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Season 4, episode 16 (Production order); Episode 94 (Overall)

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"You... must've been pretty surprised to discover there was another holder. I'm really sorry Cat Noir. I should've told you. I mean, if I found out you told someone about your secret identity, I'd... probably be upset too. I'm really sorry I hurt your feelings."
"You didn't hurt my feelings. You did everything right. Paris will always need a ladybug superhero to watch over her. It's just, I realized that if one day that hero wasn't you, m'lady, since we don't know each other's identities, that means... I'd never see you again. Ever. You know, I just don't know if I could bear it."
"I'll never abandon you, kitty cat."

Ladybug & Cat Noir, "Hack-San"

"Hack-San" is a Season 4 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. As based on the series' production order specifically, "Hack-San" is the 16th written and produced episode of Season 4. It is also the 94th written and produced episode of the series, overall.



When Marinette needs to leave Paris for a day for her aunt's (Shu Yin) birthday in London, the fear of something happening in Ladybug's absence makes her super nervous for that. Shadow Moth manages to infect Max's robot with an evil virus (Hack-san) to akumatize it again. What will happen?

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Marinette has no choice but to leave Paris on the day when Shadow Moth decides to create a new supervillain. He creates a sentimonster, Hack-san to akumatize Markov, Max's robot.


The episode started when Tom called Marinette to go to aunt Shu Yin's house in London in 2 hours. Marinette came up some excuses about not being so well and told Tom to go without her. But, Tom said he could find a hospital in London if there was the worst situation that happened. Marinette later made up another excuse of having a terrible headache, but Tom asked if she had a stomach ache 10 minutes ago, and she said it was the worst kind of travel-ache. Despite all of her excuses, Tom clearly known that Marinette didn't want to visit aunt Shu Yin's house, said it was inevitable and their family must go there once a year. Tom cheered her up that they will have fun in London. He whispered to Marinette that they will figure out how to leave aunt Shu Yin's house early, which Sabine heared it under the floor. Marinete giggled and Tom told Marinette to get up and ready for the visit, emplying their family faces disaters together, which Sabine also heard that too. Tom whispered to Marinette don't make him to do this alone. Marinette hopeless tells the Kwamis that she used every single excuse that she had, but unfortunately it still wasn't enough. She then tells Tikki that Ladybug cannot leave Paris, but Tikki reminds her that her family is also important and that she shouldn't leave them. Marinette packs up and tells the Kwamis that she'll have to make up a better excuse in order to stay. She tells the Kwamis to behave while she tries to convince her parents that she twisted her ankle, but Tom offers to carry her. Longg then says sarcastically that even if Marinette is one of the greatest superheros, she is not matched to convince her parents to not go on vacation.

  • In the meantime Gabriel is trying to figure out a way to reakumatize Markov and take advantage of him. Nooroo tells Duusu that the last time Gabriel akumatized Markov, he betrayed him. Duusu worried, tells Nooroo, that he can't akumatize him again unless he wants the same thing to happen again. Nooroo comforts Duusu and tells him that if Shadow Moth is defeated they could live freely again. Gabriel startles them by reassuring them that he'll make sure that the robot doesn't betray him once again. Gabriel transforms into Shadow Moth and creates the sentimonster Hack-San.

At the park, Kim and Alix are racing in a very confusing way, Kim tells Alix that he'll be able to do 100 pushups before she finishes a lap on her rollerblades, Alix tells him sarcastically that he really likes losing. Max starts the countdown, and there they start their race. In the meantime Markov is counting Kim's pushups, talking and making a new formula with Anne Jeanne Theoxanne du Bocquale, which will revolutionize Science, Markov simply states that he was well-programmed which looking admiringly at Max. Markov is also playing chess with André who says that's he's increadible for winning again. Alix is skating by, and Alya and Nino are watching something on their tablet, Alya suddenly receives an urgent notification from Marinette telling her to meet her at Gard Du Nord, alone. Nino guesses sarcastically that Marinette is late, but Alya tells him that it was her mom and she has to go see her alone, Alya frantically runs to the Gard du Nord.

At the train station, Tom is carrying their belonging, suddenly the megaphone announces that Marinette's train is leaving soon. When she was about to board, Marinette ran off to see Alya, but Sabine stops her by saying that she is well aware that she sister is difficult, but if she spent her whole childhood with her. Marinette could last one weekend with her. Marinette desperately tells her that she needs a hug from Alya and insists that Alya is her best friend. Sabine accepts but tells her to be quick. While Marinette runs to Alya she tells Tikki that she doesn't have a choice anymore, Tikki reassures her that everything will be fine. Marinette hugs Alya tightly, but Alya worries about how Paris will be without Ladybug. Marinette takes of her earrings and gives them to Alya, alongside the Miraculous she also gives her a key. Alya confused and worried, asks Marinette what she will do with the Miraculous. Marinette calmly responds that if there isn't a supervillain around she doesn't have to do anything, but if there is she should transform, feed the kwamis. The megaphone announces that her train is about to depart, Marinette hugs Alya once more, and tells her that she trusts her. Before boarding she tells her to call her in case of an emergency. Alya looks down at the earrings with a frightened emotion. Later on Alya boards a bus and puts on the Ladybug Miraculous, Tikki comes out from the earrings. Alya excitedly tells the Kwamis that she'll be Ladybug this weekend but Trixx intervenes and tells Alya that he wasn't enough already to protect Paris. Tikki tells him that it is the safest way, and any other would be too risky. When Alya said that she can't be Ladybug, Trixx starts boasting until he is aware that it's because Marinette is already named Ladybug. She starts thinking of Ladybug-ish superhero names and though gets demoralized by Trixx, Tikki reassures her that she is up to the task, seeing as the guardian of the miraculous entrusted them to her for a reason, which annoys a disgruntled Trixx. At the park, Alya looks around, more paranoid and anxious, which gets noticed by Nino, who asks her about her mom, and that if she was all right. She dismisses his concerns, claiming all is well. She goes around asking about any negativity experienced by her friends when she sees them n a situation which could potentially generate the negative energy.

At Shadow Moth's lair, Hack-san initiates the plan, by sending a pop-up ad to Markov with a cute little kitten, which he mistakenly clicks as Hack-san infects him. Markov goes rogue, ending his game with Andre, disses Anne Jeanne Theoxanne du Bocquale and tells her to settle things with her boyfriend first before trying anything more ambitious, and telling off Kim for his brain-dead thinking before proceeding to claim that humans are degenerative creatures who are inferior to robots. ShadowMoth akumatises him, revealing that his negative emotions are the result of his sentimonster, and to free him from the suffering, he must cooperate with him, to. which Markov accepts. Alya distracts Nino with an excuse about a medical condition, causing him to run off on his own, leaving Alya free to find a secluded location to transform. On the way, Trixx mocks Alya for already lying to her boyfriend within then minutes of becoming the substitute, to which Alya retorts about the unfortunate consequences that come with the territory. They think about her new alias for a little before she decides to transform. She comes up with more names while striking dynamic poses, though Trixx acts condescendingly, to which Alya gets it to hide in her yo-yo to draw suspicion from her true identity from Cat Noir. On the rooftops, she repeats the same process, though is interrupted by Cat Noir, who is under the belief that she is either a sentimonster, or an akumatized person. Alya debunks those assumptions, though Cat Noir refuses to believe such claims and tries to engage in combat with her, though he unfortunately fails as Alya overpowers him. In a last ditch attempt, he tries to use his cataclysm, though Alya uses her lucky charm to create a trash can lid to act as a shield, before placing him in a vulnerable position to prove that she is not evil by not taking his ring. Cat Noir believes her and they find a place to de-transform and feed their Kwamis.

Robustus sends out a signal to hypnotize the Parisians with a message sent through their phone. This works on most, though Alya is able to think on her feet and ignore the message. On the train, Marinette sends a list of tips to Alya before the train goes dark. Her parents pick up the signal, and gets hypnotized by Robustus. She avoids her father, though her mother who gives her up.

Alya tries to bring Cat Noir up to speed about the situation, though Adrien refuses to engage with her, instead asking about her with the miraculous. The two bicker for a little, though quickly compose themselves to go after Robustus. Alya gets drawn by a cry for help, which Cat Noir sense is a trap, though is ignored as she chases the calls. She sees a large group of people mindlessly standing around with their phones, which causes the new duo to realize it is a trap. They try to fight it off, though are obviously out numbered, which causes them to retreat into the wax museum, which turns out to be a mistake as they run into high-profile individuals pretending to be wax statues. Alya finally decides to name herself Scarabella, and uses her lucky charm, which signals her to make a deal to free a trapped Marinette to help defeat him, using Cat Noir's cataclysm as leverage. The plan succeeds, with Markov finding out about the new miraculous holder, who gets introduced by Cat Noir. Alya captures the Akuma, and fixes it with her miraculous ladybugs.

At the end of the episode, Marinette tells Alya about the trip, and her parents run off in front of her first. It is then when Alya tells Marinette that she should talk to Cat Noir about the miraculous swap. The two meet up, and Ladybug apologies for the last minute decision. Cat Noir reassures her that she did nothing wrong, and expresses his concern that if something happened to her, he would never see her again. Ladybug simply reassures him, saying that she will never abandon him.


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  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Brazil on Gloob.
  • This is the eighth episode to be named after a Sentimonster, the others being "Reflekdoll", "Ladybug", "Gabriel Agreste", "Mega Leech", "Guiltrip", "Optigami" and "Sentibubbler".
  • This is the first episode where Anne Yatco voices Sabine.
    • Interestingly, this episode comes before the last episode her predecessor, Philece Sampler, worked on, both chronologically and production code-wise. This is because, due to unknown issues, the episodes were distributed out of order.
  • This is the third time a civilian breaks an akumatized object, and the second time Marinette does so.
  • Prized possessions from prior episodes are seen here, such as Manon's Ladybug doll, Master Fu's gramophone, and so on.
  • This is the second time Markov gets akumatized into Robostus, following "Robostus". However, unlike before, he has different abilities this time and is cursed with anger unless Hack-San is destroyed.
  • The thumbnail of the official trailer features Robostus, making it the sixth one to have some other character other than the titular one on it, following "Ikari Gozen", "Félix", "Ladybug", "Mega Leech", and "Optigami".
    • This also makes Robostus the seventh character to appear in more than one thumbnail, following Mayura, Lady Wifi, Princess Fragrance, Reflekta, Malediktator, and Style Queen, as he appears in the one for "Robostus".
  • Alix and Kim are shown to still have friendly competitions at the Trocadéro together, following "Timebreaker". Not only that, Kim keeps doing dares that seem impossible for him to accomplish.
  • Nooroo mentions the events of "Robostus" to Duusu, telling him how the titular villain betrayed Gabriel and hopes if Robustus revolts again then they might be able to escape his control.
  • It's revealed that Markov plays chess with an André, but it's unknown if it's André Bourgeois, André the ice cream man, or another person named André.
  • Anne-Jeanne Théoxanne du Bocquale is based on Ranita Gobrait, a young Polynesian champion.
  • In the English dub, the announcer at the Gare du Nord has the same voice as Nadja Chamack.
  • When Shadow Moth sends out the akuma, he says almost the same line as when he akumatized Markov the first time: "Fly away my lovely akuma, and evilize his electronic heart" vs. "Fly away my little akuma, and evilize this electronic heart" in "Robustus".
  • In this episode, Alya uses the Ladybug Miraculous, becoming a new ladybug-themed superhero, Scarabella.
    • This is the second episode where someone else other than Marinette Dupain-Cheng holds the Ladybug Miraculous, the first being "Reflekdoll" with Adrien holding the Ladybug Miraculous.
    • This makes Alya the third shown Ladybug Miraculous holder, after Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste.
      • She is the fifth person of French origins to wield the Ladybug Miraculous following Jeanne d'Arc, La Coccinelle and temporarily succeeding Adrien and Marinette.
    • This makes the first time Alya uses another Miraculous other than the Fox Miraculous.
    • This also makes Alya the fourth member of the French Miraculous superhero team to use another Miraculous. The first is Marinette with the Mouse, Fox, Cat, Dragon, Bee, and Horse Miraculouses, the second is Adrien with the Ladybug and Snake Miraculouses, and the third one is Master Fu with the Turtle and Peacock Miraculouses
    • Marinette previously tried to give Alya the Ladybug Miraculous in "Stoneheart", but was forced to take it back to save her.
  • Unlike in "Sapotis", where Alya chose the name "Rena Rouge" very quickly, Alya had a hard time settling on a superhero name when using the Ladybug Miraculous. Before settling with Scarabella in the very end of the episode, she comes up with the following names:
    • Captain Bug
    • Wonder Bug
    • Super Bug
    • Bug-a-Lady
    • Lady Luck
    • La Bugette
    • Black Spots of Justice
      • The first three are references to the superheroes Captain America, Wonder Woman and Superman.
      • While Lady Luck comes from the phrase of a lady or woman bring good fortune similar to how ladybugs are signs of good luck.
  • Scarabella's transformation is similar to Rena Rouge's transformation and uses a different rendition of Pigella's transformation theme, where it is mixed with Ladybug's.
  • Marinette did not transform into Ladybug for this fight, as she was captured by her parents who were under Robostus' control.
    • This is the second time where the supervillain is able to trap Marinette, following "Party Crasher".
      • This excludes many possible times in "Desperada".
    • However, she appears as Ladybug at the very end of the episode.
  • This is the second time a villain appears while Marinette is on vacation in London, resulting in a Miraculous being redistributed, following "Startrain".
  • Like in "Stormy Weather", "Style Queen" and other episodes, Marinette actually did the right thing by giving her earrings to Alya; she saved Tikki from getting captured along with her.
  • When Marc was brainwashed, he claims his and Nathaniel's manga is their most valuable item, but Nathaniel disappears along with the sketchbook containing the manga. This could possibly be interpreted as Marc saying Nathaniel is what is most valuable to him.
  • This is also one of the few times Shadow Moth was so close to claiming victory.
  • The scene where Cat Noir and Scarabella are cornered by mind-controlled civilians is a direct reference to "The Puppeteer 2".
  • This episode revealed that Marinette writes a full list of "pro tips" (at least 675) on her phone for her superhero life.
    • However, it is unknown if she writes any tips related to her normal life.
  • When Alya tells Trixx "We can't let Cat Noir see you", Alya makes Trixx enters the yo-yo. This implies that kwamis can hide inside the magical yo-yo, just like the Miracle Box. Further confirmed in "Evolution", that kwamis can also hide in any Miraculous tool.
  • This is the fifteenth time, where Cat Noir used his powers on someone else following "Dark Cupid", "Princess Fragrance", "Despair Bear", "Troublemaker", "Malediktator", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Miraculer", "Cat Blanc", "Ladybug", "Miraculous New York", "Furious Fu", "Sole Crusher", "Queen Banana" and "Guiltrip" but the twelfth time of his own free will.
    • This is also the second time when Cat Noir attempted to Cataclysm the Ladybug Miraculous following "Ladybug".
    • This is also the second time a Lucky Charm is cataclysmed following "Weredad" but unlike the trashcan lid due to the sailboat being bigger only the bottom part of the boat was destroyed.
  • Just like Adrien in "Reflekdoll", Alya says that she's always wanted to cast the Miraculous Ladybug, which she then replaces the "Ladybug" part with her own superhero name.
  • Ever since their introduction, this is the second time the Magical Charms are not shown, with the last time being "Sentibubbler".
    • However, unlike last time, the reason for this was because Alya was the one to use the Ladybug Miraculous, not Marinette. Because she is not experienced enough with that Miraculous, Alya was not able access the full potential of the magic jewel.
  • Marinette mentions her aunt Shu Yin, making this the first reference to the specials in the main series.
  • Marinette (a.k.a. Ladybug) took off for London and had a replacement without telling Cat Noir is the same thing he did to her in "Miraculous New York".
    • The last thing Cat Noir said to Ladybug was similar to how she felt about him when he went away in the special and also explains why Cat Noir wanted to know Ladybug's identity so he could always protect her.
      • His reasoning is also similar to Alya's in "Ladyblog" as they both wanted to help Ladybug.
    • Here is another reason as to why the kwamis had been waiting a very long time for an owner in Cat Noir's case, it implies that not only current or previous owners (especially disgraced heroes) may harbor emotional attachments to the superpowers that once belonged to them but also to the people that use them.
    • For Alya's case, so that successors don't feel pressured by their predecessors or other people.
    • At first Ladybug thought Cat Noir was sad, when she revealed her identity to Scarabella, believing she broke her promise to him in "Troublemaker", when actually she didn't and like in "Heroes Day" and "Origins" what she did was an emergency.
  • This is the second time Marinette defeats an Akumatized villain without transforming into Ladybug following "Weredad".
  • As Cat Noir, Adrien believing that Ladybug was attacked by a sentimonster or an akumatized villain is the same way she behaved in "Santa Claws". As well as referring to the events of "Antibug" and "Ladybug" and on top of it saying, "There is only one Ladybug and you're obviously not her". Which is also similar to what Chloe said to Sabrina in "Miraculer".
    • Being aware of Ladybug's nature, he was right she wouldn't give her Miraculous to anyone without telling him or sending a messanger first let alone an akumatized villain not without a fight. However like his father he didn't bother to look at the bigger picture implying:
      • If he was right about Scarabella, then losing Ladybug would've been the least of his problems, Hawk Moth would've found the Miracle Box and the city let alone the world would be at the villain's mercy.
      • Without realizing it Cat Noir had right idea about Ladybug being captured but just by the wrong person.
  • This is the eighth time Marinette and Tikki end up separated which previously occurred in "Princess Fragrance", "Sandboy", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Reflekdoll", "Weredad", "Kwamibuster" and "Sole Crusher".
    • This is the fifth time Marinette ends up separated from her Miraculous which previously occurred in "Ladybug & Cat Noir", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Reflekdoll" and "Feast".
      • And yet, the third time where she separated from her jewels willingly following "Ladybug & Cat Noir" and "Reflekdoll".
  • Longg saying "Even the greatest of superheroes is no match for parents who want to go on vacation" implies that a previous holder may have tried to pull off that same trick; whether that past holder is Longg's or not is unknown.
  • It is seen that Markov and Anne Jeanne Théoxanne du Bocquale are currently working together on a science experiment.
  • This is the second time Alya's thought process is shown following "Sentibubbler".
  • It's revealed that when an akumatized champion is knocked out, even if they were disabled by a third party, their link with the Butterfly Miraculous holder will be disconnected.
    • This is the first time ever where an akumatized champion is knocked out.
  • This marks the seventh time a miraculous has its ownership transferred in the show following "Anansi", "Reflekdoll", "Desperada", "Kwamibuster", "Queen Banana" and "Mega Leech". But unlike the others "Anansi", dealt with a holder who couldn't use it.
  • This is the twenty first time in which the Lucky Charm is summoned twice, after "The Bubbler", "Antibug", "Sapotis", "The Dark Owl", "Syren", "Style Queen", "Anansi", "Malediktator", "Mayura", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Reflekdoll", "Weredad", "Miraculer", "Oblivio", "Desperada", "Ikari Gozen", "Timetagger", "Heart Hunter", "Psycomedian" and "Glaciator 2".
  • This is the fifth time where a Lucky Charm object breaks (excluding the broken plate in "Troublemaker") followed by "Robostus", "Weredad", "Miraculer" and "Psycomedian".
    • This is the first time where a Lucky Charm is completely destroyed leaving no remains.
  • This is the fifteenth episode in which Cataclysm is summoned twice, after "Simon Says", "Copycat", "The Dark Owl", "Mayura", "Santa Claws", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Reflekdoll", "Weredad", "Oblivio", "Cat Blanc", "Miraculous New York", "Psycomedian", "Queen Banana" and "Glaciator 2".
  • This is the ninth episode in which the Lucky Charm and Cataclysm is summoned twice, after "The Dark Owl", "Mayura", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Reflekdoll" "Weredad", "Oblivio", "Psycomedian" and "Glaciator 2".
  • Concept art of a magical charm with Robostus color scheme was revealed, which could indicate one of two things:
    • Marinette was originally intended to stay in Paris.
    • The magical charm ability was supposed to transferred to Scarabella.
  • This is the twenty fifth time where the background sequence for Cataclysm isn't seen following "Despair Bear", "Prime Queen", "The Dark Owl", "Zombizou", "Reverser", "Queen Wasp", "Catalyst", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Chameleon", "Animaestro", "Weredad", "Stratrain", "Feast", "Gamer 2.0", "Puppeteer 2", "Cat Blanc", "Ladybug", "Gang of Secrets", "Psycomedian", "Queen Banana", "Guiltrip", "Crocoduel", "Optigami" and "Sentibubbler".


  • Duusu and Nooroo start turning into energy before Gabriel even finishes saying "Dual Metamorphosis".
  • When Alya reopened her hand after Marinette left at the station, the keys Marinette placed in there with the Ladybug Miraculous are not there.
  • Trixx's sclerae are white, even though they seemingly become purple in "Truth".
  • Mr. Cuddly is miscolored pink.
    • However, it's possible that it isn't specifically Chloé's doll, as one of Alya's Instagram posts shows Ella and Etta with a pink Mr. Cuddly-like doll.
  • If you look closely, Manon's dolls appear to be duplicated in Robostus' prison, even though Marinette has apparently made only one set.
    • With that it could be likely that Marinette made more than set or someone else admired the dolls and decided to have them manufactured so other kids could have their own.
  • Alya was able to pull out the battery from her phone while it was on, with no side effects. In reality, this is dangerous.
  • When Scarabella agreed to hand herself over first for Robostus' flash drive being emptied and then Cat Noir after that, Clara Nightingale's hair color changed from her usual dark brown into ginger color throughout the entirety of the scene.
  • When Marinette has the lucky charm (the frying pan) in her hands to hit Robostus, you can see in the background that the same pan is in the background as well on the barrel that Marinette took the pan from.


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