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Juleka Couffaine has been akumatized. Juleka Couffaine has been akumatized into a scarlet akumatized villain. Juleka Couffaine has been amokized. Juleka Couffaine is the Tiger Miraculous holder.
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You can do this, Mr. Damocles! [...] Every student in this school and all the teachers are counting on their super principal!

—Juleka's true voice, "Confrontation"

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Juleka Couffaine[12] is a major character of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. She is a former student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont and the younger twin sister of Luka Couffaine.

In "Reflekta", after being locked in the bathroom by Sabrina Raincomprix under orders from Chloé Bourgeois to prevent Juleka from participating in the class photo, she was akumatized by Hawk Moth and became Reflekta, a flamboyant supervillain who could transform people into lookalikes of herself.

In "Reflekdoll", after Juleka backed out of modeling in the photoshoot for Marinette Dupain-Cheng's design and was not given a chance to explain herself, Hawk Moth re-akumatized her into Reflekta. She was also amokized by Mayura, which caused her frustration and misery to form Reflekdoll, a doll-themed sentimonster that could also transform people into Reflekta lookalikes.

In "Félix", after being fooled by the titular character into thinking that Adrien Agreste didn't appreciate his friends' kind videos, Juleka was re-akumatized into Reflekta yet again alongside Rose into Princess Fragrance and Alya into Lady Wifi. The three formed the Punishers Trio, a group of akumatized supervillains who wanted to get revenge on the disguised Félix, who later convinced Hawk Moth to let him help them, as he was after some jewelry too.

In "Ladybug", Lila Rossi orchestrated a plan that got Marinette in trouble for things that she did not do. Cheating on a school test, pushing her down a flight of stairs and stealing a fox pendant from her, convincing almost everyone Marinette did all those things. Hawk Moth seized the opportunity Lila handed him to re-akumatize Nathalie into Catalyst who powers him up into Scarlet Moth again. He created several scarlet akumas to akumatize the people at the school into scarlet akumatized supervillains, including re-akumatizing Juleka into a scarlet version of Reflekta. But Catalyst's use of the damaged Peacock Miraculous came back to bite her. Scarlet Moth de-transformed and checked on her, abandoning his plans and causing the de-akumatization of Nathalie, and therefore, all of his scarlet akumatized supervillains.

In "Gang of Secrets", when Marinette kept hiding secrets from her and her friends, which caused Marinette to end their friendship, Juleka was re-akumatized by Shadow Moth into Reflekta yet again along with Alya and Rose becoming Lady Wifi and Princess Fragrance yet again, and Alix Kubdel and Mylène Haprèle becoming Timebreaker and Horrificator again. The five formed the Gang of Secrets, a group of akumatized supervillains who wanted to reveal Marinette's secrets to make her feel better and become her friends again.

In "Guiltrip", Juleka tells the class a secret involving Rose: she has a medical condition, occasionally requiring hospital care because of it. After Rose snapped at the class for being too overprotective, Juleka racked with guilt, was re-akumatized for the fifth time and re-amokized into Reflekta by Shadow Moth, with her guilt and sadness forming a different sentimonster Guiltrip, a portal-like creature that made people feel guilty. After being de-akumatized and de-amokized, she received a Magical Charm from Ladybug that prevented her from being re-akumatized or re-amokized.

In "Crocoduel", after her parents were re-akumatized into Captain Hardrock and Guitar Villain who formed the titular akumatized supervillain group, Juleka is lent the Tiger Miraculous from Ladybug. When it's inhabited by Roaar, Juleka becomes Purple Tigress[13](Tigresse Pourpre in the French version), a tiger-themed superhero with the Miraculous superpower of elation: Clout, which lets the user perform a powerfully devastating punch.

After the events of "Strikeback", Juleka was temporarily unable to become Purple Tigress after Monarch managed to steal the Tiger Miraculous along with all the others contained in the Chinese Miracle Box from Ladybug's yo-yo.

In "Confrontation", when she found out that she would repeat her school year again from her false study options form, Juleka was once again re-akumatized into Reflekta and was given the power of the Tiger Miraculous through her Alliance ring. She also received a new Magical Charm from Ladybug after her first one got destroyed.

In "Re-creation", Juleka is reunited with Luka during the fight against Monarch. After Ladybug recovers the stolen Miraculous and reforges them following Monarch's defeat, Juleka is given back the Tiger Miraculous permanently and reunites with Roaar.


Physical appearance

Juleka is a slender teenage pale-skinned girl who stands at a medium height (albeit slightly taller than most other girls at her school). She has brilliant red eyes with dark eyeshadow and long black hair with dyed purple tips at the end and bangs covering the left side of her face. She wears a very soft magenta lipstick and her fingernails are painted grayish pink with black nail art of intricate patterns on each one with different designs on each hand.

Civilian attire

Juleka wears a black turtlenecked, swan-necked dress with a sea green lined collar, side pockets, and black mesh sleeves. She also wears brilliant purple ripped leggings with rips above the knees and black high top sneakers with white soles. On her hands, she has black fingerless lace gloves that have a diamond pattern design that right ends halfway up the forearm, while the left is slightly shorter as compared to the right one. On her right hand, She sometimes wears an arctic blue wrist mirror with a royal blue gemstone in the center.

As Reflekta

Reflekta's face was white and she had light brilliant rose circle markings around her eyes, along with strong amber colored eyes and moderate purple lipstick. On the tips of her eyelashes, there were small light green spheres. Her hair was shiny and brilliant red colored-with light purple stripes, and two twisted ponytails stuck upward on each side of her head. She had side bangs, and at the center of the front of her hair, there was a white upward almond-shaped eye with a light purple outline and a pink pupil. She wore a brilliant red colored ruff-like collared dress with light purple chevron stripes around her stomach to waist, and eyes like the one on her hair around her puffed sleeves and skirt. The tips of the ruff and the skirt had light pink edging, and her arms and legs had pink gloves and stockings. Her long pale, light grayish sea green fingernails stuck out of the end of her gloves, and on the back of her right hand, she had a pink eye design with a black outline, the center being a black jewel that opened up to reveal a small circular mirror, her akumatized object. At the bottom of her feet, she had pink rectangular platform dress shoes with triangular wedges and miniature eyes without pupils appearing above the feet that covered her entire feet.

As Purple Tigress

Purple Tigress wears a strong crimson swan-necked superhero outfit with a pale, light grayish fuchsia front, back of her arms, and palms of her hands and fingers which ends at the middle of her shins, with boots with pale, light grayish fuchsia toe caps resembling paws and golden soles. The suit has dark cerise lace stripes with similar patterns to her lace gloves. Her collar is outlined in gold with a zipper at the front. Her right hand, where she wears the Tiger Miraculous, sports a bejeweled black glove with swirling gold lines and feline-like fingers with golden claws, strong crimson ears with pale, light grayish fuchsia insides, like Cat Noir's, are in her hair, which is violet with deep fuchsia highlights, which is bound in a ponytail. Her eyes are a brilliant orange with light yellow sclerae, with a strong crimson, black bordered mask which bears pale, light grayish fuchsia marks on her eyelids and eyebrows. She also has dark grayish blue-violet lipstick. At her waist is the bolas, a long whip-like tool with three weighted striped balls at the end, it´s worn like a belt with a gold ring in the center.

For more of Juleka's outfits and designs, see Juleka Couffaine/Designs.


Like Marc Anciel, Juleka is very timid and nervous around others, but she is very kind. She doesn't speak as often as the rest of her classmates, and when she does it is often in a self-conscious mumble.[14] She is rarely particularly expressive, though she will be in some cases, including calling out being through with Lê Chiến Kim's "stupid dares".[15] Because of her quiet nature, Juleka feels like no one ever notices her and forgets she is around, but she is aware that there are people that care about her, to whom she expresses compassion and gentleness. She can be affectionate with those she is close to where she shares hugs with her friends or cuddling with Rose Lavillant.

Horrificator 266

Juleka responding in awe to the Horrificator's roar.

Juleka seems to like scary things or be unafraid of such, as she is the only student not to fear Horrificator, calling her "awesome". Despite her shyness, Juleka can be brave and supportive towards her friends as seen during the attacks of Darkblade, Befana, Gigantitan and Truth. However, she is very sensitive when she told her classmates about Rose's condition, which causes everyone to treat her differently and makes her feel guilty, leading to her akumatization.

As Purple Tigress, Juleka is more confident, braver and fierce. Just like a tigress, she is stronger, fearless, and loyal to her team. All the confidence she got after her first appearance as a superhero changed her in a way that, she even showed it as a civilian, having been facilitated thanks to Ladybug's incentive for her not to be afraid to speak up even when de-transformed.

As Reflekta, she was proud, arrogant, and vengeful because no one ever paid attention to her, she wanted everyone to look like her so that she would never be unnoticed again. In particular, she wanted to transform Chloé Bourgeois because she prevented her from being in the class photo causing her first akumatization. She was quite vain, constantly telling everyone that they'd look better once they ware changed and reassures them that they look amazing once they are. Due to her arrogance, she believed her victims liked their new looks, when they clearly did not. Without a second thought, Reflekta was ruthless, even transforming people who were nice to and noticed her, including Rose.

During a second time as Reflekta, she retained her vanity and pride but wanted to get back at her friends for excluding her from the photoshoot even though Marinette Dupain-Cheng pointed that she said she didn't want to be in it, but claimed she didn't let her explain. When her Reflekdoll went out of control, she panicked and begged for the superheroes' help. However, she didn't show gratitude and tried to transform them afterwards. For a third time as Reflekta, she, along with Lady Wifi and Princess Fragrance, wanted revenge on Adrien Agreste for sending an ungrateful message. However, after learning it was his cousin Félix, the Punishers Trio aimed their anger at him for making Adrien look like a monster and would also "punish" anyone who got in their way.

When akumatized a fourth time as Reflekta, she, along with Lady Wifi, Princess Fragrance, Timebreaker and Horrificator, wanted to expose Marinette's secrets in hopes of saving her and their friendship by forcing her to give them up so they can comfort her. She and the Gang of Secrets had no qualms putting bystanders in danger to find Marinette, such as transforming some people into images of herself. Her desire to persevere their friendship was so intense that she, Princess Fragrance, Horrificator and Timebreaker chased after an illusion of Marinette instead of taking Cat Noir's ring.

When akumatized a sixth time, unlike before, Reflekta lost her usual behavior, being consumed by immense guilt by letting herself get sucked into her sentimonster, and continued sulking, even losing her will to fight when Ladybug and Cat Noir found her. When Pigella gave her Gift, Reflekta became happy again and even willingly let herself be de-akumatized.

However, when akumatized a seventh time as Reflekta, she again thought that no one has ever paid attention to her and she wanted everyone to start understanding her perfectly by thinking exactly like her, with her accepting Nino's idea of always being together because if they were all the same no one would stop them from being together forever.


As a civilian

Juleka seems to be skilled at applying makeup, as she is the makeup artist for Nino Lahiffe's short film in "Horrificator" and she became a model in Reflekdoll

She knows how to play bass and is the bassist in Kitty Section and in Migration, it´s revealed that Juleka has a beautiful singing voice.

She also has strong confidence and doesn´t get scared by things very easily, she can handle family feuds, and in Confrontation Juleka said that she wanted to be a mortician when she grows up.

As Reflekta

Reflekta was able to shoot rays from the jewel she has on her right hand, which transformed people into an identical physical copy of herself. Those transformed by her retained their regular voices and minds but didn't have her powers and lost their own abilities. However, if someone acquires a Miraculous after being transformed by Reflekta, they could use it to transform as normal. It is unknown if detransforming in this state would turn them back to normal or if it would return them to being a clone of Reflekta. As clones, people were immune to subsequent hits from her ray. Reflekta was implied to be able to reverse the transformations as well, as she says to Hawk Moth that she would take care of getting Cat Noir's Miraculous after getting the Ladybug Miraculous, despite having transformed him. She seemed to be able to float, as seen when she jumped around. She also was very strong and fast, quickly throwing multiple lockers in front of a door in the span of a couple of seconds and breaking free from a basketball hoop around her body.

Reflekta was cunning as she figured out Ladybug's plan to catch her and persuaded a transformed André Bourgeois that she'd turn him back to normal if he tricked Ladybug and Cat Noir into believing he was her. Similarly, she was good at hiding, which she could use for sneaky attacks while akumatized.

In "Reflekdoll", Reflekta was able to pilot a gigantic doll-like sentimonster that fired a much stronger version of the same kind of beam from her mouth and turned people into copies of herself. She also had Reflekta's strength and speed, as shown when she was quickly throwing a car.

In "Guiltrip", in addition to her usual power of transforming other individuals into copies of herself, the copies also gained this ability themselves.

In "Confrontation", in addition to having her regular powers as Reflekta, she also gained the quantum essence of the Tiger Miraculous through her Alliance Ring, and was able to use its superpower, Clout, to charge her fist with energy and deal devastating, explosive blows to whatever/whoever she punched. The Reflekta copies became obsessed with searching and transforming other people with slats from her origami-styled hand fan so they could "stay together forever". The copies were also able to summon and use Clout, like the original Reflekta.

As Purple Tigress

Purple Tigress has enhanced capabilities such as speed and agility. Her weapon is a bolas, a whip-like weapon with three weighted, striped balls on one end; it can be worn as a belt when not in use, functioning like a tail. She can use her power Clout to charge her fist with powerful energy. When Purple Tigress punches something, she completely overpowers it and sends the person or object she targeted flying. She also can cause a great deal of damage when she hits, for example, surfaces, like when she hit the ground where some of Penalty's copies were, creating an enormous crater.



FT Unknown
Jagged Stone's mother
Jagged Stone Square
Jagged Stone
Anarka Couffaine Square
Anarka Couffaine
Luka Couffaine Square
Luka Couffaine
Juleka Couffaine Square
Juleka Couffaine

Jagged Stone's mother
Jagged Stone
Anarka Couffaine
Luka Couffaine
Juleka Couffaine

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    = Gender Unknown


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Comics and books



  • The name Juleka might be a variant of the name Julika, a diminutive of the name Julie, which descends from the Latin nomen Julius (of unclear meaning). In French, Jule means "jewel".
    • All the Couffaines's names so far end with "-ka".
    • In the Serbian and Croatian dubs, her name is changed to Julija.
    • In the some episodes of the Brazilian Portuguese dub, her name is changed to Juleika.
    • In the Irish dub, her name is changed to Seosaimhín, which is Irish for Josephine.
  • Juleka's surname Couffaine is a combination of "couffin" (French for "coffin") and the French suffix "-aine" (meaning "of or from a place"), ultimately meaning "of/from the coffin".
    • It is also a pun, sounding like the French word "acouphène" (meaning "tinnitus").


  • Juleka was originally supposed to be two years younger than her brother, Luka Couffaine. However, this was later changed and they were changed to be twins; Thomas Astruc noted in a tweet that she failed a grade and had to repeat a year. This makes her and Luka around 15/16, at least a year older than the rest of her classmates.
TSE (33)

Juleka's partially obscured face in the theme song of season 1

  • In the intro for season 1, Juleka's face is blocked by Nino Lahiffe's hand, foreshadowing the conflict in her episode "Reflekta".
    • In "Reflekta", Juleka and Rose Lavillant both reveal that they think that Juleka has a "curse" that causes her to be obscured in photos. At the end of the episode, they believe it has been broken thanks to Marinette and their classmates.
    • Starting from season 2, her face is completely shown, as her jinx is broken in "Reflekta".
  • In "Mr. Pigeon", during the derby hat competition, Juleka and Rose are standing next to a derby hat with gears attached to it, suggesting one or both of them made the hat.
  • In the season 2 intro, Juleka has tiger stickers on her face.
    • She also has the same stickers in the season 4 intro.
    • This foreshadows her becoming Purple Tigress.
  • In "The Evillustrator", Juleka sits next to Nathaniel Kurtzberg in science class instead of sitting next to Rose as she usually does.
  • In "Copycat" and "Rogercop", Juleka is wearing white clothes instead of her usual dark gray clothes.
    • According to Thomas Astruc, this is an error.[16]
  • Juleka's akumatized supervillain name may be a reference to the Reflekta camera.
  • In the original French version, Juleka's dialogues are sometimes purposely made impossible to understand, while the English dub makes what she says clearly understandable. In the Dutch version, she even talks out loud more than in any other dub. According to Thomas Astruc, this modification ruins the character.[17]
  • Juleka's earlier concept design was different in many ways, including her shorter purple hair, black and white striped leggings, and dark purple boots.[18]
    • She also owned a purple bass guitar with a pink strap.
  • Reflekta negates Cat Noir's Cataclysm with her powers by transforming him into her image, making his Miraculous disappear and preventing him from using his Miraculous superpower.
    • In "Reflekta", Juleka, akumatized into the titular villain, revealed that she hates cats.
  • A scarlet version of Reflekta briefly appears in "Ladybug", but her akumization was interrupted.
    • That also makes Juleka one of the few characters whose akumatization (one of the many at least) has been interrupted before fully accepting Hawk Moth's offer. The others being Marinette, Sabine, Denis Damocles, Miss Bustier and Rose.
  • Juleka is the only character to be akumatized and amokized at the same time twice, the first sentimonster being Reflekdoll in the episode of the same name and the second being Guiltrip in the episode of the same name.
  • Although having only one akumatized form throughout the series, Juleka comes in third place for the highest number of akumatizations alongside Kagami Tsurugi, Lila Rossi and Roger Raincomprix and behind Mr. Ramier and Chloé Bourgeois, having become Reflekta 7 times. ("Reflekta", "Reflekdoll", "Félix", "Ladybug", "Gang of Secrets", "Guiltrip" and "Confrontation").
    • She has also been amokized twice in "Reflekdoll" and "Guiltrip".
      • She's been akumatized in a group with Princess Fragrance and Lady Wifi twice: in "Félix" and "Gang of Secrets".
      • It should be noted that in "Ladybug", due to Nathalie's sickness, she and the other villains only got transformed and didn't use their powers to fight Ladybug and Cat Noir.
      • Juleka is one of the few characters who appears in "Heroes' Day" that had been akumatized prior to that but aren't akumatized during the events of the special.
  • It is shown in "Sole Crusher" that Juleka knows/is able to dye hair as she dyes a strand of Zoé Lee's hair alongside Rose.
Guiltrip (450)

Juleka's Magical Charm.

  • Juleka is the first member of the Couffaine family to own a magical charm.
  • In "Crocoduel", Juleka and all her family and friends get together to celebrate her birthday, making her the sixth member of the French Miraculous superhero team to celebrate a birthday after Adrien in The Bubbler, Alix in Timebreaker, Nathaniel in The Evillustrator, Marinette in Befana and Luka also in Crocoduel.
  • Tigresse Pourpre means Purple Tigress in French.
    • Tigress is also what someone calls a female tiger or a woman that is beautiful, strong and can handle themselves with any problem.
    • With her becoming Purple Tigress in "Crocoduel", she is the second temporary Miraculous holder to receive a magical charm before becoming one following Zoé.
    • Purple Tigress, alongside her older twin brother, Viperion, making them the first superheroes to be siblings.
      • She is the third Miraculous holder to be biologically related to another holder following Hawk Moth/Shadow Moth/Monarch to Cat Noir and Flairmidable/Argos and Vesperia to Queen Bee.
    • In the European Portuguese dub, her superhero name is Tigre Lilás, which is Portuguese for "Lilac Tiger".
    • In the Italian dub, her superhero name is Tigre Viola, which also means "Purple Tiger".
  • As of "Crocoduel", following Alya Césaire, Nino, Chloé, Nathalie Sancoeur, Luka, Max Kanté, Kagami, Alix Kubdel, Lê Chiến Kim, Adrien, Wang Fu, Zoé, Mylène Haprèle and Rose, Juleka is the fifthteen person to become an akumatized supervillain and a Miraculous holder, excluding Marinette and Félix Fathom whose akumatizations were unable to be completed and Gabriel, who akumatized himself.
  • As seen in "Crocoduel", Purple Tigress is the ninth person to break an akumatized object, instead of Ladybug and Cat Noir, following Queen Bee, Rena Rouge and Carapace in "Mayura", Fang in "Lies", Marianne in "Furious Fu", Polymouse in "Mega Leech" and Anarka and Jagged in "Crocoduel".
  • In "Confrontation", Juleka became the fourth and final member of the French Miraculous Team to receive the power of their primary wielded Miraculous through their Alliance Ring, following Kagami Tsurugi in "Perfection", Lê Chiến Kim in "Derision", and Sabrina Raincomprix in "Adoration".
    • As of this episode, Juleka is also the only character that has been regularly akumatized, amokized, akumatized in a group of akumatized villains, akumatized in her scarlet version and akumatized with a superhero power.
    • Also Juleka finally overcomes her "speech impediment" and spoke more louder, as she encouraged Denis Damocles not to give up.


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