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"Heart Hunter" is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 3 of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, and it is the first part of "The Battle of the Miraculous".[1] Its world premiere was on October 13, 2019 at 21:10 UTC+3 on PlusPlus in Ukraine.[2]


Ladybug and Cat Noir challenge the Bourgeois couple. Now Heart Hunter, a two-headed Cerberus, devours all the love in Paris.[3]


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  • This episode was originally titled as "Loveater (Battle of the Miraculous - Part 1)" before changing to the current's episode title.
    • However, in many YouTube videos, it is referred to as Loveater.
  • This is the first time Wang Fu transforms into Jade Turtle.
  • This is the second time Marinette is seen with her hair down, following "Cat Blanc".
  • This is the third time the Bourgeois couple are akumatized. However, unlike their previous akumatizations in "Style Queen", "Malediktator", and "Mayura" they get a new villain identity, Heart Hunter.
  • This is the third time two people are akumatized at the same time with the same akuma, following "Sapotis" and "Oblivio".
  • This is the fourth time Chloé gets akumatized, following "Antibug", "Queen Wasp" and "Mayura".
    • However, unlike her previous akumatizations, Chloé doesn't get akumatized into Antibug or Queen Wasp, but instead into a new villain, Miracle Queen.
    • This is the third time that Chloé is akumatized with the activated Bee Miraculous.
  • The mistake Marinette makes is that she went to see Master Fu while in costume, allowing Hawk Moth to discover his whereabouts and gaining the Miracle Box.
    • She also chooses the Dragon Miraculous to give to Kagami instead of the Bee Miraculous to be given to Chloé out of personal reasons; even without Nathalie having to sabotage Chloé's Bee Signal, destroying her trust in Ladybug.
  • This is the second time Hawk Moth removes an akumatized villains's akuma himself, after "Catalyst."
  • This episode reveals that Miraculous tools can be akumatized, with Queen Bee's Spinning Top becoming Miracle Queen's akumatized object.
    • In "Mayura", it was proven that Miraculous tools could be amokized, as the titular villain actually used the remains of Hawk Moth's cane to form the giant butterfly sentimonster.
  • As of this episode, Chloé Bourgeois is now an ally of Hawk Moth and is enemies with Ladybug and Cat Noir willingly.
  • As of this episode, Pollen becomes the third kwami being used for evil by her holder without an akuma, following Nooroo and Duusu.
  • This is one of the episodes in which Cataclysm was never used.
    • However, Ladybug wanted Cat Noir to Cataclysm the street lamp, but since Hawk Moth de-akumatized Heart Hunter, it was never needed.
  • This is the second time Hawk Moth doesn't utilize a light mask when akumatizing a villain, following "Ladybug" .
  • This is the second time Marinette kissed Luka, following "Frozer".
  • The pictures of Ladybug, Adrien looks through on his phone are from "Stormy Weather", "Darkblade" and "Copycat".
  • This is the third time a visual representation of Marinette's thought process and her strategic planning is shown despite her not being transformed.


  • When Kagami gives back the Dragon Miraculous to Ladybug, she's wearing her Friendship Day pin on her jacket which she didn't wear for the episode, showing this scene was re-used from "Ikari Gozen".


Heart Hunter - Ending Card
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