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Jagged Stone has been akumatized. Jagged Stone has been akumatized into a scarlet akumatized villain.

I'm a genuine rock 'n' roller, not some pop star in diapers. I'm a real artist. Real talent! Even my hair is real. And that's what people love about me. Isn't that right, Fang?

—Jagged, "Guitar Villain"

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Jagged Stone is a popular rock star. He is the father of Luka Couffaine and Juleka Couffaine.

In "Guitar Villain", after he is insulted on television by XY, he is akumatized by Hawk Moth and becomes Guitar Villain, a guitar-playing villain.

In "Crocoduel", after arguing with Anarka Couffaine about their separation, he is akumatized by Shadow Moth into Guitar Villain, and along with Captain Hardrock, the two villains form Crocoduel, a duel of two supervillains who want to prove one of them is right. He also receives a Magical Charm from Ladybug that prevents him from being akumatized again.


Physical appearance

Jagged Stone is tall with moderate cyan eyes. He has black hair with dyed purple tips, a black beard, and a mustache which connects with his beard. His eyebrows are black and split in two at the sides.

Civilian attire

He wears heavy, dark eyeshadow and eyeliner. His outfit includes a sparkly black jacket with yellow accents and yellow epaulets. Underneath, he wears a reddish brownish-black zero collared undershirt. His pants are yellow with black vertical stripes, similar to a bee. He wears lacy, black finger-less gloves on both hands. His shoes are black heeled boots with a design on the soles. Around his neck is a necklace comprised of two golden wings with a pendant of a skull in between the wings.

As Guitar Villain

Guitar Villain's hair is in long dreadlocks and is light pink with a darker shade of pink at the tips. On his face, he has black shiny face paint around his eyes, but his eyes remained cyan but with a hint of azure. He wears a dark gray sleeved top with pointed edges over the shoulders, a turtleneck collar, and a vertical yellow leaf shape on each side of the front. His sleeves underneath the top are purple with a black fishnet pattern. He has a dark gray belt with purple spikes, and his pants are dark gray with yellow flame designs from his upper legs to his knees. His gloves and high heeled boots are dark gray with two purple spikes attached to each one, the backs of his hands and the front of his feet. His guitar is shiny and purple with two black pointed tips on the soundboard.

For more of Jagged Stone's outfits and designs, see Jagged Stone/Designs.


Jagged Stone is wild, proud, and expressive. When he isn't on-screen or performing, he is relaxed and natural. But he prefers exciting things, like owning a crocodile for a pet, and he likes getting lots of attention, especially from his fans, as long as they give him enough space. He gets bored if nothing interesting is going on, and he doesn't like losing attention. However, while he likes being noticed, he believes that the most important thing about music is expressing himself, not the fame and fortune that comes with it. He is usually kind toward others, even being quite patient with the people he truly likes, but if he feels like he is being wronged by someone, he stands up for his beliefs and isn't afraid to get into heated disagreements with them.

As Guitar Villain, he is even wilder and crazier, and will express rage towards people he dislikes. He wants to make XY pay for insulting him, and he enjoys using his powers to make people rock out to his music, or in some cases to make them suffer.


As a civilian

Jagged Stone is an accomplished singer and guitarist. As seen in "Pixelator", he is also skilled at playing the piano. While under the control of Kung Food in the episode of the same name, Jagged is capable of proficiently wielding a large club made of seafood.

As Guitar Villain

Guitar Villain uses his guitar, which is the akumatized object, as his weapon. He is able to shoot energy waves of weaponized sound from his guitar, which have different powers according to the chord he plays:

  • The purple wave, which he calls the "Rockin' Riff, Baby!", causes those it hits to begin to dance uncontrollably and shout like they're at a rock and roll concert. This wave even works on animals and non-living things, such as cars.
  • The orange wave, which he calls the "Awesome Solo," is a concussive blast, able to destroy things and injure people, and is powerful enough to crack a solid stone.
  • The green wave, which he calls the "Ultimate Solo," can cause tremendous earthquakes.

He also uses it as a melee weapon when fighting with Cat Noir.

A connected aspect to Guitar Villain is that Fang is transformed into a dragon by his akumatization. Fang can fly, and he can shoot blasts of green smoke at enemies. Guitar Villain also uses him to transport him anywhere and to protect him from the superheroes.


  • Albums:
  • Songs:
    • Mirockulous
    • My Guitar is My Only Family
    • You Are the Donut of My Life
    • I Gave Up Everything But My Dreams
    • Under the Moonlight By the Sea Kiss Me (his very first song)
  • Live events:
    • Alone on the Road live concert
    • Eiffel Tower live concert[11]
  • Films:



Jagged gives Fang a bath.

Jagged Stone loves his pet crocodile dearly, treating him like a dog. He pets and grooms him, and he takes him with him using a leash. Jagged is very knowledgeable about what Fang's needs are. Jagged doesn't appreciate it when people don't understand Fang's needs and requirements, including André Bourgeois. When Fang is pixelated by Pixelator in the episode of the same name, Jagged is horrified, calling out for Fang.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Jagged Stone examining Marinette's cover design.

Jagged Stone is impressed with Marinette's artistic abilities. He loves the glasses that she makes for him in "Pixelator", and he requests for her to make the cover for his new album with faith that she'll create it to reflect his personality and style. When Marinette turns up with a cover based off of Bob Roth's demands, he isn't upset at her, and he gives her another chance to make it. With Marinette's final product, he is very pleased, grateful for her work and dedication to his style.

He even spends time with her during the show Fill My Shoes. When he and Penny stumble into her room in "Troublemaker", he is amazed by Marinette's talent as designer and finds her crush about Adrien cute inspiring him to write a song.

In "Gamer 2.0", Jagged Stone asked Marinette to design his new poster, which she agrees. In Desperada, his trust on her is enough to ask her who would be a great guitarist for him between the people she knows, such as the members of Kitty Section. Although he notices her indecision and several things happened, he still plays with the whole band.

Jagged also highly appreciates Ladybug. In "Pixelator", after Ladybug saves him from the titular character, he dedicates an entire song to her out of gratitude. Despite this, he doesn't like Ladybug enough to appreciate her taking attention away from him during his interview. In Butler Jean's flashback in "Antibug", Jagged Stone is pleasantly surprised when he sees Chloé dressed as Ladybug and mistakes her for the super-heroine. Immediately afterwards, he notices the difference between Ladybug and Chloé's hair. In "Heroes Day", he becomes disheartened when Ladybug was akumatized despite it being one of Volpina's illusions.

Chloé Bourgeois

Jagged Stone getting bored at Chloé’s event.

In "Darkblade", Jagged Stone gets hired by André to give signed CDs to Chloé's friends in order to help Chloé become class president at Collège Françoise Dupont. He appears very bored with the event. Also, when he realizes Chloé is dressed up as Ladybug in "Antibug", he is displeased but when Chloé gets hit by her yo-yo's string, it amuses him.

Penny Rolling

Jagged kisses Penny's cheek.

Jagged Stone has trust in Penny's judgment. When complicated circumstances arise, they can quickly agree on how to make the best of the situation at hand. Penny always makes sure that Jagged is satisfied and not bothered, and takes care of things for him when he is either busy or unavailable by any means.

In "Troublemaker", Jagged is shown to frequently rely on Penny for schedulings and arrangements and compliments her by calling her "the best" and kisses her on the cheek, leaving Penny to flush. After Penny is de-akumatized, a relieved Jagged rushes up to Penny and hugs her, expressing his admiration and gratitude for his agent.

Bob Roth

Jagged gets irritated with Bob.

Jagged Stone is annoyed with Bob's bossy and opinionated attitude and dislikes his ideas of a duet with XY and an album cover based off of XY's style. If Bob does something Jagged doesn't agree with, he confidently fights back by using Fang to threaten him or by reminding him that any other record company would be happy to publish him.

Vincent Aza

Jagged annoyed by Vincent.

Vincent's obsessive fan nature disturbs and annoys Jagged Stone. Not seeing Vincent as a friend, Jagged doesn't want anything to do with Vincent and wishes for Vincent to leave him alone. When Vincent is akumatized as Pixelator, Jagged is terrified of him but when people's lives are on the line and it gives him an opportunity to make an appearance to his fans, Jagged boldly goes out of hiding and distracts Pixelator by allowing him to take his picture.


Jagged gets extremely angry when XY insults him on live TV.

Jagged Stone has a deep dislike of XY and his music. He doesn't consider him a real musician, even refusing to do a duet with him when Bob suggests it. He is also very deeply offended when XY calls him "uncool" and a "dinosaur" during a live TV interview, so much so that he winds up breaking his tablet and feeding it to Fang. As Guitar Villain, he is very malicious towards XY, wanting to make him suffer for his insults and considering himself better than him.

Anarka Couffaine

It's revealed in "Desperada" that Anarka and Jagged used to play music together, but they separated for some reason. Part of this is suggested to be Anarka's decision, as Jagged clearly missed their partnership, calling Anarka his muse and referring to her affectionately as "Nanarky". He has tried to convince Anarka to play with him again multiple times, the start of "Desparada" being the latest of them, but she refuses every time. She also gets mad at him for continuing to return to her because he keeps firing his other guitarists and lying to her about it. The two seem to have finally reached an understanding after Jagged accepts that the past is the past and apologizes to Vivica and hires her back.

In "Truth" when the titular villain forces Anarka to tell him who his father is, she tells her akumatized son that it is Jagged Stone. Revealing that the two were more than just music partners, as Jagged appears to still care about Anarka when he approached her in "Desperada". The reasons that got Anarka to end their partnership is most likely why she kept the identity of Luka and Juleka's father a secret from them.

In "Crocoduel", they argue until Juleka tells them to make up.

Luka Couffaine

Jagged hugs Luka.

Luka is a fan of Jagged Stone and was surprised to learn that his mother used to play beside him. After he was akumatized into Truth he learns that Jagged is his father. He had trouble believing his mother's claim and went after Jagged to see if it was true because he was akumatized when he confronted his father and learns it's true. Shortly after Truth was reverted back into Luka, Jagged approaches his son to explain why he wasn't part of his or Juleka's lives, as he was worried that he wouldn't be a good father to them. Indicating that he does care about Luka and Juleka, and trusted Anarka to give them the love and care that he himself believed he couldn't give. Jagged being Luka's father could explain where he got his talent and fondness for music from.

In "Crocoduel", Jagged gives Luka a record as his birthday gift.

Juleka Couffaine

Not much is known about Juleka and Jagged's relationship, shortly after Luka was de-akumatized, Jagged approaches Luka to explain why he wasn't part of Juleka or his lives, as he was worried that he wouldn't be a good father to them. Indicating that he does care about either of them, and trusted Anarka to give them the love and care that he himself believed he couldn't give. Jagged being Juleka's father could explain where she got her talent of playing the guitar from.

In "Crocoduel", it is revealed that Juleka feels neglected by her father, thinking he loves Luka more than he loves her. These feelings almost caused her to be akumatized. That is until Jagged reveals that he wanted to give her his first bass as a birthday gift. At the end of the episode, Juleka and Jagged talk about their problems. Jagged tells his daughter that he will always be there if she wants to tell him something and Juleka tells him that she loves him.



FT Unknown.png
Jagged Stone's mother
Jagged Stone Square.png
Jagged Stone
Anarka Couffaine Square.png
Anarka Couffaine
Luka Couffaine Square.png
Luka Couffaine
Juleka Couffaine Square.png
Juleka Couffaine

Jagged Stone's mother
Jagged Stone
Anarka Couffaine
Luka Couffaine
Juleka Couffaine

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown





  • When Jagged was deakumatized, he had a pen on him.
  • Jagged Stone is the favorite rock star of both Marinette and Adrien.[12]
  • In the Serbian dub, his name is changed to Roki Stoun (Rocky Stone).
    • Jagged and XY are voiced by the same voice actor, Mateja Vukašinović.
  • In the Welsh dub, his name is changed to Maen Miniog (Sharp Stone).
  • In the French dub, Jagged Stone has an American accent.
  • Jagged Stone's name is a pun on the music genre "hard rock."[14]
  • Jagged Stone's villain name, Guitar Villain, is a pun on "Guitar Hero," a title that, in France, is given to expert guitarists.
    • It could also reference the video game series Guitar Hero.
  • Jagged's ownership of a crocodile while being a rock star might be a reference to the iconic Elton John song Crocodile Rock.

Vincent’s shirt reveals the places Jagged Stone toured.

  • Jagged likes the smell of leather and sweat.
  • As seen on Vincent Aza’s shirt in "Pixelator", is list cities Jagged Stone has toured or will tour in:
    • London
    • Paris
    • Oslo
    • Amsterdam
    • Barcelona
    • Porto
    • Bern
    • Rome
    • Berlin
    • Helsinki
    • Seoul
    • Tokyo.
  • Guitar Villain’s hairstyle is similar to that of Drago Bludvist, the main antagonist of How To Train Your Dragon 2. Coincidentally, both have dragon allies, Fang and Drago’s Bewilderbeast.
  • It's revealed in "Troublemaker" that Jagged Stone is allergic to non-organic flour, which causes him to sneeze.
  • Guitar Villain reappears in the two-part special event "Heroes' Day".[15]
  • A statue of Guitar Villain and Jagged Stone appears in the Musée Grévin in "The Puppeteer 2".
  • In "Truth", it is revealed that Jagged is Luka and Juleka Couffaine's father, but he left his family because he felt like he wouldn't be a good father.
  • In "Lies" it is revealed that Jagged Stone has lied to his fans about his age.
  • As seen in "Mr. Pigeon 72", Jagged has been akumatized into Guitar Villain five times. ("Guitar Villain", "Catalyst" and three off-screen akumatizations).

Jagged and Anarka's Magical Charms.

  • As seen in "Crocoduel", Jagged is the fourth person to break an akumatized object, instead of a Miraculous holder, following Fang in "Lies", Marianne Lenoir in "Furious Fu" and Anarka Couffaine in "Crocoduel".
    • He is also the third human to destroy an akumatized object, following Marianne Lenoir in "Furious Fu" and Anarka Couffaine in "Crocoduel".
  • It is revealed in "Wishmaker" that Jagged's childhood dream is to become a crocodile.


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