A Kwagatama is a symbol of friendship between a Kwami and their holders which are made by the Kwamis and are gifted as a present on special occasions such as their holders' birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


After the creation of the Miraculous jewels, the kwamis have spent the next 5000 years working together with their humans wielders to protect the world from danger and in doing so they have created lasting bonds with their wielders. To prove how much their partners mean to them, the Kwamis started the tradition of creating the kwagatama, a special jewel kwamis give to their wielders on special occasions like a birthday or anniversary.


The process of how a Kwami makes a Kwagatama is explained by Tikki in "Befana". A kwami first collects the hair of their current wielder and stores them in their bodies along with the hair of their former wielders then afterwards for the next few months it changes into a resin. Then, during the special occasion they do a dance while humming in the air and spits out the resin into their current wielder's hands afterwards, the resin disappears leaving the finished kwagatama.


The Kwagatama that Tikki gifts Marinette is shaped like the light swirl from the Yin and Yang symbol, being red and having a circular hole in the center of its round side.

With her Kwagatama, Marinette attaches a small silver loop and puts a black string through it to wear the kwagatama as a pendant on a necklace.





  • The word "kwagatama" is derived from the Japanese word "magatama" (勾玉), meaning "jewel".
    • Similarly, the magatama were beads made in prehistoric Japan.
  • Tikki tells Marinette in "Befana" that she has given a Kwagatama to all of the past Ladybug Miraculous holders.
    • Since Piao Chong and other the Ancient Chinese Miraculous holders were the first Miraculous holders, the Kwamis could have collected multiple hairs from them to make their Kwagatamas.
      • After them, the process was possibly modified to include the hairs of their future owners.
  • The model of Marinette's Kwagatama and the necklace is recycled from the model of Mylène Haprèle's necklace, although Mylène's necklace is not a Kwagatama.[1]
  • The Kwagatama's function is "very important" and it will come back to serve a purpose in the future.[2]
  • According to Thomas Astruc, Marinette wears her kwagatama all the time, but it's hidden under her T-shirt.[3]


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