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Scene: Marinette's room. Marinette is working on a homework assignment while Tikki gives advice.

Marinette: Write a short essay about someone who inspires you.
Tikki: Do you already know who you're gonna write about, Marinette?
Marinette: I’m not sure, Tikki. A lot of people inspire me every day. Like you, for instance.
Tikki: (points to herself) Meee?
Marinette: (laughs) Of course! You’re very wise, you give the best advice, and you’re never judgmental.
Tikki: (giggles) Aww, thanks, Marinette. That’s so sweet of you to say.
Marinette: It’s true! And you’re also super fun and positive! You always find the silver lining even in the most desperate situations! I couldn’t have asked for the better and more inspiring kwami!
Tikki: And I couldn’t have asked for a better Marinette!
(Tikki hugs Marinette causing her to blush)
Marinette: Too bad kwamis must remain a secret; I would have finished this essay in no time.
Tikki: (giggles) I know someone else you can write about.
Marinette: Really? Who?
Tikki: Someone who inspires you a lot!
Marinette: (blinks) Come on Tikki! Who are you talking about?
Tikki: Adrien!
Marinette: (giggles as she blushes hard) Oh Tikki, you know I can’t write about Adrien. (begins doodling hearts on her paper) Although, I would have a lot to say about how smart, kind, gifted, and handsome he is.
Tikki: (chuckles) I’m not sure Miss Bustier would find Adrien’s handsomeness, relevant.
Marinette: (smiles) I know, I know. I still have to find someone though...
Sabine: (voice comes from outside the room) Marinette?
Marinette: (gasps) Hide, Tikki! Come in, Mom.
(Sabine enters through the trapdoor)
Sabine: Your father and I just finished baking three wedding cakes. So, we’re celebrating by going to the movies later tonight. Will you come with us?
Marinette: Of course, I’d love to!
Sabine: Great!
Marinette: (grins but then turns back) Wait a minute, did you say three wedding cakes? In one day? How did you guys do it?
Tom: (pops into the room) Ah ha! Thanks to love, sweetie! When you love what you do, and you love who you’re doing it with everything becomes a piece of cake. (kisses Sabine on the cheek)
Marinette: (giggles)
Sabine: We’ll come and get you later. Good luck on your essay, honey!
Marinette: Thanks, Mom! (turns back to her kwami) Well, I think I’ve found my inspiration, Tikki. (starts writing her essay)


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