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Scene: Flashbacks from Gamer, The camera slowly drifts into Marinette's room as she writes in her diary.

Marinette: Dear diary.. Cat Noir and I just defeated another akumatized villain, and I don't know how many there have been but I still lose count.
Ladybug: [Flashbacks from using the de-evilize process] Time to de-evilize! [The Akuma is caught in the Yo-yo].

Scene from "Silencer, Luka is burning with fury, the akuma enters the mask.

Marinette: Someone has a strong negative emotion you can beat that Hawk Moth will use it to turn them into a super-villain.
[Luka puts the mask on his face and transforms]

Scene from Befana: Befana is shooting red lasers trying to hit Marinette but accidentaly hits Mylène and turns into a statue.

Marinette: ... The more upset his victim is the more dangerous so be.

Scene from Syren, Water Ladybug and Water Cat Noir are posing into a fighting position.

Marinette: Each of Hawk Moth's creations force us to adapt.

Flashbacks from The Dark Owl, The Dark Owl does an owl sound effect. Then the flashback switches from Miraculer, Mayura grins.

Marinette: 'Cause we never know with who we have to deal with.

Miraculer is shooting a Cataclysm-infused laser-shooting hairdryer at Cat Noir and knocksback him.

Marinette: Or how dangerous the opponent will be.

Scene from Despair Bear, Butler Jean is being akumatized by holding Mr. Cuddly

Marinette: We learned that appearances can be misleading. The toughest adversaries [Jean is akumatized inside Mr. Cuddly] are not neccesarily the most impressive ones.

Scene from Gigantitan, he is playing with a car and imitating VROOM noises.

Marinette: And vice versa.

Scene from Stoneheart, Ivan and his scrapped paper are getting akumatized.

Marinette: By creating villains to fight for him, Hawk Moth been hiding in his shadows (Stoneheart is roaring and akumas coming from his mouth are forming Hawk Moth's face) he knows that we won't be able to stop him if he doesn't show up in person.
Marinette: But he did mistakes.

Scene from Robostus

Robostus: AHAHAHAHAHAHAH, you really thought you can control me? [Robostus creates a spreading incorporal globe of data that hacks Hawk Moth's lair].
Security System: Intrusion! Intrusion! Elimination mode activated.
Robostus: I'm more powerful than you, Hawk Moth! [Panels are opening and guns are targetting him] [A rocket shoots him but he dodges].

Scene from Catalyst, he lands on top of the Eiffel Tower.

Marinette: And he did a mistake of showing his face, we fought him. [On the frozen Eiffel Tower, Ladybug is rotating her yo-yo using it as a shield and Cat Noir hits him with his baton.] [Ladybug snatched and breaks the Cane.]
Marinette: That day he was nearly defeated [Hawk Moth: Nooo. and kneels], but he have to come again sooner or later.

Scene from Gamer, she ends up writting her diary.

Marinette: He'll make another mistake.

Scene from Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1), the miraculous spellbook is turning pages and shows what would happen if Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous being unificated togheter.

Marinette: And I know this: we will defeat Hawk Moth and get his miraculous.

Scene from Silencer, Ladybug walks to Cat Noir and fist bumps.

Marinette: When we do, we'll be able to create positive super-heroes.

Scene from Gamer, Marinette finishes writting in her diary.

Marinette: By turning positive emotions into superpowers! I hope that day comes soon, dear diary.. I'll let you know (closes her diary).

The end theme music plays and the credits are being shown into the screen... THE END.


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