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Scene: Marinette crouches down and talks to the downcast Ivan, who is sitting against a locker.

Marinette: Dear diary, today after gym class, I ran into Ivan in a locker room. He was sitting on the floor, all alone. He looked really upset. He told me was regretting not entering the school poetry contest because he was too afraid to share his work.

Scene: Ivan giving a pin emblazoned with a crossbones to Mylène.

Marinette: The first prize was two concert tickets to see his favorite band, The Zombie Skullrushers and he wanted to go with Mylène. That's so cute!

Scene: More talking in the locker room between Marinette and Ivan.

Marinette: I tried to comfort him and tell him he could enter the next contest, but he was really bummed out.
Ivan: (sighs) I'm no good with words, anyway.

Scene: Ivan angrily storms off from a bench after Chloe insults him.

Marinette: True, he doesn't talk much, combined with the fact he looks like a giant, can sometimes gives the impression that he's a big bully.
Chloe: Once a monster, always a monster.

Scene: Ivan talks with Mylène. He's scared, but she hugs him, and he blushes in response.

Marinette: But get to know him, and you quickly discover that he's really a gentle giant. Just looking at him and Mylène makes it obvious how sweet and gentle Ivan really is.

Scene: Marinette digging through trash can. She reads his poem.

Marinette: Besides, I read some of his poems. They're actually pretty good. He could even become famous, you know? He just needs to take the plunge.

Scene: Marinette enters building with Jagged Stone's face on it. Inside, Jagged Stone is surrounded by his albums. He pulls out a guitar and starts playing it.

Marinette: Oh, I know! I'm going to set up a meeting with Jagged Stone. I'm sure they'll hit it off. And who knows, maybe Jagged will like Ivan's work so much he'll want to turn it into his next song?

Scene: Marinette holds her pink phone, jumping up in joy as the call goes through.

Marinette: Okay. I'm calling Jagged, I can't wait to see Ivan's face when I tell him. I'll tell you all about it. Goodbye for now, dear diary.

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