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[ Theme Song ]

Scene: Ms. Bustier's classroom. Ms. Bustier is teaching the class.

Ms. Bustier: In 1670, Molière was commissioned by King Louis the 14th, nicknamed the Sun King, to write a play that was meant to ridicule a certain ambassador-
(Plagg flies down to Ms. Mendeleiev's classroom by going through the floor. Tikki sees Plagg and flies down as well.)
Tikki: Plagg, you promised me you wouldn't go back there!
Plagg: Sorry, Sugarcube, but I can't resist such irresistible beauty! Here it sits everyday beckoning me with its gooey lusciousness. And every time I eat it, it just pops right back up the very next day! (starts eating the cheese)
Tikki: Don't you think it's strange that this gross, stinky thing just reappears in the same spot day after day?
Plagg: That's precisely why I call it the magic cheese!
(Ms. Mendeleiev pops up from underneath the teachers' desk, and traps Tikki and Plagg inside of a green net.)
Tikki: Yargh!
Ms. Mendeleiev: Ah, I've got you at last, strange creatures.
(Tikki pulls Plagg away from the cheese and phases through the net.)
Tikki: This is exactly why you should always listen to me! Let's get out of here!
Ms. Mendeleiev: (barely misses them with the net, which gets stuck on a faucet, and trips) Ugh! And they speak too?!
Plagg: (Tikki phases through a wall, but he lets go of her) I can't! (Tikki comes back) It's impossible to abandon such a creamy, cozy Reblochon!
Tikki: (dodges Ms. Mendeleiev's swipes, the teacher trips) Plagg!

Scene: Ms. Bustier's classroom. Ms. Mendeleiv's falls and swipes thump loudly from her classroom.

Class: Huh? Hey? What is going on?
Ms. Bustier: (claps to get the class' attention) Stay focused on Molière and his plays.

Scene: Ms. Mendeleiev's classroom. Ms. Mendeleiev continues her pursuit of the Kwamis. Plagg has finished the entire cheese, and so both Kwamis leave the classroom.

Ms. Mendeleiev: (gets up) Ugh, go ahead and run away. I have proof of my great scientific discovery! (looks up at a camera recording from a corner of the room)

Scene: Miss Bustier's class. The Kwamis return the their respective owner's bags. The bell rings and everyone leaves the classroom. Faint conversation can be heard from classmates, but not enough to be intelligible.

Scene: Marinette's room. It's late and Marinette is writing in her diary. Tikki flies up and Marinette closes it.

Tikki: Hmm. You don't want me reading your little secrets, Marinette?
Marinette: (places her diary in its designated box as seen in Darkblade) I don't have any secrets from you, Tikki. You're the only one I can discuss my double life with. Even my parents or Alya don't know me as well as you do. I'm so happy to have you, Tikki. You're the only being I can really be myself with, without ever having to lie.
Tikki: I'm really happy to have you too.
Marinette: Good night, Tikki.
Tikki: Good night, Marinette. (as soon as Marinette closes her eyes, she opens hers. Having made sure Marinette is asleep, she floats to the balcony.) Plagg, we must tell our owners or Master Fu the truth about what happened today.
Plagg: Chill out, Sugarcube. Don't forget that nobody can capture or record us.
Tikki: I know that, but we were actually seen by a human. And at school, too! That could jeopardize our owners' secret identities.
Plagg: Aaw, okay, I promise you I won't eat any more magic cheese ever again and really what's the worst that could happen anyway.

Scene: Ms. Mendeleiev's classroom. Alya raises her hand and stands up.

Alya: Mr. Damocles, can you confirm rumors that Ms. Mendeleiev isn't here today, because she'll be appearing on the Alternative Truth TV show?
Kim: Where everything isn't always true, (dabs) but nothing's really false! (crosses arms)
Mr. Damocles: (shakes head and pinches nose) It is indeed quite possible that Ms. Mendeleiv has made a scientific discovery of utmost importance.
Juleka, Mylène, Nino, Ivan, and Kim: Can we watch the show, please, dude?
Plagg: (Tikki and Plagg share worried looks) Huh…?
Alix: (facepalms) Ugh, my brother is one of the guests, too...

Scene: François Dupont High School, in the Library. The entire class is watching the show on the television there.

Alec: And we're back for the next segment of Alternative Truth (Kim recites too) where everything isn't always true (dab), but nothing's really false! Let's welcome our last guest today: Ms. Mendeleiev, a science teacher at Françoise Dupont High School.
Kim: Yayy, that's our teacher! (claps)
Mr. Damocles: Kim, sit down, please.
Ms. Mendeleiev: Hello, thank you for having me.
Alec: (reads from tablet) You're going to describe an innovative scientific theory to our panel of experts who will then decide if it's true or false.
Kim: True or false!
Mr. Damocles: Sit!
Alec: So, Ms. Mendeleiev, you already know our jury, its members are, as always: the famous singer XY and the one and only Mr. Banana!
Mr. Banana: (flexes both arms) Stay peachy!
Alec: And the incredible Manon Chamack, daughter of our favorite news reporter Nadja Chamack. Over to you, Ms. Mendeleiev.
Ms. Mendeleiev: What are you about to witness is proof of the existence of interdimensional creatures with incredible powers who can move through matter and seem to be attracted to aged cheese. (Adrien looks shocked at the screen and so does Marinette) I discovered the first of these creatures soon after school began in September, (Tikki stares at Plagg and Plagg stares back) I started observing it closely. Then, I discovered a second one. I have proof, watch closely: (shows her camera's tape) you can't see the creatures themselves because they are not filmable- but look right there. (zooms in on the cheese, which is being eaten bite by bite by an invisible Plagg; Mr. Banana laughs) Given that I was unable to capture these creatures on video, I've made sketches of them to give you an idea of what they look like.
Chloé: What's that even supposed to be?
Max: I seriously doubt this show was remotely scientific whatsoever.
Alec: Ms. Mendeleiev, (Marinette crawls away, and at the same time, so does Adrien; who notices Marinette) are you actually serious about chasing cheese-eating ghosts?
Ms. Mendeleiev: I'm always serious.

Scene: Françoise Dupont High School, outside the library. Marinette takes the stairs to the left and Adrien the ones on the right. Marinette walks to the girls' restroom, goes into a stall, and opens her purse.

Marinette: I thought we didn't keep secrets from one another...!
Tikki: I didn't want to bother you with Kwami nonsense. Besides, I thought the problem had been resolved, Plagg promised he wouldn't eat any of that magic cheese anymore.
Marinette: Wait a sec! If Plagg was there too, that means he was here in this school! Which means Cat Noir is a student at Françoise Dupont, just like me?! And if I just figured this out, then that means that Cat Noir probably just figured out that I figured out that he figured it out!
Tikki: Uh, no, not at all! You know, Plagg would travel for miles just to sink his teeth into good cheese. (giggles awkwardly)
Marinette: (crosses arms) You see the problem now is that I'm always going to wonder whether you're lying or not. (Tikki flies out of her purse and sighs; Marinette holds her hands up so Tikki can sit on them)
Tikki: I'm so sorry, Marinette.
Marinette: It's okay. I know you're trying to protect me. If I figure out who he is, I'll have to give up my Miraculous and Ladybug. So I won't try, and I hope he doesn't either.

Scene: The Library. The students are still watching the show.

Alec: It's time for our jury to vote and tell us if the theories we heard tonight are (Kim joins) true or false! (Kim quickly sits down when Mr. Damocles glares at him) Jalil Kubdel hypothesized that Egyptian pyramids are in fact: alien spaceships that came down to Earth because they ran out of gas! What do you think?
Kim: (pointing at the screen) Alix, look! It's your brother! (Alix sighs heavily. On the TV, the panels on all three of the juries' tables turns green. A green tick appears on the screen.)
Alec: Our jury has been convinced! Jalil succeeds!
Jalil: (throws arms up) True or false!
Kim Whoa-hoh! (to Alix) Your brother's won! Awesome! (Alix, still cringing, gives Kim a thumbs up)
Alec: Theory number two. Mr. Vincent Aza hypothesized that snow is in fact: boogers from a giant who lives in the clouds! (The panels of Manon and XY light up green, but the panel of Mr. Banana turns red)
Alec: Mr. Banana was not convinced.
Mr. banana: (flexes arms) No, but stay peachy!
Alec: But you do have two votes, which means that you, too, have won, Vincent! (a green tick appears on the screen) Last but not least, Ms. Mendeleiev has hypothesized that there are interdimentional creatures who like to eat cheese. (all panels light up red and a red cross appears on the screen; ominous laughter can be heard in the background) I'm very sorry, Ms. Mendeleiev, but your fake video footage failed to convince our panel of experts.
Mr. Banana: (flexes) Stay peachy!
Ms. Mendeleiev: It wasn't fake, I swear! This is an authentic, major scientific discovery! (is pulled offstage by a security guard)
Alec: You're welcome to come back when you manage to capture your invisible cheese eating creatures! (everyone on set laughs at her)

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair. Hawk Moth's window opens.

Hawk Moth: Now there's a very familiar emotion. (transforms a butterfly into an Akuma) Fly away, my little Akuma, and evilize her misunderstood heart! (the Akuma flies out the window)

Scene: In a TVi studio dressing room. Ms. Mendeleiev is sitting on a chair, holding her camera. The Akuma possesses the camera.

Hawk Moth: (from his lair) Kwamibuster, I am Hawk Moth. They made a mockery of your science, I'm ready to believe you.
Ms. Mendeleiev: Really!?
Hawk Moth Of course. These interdimensional creatures are called Kwamis. And I'm giving you the power to capture them, but in return you must get me Ladybug and Cat Noir's magic jewels, their miraculous.
Ms. Mendeleiev: You can count on me, Hawk Moth. Soon, I'll be the greatest scientist in the whole world! (laughs evilly as the dark purple ether covers her)

Scene: The boys' restroom at Françoise Dupont High School. Adrien is in a stall with Plagg.

Adrien: You could've been captured! That was so irresponsible of you!
Plagg: Puh-lease, it's impossible to capture a Kwami. May I remind you that we can move through matter and we can't be filmed or photographed? You're as much of a party pooper as Sugarcube.
Adrien: Sugarcube? Who's Sugarcube?
Plagg: Uh Tikki, Ladybug's Kwami. (realises what he said)
Adrien: Wait a second. If Tikki was there, too, then that means she was here at school, which means Ladybug is a student at Françoise Dupont just like me, which means I probably know Ladybug already.
Plagg: Uh-oh! Uh-oh!

Scene: The Library. The TV show is coming to an end.

Alec: A big thank you to all our scientists and members of the jury! We'll see you again next week for another edition of (Kim joins) Alternative Truth!
Alya: (to Nino) I feel sorry for Ms. Mendeleiev.
Chloé: I feel sorry for myself that she's my teacher.
Kwamibuster: (At the TVi studio) Wait! The show's not over! I am Kwamibuster! And I'm going to conduct one last scientific experiment!

Scene: The girls' restroom at Françoise Dupont High School.

Marinette: I just can't stop thinking about who Cat Noir really is! He has to be one of the boys... (exits the restroom)

Scene: The locker room at Françoise Dupont High School. Marinette's phone beeps, she goes back into the girls' restroom. Adrien spots her, but his phone also beeps, so he retreats to the boys' restroom to look at the news.

Nadja Chamack: (in the news report) A new akumatized person has appeared near the TV station. It appears to be a teacher from Françoise Dupont High School.
Kwamibuster: (in the news report, holding onto a safe) This safety vault will withstand a 50-story fall, true or false?
Alec: (in the safe) False! It won't!

Scene: The girls' restroom at Françoise Dupont High School.

Marinette: We gotta go, Tikki. I have to find a way to convince Cat Noir that Marinette Dupain-Cheng can't possibly be Ladybug, otherwise I won't to be able to be Ladybug anymore. Tikki, spots on! (transforms into Ladybug)

Scene: The boys' restroom at Françoise Dupont High School.

Plagg: Adrien, won't you like, summon me to jump in action or something?
Adrien: Plagg, what if... Marinette were Ladybug...?
Plagg: Marinette? Nah! Besides, you shouldn't be trying to find out more, if you discovered Ladybug's true identity you'd have to give your Miraculous back! So if I were you, I'd act like nothing's going on. That's what I always do when there's a problem, and it's always worked out just fine for me!
Adrien: Maybe for once I'd better listen to you. Plagg, claws out! (transforms into Cat Noir)

Scene: TVi studio rooftop.

Alec: (in the safe) Let me go! I mean don't! Don't do that!
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) Excellent, Kwamibuster. Ladybug and Cat Noir will have to come to this MC's rescue.
Kwamibuster: Then I can easily capture their Kwamis. Bye! (She pushes the safe off the building, and Alec screams. Ladybug grabs the safe with her yo-yo.) So predictable.
Alec: (Ladybug releases him) Ah, ah! Thanks, Ladybug-! Ladybug saved me!
Cat Noir: (arrives) There you have it, the answer was true. Ladybug defies the laws of science.
Kwamibuster: I'm going to capture your Kwamis and prove to everyone that these magic creatures really do exist! True or false?
Ladybug: I don't think it matters, 'cause we're not gonna give you a chance to prove anything!
Cat Noir: I love this plan, I'm excited to be part of it. Let's do it! (They attack Kwamibuster)
Kwamibuster: Back off, kids, I'm a scientist! (shoots a laser beam at them)
Cat Noir: You're no scientist, you're more like a game show host!
Kwamibuster: I'm going to prove to the whole world that I am a great scientist and that I made a major discovery!
Ladybug: (hides behind a vent, turns to Cat Noir) I hope your Kwami's learned his lesson so he doesn't ever do anything like this again!
Cat Noir: (hides behind a spotlight) Well, I heard your Kwami was with it.
Ladybug: My Kwami was trying to talk some sense into yours! I get the feeling you two are perfect match. (attacks Kwamibuster, dodges her beam) Ah!
Cat Noir: This Kwamibuster villain, she's from Françoise Dupont High School, right?
Ladybug: Don't forget the rules, Cat Noir. We can't know each other secret identiti- Ah! (gets trapped in Kwamibuster's beam)
Kwamibuster: So, Kwamis don't exist, huh? Well, here's proof! (Tikki is stolen from Ladybug's earring, and sucked into Kwamibuster's machine. Ladybug jumps behind a wall before detransforming into Marinette)
Cat Noir: Ladybug! Ladybug, is everything-!?
Marinette: No! Don't look over here!
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) You can find out who Ladybug is and take her Miraculous from her, she's powerless now that she's lost her Kwami.

[Superpower Sequence]
Cat Noir: Cataclysm! (destroys the building's huge sign, which falls and gives Marinette a chance to slip away)

Kwamibuster: (as Cat Noir dodges her beam) Now I'm going to seize your Kwami, cat. True or false! Gotcha! (captures Plagg, Cat Noir jumps into a construction container before detransforming into Adrien)

Scene: Inside Kwamibuster's Machine.

Tikki: (to Plagg, who is trying to break through out) Don't waste your energy, we can't go through it, it's magic! This is all because of your cheese addiction.
Plagg: I still have my catacly-
Tikki: No, you can't control it! Your cataclysm could destroy the whole city and make things even worse.
Plagg: So how are you planning to get us out of here, Sugarcube?
Tikki: I'm not, but I'm sure Ladybug will!

Scene: TVi studio rooftop.

Kwamibuster: I already have your Kwamis, and soon I'll have your Miraculous, too. True or false. (Adrien lowers the container that he's in, escaping. He runs into a dressing room, and finds Mr. Banana's costume.)

Scene: Fu's massage shop.

Marinette: (runs in) Master! Tikki and Plagg have been captured and Cat Noir might discover my secret identity!
Master Fu: You are both well aware of the consequences of that.
Marinette: And that's why I'm going to fix everything and save Tikki!
Master Fu: (opens the gramophone to get the Miracle Box; he places the box on the floor before Marinette and opens it) Marinette Dupain-Cheng, you have to pick a Miraculous, only this time, you won't be giving it to someone else. You'll wear it yourself, until you get Tikki back. (Marinette picks up all the Miraculous) You can't do that! Merging Miraculous would give you way too much power! It could make you lose your mind!
Marinette: (puts on the Miraculous) Don't worry, Master, I only need one power, the Mouse's. I'm just wearing the other Miraculous so I can free the Kwamis. I need them to pull off my plan.

[Transformation Sequence]
Marinette: Mullo, get squeaky! (transforms into Multimouse)

Multimouse: And now, I'm Multimouse! Uh... (collapses)
Master Fu: Are you sure about this, Marinette?
Multimouse: If I don't do it... (gets up) who else will defeat Kwamibuster? To capture the villain's akuma, I've gotta save Tikki and get my Ladybug powers back first. To do that, I'll let myself get captured.

[Superpower Sequence]
Multimouse: Multitude! (turns into several mini versions of herself)

Multimouse: (is given the Fox Miraculous by the Multimouse wearing all the Miraculous) Toppo, Trixx, Unify! (transforms into Multifox)
Multifox: And now, I'm Multifox! Let's go! (jumps into Fluff's mouth; she, her Multimice, and the Kwamis fly out)
Master Fu: If Marinette fails, Hawk Moth will claim almost every Miraculous for himself!
Wayzz: She's never failed, Master.

Scene: TVi studio lobby. In the Mr. Banana suit, Adrien runs from Kwamibuster.

Kwamibuster: True or false: Cat Noir has disguised himself as Mr. Banana!
Adrien: Uh... Stay peachy? (flexes incorrectly)
Kwamibuster: (grabs him) Stay put!
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) Soon, we'll discover Cat Noir true identity and his Miraculous will be mine at last!
Multimouse: (in Pollen's mouth, is the one with all the other Miraculous) Charge!!! (her and the Kwamis fly in)
Kwamis: Ahh!
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) There's something you don't see every day. Kwamibuster! I promised you Kwamis and here they are! Now bring me all the Miraculous in return!
Kwamibuster: You can't get away from me. You're no match for Kwamibuster!
Multimouse: (in Pollen's mouth) Catch us if you can! (leads Kwamibuster away)
Multimouse: (in Longg's mouth) Psst! Cat Noir, is that you?
Adrien: Ladybug? Just when I think I finally know you, you manage to surprise me again!
Multimouse: That's very sweet of you, but I'm not Ladybug, (shows her bare ears) I'm Multimouse. Ladybug has sent me to fetch your Miraculous, to defeat Kwamibuster.
Adrien: How do I know I can trust you?
Multimouse: Ladybug trusted me when she gave me a Miraculous, didn't she?
Adrien: (takes off his ring) Tell her I'm relying on her to bring Plagg back. (gives her the ring, she puts it on)
Multimouse: Okay, thank you. Oh yeah! Ladybug said you should meet her on the roof. (they head to the roof)

Scene: TVi studio rooftop.

Kwamibuster: I will catch you all! Ha ha ha! (Adrien hides, while Kwamibuster captures all of the Kwamis, except for Fluff, who is hiding with Multifox.)

Scene: Inside Kwamibuster's Machine.

Plagg: It looks like your owner has failed us, Tikki. We're doomed... (Longg opens his mouth, revealing the Multimouse with Cat Noir's ring, and Pollen opens her mouth, revealing the Multimouse with all the other Miraculous) Ladybug?!
Tikki: I told you that my owner was the best!
Multimouse: (in Pollen's mouth) I'd never abandon you, Tikki. (The Multimice jump out of the Kwamis' mouths)
Multimouse: (with Cat Noir's ring) Plagg, Mullo, Unify! (Multimouse transforms into Multinoir)
Multimouse: (with all the other Miraculous) Tikki, Mullo, Unify! (Multimouse transforms into Multibug)

[Superpower Sequence]
Multinoir: Cataclysm! (touches the machine's magic wall)

Scene: TVi studio rooftop. Kwamibuster's machine explodes, releasing the Kwamis, and the Akuma. She turns back into Ms. Mendeleiev.

[Superpower Sequence]
Multibug: Lucky Charm! (A bowl appears, trapping the Akuma)

Multinoir: (jumps from Longg's mouth) Mullo, Plagg, Divide! (transforms back into Multimouse)
Multimouse: (to Adrien, holding up his ring) As promised.
Adrien: (takes his ring) Thank you, mysterious Multimouse!
Multimouse: Thank you! See ya, Cat Noir. (The Multimice meet up at the Lucky Charm bowl. Multibug gives a thumbs up to Multifox, hiding with Fluff.)

[Superpower Sequence]
Multifox: Mirage!

Plagg: I think you better find a way to convince everyone that you're not a student Françoise Dupont High School.
Adrien: You're right, that would be safer. Plagg, claws out! (transforms into Cat Noir)
Cat Noir: Being Cat Noir is much more appealing than being a banana. (tosses the Mr. Banana costume)
Ladybug Illusion: Good job, Multimouse, thanks to you I got my Kwami back, and Cat Noir's.
Cat Noir: Awesome plan, girls!
Ladybug Illusion: Time to de-evilize! (catches the akuma) Bye-bye, little butterfly. Miraculous Ladybug!
Multimouse Illusion: We came, we saw, we kicked her hat! (takes off her Miraculous, detransforms)
Marinette Illusion: Now I gotta give you this back, right?
Ladybug Illusion: No! Not here! Marinette, you shouldn't have given me the Miraculous back, not in front of-
Marinette Illusion: But, I didn't think you kept any secrets from each other. Oh, I'm so clumsy.
Ladybug Illusion: I'm sorry, but now your identity is no longer a secret. I won't be able you give you a Miraculous again. I'll take Marinette back, Cat Noir. You take care of Ms. Mendeleiev.
Cat Noir: Ladybug, wait! I wanted to apologize for my Kwami. I don't know what he was doing in that elementary school.
Ladybug Illusion: It was a high school.
Cat Noir: High school, right! I'll promise it'll never happen again.
Ladybug Illusion: Bug out! (She leaves with the Marinette Illusion)
Ms. Mendeleiev: Mister Cat, would you be willing to testify so that people will know I really did make a scientific discovery?
Cat Noir: I'm sorry, Ms. Mendeleiev, but I can't do that. And you have to help us keep it a secret if you want us to protect Paris from Hawk Moth.
Ms. Mendeleiev: Uh, I... understand. I guess I'm just like the Copernicus, way ahead of my time.
Cat Noir: Uh, yeah, that's right. Just like him. (swings off the roof with her) Whee!

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair.

Hawk Moth: All his Kwamis, so many powers! If I can capture them first, I will form my own army of Miraculous wearing super villains, and defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir once and for all! I must find the guardian! (the window closes)

Scene: TV studio rooftop.

Multifox: (exhausted) Reality! (gets rid of the Illusion, revealing the destruction, Lucky Charm, and Multimice) Mullo, Trixx, Divide! (transforms back into Multimouse; the Multimice combine to form a regular sized Multibug)
Multibug: Mullo, Divide! (transforms back into Ladybug)
Ladybug: No more evil-doing for you, little Akuma. Time to de-evilize! (catches the akuma) Gotcha! Bye-bye, little butterfly. Miraculous Ladybug! (Everything goes back to normal)
The Kwamis: (overlapping each other) Yay! That was awesome! That was so cool! Wow, Ladybug! Fantastic! (They all soar off the building) Whee! Ah! Haha, hahaha!

Scene: Fu's massage shop. Marinette returns all of the Miraculous, excluding her earrings, to the Miracle Box.

Marinette: No worries, Master. Cat Noir wouldn't imagine in a million years that I'm Ladybug. And now I know that he's not a student at Françoise Dupont, he thought it was an elementary school.
Tikki: Marinette, if you had been forced to give up being Ladybug because of me? I would have never forgiven myself.
Marinette: We all make mistakes, Tikki, but I know you're a friend I can truly rely on.
Master Fu: (admiring Marinette as she leaves) No Miraculous owner in all of history has ever been mentally and physically strong enough to use that many Miraculous at the same time.
Wayzz: Marinette truly is special, Master.


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