoning that Lady Wifi will no doubt pay Chloé a visit if she really is Ladybug. Later that evening, he waits on a rooftop across the street from Le Grand Paris and watches Chloé through her window. He finds her dressed as Ladybug while practicing throwing her yo-yo and panics, thinking that he might have fallen for Chloé. However, the real Ladybug shows up beside him and reassures him by explaining that Chloé is just a huge fan.

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Chloé's cellphone rings. When she answers, Lady Wifi uses the phone to teleport into the room. She freezes Chloé with a pink pause icon and opens a video recording icon to broadcast Chloé's unmasking to the public. Cat Noir and the real Ladybug arrive on the scene and Lady Wifi realizes her mistake. When she tries to freeze them, they escape into the stairwell and lure her toward the basement of the building where there's no signal.

Lady Wifi catches onto their plan and leaves to set a trap. Ladybug and Cat Noir then run back up all the stairs, only to find that the door on every floor has a lock icon on it. Meanwhile, Cat Noir wants him and Ladybug to get to know each other outside the costume, but she brushes him off because they have more important things to worry about. They finally reach an unlocked floor and kick the door open, finding themselves in the hotel's dining area. All the tables have a phone on them. They soon learn that Lady Wifi can use them to teleport around the room. Ladybug starts smashing the phones with her yo-yo and Lady Wifi flees into the kitchen, where she locks the door, trapping Ladybug in the kitchen with her. Cat Noir uses the service elevator in the dining area to get into the kitchen.

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Lady Wifi manages to corner Ladybug against the wall and locks her hands down. She then re-opens the video recording icon and proceeds to try and take off Ladybug's mask. It appears to be glued on and won't come off. Just then, Cat Noir arrives in the food elevator to rescue Ladybug, but Lady Wifi traps him in the freezer and locks the door. The impact knocks the ring off Cat's finger, and he transforms back into Adrien and is unable to find the ring. Plagg refuses to help Adrien, stating that it's too cold.

Hawk Moth advises Lady Wifi to force Ladybug into using Lucky Charm. When her time runs out, the video recording will broadcast her detransforming, and Lady Wifi can take her Miraculous. Lady Wifi unlocks Ladybug's hands, but leaves the recording on, disappearing and leaving her in the kitchen to rescue Cat Noir from the locked freezer.

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Chloé manages to escape the building and join her father, Mayor Bourgeois and the police waiting outside. When her phone rings, she answers, and Lady Wifi teleports from the phone onto the hotel's roof, forcing Paris to watch as Ladybug tries to save Cat Noir. Trying to kick the door down doesn't work, so she uses Lucky Charm, and a frozen meal appears. Using her lucky vision, she spots the non-microwaveable icon on the box, the lock icon on the freezer door, and a nearby microwave oven. She puts the non-microwaveable dinner in the microwave and blows it up to diffuse the signal. The door unlocks just as Adrien, nearly frozen to death, finds his ring and transforms back into Cat Noir. When Ladybug opens the door at last, he passes out and falls on top of her, worn from the cold. However, he awakens quickly, and realizes Ladybug has used Lucky Charm, shortening their time to defeat Lady WiFi.

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Because she is running out of time, the heroes have to work quickly to stop Lady Wifi. The kitchen door is still locked, but Ladybug suggests blowing up the signal receiver on the roof. Cat Noir covers the camera icon with a pot and uses the food elevator to get out while Ladybug waits in the kitchen. Growing suspicious, Lady Wifi returns and chases Cat Noir onto the roof. He distracts her by throwing his staff at her and then uses Cataclysm to destroy the signal receiver. Lady Wifi loses her powers, the recording and lock icons in the kitchen downstairs dissolving as Ladybug's earrings beep down to two spots. Ladybug escapes the kitchen and shows up on the roof soon after. She uses her yo-yo to yank the phone out of Lady Wifi's hand, smashing in on the ground. She captures the akuma and returns everything back to normal with Miraculous Ladybug.

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Lady Wifi turns back into Alya, who is thrilled to see Ladybug and Cat Noir. However, Ladybug is about to detransform, so they escape from the roof before Alya can get an interview. They run into the hotel lobby and Ladybug ducks inside a closet. Cat Noir tries to stop her, promising not to tell anyone who she is, but she says that "nobody must know who we really are, not even us." The closet door swings between them just as her transformation wears off and Cat Noir is tempted to open the door. Conflicted, he ultimately decides not to betray her trust and leaves, closing the door for her.

Adrien runs outside of the hotel and opens up his jacket. Plagg flies out and questions Adrien. He says that "the love of his life" was right there. He asks why he shut the door for her, and what he was thinking. Adrien replies saying that he can't think when he's with Ladybug.

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The next day, Marinette and Tikki are talking about secret identities. Both deem it safer that her being Ladybug should remain a secret. Not long after, Alya appears on Marinette's balcony. Alya has a new phone and has noticed that when she draws a costume over a picture of Adrien, he kind of looks like Cat Noir. Marinette is offended that Alya would compare Adrien to someone like Cat Noir. Marinette jokes that Alya should send the photos of Adrien to her. She grabs Alya's phone, laughing as Alya chases her around.


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  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Korea.
  • This episode is the fourth to air in France and the sixth to air in Korea.
  • The Korean title for this episode is "My Friend Alya".
  • In the Korean version of this episode, the picture that Alya cuts Ladybug's face out of is from an old promotional picture, as seen with the red tips on Ladybug's hair. This is corrected to an updated picture in the French and English versions.
  • The note Alya attached to Marinette's tablet is written in French and it says: "Appelle moi. Je sais qui est la VRAIE LADYBUG!!", which roughly translates to "Call me, I know who the REAL LADYBUG is!!"
  • Chloé, after telling off Aurore's outfit, says that Halloween is next month, suggesting that this episode takes place in September.
  • The building on which Ladybug and Cat Noir stand when they stakeout Le Grand Paris is the Agreste mansion.
  • Ladybug makes a joke about Chloé being a copycat. This may be a reference to Théo Barbot.
    • In the Korean version, she compares Chloé to a cosplayer instead.
  • Cat Noir suggests to Ladybug that they might know each other in normal life, which she finds hard to believe.
  • This is the first time a holder gets separated from their Miraculous, as Cat Noir drops his ring and reverts back to normal.
    • Plagg did not disappear when the Cat Miraculous fell off of Adrien's hand because Adrien did not want Plagg to leave, nor did he purposefully remove his Miraculous.
  • A perfume bottle similar to Rose's from "Princess Fragrance" can be seen in Chloé's locker.
  • This is one of Carrie Keranen's favorite episodes, along with "The Pharaoh".[9]
  • In the episode, Lady Wifi uses four icons: Stop, Pause, Lock, and Broadcast. But in "The Puppeteer", she can use one more icon, Fast-Foward (which she uses as a hoverboard).
  • Nino mentions Wizard of Oz.
  • While Alya is being akumatized, Hawk Moth's theme when the window door opens plays and is heard low pitched.
  • When a Miraculous holder transforms their mask can't be removed and according to Ladybug it's because of magic implying that they are magically glued to a holder's face.
  • When Lady Wifi locked Ladybug's hands, she wanted to take off her mask but could not. However, neither she or Hawk Moth even considered removing Ladybug's earrings, which she could have done. If Lady Wifi had done so, Ladybug's true identity would have been revealed to Hawk Moth and all of Paris.
    • Unknown to her, Alya nearly sold out her best friend let alone all of Paris' and possibly the world's best hope to be freed from Hawk Moth's tyranny just to know the truth. Which is similar to what Spud and Trixie did to their best friend Jake in the series "Jake Long the American Dragon".
    • And yet, it's understandable to why they didn't as of this episode the show was still in it's beginning stages, and if an identity reveal were to happen that early then, Marinette would've had her Miraculous taken way before now or if not and Cat Noir managed to get her and the jewels to safety. It wouldn't have done any good because of their condition Marinette couldn't be Ladybug anymore leading to many complications further down the road for both the characters and the writers.
  • Ironically as Lady Wifi, Alya said that superheroes shouldn't have to hide their identities but through her adventures as Rena Rouge, she started to understand why most heroes follow that rule. As of "Optigami" and "Sentibubbler", when Shadow Moth used the trust and feelings she had for Nino and her family to get to Ladybug.
    • And yet, there are some heroes that due have an exception to this rule, like Iron Man from the Marvel-universe, Kim Possible from the Disney-universe and countless others.
  • This episode confirms that Ladybug and Cat Noir don't know each-other's secret identity.
  • Due to Ladybug indirectly mentioning Copycat this episode takes place after the episode of the same name.


  • Adrien's and Cat Noir's hair is miscolored dirty blonde throughout most of the episode.
  • When Alya is in class without Marinette, Adrien is present, even though he is supposed to be with Ladybug fighting an Akumatized villain.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Max is not wearing his glasses.
    • However, when he's seen running away from the classroom, he has them on.
  • When the camera first panned over Marinette's tablet in the beginning of the episode, it was on. When the camera switched, it was off.
  • When the camera zooms Marinette's phone to show low signal indicators, there is an animation glitch of these indicators for a couple of frames.
  • When the akuma enters Alya's phone it remains the same and does not become engulfed in purple.
  • Although it's around ten in the morning when Marinette and Adrien transform, when they meet in front of Le Grand Paris, it's almost dark.
    • This is most likely due to them staking out Le Grand Paris after a series of several hours.
  • When Cat Noir spies on Chloé, the Eiffel Tower is visible behind Le Grand Paris, but when Ladybug shows up, it is behind her instead. The tower is supposed to be behind Ladybug the entire time because the Tower is behind the Agreste mansion.
    • Also, in the same scene, when Cat Noir first zooms in on Chloé, Chloé's hair is brown. But when she changes her pose, her hair turns back into her original color. This happens a second time too.
    • When Chloe is in her room suprised by Lady Wifi, her hair is miscolored dirty blonde for a while.
      • Later, when Cat Noir and Ladybug enter the restaurant, this error occurs again.
        • The error occurs a fourth time when Cat Noir throws the stick at Lady Wifi.
  • After Cat Noir spies on Chloé, Ladybug appears. When Cat Noir looks at Ladybug, he has two staffs: in his hand and on his back.
  • After Ladybug uses her Lucky Charm, the middle spot of her earrings is the first to disappear, but when the third spot is seen disappearing, the middle spot is back.
  • When the smoke comes out of the service elevator, two microwaves are seen next to it, even though they weren't there when Ladybug grabbed the first one.
  • The picture that Marinette and Alya take together right before the end card has Le Grand Paris in the background. Normally, this would be fine, but the angle is impossible from where they're standing, which is Marinette's balcony.
  • At the beginning of the scene where Chloé comes into the school, it is morning. It's then mid-day in the next shot. Two shots later, it looks like morning again.
  • During the scene where Alya tries to find out who Ladybug is, Sabrina's hair turned red.


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