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Gamer 2.0

Season 3, episode 16 (Production order); Episode 68 (Overall)

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"Ladybug, Cat Noir. All of these people were once akumatized and then saved by you. If you want another chance at freeing them, you're going to have to come and play with me."

Gamer 2.0, "Gamer 2.0"

"Gamer 2.0" is a Season 3 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[5] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Gamer 2.0" is the 16th written and produced episode of Season 3. It is also the 68th written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]


When he can't find anyone to test his video game that pits formerly akumatized villains against one another, Max again becomes one himself: Gamer 2.0.[6]

Disney Channel

Max is akumatized into Gamer once again, and it's Ladybug and Cat Noir's second battle against him.


Marinette stressed out.

Marinette is stressed because she has a lot of work to do: study for her history test, design Kitty Section's shirts, and make a poster for Jagged Stone. Her father invites her to play Ultimate Mecha Strike III with him, and although Marinette really wants to, she turns him down since she has so much to do. Dejected, Tom asks Sabine why Marinette must grow up so fast, to which Sabine replies by saying that it’s a part of life. The two decide to play Ultimate Mecha Strike together.

Gamer 2.0 (55).png

The next day after finishing her history test, Marinette overhears Max talk about a new video game he designed and invites several of his classmates to test the game with him, though they each turn him down for various reasons. Marinette is intrigued by the game, but knowing that she still has a ton of other stuff to take care of, she stops Max before he can even ask her, stating that she must resist the temptation before futilely trying to explain why she can’t play with him. Chloé tells Max that the reason no one wants to play his video game is because everyone has a much more interesting life than him — even Marinette. Marinette says that she wasn’t just making excuses not to play with Max but has to take off before she can explain herself. Opening his locker, Max finds Markov and asks him if he’d like to play his new video game, but Markov turns him down since he’s communicating with artificial intelligences to find a solution to global warming. Upset that no one wants to play with him, Max is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Gamer 2.0 who zaps previously akumatized villains into his life-sized video game dimension. While fencing, Adrien notices Kagami and his fencing teacher disappear, so he runs into a bathroom stall and transforms into Cat Noir.

Max akumatized

Just as Marinette finishes designing the new Kitty Section T-shirts, all her friends disappear. Gamer 2.0 then comes onto the screen and announces to Ladybug and Cat Noir that all the people who they’d previously saved are trapped in his game, and in order to save them again, they must play. Marinette transforms into Ladybug and meets with Cat Noir. Gamer 2.0 then provides each of them with their own pyra-pod. Cat Noir wonders if it’s a trap, but Ladybug assures him that he just wants to play. The two put on their earpieces to keep in touch and enter the pyra-pods, where they are flown into Gamer 2.0’s video game dimension.

Once inside the game dimension, they get their hands locked into place and are forced to use old akumatized villains to win a game that Gamer 2.0 created himself. In it, one of them, either Ladybug or Cat Noir, have to pick an old villain who will materialize in the fighting arena. Gamer 2.0 does the same. Once both of the villains are in the fighting arena, they fight. Regaining their old powers, the villains attack one another trying to throw their opponent out of the arena and onto the ground below or break their akumatized object. When a villain is defeated, control of the winning villain's akumatized item goes to the winner. Ladybug, impatient because of her multitude of responsibilities, throws herself into the game without thought or strategy and is easily bested until Cat Noir reminds her that the main point of a video game is to cut loose and enjoy oneself. With this in mind, Ladybug begins using more strategic moves and quickly begins to enjoy herself, particularly when she knocks Volpina out of the ring in one move with Evillustrator's powers. Once all of the villains are defeated, Ladybug and Cat Noir must face each other to find out who will fight Gamer 2.0. The round begins, but neither of them move. They know what will happen if either of them lose their miraculous to Gamer 2.0. Then suddenly, Cat Noir walks backwards and purposely jumps off. While Ladybug is horrified, he calls out to let her know that he trusts her and knows that she will restore his Miraculous along with all the other people in Paris.

Gamer round

With just Ladybug and Gamer 2.0 left, Gamer 2.0 lets Ladybug pick four of the defeated opponents' objects/powers. She calls on her Lucky Charm and receives a bag of flour. Once she figures out what to do, she chooses Sandboy's Pillow, which lets her float in the air, Troublemaker's Pen, which makes her intangible, Volpina's Flute, which creates illusions, and Cat Noir's ring, which has the power of Cataclysm. She enters the fighting arena, and the final round begins. Ladybug cataclysms the arena and then jumps onto the floating pillow while Gamer 2.0 changes into Befana and rides her floating motorcycle. He shoots at Ladybug, but she makes herself intangible. Gamer 2.0 changes into various villains to try and hit Ladybug, claiming that her staying intangible is not fair and no fun. As Ladybug's earrings start to beep, she comes tangible and breaks open the bag of flour to give her cover to create many illusions of herself. As The Dark Owl, Gamer 2.0 quickly disposes of the illusions and then Ladybug herself. Ladybug falls to the ground and discovers that she's still on the ground saying that the game has a bug. As Reverse, Gamer 2.0 floats down to the ground to investigate. When he touches the ground, he suddenly changes back into Gamer 2.0, discovering that the Ladybug that hit the ground had been an illusion. Ladybug is declared the winner, and Gamer 2.0 gives her his glasses. She breaks the glasses, restores the city, and purifies the akuma. Hawk Moth assures himself that he'll be successful next time.

Marinette hearing Max playing video games with her parents.

Ladybug and Cat Noir meet on a rooftop. Ladybug asks Cat Noir how he balances everything and if he's worried that he'll have to sacrifice everything for being a superhero. Cat Noir replies that his favorite moments are when he's with her and that he would give up everything for that.

Marinette introduces Max to her parents telling them that he's created a video game that has bugs to find. Tom and Sabine excitedly grab Max and drag him up to the living room to try his new video game. Tikki floats out, and Marinette says that the the Kitty Section T-Shirts are almost done and then asks if the Jagged Stone poster can wait a bit. Tikki reassures her that it can, and Marinette races up to the living room to test Max's new game with her parents.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is the third time Max gets akumatized into Gamer, following “Gamer” and "Catalyst".
  • This episode shows the most akumatized villains at one time, though only Max was actually akumatized.
  • This episode also currently holds the record for most akumatized villains shown in one episode with 43.
  • This episode shows Ladybug "wearing" the Cat Miraculous, but her costume didn't change at all due to the ring being part of the game.
  • While she did use Cataclysm, she did not use the Ultimate Power gained when possessing both the Cat and Ladybug Miraculous, which is understandable because Ladybug doesn't know the incantation to activate said power, nor would it have worked due to the ring being part of the game.
    • As she possesses Volpina's flute, she's able to use the Mirage power (possessed by both Volpina and Rena Rouge) to make copies of herself.
  • This episode was released internationally out of order, leading to Desperada and her akumatized object appearing before her actual debut.

  • This episode features what appears to be a red laser beam whose akumatized villain of origin has not yet been confirmed.
  • Animan, Guitar Villain, Magician of Misfortune, Simon Says, The Collector, Robostus, Syren, Captain Hardrock, Queen Wasp, Frozer, Malediktator, Catalyst, Rena Rage, Shell Shock, Chameleon, Animaestro, Backwarder, Silencer, Oni-Chan, Destroyer, Miraculer, Oblivio, Christmaster, Startrain, Kwamibuster, and Feast are all akumatized villains who did not appear on the character selection screen or in the final stages of the game.
    • Queen Wasp, Rena Rage, Shell Shock, Chameleon, Oni-Chan, Miraculer, Oblivio appear as the victims' alternative akumatized forms.
    • Despite Markov disappearing, Robostus did not appear on the selection screen.
    • Despite Marc Anciel disappearing, Reverser did not appear in the selection screen. However, Gamer is able to take his form.
    • Despite Sabrina Raincompirx disappearing, Vanisher did not appear in the selection screen possibly due to being invisble. However, Gamer does play as her against Ladybug who defeated her by using Style Queen.
    • Despite appearing on the selection screen, Bubbler does not make a physical appearance for the entire episode. However, Ladybug was shown to have access to his power source in the final stage.
    • Since the Dormant Sentimonster was destroyed at the end of "Feast", it couldn't be teleported in the game and, thus, was not playable in the game.
    • Possibly because Gabriel Agreste was transformed into Hawk Moth, he couldn't be teleported in the game as The Collector and, thus, was not playable in the game.
      • This leaves Simon Says, Animan, Guitar Villain, Captain Hardrock, Syren, Frozer, Malediktator, Animaestro, Backwarder, Silencer, Christmaster, Startrain, and Kwamibuster as the only akumatized villains which don't appear on the selection screen, aren't used in a battle, aren't seen disappearing, don't appear as a victim's alternative form, haven't been seen directly fought by Ladybug and Cat Noir in a previous episode, or don't exist anymore.
  • This is the second time Ladybug and Cat Noir have used their ear communicators, with the previous time being "The Dark Owl". Coincidentally, both those scenes are near or at the stadium.
  • This is one of the few times Ladybug uses Miraculous Ladybug (superpower) before purifying the akuma.
  • It's revealed that Sabine knows how to play Ultimate Mecha Strike III.
  • Like "Dark Cupid" and few other episodes, Cat Noir was forced to fight Ladybug.
    • Unlike these episodes, he wasn't mind controlled into doing it.
  • After purifying the akuma, in the background, you can see a board with sponsoring signs. One of them is in exact form of font and logo of ZAG but spelled backwards as "GAZ"
  • Nathaniel and Marc are still working on the comic they started in "Reverser" and have apparently signed a publishing deal since Marc mentions they have a meeting with an editor.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir won most of the battles, and the only akumatized objects that Gamer 2.0 has are Befana's, Dark Owl's, Copycat's, Puppeteer's, Gorizilla's, Stoneheart's, Pharaoh's, and Bakerix's.
  • Reflekta!Cat Noir's line "They see me catwalkin'... they hatin'" is a reference to the song "Ridin'" by Chamillionaire.
  • Ladybug's Playable Akumatized Villains were...
    • The Mime
    • Befana
    • Copycat
    • Gorizilla
    • Evillustrator
    • Kung Food
    • Sapotis
    • Style-Queen
    • Troublemaker
    • Gigantitan
    • Princess Fragrance
  • Cat Noir's Playable Akumatized Villains were...
    • Mr Pigeon
    • Reflekta
    • Anansi
    • Lady Wifi
    • Zombizou
    • Weredad
    • Desperada
    • Despair Bear
  • Gamer 2.0's Playable Akumatized Villains were...
    • Riposte
    • Dark Cupid (First time, and Second Time)
    • Dark Owl (First time, and Second Time)
    • Rogercop
    • Puppeteer
    • Stoneheart
    • Stormy Weather (First time, and Second Time)
    • Timebreaker
    • Horrificator
    • Frightningale
    • Volpina
    • AntiBug
    • Glaciator
    • Vanisher
    • Darkblade
    • Sandboy
    • Pixelator
    • Prime Queen
    • Santa Claws
    • The Mime
    • Bakerix
    • Befana
    • Pharaoh
    • Reverser


  • Despite losing the battles of Befana vs Dark Owl and Copycat vs Puppeteer, Ladybug was shown to have access to their power sources in the final stage, with the exception of Copycat's.
  • Despite winning the battles of Mime vs Riposte, Anansi vs Stormy Weather, Lady Wifi vs Timebreaker, Zombizou vs Horrificator, Kung Food vs Antibug, Sapotis vs Glaciator, Style Queen vs Vanisher, Desperada vs Pixelator and Despair Bear vs Santa Claws, Ladybug isn't shown to have access to any of these power sources in the final stage, with exceptions of Anansi's, Lady Wifi's, Antibug's, Sapotis' and Santa Claws'.
  • Antibug's mask is missing when she’s in the arena.
  • Weredad's hair is miscolored white on the selection screen.
  • Zombizou's hair is miscolored white.
  • Lady Wifi's bangs are miscolored red before the fight between Timebreaker begins.
  • Despite Cat Noir choosing the character of Anansi, Ladybug's face is shown as the 1st Player's picture on the screen.
    • Similarly, while Cat Noir's player color is purple, when he selects Mr. Pigeon it is red.
    • When he selects Reflekta, the color is pink.
  • After losing the battle of Mr. Pigeon vs Dark Cupid, Dark Cupid doesn't have his wings and the brooch is still on his chest.
  • When Timebreaker enters the arena, she is missing both her eyes.
  • After Marinette transforms into Ladybug, Ladybug's shadow is floating in the air for 1 second when she is going to land on the rooftops.
  • At the first battle of Riposte VS. Mime, it's shown that if you talk when you are miming, it will disappear. Ladybug, however, spoke when she used her yo-yo, throwing Riposte off the stadium edge while grunting and saying "Au revoir!", and at that point, her mimed object disappeared.
    • But grunting might not count towards the mime rule, and when she said "Au revoir!" Riposte was being thrown off the edge so the object wouldn't be needed anymore since that round was already over.
  • Gorizilla's eyes were miscolored red in battle.
  • When Max was asking Alix to join his game, Marinette's line "No, No, No, No, No!" was from the French dub.
  • When Ladybug chooses the akumatized objects for the final battle with Gamer 2.0, The Puppeteer's wand is not completely in its designated space.
  • Glaciator's mouth is missing when he's in the arena.
  • Wen Cat Noir sacrificed his life for Ladybug so that she would be the one who would fight Gamer, part of Cat Noir's mask was not covering his face and it was colored black.
  • When Ladybug chooses the akumatized objects for the final battle with Gamer 2.0, Antibug's, Mr. Pigeon's, Darkblade's, Pharaoh's, Troublemaker's and Santa Claws's akumatized objects weren't in their normal state like the other akumatized objects.
  • When Ladybug says that Gamer should get in the ring, Bubbler's power source is on Gamer's side, but later when Ladybug chooses the akumatized objects for the final battle with Gamer 2.0, she has the option of choosing that.
  • In the final battle, Volpina's power source is not her Akumatized object, her pendant. Instead, it is her flute.
    • It's shown as the pendant on the selection screen, but materializes as the flute.


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