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The Hawk Moth's Song is a rap song performed by Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth that was released in Germany on Disney Channel on May 3, 2020 and in the UK on June 10, 2020 on Disney Channel.[1]


1st Verse:
Nooroo, give me a beat!

With a Cane in my hand
And a mask on my face,
I'll turn this tragic city
To a far more evil place.

I give the forgotten...
A chance to be reborn!

I hear their darkest secrets
And allow them to transform.
A troubled soul cries,
Time to akumatize!
Fly my faithful servant.
Dark Wings, Rise!

This rotten little cat
And that pesky little girl.
Once I have their Miraculous, then I'll rule the world.

I will win and I will rise!
All of Paris akumatized!
No more secrets, no more lies.
Soon their Miraculous, their Miraculous,... will be mine! (evil laugh)

2nd Verse:
Nooroo, let me break it down for you.

They do not know the power!
They waste preventing crime.
Soon will come my hours,
Soon it's Hawk Moth's time!

These heroes are joke
Then while they play their silly games
My plan goes into action
to learn their real names.

So, rise, my villain army!
My commands you shall obey!
And I'll help you find revenge
The evil Hawk Moth way!

Chorus 2x



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