The Guardians' temple was destroyed all because of me.

Wang Fu, "The Collector"

The Guardians' temple is the temple of the Order of the Guardians for training young guardians, storing the Miraculous spellbook, and keeping inactive Miraculouses. It was destroyed roughly one hundred seventy-two years ago because of an unspecified mistake by Wang Fu.

In "Feast", following the defeat of the Dormant Sentimonster, the Miraculous Ladybug restored the temple to its previous state.


The temple, comprised of multiple buildings, was located in a mountain range somewhere in China. It included dark blue roofs and dark pale green exterior walls. One center building of the temple included red trimming, yellow-green flame-like spikes at the corners of the roof, one straight yellow-green spike on the top of the roof, and two dragons surrounding the center spike on the roof.

It is unknown how much of the temple remained after its destruction before it was restored by the Miraculous Ladybug.


In "Feast", Master Fu tells the whole story of the destruction of the temple: Fu was very young when he was first brought into the temple. One of his tasks to become a new Guardian was to watch after the Miracle Box for 24 hours without any food. However, he grew more and more hungry. He decided to use the Peacock Miraculous to create a sentimonster, a companion who would bring him some food from the kitchen. However, his anger at the Miraculouses mixed with his emotions while creating a sentimonster, so it became hungry for everything, but most of all, the Miraculouses. Fu couldn't control the monster, and he didn't know how to use the Peacock Miraculous to destroy the sentimonster. He devoured everything in the temple, including all the Monks and the Miracle Boxes. Only one Miracle Box and a Miraculous spellbook was saved and Fu ran off with them, leaving the destroyed temple behind.

Later in the episode, the sentimonster was defeated when Ladybug entered in its stomach (a dimension in which the temple was trapped) and destroyed its amok. She then used Miraculous Ladybug to fully restore the temple, along with all of the monks and the Miraculouses.



  • The temple is designed after Shaolin temples.[1]


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