Bee Nasca Icon.png This page lists designs and outfits for Jagged Stone. Both final and conceptual designs are presented here.

Final designs

Jagged Stone

File:DB S01EP12 (634).png
Jagged Stone is tall with pale green eyes. He has black hair with dyed purple tips, a black beard, and a mustache which connects with his beard. His eyebrows are black and split in two at the sides.

He wears heavy, dark eye shadow and eyeliner. His outfit includes a sparkly black jacket with yellow accents and yellow epaulets. His pants are yellow with black vertical stripes, similar to a bee. He wears lacy, black fingerless gloves on both hands. His shoes are black heeled boots with a design on the soles. Around his neck is a necklace comprised of two golden wings with a pendant of a skull in between the wings.

First appearance: "Darkblade"

Guitar Villain

GV (429).png
Guitar Villain's hair is in long dreadlocks and is light pink with a darker shade of pink at the tips. On his face, he has black shiny face paint around his eyes, and his eyes are blue. He wears a dark gray sleeved top with pointed edges over the shoulders, a turtleneck collar, and a vertical yellow leaf shape on each side of the front. His sleeves underneath the top are purple with a black fishnet pattern. He has a dark gray belt with purple spikes, and his pants are dark gray with yellow flame designs from his upper legs to his knees. His gloves and boots are dark gray with two purple spikes attached to each one, the backs of his hands and the front of his feet. His guitar is shiny and purple with two black pointed tips on the soundboard.
First appearance: "Guitar Villain"

Knight minion

File:DB S01EP12 (664).png
Transformed by Darkblade, Jagged Stone becomes a knight in dark gray armor with bright green designs on his epaulet and helmet.
First appearance: "Darkblade"

Final design accessories


File:DB S01EP12 (645).png
Jagged Stone wears a mauve purple electric guitar with the dark gray strap over his neck and the guitar placed over his waist.
First appearance: "Darkblade"

Eiffel Tower shades

GV (16).png
Jagged Stone wears a pair of shades with two Eiffel Tower-shaped lenses, with the left lens being mostly red, the right lens being mostly blue, and the bridge between them being white. Also, the right temple is blue while the left temple is red.
First appearance: "Pixelator"
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