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Glaciator 2

Season 4, episode 15 (Production order); Episode 93 (Overall)

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"It's funny, you know? I'm kind of the opposite of you. I know that Ladybug is not in love with me, but I can't help telling her how I feel. I wish I could fall in love with someone else, but I can't. She's just so incredible! I'm so afraid I'm not the good person I thought I was, and now I've gone too far and she hates me."
"She doesn't hate you."
"She threw me in the trash today."
"You're a good cat. I'm sure you'll figure out what to do."

Cat Noir & Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Glaciator 2

"Glaciator 2" is a Season 4 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. As based on the series' production order specifically, "Glaciator 2" is the 15th written and produced episode of Season 4. It is also the 93rd written and produced episode of the series, overall.


Disney Channel

Ladybug and Cat Noir face Glaciator again; Glaciator annoys Ladybug by insisting that the superheroes are in love; Cat Noir encounters Marinette, who wrestles with secret romance.

Ladybug and Cat Noir face Glaciator again, who is convinced that the superheroes are in love. When a facetious Cat Noir agrees with him, Ladybug reminds him that they cannot be together, and that insistence is becoming a real nuisance. Once they've defeated the supervillain, Cat Noir starts doing some serious soul-searching. As he looks for a way to stop annoying his Lady with his feelings, Cat Noir bumps into Marinette, who herself is looking for someone to help her rehearse telling how she feels to the boy she secretly loves...


Ladybug and Cat Noir once again face Glaciator. Cat Noir rescues a man who is reading a magazine from being hit by Glaciator, while Ladybug saves a firefighter from getting hit as well. Both remark to the heroes that they make a great couple, leaving Cat Noir a bit confused and Ladybug annoyed, and clarifies that she and Cat Noir are not a couple, just partners, and leaves. At the Place Des Vosges, the heroes are shielding someone, who remarks that love is great. This annoys Ladybug once again, and asks what is up with people these days and says they are not in love. Glaciator then interrupts her, saying that they can't deny it and it is in the news. He then shows her a poster of their kiss (from Oblivio) which shocks Ladybug. She then looks around and sees that they have gone viral. They learn that they have been voted "Couple of the Year" from a magazine a park keeper was holding, much to Ladybug's fury. Glaciator then declares that this is proof that his ice cream never lies and that the two are made for each other, which infuriates her once more and explains that the photos taken are out of context. Cat Noir then explains to Ladybug that maybe Glaciator is right, but she shuts him down. He then begins flirting with Ladybug once again, prompting her to throw him inside the trash can in a fit of rage. Ladybug then turns her attention back to Glaciator and single-handedly defeats him quickly, to Cat Noir's shock. André, now de-akumatized, then tries reasoning with Ladybug, to no avail. Ladybug swings away with Cat Noir.

On the rooftops, Cat Noir is still inside the trash can and comes out, facing an annoyed Ladybug. Cat Noir then offers her to go with him to a movie to make up for infuriating her earlier, or to a restaurant to celebrate being the "Couple of the Year". Ladybug then finally shouts at him, saying they are not a couple at all, which shocks Cat Noir, who finally apologizes and then says that he has his own feelings that he can't control. Ladybug calms down, then tells him that she knows his heart is in the right place and that he doesn't mean any harm. Cat Noir then sadly interrupts, saying that he'll stop and that he doesn't know how to yet, but he'll figure it out. Ladybug smiles and says she's counting on him. The two separate.

In the Agreste mansion, Cat Noir detransforms into Adrien. He then tells Plagg, who is eating Camembert, that Ladybug is right, that he can't force his feelings on her and that he needs to change. He then deletes all his photos of Ladybug on his phone and computer and looks down sadly.

Meanwhile, inside the Cesaire apartment, in Alya's room, Alya is being forced to delete all the photos of Ladybug and Cat Noir by Marinette, to her shock. She then tells Marinette that she can't do this to her, but Marinette stands her ground, and Alya sadly deletes the photos. The disappearance of the photos is reported on the news by Nadja Chamack, and reads some of the questions asked by the people, one of them asks if Ladybug and Cat Noir are no longer an "item". In her room, after seeing this, Marinette then growls angrily and grabs her computer, and shouts that they were never an item. Adrien also watched the news, but turns the TV off and sadly looks down.

At Collège Françoise Dupont, during fencing practice, Adrien is easily defeated by a fencer, due to his lack of concentration and sadly walks to the locker room. Noticing this, Kagami offers to help him after fencing practice, but Adrien refuses, saying that no one can help him and leaves, leaving her concerned.

While on the way home, Adrien begins to cry and asks for his bodyguard to stop at Place Des Vosges. He gets out of the car and walks to the park, and starts to cry. After seeing a poster of him and Ladybug, he gets emotional once again and continues crying.

Shadow Moth's lair then opens, sensing a negative emotion. But while in the process of creating an akuma, he suddenly notices that the negative emotions belong to Adrien. He lets go of the akuma and detransforms into Gabriel, who calls his bodyguard reminding him that his task was to drive Adrien home immediately after fencing practice.

Meanwhile, on her balcony, Marinette is on her cell phone angrily asking someone to tear the posters down and while looking at one, calling it "visual pollution". She then asks how much would it cost to tear down the posters and is shocked when she finds out. Marinette then spots Adrien on a bench and distractedly ends her call and rushes into her room to find a present for Adrien.

Marinette then pretends to walk in the park, stopping when Adrien notices. She struggles trying to tell him that she noticed he was sad but finally hands him a gift in red wrapping paper. As Adrien opens it up, he happily starts to tell Marinette how much he loves hamsters since the gift he received was a hamster wheel. Marinette then begins to daydream about her telling Adrien that she loves him, but is interrupted when she realizes that she gave Adrien the wrong gift, stops her daydream and throws the box in a nearby trashcan. When Adrien starts to object that a gift like that would've been cool and useful, Marinette cuts him off by saying that it wasn't cool or useful and useless things like that belong in the trash for people to forget about them. Adrien sadly agrees and walks away. Marinette groans in frustration for feeling that she messed things up, when suddenly the Tsurugi car honks from the other side of the park.

At the Agreste mansion, Gabriel asks to speak to Adrien after noticing Adrien was sad. He tells Adrien that if Adrien ever wanted to talk then he could confide in him. Adrien then tells Gabriel that if he ever needed to, then he would and leaves. As Adrien enters his room, Plagg is amazed that Gabriel said something with such warm feelings that it's enough to melt a wheel of raclette cheese. Adrien starts to get upset because he doesn't want to become like his father who he claims is tied to a memory of something that can never be, and transforms into Cat Noir.

Back at the park, Kagami is worried that Adrien is heartbroken and persuades Marinette to confess her feelings to Adrien by practicing on another boy who is not in love with her. Once Marinette steps out of the car, Tikki volunteers for Marinette to practice on her. Marinette thanks Tikki but declines because she feels that she needs a human to practice on.

While Cat Noir is busy destroying billboards of him and Ladybug, Marinette is busy struggling to think of a boy to practice on. Soon after she spots him and calls him over then asks him to play the part of her boyfriend who isn't her boyfriend yet. As Marinette begins reading her confession, Cat Noir interrupts her because he thinks that she actually has feelings for him when she said his name. They then begin to discuss a fill in name to say when Marinette is reading her letter, Cat Noir suggests that she use her actual crush's name but Marinette claims that it is private. So then, Marinette decides on using 'Buttercup' as a code name, which also makes Cat Noir laugh. They take a second for Cat Noir to stop laughing. Marinette starts again, only to be interrupted again by Cat Noir who starts laughing again, who says that the name is making him cackle. After he clears his throat, Marinette tries once more to read her confession but is then distracted when looking at Cat Noir's face and realizes his facial expression is quite odd. Marinette asks if he is hurt or something but Cat Noir claims that it is his serious face, which Marinette then tells him to be serious but not too serious because he looks like he is trying to solve a math problem. This time, Marinette starts up again but a little more aggressive and is interrupted by Cat Noir who asks what face he should make instead. Frustrated, Marinette screams out that she doesn't care and tells him that she just tells him to pretend to be interested in her for the sake of her training and pushes him back in his seat. Even more aggravated than before, Marinette begins to repeat her script but with more aggression and Cat Noir attempts to flatter her, but overdoes it. Marinette still a bit furious, tries to be enthusiastic and joyful, Cat Noir rises up from his seat by telling her dramatically that her poem is the most beautiful thing someone ever said to him, but Marinette, unamused, adds that she barely said anything, Cat Noir tells Marinette that the way she opens her mouth is so moving, and that it was like "the skies after the storm, like a rainbow sweeping my heart". Marinette, still unamused, objects by telling him that he's overdoing it. She repeats herself furiously, Cat Noir instantly rises from his seat and an aggravated Marinette asks him what is the problem now, feeling her anger, Cat Noir mentions that he thinks that she is more mad at him than in love with him. Marinette who's extremely mad tells him that if he's so good at it, he should try to do it, swaps their positions and pushes the script into his hands. Cat Noir starts reciting and Marinette, looking a bit impressed, asks him if she sounds that corny while doing it, but Cat Noir says that he's just performing. Marinette slaps herself lightly and tells herself that this is awful and she won't be able to do it. Cat Noir reassures her by saying that she puts too much pressure on herself and they should take a small break. They both decide that they should go to the movies.

While boarding the bus, Marinette asks Cat Noir if something's wrong. He tells her that he mostly travels by stick meaning that he doesn't have money to pay for the ride, but the driver tells him not to worry because he saved them so many times it's the least he could do in return. As they reach their seats, the pair suggest movies to watch at the movie theater. Marinette mentions a movie called, "Little Love Notes", but rejects it because she claims they'd rather not watch a romantic comedy so they can't think of their personal feelings. Cat Noir then suggests to not watch a movie about superheroes as well. They come to the solution of the movie, "Sharktank vs. Mechatiger" which the title starts to make them laugh. As the bus passes by Andre, who is nearby, he notices the two teens chuckling together and begins to frown.

Inside the movie theater, Cat Noir and Marinette talk about the concept of love and their own personal experiences, after getting riled up about how it isn't properly shown well in the movie. Cat Noir agrees with her that love isn't easy. The two are then interrupted by someone in the audience who wants to watch the movie in peace and quiet, They laugh and walk out of the theater once the movie finishes. Outside, it's raining and Cat Noir pulls out an umbrella out of his stick and they begin to walk together. As they walk, Cat Noir describes how he feels toward Ladybug, claiming that he's so in love with her but he thinks that he isn't a good enough person, which might have made Ladybug start to hate him. Marinette reassures him that Ladybug doesn't hate him, but Cat Noir mentions that she threw him in the trash today - literally. Marinette then tells him he's a good cat and that he'll figure out what to do. After seeing this, Andre begins to lose hope in his ice cream, claiming he doesn't understand what it's trying to tell him anymore. After sensing his emotions, Shadow Moth creates an akuma and sends it after Andre.

Cat Noir and Marinette, meanwhile, land at the bakery. The former is about to leap away when he realizes they forgot about the training. Marinette is about to start again, but before she could say a word, Glaciator appears in front of them, to Cat Noir's annoyance and Marinette's confusion and surprise. Cat Noir takes her to an alley and tells her to stay there and leaps away. Tikki asks Marinette on how Glaciator was reakumatized when Ladybug gave him the magical charm earlier. Marinette realizes that it was because she forgot about it, due to her earlier annoyance of the Couple of the Year posters, and transforms into Ladybug and swings out of the alley.

Down in the streets, Glaciator is chasing Cat Noir and fires ice cream and other Parisian belongings at Cat Noir. Ladybug joins Cat Noir and blocks a flying car from hitting him. Cat Noir awkwardly greets Ladybug, who mistakes it for Cat Noir making fun of her, but Ladybug moves on from it and summons a Lucky Charm which gives her a car that nearly hits her. She develops a plan in which she wraps her yo-yo around Glaciator and drags him to the Gare du Nord with the Lucky Charm car. Cat Noir jumps out and onto a billboard to use it for a ramp for the car. Before Cat Noir jumps out of the car, he asks if calling Ladybug ‘M’lady’ was okay for her. Ladybug responds by telling him that it was okay and that if she finds something annoying then she’d simply ask him to stop doing it. Once Ladybug drives off the ramp, she lets go of Glaciator and leaves him flying above a giant exhaust which melts his entire ice cream build. Cat Noir then jumps in and cataclysms the akumatized ice cream scooper, then catches André from falling. Ladybug fixes the damage done by Glaciator with her magical ladybugs and gives André a magical charm since she forgot that last time. Ladybug and Cat Noir perform a pound it and scurry off.

Back at Marinette's balcony, Cat Noir and Marinette continue where they left off with their practice. Marinette begins her confession but pauses and claims that her original piece didn’t feel that it was really her. She changes her declaration, and Cat Noir says it is beautiful. Tom calls for Marinette from downstairs and Cat Noir leaves.

At the school, a fencing competition finishes up, which Adrien results victorious in. While Marinette is watching happily she is suddenly pulled to the side by Kagami into the locker room. Kagami asks if Marinette completed what she told her to do, Marinette unsurely responds that she wasn’t able to yet but Kagami, relieved, replies that it is a risky technique because Marinette could have fallen in love with the boy and claims they might run away to a desert island and get attacked. Kagami then goes on to explain that it might happen because it is what also occurred in the manga she’s reading. Marinette tells Kagami that she should start to hang out with Marinette and friends more.

Back at the Agreste Mansion, Adrien tells Plagg that Marinette opened up his eyes. Adrien then realized that he usually does his Cat Noir around her but perhaps if he were his true self, Ladybug might fall in love with him too, which makes Plagg groan in annoyance. The end card then appears.


Major characters

Minor characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in France on TFOU.
  • As of this episode, Cat Noir is now less flirty towards Ladybug.
  • This episode marks the third and fourth times André gets akumatized into Glaciator, following "Glaciator" and "Catalyst".
    • Because Ladybug failed to give André a Magical Charm at the start of the episode, Glaciator was able to come back at the end.
    • This is also the second time a character gets akumatized twice in the same episode, following Mr. Ramier in "Timetagger".
  • Glaciator's two akumatizations are not shown, making this the tenth and the eleventh time this happens, after Magician of Misfortune in "Princess Fragrance", Vanisher in "Antibug", the Unnamed boy in "Sandboy", Alya and Nino's akumatization in "Oblivio", Vivica in "Desperada", the current Chris in "Christmaster", the adult Chris in "Timetagger" and Mr. Pigeon akumatization in "Truth" and "Lies".
  • This is the fifth episode whose title is a villain's name who was already featured in another episode, in this case Glaciator from the episode with the same name, following "Gamer 2.0", "Stormy Weather 2", "The Puppeteer 2" and "Mr. Pigeon 72".
  • Ladybug's argument against the newspaper is similar to her argument against Nadja's report in "Prime Queen".
  • The pictures on Alya's computer are from "Stormy Weather", "Ladybug & Cat Noir", "The Collector", "Glaciator", "Feast", "Oblivio", "Backwarder", "The Puppeteer 2", "Weredad", and others.
    • The magazine featuring Ladybug and Cat Noir's couplehood also features screenshots from "Copycat".
  • Shadow Moth tries to akumatize Adrien, but stops when he realizes what he's about to do, unlike in "Cat Blanc" where he didn't hesitate for a second.
    • It's possible that, in "Cat Blanc", he knew full well what he was doing with taking advantage of Adrien's emotions and getting an upper hand in the situation, whereas he saw no benefit to akumatizing Adrien here.
  • One of the people leaving the cinema with Marinette and Cat Noir has a similar outfit and hair colors as Juleka.
  • It's revealed that Cat Noir's staff can act as an umbrella.
  • Being a sports car, this is the fourth time the Lucky Charm is a vehicle, following "Sapotis" (a unicycle), "Weredad" (a sailboat), and "Queen Banana" (a scooter).
    • This is also one of the few times the Lucky Charm has multiple parts, consisting of the car and its keys.
    • The design of the sports car seems to have been inspired by the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560.
    • As of this episode this is the sixth time were Ladybug doesn't catch her Lucky Charm object following "Robostus", "Weredad", "Oni-Chan", "Queen Banana" and "Guiltrip."
    • This is the fifth time where the Lucky Charm object is huge following "Malediktator", "Weredad", "Queen Banana" and "Dearest Family".
  • It's revealed that Marinette can drive a car. It's unknown how she learned, as she is only 14 in this episode, much younger than France's legal driving age of 18.
    • When she switches places with Cat Noir, it's revealed that his driving had improved too.
  • Ladybug defended Cat Noir from the incoming car the same way she did in "Glaciator".
  • This is one of the few times the heroes use their ear communicators following "The Dark Owl", "Gamer 2.0". "Lies" and "Queen Banana".
  • This is the second episode where a daydream is shown, following "Frozer".
    • Unlike that episode, only Marinette has the fantasy.
  • It is revealed that Kagami reads manga (shojo manga specifically).
    • The specific manga shown in the episode is Volume 3 of The Robinsons of the Catastrophe (破局のロビンソン/Hakyoku no Robinson in Japanese).
  • This is the second time where Cat Noir uses his powers in anger following "Santa Claws".
    • This is also one of the few times where Adrien transforms in anger.
  • The several times where the Miraculous Ladybug is used first before the akuma is purified.
  • This is the third time where Adrien is seen crying following "Miraculous New York" and "Cat Blanc".
  • This is the fourth time Marinette and Adrien are at the movie cinema following "Gorizilla", "Animaestro" and "Gang of Secrets".
  • It's also revealed that Adrien also keeps a series of Ladybug photos in his computer.
  • Marinette's code name for Adrien, "Buttercup", is the same one used in "Gigantitan".
  • As of this episode, Ladybug and Cat Noir still don't know how they ended up kissing back in "Oblivio".
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir using a wind turbine to stop the titular villain is similar to what they did in "Bakerix".
  • This episode revealed more about Ladybug and Cat Noir's love problems.
    • The hero mentioning about his fear of Ladybug hating him is the same in his nightmare seen in "Sandboy".
  • Just like Ladybug, Cat Noir discovers that Marinette is in love with someone too, unaware that it's him.
    • Just like in "Weredad", Marinette once again admitting her feelings to Adrien without knowing it.
  • Similar to Hawk Moth putting the heroes into situations with other Miraculouses, Ladybug was right as the akumatized villains putting them into situations where they expressed love although it wasn't always intentional.
  • It's also revealed that Marinette still keeps all the presents she made for Adrien; some of the ones she rejects are for Adrien's name day and the final exams of the year, suggesting this episode is takes place before those two days.
  • This is the nineteenth episode in which the Lucky Charm is summoned twice, after "The Bubbler", "Antibug", "Sapotis", "The Dark Owl", "Syren", "Style Queen", "Anansi", "Malediktator", "Mayura", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Weredad", "Miraculer", "Oblivio", "Desperada", "Ikari Gozen", "Timetagger", "Heart Hunter" and "Psycomedian".
  • This is the thirteenth episode in which Cataclysm is summoned twice, after "Simon Says", "Copycat", "The Dark Owl", "Mayura", "Santa Claws", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Weredad", "Oblivio", "Cat Blanc", "Miraculous New York", "Psycomedian" and "Queen Banana".
  • This is the seventh episode in which the Lucky Charm and Cataclysm is summoned twice, after "The Dark Owl", "Mayura", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Weredad", "Oblivio", and "Psycomedian".
  • This is the eighth time where Cat Noir uses his powers to destroy a previous object with the wind turbine cover following "Bakerix".
  • What Andre said proved to be true when it came to the heroes in "Oblivio" and Master Fu in "Miracle Queen".
  • This is the sixth episode not to feature a light mask of any kind, following "The Collector", "Startrain", "Cat Blanc", "Miracle Queen" and "Sentibubbler".
  • The plot and André's akumatization is similar to "Glaciator" as it revolves around Marinette's feelings. To simply put, Andre was first akumatized due to Ladybug dismissing his passion that his ice cream could bring lovers together and his ability to tell who someone's soulmate is. When Glaciator appeared in the episode's beginning, it was because of Ladybug and Cat Noir's love, and again when André sees Marinette and Cat Noir together, causing him to question his passion again, believing Ladybug and Cat Noir are made for each other.
    • For André, he was right that Ladybug and Cat Noir are made for each other, but didn't know they are Marinette and Adrien, especially since Marinette has a crush on Adrien, and Adrien has a crush on Ladybug.
      • Also, because Ladybug and Cat Noir can't know each other's identities, they unknowingly got André akumatized when he sees Marinette and Cat Noir together exiting the movies.
    • For Marinette, after getting fed up with everyone thinking Ladybug and Cat Noir are in love, she brashly told Cat Noir off as Ladybug. However, she didn't know she was angry at the boy she likes, and didn't know André was right about the two being made for each other.
      • Also, while Marinette is traumatized about the events from "Cat Blanc", she unknowingly almost got Adrien akumatized as result. If Hawk Moth went through with it, if he knew Cat Noir was his son, Marinette would have unknowingly made a repeat or a similar incident of that episode.


  • When Marinette and Cat Noir were in the movie theater, the civilian who would later yell at them for talking disappears during the first close up of Marinette while she is talking.
  • When battling Glaciator the first time, Ladybug says "Time to de-evilize", but later she is shown to capture the akuma after she repairs everything.
  • At the end of the episode, Adrien puts his new trophy on a shelf already seen to be filled in previous episodes.
  • When Shadow Moth almost akumatized Adrien and stopped himself, he did not put any akuma energy into the butterfly, so when he opened his hand, the butterfly should be white, not the akuma colour.
  • In the English dub, Adrien calls Marinette's gift a "hamster wheel", even though it's actually a potter's wheel.
  • When Ladybug uses Lucky Charm in the second battle, her suit doesn't evolve like it always does after Mr. Pigeon 72.


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