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[ Theme Song ]

Scene: Narration by Marinette: Master Fu looking forlorn at a picture of Marianne Lenoir.

Marinette: Experiencing loss is a part of life; some people lose their first love...

Scene: Continuing narration: Andre and Audrey Bourgeois planning their 20th wedding anniversary on the Grand Paris Hotel rooftop.

Marinette: Some lose the harmony in their relationship...
Andre: The decorations are spot on aren't they Audrey dear?
Audrey: They're ridiculous, utterly ridiculous! They're fired!

Scene: Continuing narration: Chloe Bourgeois turning off her Bee Signal in despair.

Marinette: Some people lose hope...

Scene: Continuing narration: Ladybug and Cat Noir sitting together, in view of the Eiffel Tower.

Marinette: Others lose patience...
Cat Noir: Oh by the way I didn't tell you did I? I have a girlfriend.
Ladybug: (looks at him, smiling) Really? That's so awesome.
Cat Noir: ('drops his head) No it's not awesome at all. I just said that to make you jealous.
Ladybug: I can't be in love with you Cat Noir, you know that.
Cat Noir: Yeah yeah I get it.. (gets up, activating his staff) but it still hurts. (leaves)

Scene: Continuing narration: Gabriel and Nathalie harvesting butterflies in Hawk Moth's lair.

Marinette: While others lose their soul...
Nathalie: (drops box she was holding, coughs, and collapses. Gabriel worried, puts his hand on her shoulder)

Scene: Continuing narration: Marinette's room. Marinette on her bed, swiping through pictures of Adrien on her phone with a disheartened expression on her face.

Marinette: Some lose their certainties... (receives message from Luka, gasps and smiles warmly)

Scene: Continuing narration: Adrien's room. Adrien swiping through pictures of Ladybug on his phone in despondency.

Adrien: (Receives notification of a picture from Marinette on his computer, smiles and gives the selfie of Kagami and Marinette a "like")
Plagg: Ah (stuffing cheese in his mouth) you finally realized that there's more than just one type of cheese in this world.

Scene: Ending narration: Luka humming while biking and delivering pizza.

Marinette: And some have nothing to lose...
Luka: (continues humming, hands pizza to customer) That's it! I got it! (to customer) Gotta go, enjoy your meal. (returns to bike)

Scene: Dupain-Cheng Bakery: Marinette talking to her dad on the phone while packing up boxes of macaroons.

Marinette: Yes, Dad I do know where the Grand Paris Hotel is. Me! Late? I'm never late! Okay yeah sure but this time I won't be late, promise. (carrying boxes, trips but catches herself and continues awkwardly out the door. Throws boxes after being startled by Luka who catches them. She walks toward him) Luka! What are you doing here?
Luka: I've been thinking of you actually, and I'm pretty sure I found your melody at last. A tune that matches you completely. Wanna hear it? (Marinette smiles expectantly, he begins playing the tune on his guitar. Marinette, impressed, gasps and blushes heavily) What do you think?
Marinette: Wow it's- it's incredible!
Luka: Mm, it's still not quite right. I can do better. I'm gonna work on it some more.
Marinette: (phone rings, answers it) Yeah Dad, I'm on my way. Sorry I- I gotta go. (Luka holds out a helmet for her)

Scene: Marinette rides with Luka on his bike to the Grand Paris Hotel.

Marinette: Thanks Luka! (kisses him on the cheek)
Luka: I'll find the perfect tune for your song.

Scene: Inside the Grand Paris Hotel

Gabriel: (speaking through the tablet Nathalie is holding) Audrey and Andre, on this most solemn day, in celebration of your 20th wedding anniversary. (Andre smiles, Audrey turns away, disgusted) I am delighted to offer this magnificent gift, I personally designed, especially for you.
Chloe: (walks towards her parents with the gift) Hi! (waves to the crowd, hands her parents the cloak, and walks away)
Gabriel: (continuing his speech) My dearest Mr. And Mrs. Bourgeois, I hereby present you the Gabriel Couple Cloak, a symbol of eternal love and bonds of marriage. (Andre and Audrey put the cloak on)
Audrey: Ow! You're stepping on my feet!
Andre: (unconvincingly) Thank you Gabriel, it's uh.. it's..
Audrey: Hideous! On you! Ugh utterly hideous! You wearing it is an insult to this piece of art. (Crowd laughs)

Scene: Marinette walks out of elevator with a stack of bakery boxes.

Tom: (sees Marinette) Over here!
Marinette: (walking towards her parents, spots Adrien and stares, trips and drops boxes) Ahh!
Adrien: (He and Kagami get up to try and help but are stopped by his bodyguard and Tomoe) We're not leaving, we're just gonna help a friend out over at the buffet.(Bodyguard and Tomoe let them go)
Marinette: (Adrien and Kagami help her pick up the boxes) Aw, thanks guys, but I don't want you to miss the ceremony because of me.
Adrien: Are you kidding, we can't wait to get away.
Kagami: It's a good thing you're as clumsy as they are boring.

Scene: Marinette, Adrien, and Kagami bring boxes over to Tom and Sabine's table.

Sabine: (Kagami hands over boxes) Marinette, could you get rid of the empty trays for us, please?
Adrien: Can we help you? (puts hands together, begging) Pleeease?
Marinette: Alright.
Tom: Oh, and before you head back home, could you bring us some drink umbrellas? They're in the kitchen, thanks. (Marinette, Adrien, and Kagami all grab trays and head towards the kitchen)

Scene: Andre trying to give a speech but stopped by Audrey.

Andre: I'm sure you'd all like to know the secret behind our long-lasting marriage, and well, the secret is- (Audrey interjects)
Audrey: Distance! Come on give me that! (pulling against the cloak)
Andre: Darling, it's supposed to be a cloak for couples. (struggling against her)

Scene: Gabriel, pleased with his plan, descends into his lair and transforms.

[Transformation Sequence]
Gabriel: Nooroo, dark wings rise!
(Gabriel transforms into Hawk Moth)

Scene: In the kitchen: Marinette grabbing a drink umbrella while Adrien and Kagami have fun "fencing" with soup ladels.

Adrien: Haha, touché! I didn't feel a thing! (Marinette smiling as they play)
Kagami: Alright! Straight to the heart! (Marinette's smile fades)

Scene: The bodyguard and Tomoe worry about Adrien and Kagami's absence.

Tomoe: The children haven't returned. Where have they gone?
Bodyguard: (begins looking for them)
Audrey: Stop embarrassing me and the whole world- (Bodyguard continues searching, hears Adrien behind the kitchen door, goes to check)

Scene: In the kitchen: Adrien and Kagami hide from Bodyguard.

Adrien: (laughing with Kagami) Take that! (Bodyguard burst through door but Adrien and Kagami hide behind a counter)
Marinette: (startles) Hey (giggles nervously) are you looking for something? (Bodyguard grunts, then leaves. Marinette sighs with relief)
Adrien: Thanks, Marinette.
Marinette: Kay I.. better get going. I have to take these umbrellas back to my- (Adrien interupts)
Adrien: No wait!
Kagami: Please escape with us.
Marinette: What? (contemplating)

Scene: Adrien, Marinette, and Kagami hide under boxes to sneak out but are spotted by Bodyguard. Causing them to run away in a very comical manner.

Scene: The three friends run up the stairs of the hotel with Bodyguard chasing them.

Scene: Nathalie removes the cord to Chloe's Bee Signal on the roof, hides before she's seen by the trio bursting through the door that lead up to roof.

Adrien: (looking around, grabs Marinette and Kagami's hands and leaps into a ball pit to avoid being caught by Bodyguard)
Bodyguard: (tipping tables in search of Adrien, gives up, and enters elevator)
Kagami: (all three pop their heads out of the ball pit) Being disobedient is really entertaining. (looks to Adrien and Marinette) I've never had so much fun in my life!
Marinette: Are you kidding?
Kagami: No. Why? (Marinette throws a ball at her)
Marinette: No reason. (giggles)
Adrien: (laughing) You should have seen your face, Kagami! (Kagami throws a ball at him, they all start playing in the ball pit)
Marinette: (Kagami drags Marinette under the ball pit) Hey! (she emerges with her hair pulled down, giggling with Kagami)
Adrien: (awestruck) Wow! It's the first time I've seen you with your hair down.
Marinette: (realizing what Adrien said, starts to search for her hairbands)
Kagami: (laughs) You should see your face, Marinette. (they all start laughing again)

Scene: Nathalie exits the roof and heads down the stairs, comunicating with Hawk Moth.

Nathalie: (talking on phone) Phase two is in place sir.

Scene: Hawk Moth responding to Nathalie in his lair.

Hawk Moth: Perfect. The ultimate battle of the Miraculous may begin.

Scene: Andre and Audrey still fighting over the cloak.

Audrey: You're so ridiculous! Everything here is ridiculous. I'm going back to New York! Ugh!
Andre: I'd be more than happy to book you a seat on the next flight myself this time!

Scene: Hawk Moth sending an akuma from his lair

Hawk Moth: Love stories don't always have a happy ending. (clenches fist then opens hand, awaiting butterfly) They bring out so many uncontrollable emotions. Isn't that right, my pretty akuma? (evilizes akuma) Fly away and evilize their scarred hearts!

Scene: Adrien playing piano while Kagami and Marinette listen.

Kagami: (content, listening to Adrien play the piano, looks up and notices Marinette about to put her hair back up) Your hair looks beautiful. (Marinette stops, acknowledging the compliment)
Adrien: (marveling) She's right.(elavator dings and bodyguard comes out, all three hide under the piano. Marinette distracts him with a hair band and tea candle and they run out of the hotel, laughing )

Scene Andre and Audrey akumatized

Andre and Audrey: (simultaneously) I hate you! (akuma goes into the cloak)
Hawk Moth: Heart Hunter, I am Hawk Moth. So you no longer believe in love? Well, I'm giving you the power to destroy it! And wherever it is, whatever it's for, devour it! All I ask in return are Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous. Now feast on love!
Andre and Audrey: It makes my mouth water just thinking of it. (transformed into Heart Hunter )
Chloe: Daddy? Mom?!
Andre Heart Hunter: Haha! I am the most powerful of all the super villains.
Audrey Heart Hunter: No, I am! You're just super annoying. (looks over at Sabine and Tom) Ugh, they're so in love. (zaps them)
Chloe: Oh, my bee signal! I've got to let Ladybug know.
Andre Heart Hunter: Chloe, my princess!
Audrey Heart Hunter: You're going to give us all your love.
Chloe: Nah-uh, sorry. No way, I don't love anyone.
Andre Heart Hunter: Of course you do, darling.
Audrey Heart Hunter: You love yourself. (tries to zap her)
Jagged Stone: Hey hold up, heartbreakers, I'm not in a relationship, okay.
Audrey and Andre Heart Hunter: True, but you do love music, your fans and that.
(referring to his pet crocodile, Fang )

Scene: Chloe running up to her roof to activate her bee signal

Nathalie: (Watches Chloe, then transforms)

[Transformation Sequence]
Nathalie: Duusu, spread my feathers! (transforms into Mayura)

Chloe: (tries to turn on her signal, gasps, seeing wire broken) My bee signal! Who did this?
Mayura: Everything is going as planned, Hawk Moth.

Scene: Adrien, Marinette, and Kagami sit together on a bench

Adrien: I think we're far enough away now.
Marinette: Aren't you going to get in trouble with your parents?
Adrien: It's not every day we can escape from everything they expect of us. (turns to Kagami and they both start laughing)
Kagami: What should we do now?
André (a distance away) My name is André, André Glacier the sweethearts' matchmaker...
Adrien: Hey! Let's get some ice cream from André! (runs towards the Canal Saint-Martin bridge)
Marinette: (gets up, turns to Kagami, still seated) André is a sweethearts' ice cream maker. The legend says that whoever shares his ice cream together will be in love forever.
Kagami: (gets up) I don't believe in those kinds of myths, but I do believe in ice cream. (both run to the bridge)

Scene: Getting ice cream from André's

André: Which flavors for these two? [Kagami and Adrien] Orange and peppermint, a perfect pairing that's always a success; nothing can turn it into a mess. And for you two [Adrien and Marinette] blackberry and peppermint, an explosive mix that's a fact but often times it's the opposites that attract. Orange and blackberry, quite unusual it's true not the most obvious but it works for you two. So what will it be?
Kagami: You pick. I don't really get what he's saying anyway.
Adrien: Yeah, you pick, Marinette. We trust you.
Marinette: Can't you find a blend for the three of us?
André: I can, but too many flavors mixed together may throw off the delicate balance.
Marinette: I don't know. Blackberry and peppermint doesn't seem like a great pair. And what if the mint finds the blackberry lame and wants to be with the orange instead? And it's true that orange and peppermint are awesome together and well orange and blackberry just doesn't seem like they go together. (looks at Kagami and Adrien together, walks up to André) Look I think your first idea was the best. The orange and peppermint ice cream for.. for my friends here.
André (concerned) Are you sure Marinette? (she nods, Adrien approaches cart)
Marinette (walks away and speaks to Kagami) I'm gonna head back to the palace. I told my parents I'd bring them back those cocktail umbrellas.
Kagami: We'll go with you.
Marinette: No no, don't bother. Enjoy your ice cream. (quickly looks back before leaving) Seriously.
Adrien: (gets ice cream from André and and asks Kagami) Where's Marinette?
Kagami: She left. (Adrien, surprised and dissapointed)

Scene: Marinette walking away in tears

Scene: Kagami and Adrien eating ice cream at Canal Saint-Martin

Scene: Marinette sees Heart Hunter, transforms

Officer Roger: (Marinette, still upset, startles) Stop in the name of the law-ah! (gets zapped)
Andre Heart Hunter: This love of the city is so delectable.
Audrey Heart Hunter: And these lovebirds, what a treat!
Marinette: (runs into a back alley) Time to transform!

[Transformation Sequence]
Marinette: Tikki, spots on! Heh!
(Marinette transforms into Ladybug)

Scene: Mayura and Hawk Moth plotting as they watch Ladybug

Mayura: (coughs)
Hawk Moth: (helps Mayura stand up) I wish I didn't have to involve you in this.
Mayura: (coughs again, replies weakly) I want to be here. I want to help you. (Both look down at Heart Hunter)
Andre Heart Hunter: I cannot wait, Ladybug.
Hawk Moth: There she is.
Andre Heart Hunter: You love everyone. (Ladybug blocks Heart Hunter's attacks) You're going to make a great dinner!
Audrey Heart Hunter: And for dessert, the cat! I'm sure he's very tasty. (Continues pursuing Ladybug)
Hawk Moth: It's always the same. Whenever she's backed up against a wall, Ladybug engages others to fight by her side. I'm convinced that the Guardian of the Miraculous is who she seeks every time.
Ladybug: (Continues dodging attacks, looking around) Where are you Cat Noir?

Scene: Uses Lucky Charm and tries to go to Master Fu but realizes she's being tailed

Ladybug: (Hides in a subway station where Heart Hunter can't reach her) Okay.

[ Lucky Charm Sequence]
Ladybug: Lucky Charm!

Ladybug: (catches charm) A token to the merry-go-round? Hmm. (knows where she should go, begins yo-yoing over roofs with Mayura following her)
Chloe: Yoo-hoo! (Ladybug looks toward her) Bring me my Miraculous, Ladybug! I'm waiting for you!
Ladybug: (arrives at Place des Vosges, locates Master Fu but notices Mayura spying on her) Mayura! (Runs away with Maruya following, attempting to lose her) Bye bye little bird. (swings past Adrien and Kagami, loses focus, and crashes into a tree) Focus, Ladybug, focus!

Scene: Goes to Master Fu but forgets to detransform.

Ladybug: Master Fu, I need your help!
Master Fu: (sees Ladybug, gasps) This costume is very cute, miss, but is it really fitting in this place?
Ladybug: (gasps) I forgot to transform back. (Looks arounds enters the center of the merry-go-round trying to remain unseen) I haven't been followed Master, I'm sure of it.
Master Fu: Hmm, (decides to open the box) Ladybug, if you'd like to have a turn on the merry-go-round, please pick your favorite horse. Once the mission is over you will retrieve the Miraculous and return it back to me.
Ladybug: (trying to choose, remembers Chloe)

Chloe: Bring me my Miraculous Ladybug! I'm waiting for you!

Ladybug: (pictures Adrien and Kagami together, grabs the Dragon)

Master Fu: The Dragon? Are you sure?
Ladybug: Uh, yes, I'm certain. (Leaves with her yo-yo)
Hawk Moth: My dear Guardian, (Master Fu gasps in shock) what a pleasure it is to finally meet you.

Scene: Ladybug takes Kagami away while Kagami and Adrien were finishing the ice cream.

Kagami: I'm honored that you've chosen me Ladybug, but I thought you couldn't give me this Miraculous again since Hawk Moth knows my identity.
Ladybug: There's no time. I need (contemplating what to say) your exceptional talent.

Scene: Adrien runs into a back alley to transform.

Adrien: Plagg, Claws out!

Scene: Ladybug and Ryuko talk about Adrien

Ladybug: (Miraculous beeps rapidly) Don't look at me. I have to transform back. My kwami needs to refuel. (runs behind a wall) Spots off! (detransforms)
Marinette: (hands Tikki a macaron) I hope I didn't interrupt anything with... that boy. (places Dragon Miraculous on the ground)
Kagami: (walks over and picks it up) You did turn up a little... unexpectedly. (opens box)
Longg: I'm honored to see you again, Kagami-San. We're about to accomplish great things together!
Kagami: Honor is mine, Longg-Sama.
Marinette: The boy's famous, isn't he? You're bound to break a lot of hearts.
Kagami: There's only one person I don't want to hurt. Marinette. She's the only other friend I have. But Adrien and I are made for each other. We're so alike, (puts on Dragon choker) I can't give him up, even for the sake of friendship.
Marinette: Sometimes choices can be so hard.
Kagami: We have a mission to do. Longg, bring the storm! (Longg goes into the choker)
Marinette: Tikki, spots on! (Tikki goes into the earrings)

Scene: Place des Vosges

Hawk Moth: You're powerless against me, old man. And Ladybug isn't here to protect you. Tell me the secret identities of Ladybug and Cat Noir.
Master Fu: Never!
Hawk Moth: Then help me get their Miraculous and I won't harm you.
Master Fu: You're not getting anything from me! Wayzz-
Wayzz: It's too dangerous, Master! You're too old for this...
Master Fu: Shell on! (transforms into Jade Turtle)
Hawk Moth: Very impressive.
Jade Turtle: Shell-ter!
Hawk Moth: You're on borrowed time, you crazy old man. I'll just wait for you to transform back.
Jade Turtle: My powers are no more time sensitive than yours. Obviously you haven't learned anything about the Miraculous, Hawk Moth.
Hawk Moth: I've learned enough to defeat you. The end of superheroes has come!
Jade Turtle: You talk a lot, but you haven't achieved much so far.
Hawk Moth: (getting frustrated) Your defeat will be my greatest achievement!

Scene: Le Grand Paris rooftop.

Ladybug: (Ladybug hops on a building with Ryuko)
Chloe: (notices Ladybug, gasps and smiles, sees both Ladybug and Ryuko leave, gets upset) What about me?! You were supposed to give me a Miraculous! This is ridiculous, utterly ridiculous! They're my parents, you know. So I should be the one to save them!

Scene: Ladybug, Ryuko, and Cat Noir fight Heart Hunter

Cat Noir: (joins them) Ladybug, how nice of you to bring a guest! Ryuko, as amazing and daring as I remember!
Ryuko: Nice to see you again too, Cat Noir.
Ladybug: (slightly annoyed) Is this one of your "try to make me jealous moves" again?
Audrey Heart Hunter: This Cat is very much in love! (Zaps at Cat Noir)
Ryuko: Wind Dragon!
Cat Noir: (tries to attack Heart Hunter with his staff, misses and instead gets sucked into to Heart Hunter's mouth. Ladybug wraps her yoyo around Cat Noir's leg, freeing him and then catching him) Thank you, Ladybug.
Ladybug: Not calling me Milady anymore?
Cat Noir: (surprised) Huh? Of course I... Wait a second. Are you jealous of Ryuko right now?
Ladybug: (defiantly crosses her arms and turns away) Of course not! Pfft!

Scene: Le Grand Paris rooftop

Chloe: (growls angrily and throws her bee signal off the roof, lowers her head and sulks)
Hawk Moth: Chloe Bourgeois, rejections hurt! (Chloe turns to face him) Your talents deserve to be recognized! Ladybug and Cat Noir's reign has gone on long enough. It's time for Paris to have a new queen, and the Queen Bee on my chessboard is you.
Chloe: You've akumatized my parents! If I had my Miraculous I'd-
Hawk Moth: (puts up his hand and interrupts) You're right, but I did it for one reason only. So that you would finally realize that Ladybug will never give you the Bee Miraculous again. I, however, always keep my promises. (shows her the Bee Miraculous in his hand)
Chloe: This isn't real! How do you have it?
Hawk Moth: Try it and see for yourself. You're Ladybug's greatest fan. You've helped her, you've trusted her, and what has she done for you in return?
Chloe: (gets angry) Nothing! She couldn't care less about me! I'm done with her. She's irrelevant, utterly irrelevant! (reaches out to grap the Miraculous, stops) I want you to deakumatize has my parents first!
Hawk Moth: Whatever you say, my queen. (Chloe takes the comb and puts it in her hair, releasing Pollen)
Pollen: (urgently) Your majesty, wait!-
Chloe: Silence! You will speak only when spoken to. Your loss, Ladybug. Pollen, buzz on! (transforms into Queen Bee)

Scene: Ladybug, Ryuko, and Cat Noir fight Heart Hunter

[ Lucky Charm Sequence]
Ladybug: Lucky Charm!

Ladybug: (catches the rolling pin that appears, uses Ladybug vision, figures out a plan) Cat Noir, give me your belt and Cataclysm that street lamp. Ryuko, go left and-

Hawk Moth: (snaps his fingers)

Ladybug: (stops directing as she witnesses the akuma leave Heart Hunter and Andre and Audrey falling, quickly catches Audrey while Cat Noir catches Andre)

Cat Noir: (asking Ladybug) Uh, was I dreaming, or did Heart Hunter just get deakumatized all by itself?
Ladybug: Why would Hawk Moth do that? I'll ask Master Fu. (throws rolling pin in the air) Miraculous Ladybug! (All couples and people Heart Hunter zapped are placed back where they were)

Scene: Le Grand Paris rooftop

Hawk Moth: See I kept my word, your parents are free and now I can use a new akuma to make your powers even stronger, my queen. (akuma goes into the Spinning Top) Miracle Queen, I'm giving you the power to reign over Paris and command your very own army of superheroes, all I ask for in return is-
Queen Bee: (interrupts) Cat Noir and Ladybug's Miraculous, you shall have them. As soon as I crush those heroes. (transforms into Miracle Queen)

Scene: Ladybug and Ryuko in an alley

Ryuko: Longg, open sky! (detransforms into Kagami, hands Miraculous to Ladybug)

Scene: Place des Vosges

Marinette: (runs back to the merry-go-round, gasps worriedly, realizing Master Fu isn't there, pulls out her phone and dials)
Master Fu: (pre-recorded from phone) I'm not here right now, please, leave a message.
Tikki: Don't worry, Marinette. Master Fu is very wise. If anything's happened he'd know what to do.
Marinette: But Tikki, if anything's happened to him it's because of me.

Scene: Canal Saint-Martin

Adrien: Kagami! (running towards her) Is everything okay? What happened with Ladybug?
Kagami: She took me away to... (looks down) protect us. Because the monster she was battling against was attacking.. (looks at Adrien) people in love.
Adrien: (surprised) People in love? (Kagami nods and walks towards him, placing her hands around him, they both lean in)

Scene: Place des Vosges

Marinette: (opening the gate, distraught)
Luka: (rides up on his bike and notices) Are you okay, Marinette?
Marinette: (forced) Yeah I'm fine. (facade breaks) Actually no, I'm not fine at all. (Luka walks over to her) I'm so tired Luka, (leans against Luka) of all these responsibilities, of having to put up a front all the time! (Takes a breath, crying) of never being able to be who I truly am. (continues crying)
Luka: (trying to comfort her) It's alright Marinette. You can tell me everything, or... nothing if you prefer. You can be yourself with me you know, (Marinette straightens and looks at him, he smiles) just yourself. (Marinette rests her head back on his chest, he lets go of his bike and holds her.)
(The endcard shows Hawk Moth evilly smiling with Chloe have a bitterly look, with Luka comforting heartbroken Marinette and Kagami is about to kiss Adrien. )


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