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Jessica Keynes is the Eagle Miraculous holder.

Yeah, maybe we're just trying to be helpful, because we had nothing better to do! We're not babysitters! We're super heroines!!

—Jessica Keynes, "Miraculous New York"

Jessica Keynes[5], most commonly known as "Jess", is a student at Armstrong High School. She is also a superhero in the United States of America and Knightowl's partner and daughter.

She was initially known as Sparrow, being the latest in a line of teacher and student who have worn the masks of the legendary hero duo, Knightowl and Sparrow.

After the Eagle Miraculous was recovered from Miraclonizer, she used it to free the American superheroes from the Miraculous' power. Ladybug allowed her to keep the Eagle Miraculous, believing it would be in good hands. When the talon pendant is inhabited by Liiri, Jess transforms into the super-heroine Eagle, gaining the power of freedom.


Physical appearance

Jessica is a girl of average height and build with light brown skin, gray eyes, and black hair. Her hair is parted down the middle, braided at the sides, and wrapped in leather. Eye shadow is applied to her eyes and a birth mark can be seen under her left one, her fingernails are painted with a metallic blue nail polish. Her eyebrows are sharply curved at the outer ends.

She is Native American, specifically an Oglala Lakota, a subtribe within the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ (Seven Council Fires).[6]

Civilian attire

Dangling from her ears are round beadwork earrings, colored red, white, and blue. She wears a white long-sleeved shirt with red sleeves, and the shirt's design shows a circular formation of eight blue triangles, a simplified rendition of the original Oglala flag. Her pants are jeans and her shoes are brown high-heeled boots.

On each of her wrists are two different bracelets: her right wrist has a beadwork bracelet, which also has the colors red, white, and blue; her left wrist has two golden bands, one thick and one thin.

As Sparrow

Sparrow has a dark gray mask, with a voice modulator so that she can hide her true gender, covering her face, with the top of the mask being dark brown. Over her mask, she wears goggles with gray straps and circular red lenses. She also wears a brown hooded jacket. The hood is worn over her head, and it's designed after the head of a sparrow, having a dark gray beak, white markings on its forehead and the sides, and an eye with a dark brown pupil.

Underneath her jacket, she has a white suit, and over it, she has dark gray buckles around her torso. On her upper left leg, there is a dark brown bag with pockets, and she wears gray gloves.

As Eagle

When transformed into Eagle with the assistance of Liiri, Jessica's costume reflects her true self as she no longer hides her entire face and voice, as well as her Lakota heritage. It is a two piece costume which includes a brown and white tailcoat and dark gray pants. Her gloves have stayed gray and her boots are now a bright yellow.

The ends of her sleeves, shirt, and pant legs end jagged, with the sleeve and leg ends embroidered with white, gray, black, and brown beadwork. The sleeves of the jacket are edged with decorative wings as to resemble eagle feathers, the entire underside of them being filled in with beadwork.

Her mask, white with a yellow beak shielding her nose, covers only part of her face in contrast to her Sparrow costume. The transformation also alters Jessica's earrings into more elaborate gold, blue, and gray beadwork with a strip of beads dangling from the circle.

For more of Jessica's outfits and designs, see Jessica Keynes/Designs.


Sparrow is witty and supportive. Some instances make her exasperated when others are confused, but she supplies any information they need.

In the New York special, Jessica has a strong desire to prove herself as a hero, sometimes leading her to being disobedient towards her superiors. She also enjoys helping others such as helping Adrien and Marinette admit their feelings. Like her mother, she can be a bit judgmental as she overestimated Ladybug and Cat Noir. Jessica is also quite reasonable and acceptable when needing help from others.

As Eagle, most of her personality remains the same and Jessica was able to adapt quickly to her new powers.


As a civilian

Jess is as skilled at playing the guitar as she was able to play the music from Chloé's party. She is also skilled at riding a skateboard.

As Sparrow

Sparrow is physically fit, having enough stamina and skill to keep up with Ladybug and Cat Noir while they're running and to jump from edge to edge down a huge crack in the ground. She also possesses Boomerangs which she can use to throw at her enemies and is able to fly with a wingpack.

As Eagle

When transformed into Eagle, Jess possesses enhanced strength, speed and agility. She is also given the power to use Liberation, which allows her to either free a person from their self-imposed limitations (being them mental or emotional). She can also nullify its effect.

She also possesses a Bullroarer as her special weapon.



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Barbara Keynes/Knightowl

Sparrow and Knightowl are partners, but Sparrow is seen as a sidekick by Knightowl, which she doesn't appreciate much, mainly when Knightowl doesn't give her the possibility of being her own superhero and give her missions that seem to be not very important.

It is revealed that Knightowl is Jess' mother, Barbara Keynes. Like Chloe, she had a strong desire to prove herself to her mother sometimes leading her to disobey orders. But upon seeing her mother and adult heroes run wild because of Miracolizer and Hawk Moth, Jessica as Sparrow came determined to save her, by using the Eagle Miraculous she returned the adults back to normal. After Miraclonizer's defeat and reunion with her mother Jessica looked disappointed, expecting another scalding about disobeying, and was surprised by her mother's recognition about becoming a fully fledged hero and happily embraced her.

Ladybug and Cat Noir

Sparrow gets along okay with Ladybug and Cat Noir, liking their ideas and teasing them. In one case, she facepalms at them when they are confused by President Camilla Hombee revealing her secret identity. She relates to an unknown degree to their frustration with the way others see them as well. When Knightowl insults Cat Noir, Sparrow tries to cheer him up by pointing she is viewed the same way by Knightowl, but unlike Cat Noir, she "doesn't have a cute partner". Later, when Knightowl dismisses Ladybug's plan to stop the Trash Krakken, Sparrow sticks up for her and points out that her plan is far less destructive and more sensible than Knightowl's.

During the New York special, as she heard of the French heroes Jess greatly admired them for their independence. Despite seeing that they didn't do well with first impressions and with their fight with Technolizer ending with Aeon's accidental destruction and yet being repaired, she jumped to their defense when scorned by Knightowl. The trouble with Hawk Moth escalated when he akumatized Techno-Pirate again into Miracolizer which caused the adult heroes to run wild, and upon Aeon's reasoning she realized they needed the French duo's help. She worked well along side them and upon retrieving the Eagle Miraculous from Ladybug, Jess was able to return the adult heroes to normal and stop the titular villain. With the mission over, she attempted to return the jewel back to Ladybug but seeing her bravery and courage she was entrusted by the heroine to keep it knowing it will be safe and used wisely.

Aeon/Uncanny Valley

Jessica is extremely close to her best friend, treating her, like Majestia, as more than just a machine. The two are always paired together as their alter egos, during the fight against Techlonizer she was completely horrified when Cat Noir accidentally destroyed her with his powers, but grateful that she was fixed. But upon finding out that Hawk Moth was in New York and that he's responsible for what's been going on in the city, she listened to Aeon's reasoning of needing Ladybug and Cat Noir's help.


When Jessica met the guardian, he wanted her to return the lost Eagle Miraculous to him. However after she asked him about the possibility of teaming up and bringing together a new team of Miraculous holders in New York, which seemed to interest him.


Miraculous New York




Comics and books


  • Prior to her debut in Miraculous Adventures, Sparrow was originally part of the first conception of the Quantic Kids, a team of teenage superheroes composed of Ladybug, Cat Noir, Mercury, and Melodie. Sparrow was replaced with Kid Mime by producers in a later stage of production. However, the entire concept was ultimately discarded.[7]
    • Thomas Astruc commented on Twitter that Sparrow was his favorite superhero created for Quantic Kids, and he considered Kid Mime to be a weak replacement for him.[7]
    • As the character was referred to with masculine pronouns at the time, it can be assumed that this was a different version of Sparrow.
  • In Miraculous Adventures, Cat Noir refers to her as "Birdy."
    • This was later revealed to be either an error or a nickname.[8]
  • In concept art, it appears that Sparrow throws a kind of dart/weapon. The way she held her left arm back and had her index and middle finger positioned is like how archers hold back a bowstring.
  • Sparrow appears on a comic book cover with Knightowl in "The Dark Owl".
  • She appears in the "Miraculous New York" special episode.[9]
  • In European falconry, a 'Jess' is a leather cord used to bind a bird of prey's talons to its handler's glove whist being carried. [10]
  • Her surname may be a reference to John Maynard Keynes, who wrote a book using the term "animal spirits" to describe the instincts, proclivities, and emotions that influence and guide human behavior.
  • As revealed in "Miraculous New York", the current Knightowl and Sparrow are legacy superheroes, as the original versions of them (a father and son team) were long gone before the events of the series and many generations had passed since then.
  • Just as Knightowl was based off of Batman, Jessica's alter ego Sparrow shares some similarities with The Dark Knight's partner Robin (Dick Grayson).
    • Both were partners of the main heroes.
    • They both started out as one hero before changing into another.
  • Jessica's alter ego Sparrow is also somewhat similar to Falcon from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    • Both possess backpacks with wings that allow them to fly.
  • Eagle is the only Miraculous holder to have any type of hero training before using a Miraculous.
  • She is the second known female to wield the Eagle Miraculous following the Ancient Chinese Eagle Miraculous holder.
    • She is the second known person (country wise) of North American origins to wield a Miraculous following Gilbert and preceding Zoé Lee.
    • Continent wise she is actually the fourth of North America to wield a Miraculous following Micazoyolin, Gilbert, La Mariquita and Zoé Lee.
  • Along with her shirt, her skateboard design also resembles the original Oglala flag.
  • According to Jess's English VA, Jess and Aeon are sisters[11]; this implies both are daughters to both of Barbara Keynes and Olympia Hill.


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