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Kagami Tsurugi has been a featured article on the front page. Kagami Tsurugi has been akumatized. Kagami Tsurugi has been akumatized into a scarlet akumatized villain. Kagami Tsurugi is the Dragon Miraculous holder.

The only reason you can't stay on your feet is your hesitation. I never hesitate.

—Kagami, Frozer

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Kagami Tsurugi (剣 鏡 / Tsurugi Kagami in Japanese order) is a Japanese student at Collège Françoise Dupont introduced in Season 2 of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. She attracts the attention of Adrien Agreste as his fencing rival.

In "Riposte", after Kagami misunderstands that she lost the fencing battle with Adrien, she is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Riposte, a fencing themed villain.

Later in "Oni-Chan", after seeing a picture of Lila Rossi kissing Adrien, Kagami is akumatized into Oni-Chan, an oni/demon rose-themed villain.

In "Ikari Gozen", after she is made imprisoned by the titular villain, Ladybug gives her the Dragon Miraculous in order to both free her and defeat Ikari Gozen. When the Miraculous is inhabited by Longg, Kagami becomes Ryuko (Japanese Dub: 龍子), a dragon-themed superhero who helps Ladybug and Cat Noir "during particularly difficult missions" in Seasons 3 and beyond.[8]

In "Lies", after realizing and confronting Adrien about how she thinks he's been lying for not spending his time with her, Kagami is akumatized by Shadow Moth into Lies, a ghost-like supervillain with the ability to permanently paralyze anyone who has ever lied in their whole life. The next day, Adrien asked if he and Kagami can still be friends, Kagami says she will let him know when she's ready to see Adrien again.


Physical appearance

Kagami is a slender, Japanese teenage girl of average height. She has creamy-pale skin, a lighter dusting of light-brown freckles on her cheeks and the bridge of nose, sharp, slanted moderate vermilion eyes, light scarlet lipstick and thick straight black hair with blue reflections (like Marinette's lipstick, but bit darker and her hair, lighter) with bangs swept to the left in a face-framing bob that levels with her chin, with dark blue tints.

Civilian attire

Kagami wears a white long-sleeved blazer that has black outlines around the collar, running all the way to the bottom to the hem, cuffs and two black accents on the top of the fastened outer pockets. The blazer has two gold pockets around the waist and each side of the cuffs. On the top right of her chest is an attached logo that is shaped as a reuleaux triangle. The logo includes her family's crest, with the gold sign of Japanese kanji for female (女) fastened on top of green, white and red fabric with a gold outline surrounding the logo. Underneath, she wears a black collared gold buttoned button-up blouse with a red, white, and blue pleated neck tie.

Kagami wears a red skirt with an asymmetrical texture that has blue and white intersecting vertical and horizontal lines. She wears tight black leggings and a pair of red sneakers with white toecaps, laces, a black logo on the heel counter and black soles. On the ring finger of her right hand, she wears a black ring that has her family's crest, (女) and it has two long outward spikes stretching from the mark.

As Riposte

Riposte's face, sclerae, and skin is silver with red eyes. She has a silver helmet with angular sides and a red circle on the center of the forehead with the Tsurugi crest. Her body outfit is silver armor; a breastplate, pauldrons and tassets while her arms are solid silver, and she wears silver leggings on her legs. Her dress shoes with 2 downward chevron stripes on her ankles are connected to her leggings, and they are also silver, with cone shaped high heels. Her right hand seems to be or holds a sword-like extension with a triangular guard and a red circle bearing the Tsurugi crest on the center of the guard.

As Oni-Chan

As Oni-Chan, she has wild, pointy, dark hair, and her face is obscured by a white Japanese goblin's mask, which has protruding tusks. From the forehead protrudes a red unicorn's horn, with black lines along the bottom. The eyes and mouth are outlined by thick, black lines, and her eyes are moderate crimson and she has moderate purple lipstick, just like Juleka Couffaine's form of Reflekta. She has a white super-suit with blue-violetish black vine shaped-stripes and her insignia (a black rose with a red horn) on the chest. Red spikes with black spirals don her shoulders and elbows. Her forearms and legs from the knee down are all black. Her hands and feet are red as well. She wields a bokken with a black and white handle with the blade made from thorny vines twisting together.

As Ryuko

As Ryuko, she wears a red and black dragon-themed superhero jumpsuit with the image of a black dragon's tail, outlined in yellow, curling from her left leg up to her to her chest. The end of the tail curves around the symbol containing the images that represent the three elements she controls: lightning, air and water. She also has a black collar/turtleneck (where she has her choker), black forearm-length gloves and black legs starting in the middle of her lower legs, both with yellow outlining. On the back of her head, she has four red dragon-like horns with yellow tips with black outlining and, on her back, she has a holder for her sword. On her face, she wears a red mask around her eyes with yellow and black outlining at the base of the sides. Her eyes also become golden with yellow scleras.

As Lies

As Lies, she is a ghost like creature completely transparent and pale, light grayish cerulean from head, face, whole eyes, nose, lips, hands, and feet. She is holding Marinette's lucky charm on her wrist, her hair is more flattened than her civilian form with curly bangs on her face's sides. She also wears a transparent pale blue turtleneck-less jumpsuit with circular collar around her neck, an almost invisible mask, hidden wedged knee-high boots on her feet, and fingerless gloves on her both hands.

For more of Kagami's outfits and designs, see Kagami Tsurugi/Designs.


Kagami apologizes to Adrien.

Kagami is a fierce and thoughtful girl who is dedicated to accomplishing any commitment she makes. Likewise, she can be somewhat reluctant and quite stubborn, willing to go out and take risks regardless of what is at stake for her. However, she learns from her mistakes, knowing there are times she isn't the winner. Despite her wits, Kagami has a small habit of jumping to conclusions, as shown when she saw a picture of Adrien and Lila together quickly assuming Lila was the girl he told her about in "Frozer".

Kagami is an aggressive fencer that will taunt her opponent during a fight. While she doesn't like to lose due to her competitive nature, she downplays her upset feelings and respects her rivals, like Adrien. She can be quite emotive and rage-prone in spite of her composed exterior.

Kagami asks Adrien what's wrong.

However, Kagami is a very hospitable person who ironically forms friendships with people after they both approach each other and solve their conflicts, suggesting an understanding side. She comes across as blunt and willing to speak her mind, telling Philippe that she didn't want to take skating lessons multiple times and even speaking for Adrien when asked. This is more evident when she advises Marinette Dupain-Cheng to stop hesitating.

In "Ikari Gozen", Kagami is shown to be a bit lonely as she always wanted friends, and she admitted to Ladybug that she doesn't have any. Yet, she was willing to reach out to Marinette in an attempt to be friends with her. However, much like when Adrien started studying at school and making new friends, Kagami, because of Tomoe Tsurugi (her mother), doesn't know much about how to bond with others. This is shown when she tries to befriend Marinette, only resulting in awkward moments, and using an app about how to make friends. These attempts include traditional Japanese friendship tropes such as blood typing, horoscopes, personality compatibility, and a forced smile when attempting to discuss any of them.

Through having friends and being outside of her mother's strict rules, Kagami has started to become more playful and fun-loving and enjoys being disobedient at times as seen in "Heart Hunter". Just like Adrien, now that Kagami has made friends she doesn't want to hurt or lose them. However, she is aware that going after Adrien romantically would hurt Marinette, and that no matter who ends up with him, someone will be heartbroken over it and, thus, isn't willing to let him go, even for the sake of friendship, showing a realistic side. She would still like to be able to date Adrien and stay friends with Marinette at the same time, though.

As proven in "Lies", in the terms of friendship Kagami still has a lot to learn about it as one needs to accept their friend's flaws and what they like about them. Despite not knowing about Adrien's alter ego she called him silly when he posed at her attempt at drawing him, calling his civilian self an image of perfection mostly implying like every other fan girl she's looking at him through the image Gabriel created of him.

As Ryuko, she is very capable but a bit of a lone fighter as she tries to defeat Ikari Gozen on her own. However, she learns she can't handle everything on her own. Ryuko is understanding and respectful towards Ladybug, giving up the Dragon Miraculous indefinitely because of the fact that her identity was revealed to Hawk Moth which could lead to her loved ones being in danger, showing her protective and caring side.

However, she is also a little revealing as she tells her mother in her akumatized form (and by extension to Hawk Moth) her identity.

As Riposte, she is furiously obsessed with getting a rematch with Adrien and winning it, even if he is in no condition to fight due to his injured ankle, and she considers people that she views as not being good enough fighters and not worthy, such as Ladybug. Riposte is also arrogant and doesn't have a problem with outright attacking her opponents when they have no chance of defending themselves. Because of her obsession, Kagami had without possibly knowing it had forgotten one of a competitor's true trademarks is good and true sportsmanship. However, despite this, she follows Hawk Moth's commands without question, even if they conflict with her own goals.

As Oni-Chan, she is obsessed with tracking down Lila and getting her to renounce Adrien in order to have Adrien be hers.

As Lies, after Adrien continuously lies to her to go somewhere else, especially when she had lied to spend time with him, she is decided to get rid the world from lies, even if that means paralyze everyone else, including the ones she cares about, like her mother.


As a civilian

Kagami is extremely skilled in fencing, both in defensive and offensive movements. She is also very agile, doing several acrobatic feats while dueling. Her prowess is equal or probably superior to Adrien's. Another sword-based sport she is masterful in is kendo, just like her mother. Her mother also personally oversees her kendo practice.

Kagami considers archery a "noble art" alongside fencing, so it is possible she also excels at it, though it has yet to be shown. According to Marinette, she is very smart and observant, something especially seen during the contest in "Ikari Gozen". She is a quick learner as a superheroine.

Some of Kagami's drawings.

Kagami is notably skilled in ice skating, proficient enough to do a combination spin, even though she only does it "just for fun". Also she is very good at drawing and sketching, even for a girl at her age, moreover she has acknowledge of certain artists like Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

As Ryuko

Ryuko has super enhanced skills, such as speed, agility and strength, and almost being invulnerable to physical damage. Her natural ability in wielding a sword is enhanced.

Her superpowers, Wind Dragon, Water Dragon, and a currently unnamed lightning power allow her to transform into air, water, and lightning, respectively. However, once all three elemental transformations are used, she only has five minutes before she detransforms back.

As Riposte

Riposte wields a sword in combat, and as her sword is directly attached to her hand, making it impossible to remove it. She uses the sword to strike at incredible speeds and slice through any material. She can create shock waves with her sword to slice objects from a distance. Also, she is capable of leaping great distances, and she is durable, quickly recovering from having an entire chimney collapse on her.

As Oni-Chan

Besides possessing heightened abilities, like speed, strength and agility, Oni-Chan possesses a sword that can wield powerful red energy. When she touches someone with it, they grow a horn like hers. The horn seemingly works as a cell tower and sends messages to anyone with a mobile phone that is near the person with the horn, allowing her to trade places with the ones who get her messages and continually track said person as a result.

However, it would appear that Oni-Chan doesn't have full control over this power, as she wasn't able to prevent her from trading places with a firefighter when she was about to take Ladybug's Miraculous or trading places with Ladybug who was tied up to a light post. Another effect of the horn is that, when the person afflicted with it lies, the horn grows bigger.

As Lies

Lies can create a massive white aural sphere around herself that paralyzes any people who get caught up in it, provided they have told a lie at some point in their life. The aura sphere follows her wherever she goes and victims remain paralyzed or frozen even after they are no longer in the sphere. However, she cannot freeze those who only tells the truth in their life or animals, like Jagged Stone's crocodile, since they are not able to lie, as well as drones since machines can't lie.



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Tomoe Tsurugi
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Kagami Tsurugi

Tomoe Tsurugi
Kagami Tsurugi

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Tomoe Tsurugi

Kagami with her mother.

Kagami treats her mother with great respect and dignity, although she is very limited by her. Tomoe is the reason that Kagami doesn't need friends and entertainment that she doesn't share. In "Ikari Gozen", Tomoe stated that she understands Kagami's desire for friends, but believes the friendship may fail her. Despite this, after upsetting her daughter, Tomoe allows her to see Marinette. In addition to practicing fencing at school, Kagami often practices fencing with her mother, but this does not help them ease the tension in their relationship.

Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir

Kagami and Adrien fence together.

Kagami first meets Adrien when she tries out for a spot in the fencing club. She fences with him and is distraught when she mistakenly believes that she lost, though she keeps her feelings to herself and even shakes his hand. Though Adrien offers her a decisive match, she sadly rejects the offer. However, once akumatized as Riposte, she targets Adrien, wanting a rematch with him at all costs. When she is deakumatized, she befriends him and agrees to eventually have a decisive match.

Kagami advises Adrien to "change targets"

In "Frozer", she shows great concern for him when she notices how down he is. When Adrien tells her about his love issues, Kagami advises him to change his target. She accompanies him to the ice rink and when Adrien tells her that he has decided not to change targets after Frozer's defeat, Kagami respects his wishes but tells him that she'll be waiting for him when he gives up.

In “Animaestro”, Kagami is happy to see Adrien at the movie premiere, but she becomes jealous upon noticing Marinette and Chloé, aware that they both also like Adrien. According to Mrs. Tsurugi, Kagami talks a lot about him. In "Oni-Chan", it is shown that Kagami really has strong feelings for Adrien as she flies into a bitter rage after seeing a photo of Lila kissing Adrien, leading to her akumatization.

In "Ikari Gozen" she was willing to disobey her mother to participate in a contest Adrien was taking part in. In "The Battle of the Miraculous", just like Adrien, Kagami doesn't find the wedding anniversary very interesting. By helping Marinette, they escape their parents and play a friendly match in the kitchen. Wanting to continue the fun, she, along with her friends, escapes to the roof and has fun in the ball pit until Adrien's bodyguard arrives, but thanks to Marinette's clever thinking, they escape again, leaving the hotel.

After Kagami returns to Adrien from fighting as Ryuko, she tells him that Ladybug separated them to protect "people in love" from Heart Hunter. She then proceeds to lean in for a kiss, but Adrien is uncertain about what he wants and if he is ready for a more personal relationship. His uncertainty hurting Kagami in the process. However, by the end of "Miracle Queen", he decides that he wants to take the next step in Kagami's and his relationship and the two start secretly dating.

However, this relationship is strained in "Lies" where after one too many times of Adrien having to excuse himself from spending time with, she begins to suspect something is wrong which leads her to realize that he had been lying to her after she found the lucky charm bracelet Marinette gave Adrien, which he claimed he had ran off to retrieve from the barge. This greatly hurt Kagami because she had to lie to others just to spend time with Adrien and she thought he'd been lying to her to do the opposite. Her heartbroken state leads her to being akumatized into the titular super-villain. Yet, she was still hurt after she was de-evilized. The following day after fencing, she acknowledged to Adrien that he is definitely hiding something, but that he is also sincere. She tells him presently that she can't trust or be with someone who has lied to her. She tells Adrien she'll let him know if she's ready to see him again and leaves.

By "Mr. Pigeon 72", Kagami has moved on from Adrien, as shown when Marinette tries to bring them back together, but she refuses to fall in love for Adrien again. By the end, she is able to realize Adrien and Marinette were made for each other. In "Optigami", when Style Queen almost aimed Adrien who is protecting Chloé, Kagami throws chairs at the villain and tells him to run to a safe area, confirms that she still cares for him after their breakup.

In "Glaciator 2", still considering him a friend, Kagami notices that Adrien is feeling down and desired help but when Adrien told her that no one could. But upon seeing his performance improve she at first believed he was told about Marinette's feelings for him but not yet.

Kagami is unaware of Adrien's double life as Cat Noir. During "Riposte", she is very angry that, along with Ladybug, he's protecting Adrien and an inferior opponent. In "Oni-Chan", she calls the hero inferior to his civilian alter ego and is furious when he compares himself to Adrien. After she is deakumatized, she gladly accepts back the rose he gives her.

In "Glaciator 2", because of her suggestion unknown to her Kagami and with Marinette finding Cat Noir at that moment to be her role-playing partner, she helped Marinette admit her feelings to Adrien.

As Ryuko, Kagami doesn't at first work along with Cat Noir, but when it results in him being held captive, she apologizes to Ladybug for failing them both, believing that she's not worthy to work alongside him. After being encouraged by Ladybug, she willingly lets herself get captured to save Cat Noir and takes the cat's compliment about being a fast learner. Like Ladybug, he includes her in their trademark pound it. In "Heart Hunter", she was happy to see him again and in "Lies", because of her being unaware of Adrien's double life as Cat Noir, when she sees Adrien pose as his alterego, she says he is acting silly.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Kagami doesn't know Marinette too well, but when Adrien tells Kagami about her, Kagami says that she hopes to get to know her better. In "Frozer", she advises Marinette to stop hesitating in order to stop slipping on the ice. In "Animaestro", she treats Marinette hostilely due to her crush on Adrien.

Kagami tries to be Marinette's friend.

During a friendship contest in "Ikari Gozen", Kagami attempts to make friends with Marinette. She finds her weird, seeing Marinette talking to herself, but continues to try. When it results in Marinette leaving and losing the contest, Kagami finds herself not worthy of their friendship, but when she hears Marinette on Kagami's phone with Kagami's mother, she urges her not to say anything. Marinette apologizes for letting things slip out and tries to hide her. After saving her mother but not winning the contest, the game makes their friendship stronger, Kagami understanding what Adrien said about her. She is glad to have Marinette as a friend, and the two go out together.

In "Heart Hunter", Kagami, Marinette and Adrien escape together from the Bourgeoises' party and have fun until they go to buy ice cream. She doesn't want to make Marinette feel bad if she begins dating Adrien, but her romantic feelings for him are stronger than Kagami's friendship with Marinette.

In "Mr. Pigeon 72", Marinette tries to bring Kagami and Adrien back together, despite the former's statement she was over him. Despite being dragged by Marinette to the pool where Adrien was making a commercial, Kagami amuses her, despite everything, until a certain point. After the titular villain is defeated, Kagami realizes and tells Marinette that everything she had said about what she would feel when falling in love again for Adrien was what the latter was feeling, even adding Adrien was perfect for Marinette.

In "Glaciator 2", knowing that Marinette has feelings for Adrien and of his condition, Kagami tells her that she is the one that makes Adrien happy. But still seeing her lack of confidence she suggested that Marinette trains with a partner she has no feelings for. After the fencing tournament, she asked if Marinette told Adrien her feelings and when Marinette replied not yet. Hearing that Kagami believed that her and Adrien's relationship would go terribly wrong, she revealed she got the advice from a manga book she was reading. But was told by Marinette that she needed to hang out in the real world with their friends more.

Like Adrien, she is also unaware of Marinette's double life as Ladybug. As Riposte, she finds her as an inferior opponent. After being deakumatized, she is in awe at the sight of the heroine. As Oni-Chan, she is furious when Ladybug tries to stop her from hurting Lila.

As Ryuko, Kagami didn't work with Ladybug at first, but when it results in Cat Noir being held captive, she is able to see the wrong in her actions and apologizes to Ladybug for failing them both, believing that she's not worthy to work alongside them. She is comforted by the heroine and encouraged to try again. Following Ladybug's lead, they are able to save Cat Noir and her mother together. She was included in their trademark pound it. However, when Ryuko hears that Ladybug can never let her have the Dragon Miraculous again, she believes it was because she had failed, but the heroine says the opposite. Since Hawk Moth knows her identity, it would put her friends and family in danger if she continues to be Ryuko. Kagami retorts about not having many friends but then takes Ladybug's advice, believing it's not about having many friends; it's about treasuring the true friendships you do have. In "Battle of the Miraculous", Ryuko follows Ladybug's orders without question and has a brief talk about her feelings towards her friends.

Chloé Bourgeois

Kagami tells Chloé to stay away from her.

The two appear to be at odds with each other due to the Chloé's friendship with Adrien and Kagami having a friendship with him. Kagami however, does not seem to be intimidated by Chloé, even managing to intimidate the latter when she fruitlessly demands that Kagami stay away from Adrien.

However as of Lies, Kagami has broken up with Adrien, and in Queen Banana, Chloé has ended her friendship with him. It is unknown if their feud is still present though given Chloé's antagonistic nature, it is probable that the two are still on bad terms.

Lila Rossi

Although Lila behaves as if she didn't know who Kagami is by seeing her in one of Adrien's photos, it is likely that she actually knows her, since Lila has Kagami as a contact on her phone. When Kagami sees a picture of Lila kissing Adrien in "Oni-Chan", she flies into a jealous rage towards her, quickly assuming she's the girl Adrien loves. As Oni-Chan, she tries to get Lila to renounce him and constantly pursues and threatens her in order to make her do so.


Kagami meets Longg.

At first, Kagami is surprised at her presence, unsure of what she is. Kagami does listen to the information she gives but not all of it. During "Heart Hunter", she is happy to see Longg again despite what Ladybug said in their previous encounter.


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  • The name Kagami means "mirror" (鏡).
    • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, her name is changed to Kyoko, in which the name Kyoko means "mirror".
    • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Kagami's name is changed to Agami. According to Tomás Rojas, Adrien's Latin American voice actor, this was done to avoid any association with a vulgar Spanish word for defecation.[9]
      • This change is reverted from season 3 onwards.
    • In the Italian dub, her name is changed to Katami, in which the name Katami could possibly mean "memento" or "souvenir".
      • The kanji Kata means "martial arts" in Japanese, which is also a reference to "Katana", a Japanese sword. The name Katami also has a secondary meaning, which is "remember" or "I remember".
    • In Japanese culture, the Yata no Kagami is a sacred mirror and symbol of truth or wisdom (as mirrors only reflect what is shown).
    • Her superhero name Ryuko means "dragon" (龍/竜) (ryuu) and "child" (子) (ko), which is a common ending for Japanese girl names.
    • Part of the name Ko part can have multiple meanings depending on the kanji:
      • "Tiger" (虎) (normally read as "tora").
        • "Ryuko" is also the name of the protagonist from the Kill la Kill anime series.
          • Ryuko and Kagami even have similar color schemes, prominently featuring dark blue and red.
  • Kagami's surname, Tsurugi (劔), is a type of Japanese sword.
    • The Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi is a legendary sword that represents the virtue of valor. Both are one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan, along with the Yasakani-no-Magatama, a sacred jewel that represents benevolence.
  • Kagami was revealed in a Season 2 synopsis from TFOU on August 31, 2017.[10]
    • She was teased as a new inhabitant of Paris in a Brazilian synopsis for Season 2 on O Universo da TV.[11]
  • Feri González noted that both Kagami and Luka Couffaine are "charming, rounded characters" who are not limited to roles as alternate love interests.
  • Kagami's akumatized form was first revealed in a promotional video for Season 2 from TFOU.[10]
  • In fencing, the word "riposte" refers to a quick return thrust following a parry.
    • A colloquial use of the word refers to a quick, witty retort to an insult or criticism. Another definition related to this is a "retaliatory maneuver or measure."[12]
  • Riposte reappears in the two-part special event "Heroes' Day".
  • Riposte appears another time in "Gamer 2.0" for Gamer's powers.
  • All of Kagami's non-civilian identities, with the exception of Lies, wield swords as their main weapon.
    • She also uses a sword as a civilian in her fencing class.
  • Kagami is the fourth known person of Japanese origin to wield a Miraculous, succeeding her Miraculous predecessors Tomoe Gozen, Tentomushi and Sasuke Sarutobi.
  • Kagami is the second superhero whose civilian identity is known by Hawk Moth with the first being Chloé Bourgeois as Queen Bee.
    • But unlike Chloé, Kagami's identity is not known by the public.
    • Despite Kagami's mother knowing her superhero identity as well, she was akumatized when Kagami became Ryuko.
      • Once she reverted back to normal, she forgot all about it.
  • Following Alya Césaire, Nino Lahiffe, Chloé Bourgeois, Nathalie Sancoeur, Luka Couffaine, and Max Kanté, is the seventh person to become a Miraculous holder and akumatized villain, excluding Gabriel Agreste, who akumatized himself.
  • Ryuko is one of the few superheroes whose eyes are known to change when transformed, with her eyes becoming golden with yellow sclerae, with the others being:
    • Cat Noir whose eyes are green on green sclerae, and as Aspik his irises are normal but his sclerae are yellow.
    • Mayura who has eyes with pink irises and scleras that are pink which fade into dark indigo.
  • Kagami is the first known character to use the Dragon Miraculous by itself.
  • As mentioned in "Ikari Gozen," Kagami's blood type is an "O" and her Chinese Zodiac sign is the Dragon, meaning she is a few months or a year older than Marinette Dupain-Cheng whose Chinese Zodiac sign is the Snake.
    • In "blood type personality theory", a pseudo-scientific Japanese belief, those with type-O blood are said to be "confident, self-determined, ambitious, competitive, and athletic", but also "unpredictable, self-centered, cold, aggressive, arrogant, and envious."
  • Kagami is the only temporary miraculous holder that was given their miraculous by Ladybug to not receive her speech.
    • She is also the only one to not have a final pose when she first transformed.
  • Kagami's running gag is her awkward smile, which is regarded as a meme, and can also be seen in the intro of Season 4.
  • In "Glaciator 2", it is revealed that she reads mangas.


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Ancient Butterfly Miraculous holderAncient Ladybug Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Bee Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Butterfly Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Dragon Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Fox Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Horse Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Monkey Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Peacock Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Snake Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Turtle Miraculous holderAncient Egyptian Miraculous holderAncient European Cat Miraculous HolderBọ rùaCernunnosChloé Bourgeois/Queen BeeLa CoccinelleHeraklesHēi MāoHippolytaHua MulanJeanne d'ArcLa Déesse CoccinelleLa MariquitaMicazoyolinMudangbeolleMudekudekuPiáo ChóngPied Piper of HamelinSasuke SarutobiSun WukongTentomushiTomoe GozenWang Fu/Jade TurtleYi Sun-sin

Future Miraculous holders

Alix Kubdel/BunnyxBrazilian Miraculous holderFuture Butterfly Miraculous holderLadyLionLady ButterflyIvan Bruel/MinotauroxCaprikidCoq CourageTraquemoiselleCat Walker

Order of the Guardians




United Heroez
Aeon/Uncanny ValleyAgent BlueAgent RedAgent YellowBarbara Keynes/KnightowlCamilla Hombee/VictoryDean Gate/DoormanHurricaneJessica Keynes/SparrowMercuryOlympia Hill/MajestiaSnowflakeStingThorn
Main villains

AkumaGabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth/Shadow MothNathalie Sancoeur/Mayura

Akumatized villains

AnansiAnimaestroAnimanAntibugBackwarderBakerixBefanaBubblerCaptain HardrockCat BlancCatalystChameleonChristmasterThe CollectorCopycatDarkbladeDark CupidDark OwlDespair BearDesperada • Destroyer • EphemeralEvillustratorFeastFrightningaleFrozerFurious FuGamerGigantitanGlaciatorGorizillaGuitar VillainHeart HunterHorrificatorIkari GozenKing CashKung FoodKwamibusterLady WifiLiesMagician of MisfortuneMalediktatorMimeMiracle QueenMiraclonizerMiraculerOblivioOni-ChanParty CrasherPharaohMr. PigeonPixelatorPrime QueenPrincess FragrancePuppeteerQueen BananaQueen WaspReflektaRena RageReverserRiposteRobostusRocketearRogercopSandboySanta ClawsSapotisShell ShockSilencerSimon SaysSimplemanSole CrusherStartrainStoneheartStormy WeatherStyle QueenSyrenTechlonizerTruthTimebreakerTimetaggerTroublemakerVanisherVolpinaWeredadWishmakerYanLuoShiZombizou


Banana Boom-BoomButterfly SentimonsterDormant SentimonsterGabriel Agreste/The CollectorGuiltripHack-SanLadybugLollipop SentimonsterLight EyeMega LeechOptigamiReflekdollRobostus sentimonsterSentialecSentibubblerSentinino/Senticarapace

Other villains

CashMike Rochip/Techno-PirateLila RossiBob RothSolitude

Future villains

Apkli • Dr. Sadness • Future Hawk MothIgnoblia • Pain and Tears • Monsieur RatPsychomedianQilinTimetagger • Kuro Neko • Penalteam • Risk • Strike Back


Miss Bustier's class (Adrien AgresteChloé BourgeoisIvan BruelAlya CésaireJuleka CouffaineMarinette Dupain-ChengLê Chiến KimMylène HaprèleMax KantéAlix KubdelNathaniel KurtzbergNino LahiffeRose LavillantSabrina RaincomprixLila Rossi) • Ms. Mendeleiev's class (Marc AncielAurore BeauréalMireille CaquetJean DuparcZoé Lee) • Kagami TsurugiLuka CouffaineOndineThéo BarbotVivicaWayhem


AugustBoyElla CésaireEtta CésaireManon ChamackChris LahiffeMrs. Michelle's sonQuentin


Adrien's bodyguardEmilie AgresteAnne-Jeanne Théoxanne du BocqualeArletteThomas AstrucAugust's motherVincent AzaMr. BananaAndréAndré BourgeoisAudrey BourgeoisCaline BustierButler JeanAlec CataldiMarlena CésaireNora CésaireOtis CésaireNadja ChamackSabine ChengChrisClara ContardAnarka CouffaineMr. DamoclesArmand D'ArgencourtDoormanGina DupainRolland DupainTom DupainSimon GrimaultFred HaprèleFire captain #HessenpyClaudie KantéAlim KubdelJalil KubdelMarianne LenoirMaidMs. MendeleievMrs. MichelleJean-Pierre MonlataingClara NightingalePhilippeRoger RaincomprixXavier RamierPenny RollingMrs. RossiBob RothSanta ClausSarahJagged StoneJean TretiensTomoe TsurugiVéroniqueVincentXYDino Huggie


EdgarFangMinor animalsWhiskers


Kitty Section

Characters from the past

Darkblade (ancestor)



Future characters

Didier RoustanHarry ClownLindalee Rose

Other characters

AliChungDelmarFélix Graham de VanilyJiaoKang


Amelie Graham de VanilyCashChun ChengPrince Ali's chaperoneShu Yin ChengWang ChengYen Cheng



Prodigious Related

Fei Wu/LadydragonWu ShifuRenlings (Hou HouMa MaLong LongHu HuShe SheTang TangXiong XiongYing Ying) • Mei Shi


Akumatized person with helmetIron Armor Akumatized Person

Non-canon characters
Adam/ReplayBreakerDany Boon/GagotorFisherman/SilurusGhetto BlasterHowardCharlotte Basquet/SculptiaJørgenKenyaKenya's father/Trash KrakkenKillabeeLibrarianMetal Face DPublic EnemyShaolin SoulUnnamed superheroesUnused Quantic Kids members (GavrocheKid MimeMelodie) • Wealthy woman