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Scene: Streets of Paris. Marinette is sketching and Tikki watches her.

Marinette: See the shape of this roof, Tikki? (draws something in her sketch pad) Ta-da! Now it's a super trendy hat!
Tikki: You're so inventive and inspired Marinette! You always see things through your artistic eyes.
Marinette: Well, I have to give some of the credit to Paris, the most fashionable city in the world! It's so easy being inspired here, you know? Everywhere I look there's something interesting. Just look at that tree!
Tikki: You made it into a dress, that's really cool!
Marinette: Thanks Tikki, but not cool enough. I need something really special for the school dance. Adrien will be there, so I have to look my very best!
Tikki: I know, I know. Let's keep looking for inspiration. (they look around and see a cone)
Marinette: What do you think, Tikki?
Tikki: Nice skirt, very creative.
Marinette: Thanks! But it's still not special enough, I wanna make sure Adrien notices me.
Chloé: Buried in books, as usual, Dupain-Cheng? Oh wait, it's not a book. Ha! Don't tell me you're planning on actually making your own dress for the school dance. Hahahaha! How pathetic! Of course, you couldn't afford to buy a designer dress like me. I'd show it to you, but I don't want you to drool all over it with envy. Anyway, you wasted too much of my precious time already. I'll leave you to your ridiculous little paper dresses. Bye!
Tikki: Don't listen to her, Marinette. She's just being mean as usual.
Marinette: Actually, you know what? I think that for the first time in my life, I'm going to listen to Chloé.
Tikki: Huh? (Marinette draws on her sketchpad) Ooo.
Marinette: Ta-da!
Tikki: Wow, an actual paper dress! It looks incredible, Marinette!
Marinette: Thank you, Tikki. I hope Adrien likes it too.
Tikki: Like it? I'm sure he'll love it!


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