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Season 2


Marinetta! You're so tall for your age!
Happy birthday, my little fairy! My Inuit friend knitted it especially for your tenth birthday!
We'll have a wonderful day, you and I! Just like the last time. Well go to the merry-go-round and to the zoo, then-!
What, Tom? That I don't know my Marinetta anymore because I'm always travelling? [...] You think she doesn't want to spend time with her Nona, is that it?
Surely you're not going to the dentist on your birthday? I still have to take you to see the trains at Gare de Lyon Station!
I get it, my fairy. Don't worry about me. Run along now and go meet your friend. [...] Go on. I'll hold on to all of this. We'll catch up with each other later.
Tom was right. [Marinette]'s too old now to spend time with her Nona.
Do you know what naughty boys get? Coal! You have nothing to fear, my fairy. You've always been good to me.
I'm not your grandma anymore. From now on, I am only Befana! And I'm going to punish you for all those lies!
It's rude to leave while Befana's still speaking to you.
You would look wonderful in white, my pretty kitty.
It's very disrespectful to speak up without permission! But then again, it's quite noble of you to stick up for your friends. Okay. I shall make you a fairy.
Is that how you speak to your elders? How rude. Maybe this way you'll learn to keep quiet.
♫ La Befana comes at night, on her shaky broom in flight. She gives candy to those who are dandy. And only gives coal to brats with no soul. ♫
You didn't say the magic word. [...] Much better, Hawk Moth.
You little thief! Where have you hidden Marinetta!
What does the villainous cat burglar do when he feels threatened? He climbs!
You can't turn down a gift, you rude little imp!
So, how about you, André? Do you have anyone in particular to share your ice cream with these days?
You're so grown up, Marinette. You know what? There'll be no more merry-go-rounds or zoos. For your next birthday, I'll take you on one of my trips!


Are you okay? [...] Parisians are all on your side.
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