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Lê Chiến Kim is a teenage boy in Miss Bustier’s class. On occasion he helps Ladybug and Cat Noir as the Monkey Miraculous superhero, King Monkey.

Season 1

In "Ladybug & Cat Noir", Kim began a new school year at Collège Françoise Dupont in Miss Bustier’s class. After class, Kim handed Ivan a hurtful note before heading off to attend PE class. Upon Stoneheart's arrival at the stadium later that day, he fearfully fled the scene.

In "Stoneheart", Kim inquired if Ivan remembered being a supervillain. Later, he observed Chloé, Sabrina, and Adrien as they fumbled around with chewed gum prior to the start of Miss Bustier's class. During roll call, he shared a chuckle with the rest of his class before Stoneheart's reappearance. In response, he hid in the corner of the classroom along with Juleka, Alix, and Max. Then, from the library he heard of Hawk Moth's demands but rejoiced at Ladybug's proclamation to defend the city. After the debacle, Kim gleefully laughed at Chloé after Marinette decided to stand up to her before class.

In "The Bubbler", Kim was one of the many students that was invited to Adrien's birthday party by the Bubbler, however over time Kim's joy was turned to sadness when he and everyone else were forced to party. When Ladybug and Cat Noir arrived to crash the party, he fled from the Bubbler along with his classmates. He was horrified upon witnessing the heroes being sent skywards. Despite that, Kim rejoiced at their return, but soon he and everyone else were sent skywards. After the Bubbler was defeated, he was brought back down to earth via Ladybug's Miraculous Ladybug.

In "Mr. Pigeon", Kim heard of the Derby Hat contest that their school was hosting and was partnered with Max for the event.

In "Timebreaker", Kim raced Alix on foot as part of a bet at Trocadéro. After losing the race, he was mad, but briefly became shocked upon realizing that both Alix's happiness and heirloom pocket watch was severely damaged. Soon after Timebreaker's appearance, Kim fled the scene, but not before he was hit by Timebreaker and faded from reality. In the second reality, Ladybug's Miraculous Ladybug brought him back.

In "Copycat", Kim saw Marinette return Adrien's phone to him before Miss Bustier's class.

In "Lady Wifi", Kim was attending Miss Bustier's class. The next day before class, Kim was in the locker room when he witnessed Alya take a photo of Chloé's Locker. In response he took her phone and handed it over to Chloé. Later Kim was present in Mr. Damocles' office when Chloe got Alya suspended from school for a week, and was shocked when Chloé went into his arms. Then, he became distressed upon viewing Lady Wifi's sudden broadcast. Afterward, he and the others evacuated the school.

In "The Evillustrator", Kim was present in Ms. Mendeleiev's class when Nathaniel got sent to the Principal's office. Later he was seen in the School's library doing research for his science project until Hawk Moth's latest victim appeared in the library.

In "Rogercop", Kim was having Career Day with his classmates. After Chloé's bracelet went missing he grew furious at Marinette upon being accused of theft along with the rest of his classmates. Later, Kim was taken aback at the threat of arrest from Rogercop.

In "Dark Cupid", Kim was attending Miss Bustier's class on Valentine's Day. After class ended, he met with Max to discuss to "Operation Valentine's Day". In which Max hands him a box to give to Chloé and becomes confident when he sees the jeweled pin inside. When approached by Alya as to whose the pin is meant for he instinctively silences Max. After receiving encouragement and the remainder of Max's instructions he happily thanks Max, Alya, and Marinette for their help and runs off. Upon Chloé's arrival at the Pont des Arts bridge, Kim nervously presented his gift and affections to Chloé, but gets shot down. In response to Chloé's rejection he became dejected. Not long after, Hawk Moth's influence morphed his saddened state into pure fury.

As Dark Cupid, Kim happily inflicted damage on the affairs of others in quick succession as he darted throughout the streets of Paris. As the day progressed, Dark Cupid continued on to attack Chloé, but was intercepted by Ladybug. As a result, he switched his focus onto Ladybug as she fled from his line of fire. Eventually he caught up to her and launched an enchanted arrow at her backside. At Hawk Moth's command, Dark Cupid teamed up with Cat Noir to crush Ladybug and take her Miraculous. Afterwards, he and Cat Noir attacked Ladybug, Chloé, and Sabrina at Le Grand Paris hotel. As Cat Noir chased Ladybug, Dark Cupid pursued Chloé and held briefly held her at arrow point before deciding against it. Afterwards, he met up and rescued Cat Noir from Ladybug's lips at the Fontaine du Palmier.

After he launched a barrage of arrows at Ladybug, he was struck on the head by Ladybug's candy apple lucky charm. Upon removing it from his head he proceeded to aggressively fumble with the food item in an attempt to get rid of it. He then used the fountain to clean his hands and bow,but not before he suggested that Cat Noir should get Ladybug's earrings. Shortly after, he was caught off guard by Cat Noir and crashed into the ground. He remained helpless as Cat Noir cataclysmed his quiver strap and took his pin to hand over to Ladybug. After being de-akumatized by Ladybug he shows visible confusion as he silently sits and stares at the heroes.

In "Horrificator", Kim was assisting his class to produce a short film by holding a boom microphone. He became shocked at Mylène's sudden exit along with the rest of his class. Upon Chloé's request, he accompanied her to the nurse's office along with Max and Sabrina. Outside of the nurse's office he expressed absolute fear towards Horrificator's sudden appearance. Afterwards, Kim was held captive in slime cocoon until Ladybug's Miraculous Ladybug saved him from confinement.

In "Darkblade", Kim briefly expressed interest in running for class representative, but decided against it after being threatened by Chloé. Later that day, he attended Chloé's campaign launch party at City Hall to receive a free autographed Jagged Stone album. When Darkblade approached the building, Kim watched intently as the villain challenged the Mayor. After Darkblade's attack commenced, he worked together with his classmates and Mr. Bourgeois to ensure all of their well-beings. Later Kim was briefly transformed into one of Darkblade's knights after the villain's black cloud barrier touched him, but was quickly restored back to normal by Ladybug's Miraculous Ladybug. Afterwards, he worked together with his class to clean up city hall until he took notice to the scene Chloé was making. In response to Marinette's campaign speech, he voted for her and congratulated her upon Miss Bustier's announcement.

In "Princess Fragrance", Kim was present in Ms. Mendeleiev's class when Rose got sent to the Principal's office

In "Animan", Kim visited the zoo along the Max to see the new panther exhibit. Shortly after angering the exhibit's zookeeper, he was chased by the now akumatized zookeeper and his animals until Ladybug and Cat Noir saved him. After his second encounter with Animan he took refuge in a nearby building for the remainder of the attack.

In "Pixelator", Kim and his classmates were having job experience day at the Le Grand Paris Hotel where he was assigned to be a bellhop. Later he posed for a photo when he was approached by Pixelator, but became imprisoned in the villain's photo dimension until he was set free by Ladybug and Cat Noir.

In "Gamer", Kim tried out for Françoise Dupont's team of representatives to participate in Paris' Ultimate Mecha Strike III tournament and supported Max.

In "Reflekta", Kim was participating in picture day at his school until it was put on hold when Juleka was akumatized into Reflekta. During Reflekta's onslaught, Kim was transformed into a Reflekta when he attempted to run away, but was restored back to normal by Ladybug's Miraculous Ladybug. After Juleka was deakumatized, Kim went to the park with his friends to have another class photo.

In "Antibug", during class Kim, like everyone else, noticed that Chloé was acting differently in class one day.

In "Volpina", Kim was walking and talking with Max and Nino before class about the new exchange student Lila.

Season 2

In "Santa Claws", Kim was getting ready to celebrate Christmas with his family until he got a call hearing that Adrien was missing. Afterward, he joined the search to look for him. After Adrien was found, he joined everyone at the Agreste mansion for dinner.

In "The Collector", Kim heard that Adrien was banned from school for losing his father's important book, and was happy when Adrien returned to school soon after.

In "Despair Bear", Kim was observing Mr. Dupain's cooking demonstration with his classmates while at school. He later punished with the rest of the school into cleaning the school's entrance hall in response to Chloé's misdeed. Later that evening, Kim greeted Chloé at the party she was hosting at Le Grand Paris hotel. As the party progressed he took to the dance floor after asking Chloé for a romantic slow dance, but not before a brief rejection. After noticing Chloé's teddy bear, Mr. Cuddly, post mid dance rejection from Chloé, Kim began to laugh mockingly at Chloé along with everyone else in the room. After Hawkmoth's latest victim briefly affected Sabrina, he defended Chloé before being taken over himself prior to Ladybug and Cat Noir's arrival. After Despair Bear's defeat, he took part in Mr. Dupain's cooking lesson at Chloé party. Kim felt proud towards the batch of lime green macarons he made until he started sulking in response to Chloé's criticism.

In "Befana", Kim, along with his friends, was setting-up for Marinette's surprise birthday party at Place des Vosges park. When Marinette arrived, he wished her a happy birthday. After Befana crashed the event, he followed Alya's lead in defending Marinette by attempting to grab the villainess' blaster. However, he was turned into coal statue until he was returned to normal by Ladybug's Miraculous Ladybug. Afterwards, Kim resumed celebrating his friend's birthday.

In "Robostus", Kim was getting ready for Science class with his classmates upon hearing about the school's computer system shutting down. As the virus was continuing to destroy the school's data, Kim saw Max come up to fix it along with his robot friend Markov. Acting in amazement, he, along with his classmates, decided to take a closer look at Markov. Especially after learning that Markov outfitted himself with a robotic arm. In response to the sudden attack from Robostus and his army of animate machines, Kim fled from Robostus' line of sight with his classmates.

In "The Dark Owl", Kim asked Paris' newest public figure, The Owl, for a photo-op along with Alix and Max.

In "Frightningale", Kim took part in Clara Nightingale's new music video about Ladybug and Cat Noir and watched the final result with his classmates.

In "Syren", Kim was spending time with his friend, Ondine, at the Swimming pool whilst watching Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Rena Rouge pass over the building in the middle of an emergency, curious and in awe of the superheroes. Afterwards, he played with Ondine until he was reminded that he wanted to see a movie at the cinema with his friends. After arriving at the cinema, Kim headed inside with Max, saddened from the fact that Chloé wasn't there as he hoped. Taken aback at sudden flooding of Paris, Kim fled to the city's rooftops to escape the rising threat. Marveling at the view of the now flooded city, he dived into the water before being targeted by Syren. Kim was impressed by Syren's aquatic abilities and underwater domain until Ladybug and Cat Noir rescued him. After Syren's defeat, Kim asked Ondine out to the movies whilst visiting the swimming pool.

In "Zombizou", Kim was conversing with his classmates in the school's locker room in between classes about their presents for Ms. Bustier's birthday. Later that day, he and his classmates placed their gifts on Ms. Bustier's desk before wishing her a happy birthday. After realizing that Chloé defaced Marinette's gift, he silently grew angry towards her. When Zombizou appeared in front him and his classmates, he grew horrified and fled when she and her underlings begun to attack everyone. Later Kim was saved by Ladybug and was transported to the school roof. After briefly regrouping with his classmates, Ladybug, and Cat Noir, he and Max sacrificed themselves in order to protect Chloé from the kissing zombies. Kim was later restored to normal by Ladybug's Miraculous Ladybug.

In "Style Queen", he attended the fashion show with his classmates.

In "Queen Wasp", he attended the fashion show with his classmates.

In "Malediktator", Kim like the rest of his class laughed at Chloe's class presentation about being a hero and agreed with everyone that even though she had the powers of a hero she acted nothing like one.

In "Catalyst", he was akumatized into Scarlet Dark Cupid along with others being akumatized.

In "Mayura", while he was still akumatized, he was contacted by Scarlet Moth to shoot arrows at Andre and Audrey Bourgeois and Butler Jean so they could be akumatized. He later shoots arrows at the deakumatized citizens, who all get reakumatized. He is stopped when Ladybug destroys his button after he tried to shoot arrows at her and Cat Noir. He later goes to the picnic they set up for Marinette, and is excited for her when she kisses Adrien.

Season 3

In "Chameleon", Kim welcomed and believed Lila when she lied about having a hearing problem. But when Marinette complains about her sitting next to Adrien, and Lila fakes her feelings, he glares at her with the other students and grumbles at her. When he helped to get lunch after Lila said she had a sprained wrist, Marinette tried to expose her by throwing a napkin. He was momentarily shocked until Lila claimed she did it to save Max's eye, then scolds Marinette saying that Lila was hurting even more because of her, but Lila tells him and the others not be hard on her, since Marinette was supposedly just giving her a napkin.

In "Gamer 2.0", he was asked by Max if could test his new video game but Kim told him, he couldn't because was going meet Ondine at the pool and leaves the classroom. Soon he was one of the several people held captive by Gamer 2.0 and was chosen to be the titular villain's avatar while Cat Noir chose Mr. Pigeon. Due to Cat Noir's creative thinking he was easily beaten and after Gamer 2.0's defeat he was set free.

In "Oblivio", Kim was visiting Tour Montparnasse on a class field trip. After Oblivio's defeat, he was present on the bus to hear Alya's and Nino's apology to the class.

In "Party Crasher", Kim was helping Nino and his friends have an all boys party for Adrien and once inside they marveled at the sight of their friend's room. He was amazed at the pool sized bathroom and went for a dip, during the party he saved Master Fu from falling. Kim continued swimming in Adrien's bathroom until he noticed a small box in the water with him upon opening it he met Xuppu at first he called the little kwami a plushie. Offended Xuppu introduced himself retorting back with his own insult and funny face causing Kim to do the same. Afterwards the two transformed into King Monkey and by using the powers of Uproar they were able to free their allies.

In "Ladybug", Kim was in Miss Bustier's class and shockingly heard that Marinette cheated on the Mock Exams and was called to the principal's office.

In "Startrain", Kim was getting ready for his class field trip to see Big Ben in London. Upon hearing Max's mother announcement about approaching London he went to change into his swimsuit but afterwards he and his classmates were sent into space due to a stray akuma turning Max's mother into the titular villain and launching everyone into space.

In "Kwamibuster", he watched Ms. Mendaleiv on television and constantly disturbed the show, much to Mr. Damocles' annoyance. He pointed out Alix's brother to her.

In "Félix", Kim recorded a message for Adrien to make him feel better along with the rest of Adrien's friends. After Félix posed as Adrien to stir trouble, he grew skeptical of Adrien's character. After Juleka, Alya, and Rose got akumatized, Kim became subjected to Princess Fragrance's perfume and was forced to fight Ladybug but was easily subdued. Afterwards, while doing pushups he happily viewed the real Adrien's response video.

In "Miracle Queen", afterwards he was stung by Miracle Queen's hornets and told to come to the titular villain. Under her command he transformed into King Monkey and used his powers against the heroes until they managed to deakumatize the titular villain. Afterwards, he was returned to normal and brought back to Ondine as of Ladybug's powers. Then, sometime later, he enjoyed hanging at the Seine with her friends.

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