Juleka Couffaine has been akumatized. Juleka Couffaine has been akumatized into a scarlet akumatized villain. Juleka Couffaine has been amokized. Juleka Couffaine is a student in Miss Bustier's class.
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Why should I expect it to be any different? Nobody ever hears me. Or sees me. I'm invisible, even in photos.

—Juleka, "Reflekta"

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Juleka Couffaine[7] is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont. She is also the younger twin sister of Luka Couffaine[5].

In "Reflekta", after being locked in the bathroom by Sabrina Raincomprix (under the orders from Chloé Bourgeois) to prevent Juleka from participating in the class photo, she is infected with an akuma by Hawk Moth and becomes Reflekta, a supervillain who turns people into copies of herself.

In "Reflekdoll", after Juleka misses the chance to the photoshoot for Marinette's design, she is once again akumatized by Hawk Moth into Reflekta. along with being amokized by Mayura, her emotions forming a doll-themed sentimonster which enhances her powers.

In "Félix", after being fooled by Félix to think that Adrien didn't appreciate his friends, she is re-akumatized into Reflekta, and, along with Princess Fragrance and Lady Wifi, the three supervillains all form the The Punishers Trio, a group of supervillains who want to get revenge on Adrien, later Félix.

In a future episode, she will get re-Akumatized into Reflekta along with Lady Wifi, Princess Fragrance, Timebreaker and Horrificator for an unknown reason.


Physical appearance

Juleka is a slender teenage girl of pale skin who stands at a medium height. She has red eyes with a hint of vermillion and long black hair, with dyed violet tips at the end and bangs covering the left side of her face. She wears a pale lavender lipstick and her fingernails are painted gray with black nail art of intricate patterns on each one with different designs on each hand.

Civilian attire

Juleka wears a black shirt with a swan-necked collar and sea green lined collar and side pockets, and black mesh short sleeves. She also wears purple tight leggings with holes above the knees and black high top sneakers with white soles. On her hands, she has black fingerless lace gloves that have a diamond pattern design and end halfway up the forearm. She sometimes wears a glove on her right hand with a small mirror or makeup compact attached to it.

As Reflekta

Reflekta's face is white and she has hot pink circle markings around her eyes, along with strong gamboge-colored eyes and purple lipstick. On the tips of her eyelashes, there are small light green spheres. Her hair is shiny and pink with light purple stripes, and two twisted ponytails stick upward on each side of her head. She has side bangs, and at the center of the front of her hair, there is a white upward almond-shaped eye with a light purple outline and a pink pupil. She wears a pink dress with a collarette, light purple stripes around her waist, and eyes like the one on her hair around her puffed sleeves and skirt. The tips of the collaret and the skirt have the light pink edging, and her arms and legs have pink gloves and stockings. Her long green fingernails stick out of the end of her gloves, and on the back of her right hand, she has a pink eye design with a black outline, the center being a black jewel that opens up to reveal a small circular mirror. At the bottom of her feet, she has pink platform shoes with high wedges and miniature eyes without pupils appear above the feet. .

For more of Juleka's outfits and designs, see Juleka Couffaine/Designs.


Juleka responding in awe to the Horrificator's roar.

Like Marc, Juleka is very timid and nervous around others but is very kind. She doesn't speak as often as the rest of her classmates, and when she does it is often in a self-conscious mumble. She is rarely particularly expressive, though she will be in some cases, including calling out being through with Kim's "stupid dares".[8] Because of her quiet nature, Juleka feels like no one ever notices her and forgets she is around, but she is aware that there are people that care about her, to whom she expresses compassion and gentleness. She can be affectionate with those she is close to where she shares hugs with her friends or cuddling with Rose.

Juleka seems to like scary things, or be unafraid of such, as she is the only student to not fear Horrificator, calling her "awesome". Despite her shyness, Juleka can be brave and supportive towards her friends as seen during the attacks of Darkblade, Befana, Gigantitan, and Truth.

As Reflekta, she is proud and vengeful. Because no one ever paid attention to her, she wants everyone to look like her so that she will never be unnoticed again. In particular, she wanted to transform Chloé because she prevented her from being in the class photo in her first akumatization. She is quite vain, constantly telling everyone that they will look better once they look like her and reassures them that they look amazing once they are transformed. Due to this arrogance, she believes her victims like their new looks, when they clearly do not. Without a second thought, Reflekta is ruthless, even transforming people who are nice to her and notice her, including Rose.


As a civilian

Juleka seems to be skilled at applying makeup, as she is the makeup artist for Nino Lahiffe's short film in "Horrificator".

Juleka knows how to play bass and is a bassist in Kitty Section's band.

Juleka is cunning, figuring out as Reflekta that Ladybug's plan to catch her and persuading a transformed André Bourgeois that she'll turn him back to normal if he tricks Ladybug and Cat Noir into believing he is her. Similarly, she is good at hiding, which she can use for sneaky attacks while akumatized.

As Reflekta

Reflekta is able to shoot rays from the jewel she has on her right wrist, which transforms people into an identical physical copy of herself. Those transformed by her retain their normal voices and minds, but don't have her powers and lose their own abilities. However, if someone acquires a Miraculous after being transformed by Reflekta they can use it to transform as normal. It is unknown if detransforming in this state would turn them back to normal or if it would return them to being a clone of Reflekta. As clones, people are immune to subsequent hits from her ray. Reflekta is implied to be able to reverse the transformations as well, as she says to Hawk Moth that she will take care of getting Cat Noir's ring after getting the Ladybug Miraculous, despite having transformed him.

Reflekta seems to be able to float, as seen when she jumps around. She also is very strong and fast, quickly throwing multiple lockers in front of a door in the span of a couple of seconds and breaking free from a basketball hoop around her body.



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Jagged Stone's mother
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Luka Couffaine

Juleka being encouraged by Luka to become Marinette's model.

Luka is Juleka's older twin brother, whom she is very close to. They are part of the same band, Kitty Section, in which they play similar instruments.

Luka listens to Juleka openly talk about her dreams, including her desire to model Marinette's designs and how insecure she was in asking her and doing it. Luka has shown to be very understanding towards her feelings while also being encouraging, as he encouraged her to ask Marinette to be her model.

She enjoys hanging out with her brother on occasion.

Rose Lavillant

Juleka listening to Rose talk about Prince Ali after giving her a tissue.

Juleka is best friends with Rose, so the two mutually care for each other. While the quieter of the two, Juleka enjoys listening to Rose, like when she is gushing about Prince Ali. They both are a part of the same Art Club and members of Kitty Section. They sometimes play Super Penguino together.

Juleka will speak up for Rose when it is definitely needed, complimenting her notebook and Rose herself. However, she doesn't believe Rose about breaking her photo curse and after being locked out of the photo, she sadly tells Rose to forget about her before running away. After Rose and Marinette prove her wrong about the curse, she is deeply happy about it. Juleka was seen cuddling and comforting Rose after her close call with Zombizou's minions. It is speculated that Rose kissed Juleka on the lips because of the way she is holding her lips after Rose kissed her. At the end of the episode, the two are even holding hands and share a hug after they are returned to normal. Juleka was shocked when Rose was reakumatized. In Truth, it is shown that Juleka deeply cares about Rose when she was about to tell Truth about Marinette she stepped in for her.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Juleka in a photo with Rose and Marinette.

A friend to Marinette, Juleka likes her and her kindness. She supports Marinette's run as class representative and mumbles an incomprehensible request she would like if Marinette wins. After countless times of bad photos for Juleka, Marinette helps her break the pattern even after Chloé ruins Juleka's attempt to be in the class photo. Getting good pictures of herself and her friends with her at the Place des Vosges, she graciously thanks Marinette for helping her.

Juleka finds Marinette cool as she works with her friends to defend her. Like the others, she already knows that Marinette has a crush on Adrien and approves of it, working with her friends to help Marinette plan a date with Adrien, but when Marinette turns Adrien's offer down, she has confidence in her friend that she'll get there someday. After the Scarlet Army's defeat, Juleka attended the picnic they had for Marinette.

Later, Juleka asked Marinette if she could be her model, but while the photoshoot was underway, she became angry with her when she didn't let her fully explain leading to her being akumatized into Reflekta. Seeing her revenge on her after she was deakumatized, Juleka forgave Marinette and accepted her offer once again. Like her other classmates, Juleka knew that Marinette would never cheat or steal, being sad that she was expelled from school leading to Juleka almost being akumatized again.

With Ladybug, Juleka is grateful for the superhero and believes in her ability to save the day with Cat Noir. She even works with Alya and the others to help Ladybug get out of Gigantitan's grip. As Reflekta, she isn't pleased with Ladybug's interference with her plans and works to keep one step ahead of her schemes.

Alya Césaire

Alya is another one of Juleka's friends. She, Alya, and Marinette work together to cheer up Rose after Chloé upsets her. She agrees to her plan for them and Rose to help Marinette and her parents finish their large order of macaroons in "Busy Day".

As friends, Juleka enjoys hanging out with Alya and helped Alya plan a date between Adrien and Marinette. They spend time with their friends at the movies and pose as extras in Clara's video.

However, Juleka looked even more uncomfortable when Alya talked to Marinette about modelling her own designs, which didn't let her finish her explanation about wanting to model despite being nervous to Marinette herself.

Chloé Bourgeois

Juleka dislikes Chloé and her rudeness towards everyone. Because Chloé prevents her from being in the class photo, she falls into despair and cries, lamenting that she'll never be in a photo as long as Chloé finds a way to keep her out. Beyond that incident, Juleka is displeased with Chloé insulting Rose's notebook.

During her first time as Reflekta, she makes it one of her first objectives to punish Chloé by insulting her looks and transforming her into one of her replicas.


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Comics and books



  • The name Juleka means "beauty".
    • Part of the Jule means "Jewel" in French,
      • In the Serbian dub, her name is changed to Julija.
      • In the Brazilian version, her name in some episodes is changed to Juleika.
  • Juleka's surname Couffaine is a combination of "couffin" (French for "coffin") and the French suffix "-aine" (meaning "of or from a place"), ultimately meaning "of/from the coffin".
  • All the Couffaine's names so far end with "-ka".
    • However, it is actually a pun, as a matter of fact, in French it sounds like "acouphène" which means "tinnitus".

Juleka's partially obscured face in the theme song

  • In the theme song, Juleka's face is blocked by Nino Lahiffe's hand, foreshadowing the conflict in her episode "Reflekta".
    • In "Reflekta", Juleka and Rose both reveal that they think that Juleka has a curse that prevents her from looking nice in photos. At the end of the episode, they believe it has been broken thanks to Marinette and their classmates.
    • Starting from Season 2, her face is completely shown, as her curse is broken in "Reflekta".
  • In "Mr. Pigeon", during the derby hat competition, Juleka and Rose are standing next to a derby hat with gears attached to it, suggesting one of them or both made the hat.
  • In "The Evillustrator" she sits next to Nathaniel in science class instead of sitting next to Rose as she usually does.
  • In "Copycat" and "Rogercop", Juleka is wearing white clothes instead of her usual dark gray clothes.
  • Reflekta (Juleka's akumatized villain name) may be a reference to the Reflekta camera.
  • Juleka's earlier concept design was different in many ways, including her shorter purple hair, black and white striped leggings, and dark purple boots.[9]
    • She also owned a purple bass guitar with a pink strap.
  • Reflekta negates Cat Noir's Cataclysm with her powers by transforming him into her image, making his Miraculous disappear and preventing him from touching anything with Cataclysm.
  • A scarlet version of Reflekta briefly reappears in "Ladybug", but she is quickly de-akumatized.
  • In "Reflekta", is it revealed that Juleka hates cats.


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