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Scene: From Riposte. Adrien, Marinette, and other students, stand in the school's courtyard during fencing try outs.

Adrien: (narrates over the scene) Sometime ago, a mysterious masked fencer showed up halfway through class.
Kagami: Which one of you is the best combatant?
Adrien: (narrates) I must admit that I had never faced such a talented opponent before.
Mr. D'Argencourt: Adrien, please give our visitor a lesson in chivalry. Allez! (Adrien and Kagami duel each other.)

Scene: Kagami leaves after losing the duel to Adrien, and he runs after her.

Adrien: Hey, wait! Your saber! (narrates) When she finally took off her helmet, and I saw her for the first time... Truth is, I was momentarily stunned.

Scene: From Frozer. Adrien walks into fencing class, defeated after being rejected by Ladybug again.

Adrien: (narrates) And when I saw Kagami again in the next class-
Mr. D'Argencourt: You sure take your time Mr. Agreste.
Adrien: (narrates) I felt things for her that I'd never felt before.
Kagami: En garde!
Adrien: (narrates) I didn't know what to do—

Scene: The next day, Marinette bumps into Adrien in the school courtyard.

Adrien: (narrates) But luckily my good friend Marinette was here. (in the scene) Marinette!
Marinette: Ohh!
Adrien: Perfect timing!
Marinette: Huh? You think so?
Adrien: Actually, what I meant was, I need some advice right now. Can we talk? Okay, well, I'm sorry, this is a bit awkward for me.
Marinette: Uh, what?
Adrien: I was just asking you what you thought I should do about Kagami.
Marinette: The ice... rink! Yeah, that's what I said! No better place to break the ice than the ice rink!
Adrien: The ice rink...

Scene: At the Ice Rink, Kagami takes Adrien by the hand to go ice skating, while Marinette and Luka are already on the ice with Philippe.

Adrien: (narrates) And everything went really well. Kagami is the kind of girl who knows what she wants.
Kagami: Did you invite them because you were scared of being alone with me?
Adrien: Of course not, it's just that I asked Marinette to help me.
Kagami: Help you with what?
Adrien: Uh, to perfect my figure skating skills!
Kagami: But you don't need her for that.

Scene: From Animaestro. Kagami and her mother, Mrs. Tsurugi, walk into the premiere of the animated Ladybug & Cat Noir film.

Adrien: (narrates) Ever since she arrived in Paris, we've been seeing each other quite often, because my father and her mother...

Scene: From Backwarder. Adrien, Gabriel, Kagami, and Mrs. Tsurugi sit on the Startrain to head to London.

Adrien: (narrates) ...occasionally do business together. We even spent a whole weekend in London together, and I feel like it brought us closer...

Scene: From Oni-Chan. In the Jardin des Tuileries, Kagami sees a photo of Lila kissing Adrien's cheek, and angrily throws her phone away.

Adrien: (narrates) Because since then, she's sometimes proven pretty protective of me.

Scene: Shortly after, Kagami, akumatized into Oni-chan, appears in Adrien's bedroom window.

Oni-chan: Adrien, I am Oni-chan. You and I were made for each other, Adrien.
Adrien: Kagami?
Oni-chan: I will protect you from anyone who tries to harm you.
Adrien: Kagami, no! (narrates) I think she may actually have feelings for me... but this is awkward, because the girl I have feelings for...

Scene: From Frozer. On a rooftop in Paris, Cat Noir gets on one knee and offers a rose to Ladybug.

Adrien: (narrates) m'lady. But...
Ladybug: I can't accept this rose from you. I told you already. I'm in love with someone else.
Cat Noir: I know m'lady, but—

Scene: Later that day, in the locker room, Kagami gives advice to a defeated-looking Adrien.

Adrien: (narrates) Even though she doesn't know about Ladybug, maybe Kagami's right.
Kagami: Adrien, the biggest mistake a fencer can make isn't choosing the wrong technique, it's choosing the wrong target. Change targets.
Adrien: (narrates) Maybe it's time to change targets.

Scene: Kagami leaves the school following this conversation, and as she enters her family's car, she holds onto the rose that Adrien gave her. He stares thoughtfully at her as she goes.

Adrien: (narrates) We're attending Chloé's parents' anniversary together soon. I guess we'll see.

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