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Scene: Miss Bustier She is teaching the class, leaning against her desk.

Miss Bustier: In 1670 Moliere was commissioned by King Louis the 14th, nicknamed the Sun King, to write a play that was meant to ridicule a certain ambassador-

Scene: Plagg flies down to the science classroom by going through the floor. Tikki sees Plagg and flies down to the science classroom as well

Tikki: Plagg, you promised you wouldn't come back here!
Plagg: Sorry Sugarcube, but I can't resist such irresistible beauty! Here it sits everyday beckoning me with its gooey lusciousness. And everytime I eat it, it just pops right back up the very next day!
Tikki: Don't you think it's strange that this gross stinky cheese just reappears in the same spot day after day?
Plagg: That's precisely why I call it the magic cheese!

Scene: Ms. Mendeleiev pops up from underneath the teachers' desk, holding a green net, and traps Tikki and Plagg inside it.

Tikki: Yargh!
Ms. Mendeleiev: Ahh... I've got you at last strange creatures.
[Tikki pulls Plagg's hand from eating cheese and goes through the net.]
Tikki: This is exactly why you should always listen to mee.
Tikki: Let's get out of here!
[Mendeleiev was about to catch them in the net but it gets stuck in a metal thing and trips]
Ms. Mendeleiev: Ugh... and they speak too?
[Tikki goes through the wall but Plagg lets go of her hand]
Plagg: I can't. [Tikki goes back] It's impossible to abandon such a creamy cousy reblochon.
[Mendeleiev charges at Tikki but misses every time]
[Ms. Mendeleiev trips]
Tikki: Plagg!

Scene: In Ms. Bustier's class, constant thumping can be heard.

Ms. Bustier: Huh?
Class: Hey? What is going on?
Ms. Bustier: [Clap] [Clap] Stay focused on Moliere in his plays.

Scene: Back to the Science classroom.

[Tikki looks angry at Plagg as he finished the whole cheese and both of them fly away.]
[Ms. Mendeleiev charges with the net but misses and does a spin. She tries again but she trips over her desk and both kwamis goes through the door.]
Ms. Mendeleiev: [Gets up] Ugh, go ahead and run away. I have proof of my scientific discovery! [A camera duct tapped into a corner.]

Scene: Miss Bustier's class, Plagg goes in Adrien' Messanger bag and Tikki goes inside Marinette's purse, the bell rings and Marinette gets her backpack, Adrien his bag and both of them leave.

Scene: In Marinette's room. It's midnight and Marinette stores her feelings in her diary and closes it right after.

Tikki:You don't want me reading your little secrets, Marinette?
Marinette: [Places her diary in her special square wall deposit] I don't hide any secrets from you, Tikki. You're the only one I can discuss my double life with. Even my parents and Alya don't know me as well as you do. I'm so happy to have you, Tikki, you're the only being I can really be myself without ever having to lie.
Tikki:I'm really happy to have you too.
Marinette: Good night, Tikki.
Tikki:Good night, Marinette.
Tikki:[Opens her eyes, glares upon her and goes to the roof] Plagg, we must tell our owners and Master Fu the truth about what happend today.
Plagg:Chill out, Sugarcube. Don't forget nobody can capture or record us.
Tikki:I know that but we actually been seen by a human and at at school too, that could jeopardize our owners secret identities.
Plagg:Aaw, okay, I promise you I won't eat any more magic cheese ever again and really what's the worst that could happen anyways.

Scene: In chemistry lab, Alya raises her hand and talks to Mr. Damocles

Alya: Mr. Damocles can you confirm rumors that Ms. Mendeleiev isn't here today that will be appearing on Alternative Truth TV show? [Everyone glares at Mr. Damocles]
Le Chien Kim: Where everything isn't always true but nothing's really false [Crosses his arms].
Damocles: [Shakes head in disappointment] It is indeed quite possible that Ms. Mendeleive has made a scientific discovery of utmost importance.
Juleka, Mylene, Nino and Kim: Can we watch the show please? [Dude?] [Tikki and Plagg looks at each other]
Alix:Ugh, my brother is one of the guests too...

Scene: In the Library

Alec Cataldi:And we're back for the next segment of alternative truth [Kim recites too] where nothing is always true but nothing is really false.
Alec:[From TV] Let's welcome our last guest today, Ms. Mendeleiev a science teacher at Collège Françoise Dupont
Kim: Heyy that's our teacher [claps].
Damocles: Kim, sit down, please.
Ms. Mendeleive: Hello, thank you for having me.
Alec: [Reads from tablet] You're going to describe a innovative scientific theory to our panel of experts who will then decide if it's true or false.
Kim: True or false!
Damocles: Sit.
Alec: So, Ms. Mendeleive you already know our jury, its members are: the famous singer XY and one and only [[Mr. Banana].
Mr. Banana: [Flexes both arms] Stay peachy!
Alec: And the incredible Manon Chamack daughter [picks nose] of our favorite news reporter Nadia Chamack. Over to you Ms. Mendeleive.
Ms. Mendeleiev: What are you about to witness is proof of the existence of interdimensional creatures with incredible powers who can move through matter and seem to be attracted to be attracted to aged cheese. [Adrien looks shocked at the screen like Marinette.] I discovered the first of those creatures soon after the school began in September, [Tikki: Eeh, stares at Plagg and Plagg stares back] I started observing it closely then I discovered a second one proof, watch closely: you can't see the creatures themselves because they are not filmable but look right there. [points at cheese, chunk of cheese dissapear.] [Mr. Banana laughs.]
Ms. Mendeleiev: Given I wasn't able to capture these creatures on video, I've made sketches of them to give you an idea of how they look like.
Chloe Bourgeois: What's that even is supposed to be?
Max Kante: I seriously doubt this show was even remotely scientific whatsoever.
Alec: Ms. Mendeleiev, [Marinette cringes and at the both time as Adrien, they start crawling out.] are you actually serious about [Adrien notices Marinette and stops.] cheese-eating ghosts? [Marinette closes door and Adrien dashes to the door]
Ms. Mendeleiev: I'm always serious.

Scene: Outside the library, Marinette goes to the left stairs and Adrien to the right stairs. Then Marinette walks to the Girl's Bathroom and Adrien to the Boy's Bathroom and Marinette closes the stall door and opens her purse.

Marinette: I though we don't keep secrets from one another...
Tikki: I didn't wanted to bother you with kwami nonsense besides I though the problem been resolved, I promised he didn't eat any of that magic cheese anymore.
Marinette: Wait a sec. if Plagg was there too that mean he was here in this school means that Cat Noir is at Francoise Dupont just as me? And if I figured this out that mean Cat Noir figured that he figured out that he figured out.
Tikki: Uh, no not at all! [Tikki cringes with embarrassment] you know that Plagg would travels for miles just sink his tooth into good cheese. Eh eheheh...
Marinette: *Crosses arms* You see the problem now? is that I'm always going to wonder if you're lying or not. [Tikki flies out] [Marinette shows her arms so she can sit on]
Tikki: I'm so sorry, Marinette.
Marinette: It's okay I know you're trying to protect me, if I figure out who he is that mean I'll have to give up my miraculous and ladybug so I won't try and I hope he doesn't either.

Scene: In the Library.

Alec: It's time for our jury to vote and tell us if the theories we heard tonight are [Kim along] true or false [sits back while Damocles is glaring at him].

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