Kwamis is a book released by Zag as a guide to the kwamis.[1]


Each page details information regarding the kwamis. This includes; their name, their powers, their "gender", their personality, their miraculous, and the abstract concept they embody. It also includes a description of their power, and the weapon their miraculous provides.

It's also states their holder's name and hero name, along with their miraculous transformation and detransformation phrases.



  • The book was included in the November 2019 Zag Box.
  • The book only details the kwamis who have holder prior to Miracle Queen (The Battle of the Miraculous - Part 2).
  • Despite being an official publication released by Zag, a lot of the information appears to be incorrect or inaccurate. This includes:
    • Attributing the kwamis with genders when they've been confirmed to be genderless. As well as this the symbol listed on their page does not match up with the pronouns they use.
    • Transformation phrases being inaccurate such as Longg's deactivation phrase being "Storm Subsides" when it is "Open Sky" and Duusu's deactivation phrase being "Fold My Feathers" rather than "Fall My Feathers".
    • The kwamis concepts have been listed inaccurately with Pollen, Kaalki and Xuppu being said to be the kwamis of Action, Migration, and Derision, respectively, rather than Subjection, Teleportation, and Jubilation, respectively.


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