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Scene: Marinette's room

Marinette: Dear diary, today Kagami's asked me to come and cheer her on at a fencing tournament this weekend. I know, things have changed a lot since I first met her. Remember?

Scene from "Riposte"

Marinette: She had shown up at school as a mysterious, masked fencer. She was really good, problem is I'm not the only one who was impressed that day. Adrien, my Adrien completely fell under her spell! And even worse I helped him get closer to her!

Scene from "Frozer"

Adrien: I was just asking you what you thought I should do about Kagami.

Marinette: The ice queen?
Adrien: What?
Marinette: The ice rink! Yeah that's what I said, no better place to break the ice than the ice rink.
Adrien: The ice rink?...

Marinette: And they see each other all the time because their parents are friends. Remember when they went to London together?

Scene from "Backwarder"

Marinette: What if Adrien is blown away by her awesome dress and hairstyle, and if they dance together at the reception, and what if they tour the city on a romantic horse and buggy ride? It would be the end of the world!

Marinette: And I was right. It did bring them closer. Kagami was even akumatized because of her feelings for Adrien.

Scene from "Oni-Chan"

Oni-Chan: You've been hosed Ladybug! Adrien will be mine now, forever!

Ladybug: No!!

Marinette: The thing is since then, I've discovered who Kagami really is.

Scenes from "Ikari Gozen"

Kagami: Do you prefer to be called by your whole name or a nickname? (smiles awkwardly)

Marinette: Uh by.. my whole name?
Kagami: Thank you Marinette. Uh your hair is very shiny.(smiles awkwardly)

Marinette: She just wants to make friends that's all. Even though she can be pretty clumsy about it sometimes.

Marinette: What's this app? Oh shoot! So this is what Kagami was looking at this whole time.

Tikki: Thirty tips for making friends.

Marinette: So I don't know what to do. Can I really be close friends with the girl who loves the same boy as I do? What if she and Adrien ever- no I don't want to think about that. There's no way. I'm gonna go to the fencing tournament with her and everything will be just fine. Goodbye for now dear diary.


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