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Recurring quotes

Fly away, my little akuma, and evilize [him/her].
It won't be long before Ladybug and Cat Noir show up to meet their doom!
Nooroo, dark wings rise!
Such perfect prey for my akuma...

Season 1

The Bubbler

Did you remember to buy [Adrien] a present from me?
Listen, young man. I decide what's best for my son. In fact, I've just decided that you're a bad influence and you're not welcome in my house ever again. Leave now!
Desperate to help his friend, but feeling powerless. How frustrating. It won't be long before frustration turns to anger!
Hawk Moth is my name and Bubbler is now yours. I will help you with these horrid adults, and all you have to do in return is help me get something from Ladybug and Cat Noir.
You can't run forever Ladybug, and when I catch you, I will crush you! I will destroy you both!

Mr. Pigeon

Hmm, turn the tablet back to Miss Bourgeois' hat … Is this a joke?
Very exquisite creation. You definitely have the laboring hands of a hat maker.
Congratulations on your demonstration, Miss Marinette. You're the winner.
The time has come for us to find our next victim, my wicked little akumas, and to prey upon Ladybug and Cat Noir. Their Miraculouses must be mine!
Poor Mr. Ramier. The feeling of injustice, such easy prey for my akuma.
Mr. Pigeon, I'm Hawk Moth. Neither this police officer nor any other of the park keepers should stop you from taking care of your friends. What would Paris be without pigeons? What would pigeons be without you?
If you want to give Paris back to the pigeons for good, you must first rid the city of those two pests.
Wretched pigeons, wretched Ladybug. I'll destroy everyone of you!

Stormy Weather

The vibrations are so strong, I can feel the eminent anger and sadness. The moment of weakness at my next victim... Such easy prey for my akuma.
So correct you are. You should have won, yes. […] Stormy Weather, I am Hawk Moth. I give you the power to seek revenge on them as my weather girl. All you have to do is bring me the Miraculous, can you do that? […] That's my weather girl. Show the world who the best weather girl really is!
You've shown them all who the real winner is, my weather girl. But now is the time for you to fulfill your part of the agreement, and here's my plan.
Someday, the Miraculous will be all mine. I don't care how many enemies I need to throw out to win, but I will be victorious!


Such disappointment, frustration, and negativity... Oh, how it fills my heart with exhilaration.
Could this be possible? Do I see double vision in my future? Or should I say, double villain?
You slipped by me this time, Ladybug and Cat Noir. But one day, past, present, or future, you will be destroyed! And I'll have your Miraculouses! I will be unstoppable! Mwahahaha!


Disappointed by Ladybug, and jealous of Cat Noir. The perfect formula for disaster.
Hello, Copycat, I'm Hawk Moth. Once you get rid of Cat Noir, you can take his place. And Ladybug will be yours forever.
Copycat, stop the small talk and get me Cat Noir's Miraculous!
Ladybug's doing all the work for us. What sweet irony.

The Pharaoh

There's nothing wrong with living out a fantasy. Especially when I can make it a reality.
You might have gotten away this time, but I assure you, Ladybug, some day, wherever you are, I will have your Miraculous, and you'll be nothing! Nothing at all!

Lady Wifi

Ah... School life. Such a science experiment. A Petri dish of cultivating secrets, lies and betrayal, the thriving vivarium for my evil akumas.
Lady Wifi, I heard through the grapevine that you're seeking to unmask Ladybug. I'd like to help you, if you agree to help me, too.
Get her to use her Lucky Charm. It'll force her to switch back and her true identity will be revealed, and her Miraculous will be mine.
Your mask will fall one day, Ladybug. You'll have no choice then but to hand over your precious Miraculous!

The Evillustrator

Ah... Artists can be so emotional. I love it.
That is a lovely little scene you're setting. But I don't want you to get distracted, boy.
Noooo! The Miraculous were practically mine! And they will be. Once I have them all in my grasp, I shall rule the world!


Parent-child relationships can be so complicated and the perfect breeding ground for stress. When there's no more law and order, there's only chaos left.
Rogercop, I am Hawk Moth. This city needs a true ruthless righter of wrongs, and that it where you come in. […] Ladybug and Cat Noir must be destroyed if you want to obtain ultimate retribution. You will seize Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses for me. Do we have an agreement?
Fabulous! So wretchedly fabulous!
You may have eluded me this time, Ladybug, but one of these days, I'll be ruling the world! And you and Cat Noir won't be a part of it!

Dark Cupid

Ah, Valentine's Day, the day of love and the day of fools. So many delusions, so much disappointment. My evil akumas, you are going to have such a field day.
Dark Cupid, I am Hawk Moth. I can give you the power to shoot your arrows, pierce love, and impale friendships. But there's something you must do for me in return.
If you want to continue destroying love, bring me Ladybug's Miraculous, or I'll remove your powers!
Drrr... Blasted Ladybug! Blasted Valentine's Day!


A film shoot... oh, yes. So many emotions. Some fake, yet others very, very real.
Horrificator, I am Hawk Moth. Up until now you have felt fear. From now on, you will cause fear. And after you've shown them how they make you feel, you will do something for me in return.
Time for you to use your scare tactics, Horrificator, and thrive!
Absorb their fear, Horrificator... Feed on it! It will give you strength. And soon enough, you will be giving me strength, too!
Their fear will make you powerful enough to defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir. Now, bring their Miraculouses to me!
You don't scare me, Ladybug. I know I'll destroy you in the end! Someday, somehow, I'll destroy you!


A loser and an utter failure in an election, but the perfect candidate to lobby my own campaign.
Our duel is not over yet, my dear Ladybug. At the end of our battle, I will rule!

The Mime

Hmm. An actor who misses his own premiere. Now, that's a tragedy.
Mime, I am Hawk Moth. I'm giving you the power to make whatever you gesture come to life. Destroy this premiere performance! You may be a mime, but they can't silence you! However, in return, you must bring me back Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses. So, shall we get on with the show?
The show's not over yet, Ladybug. You just wait. There's still a last act to come when you least expect it.

Princess Fragrance

Ooh, now there's a brokenhearted princess if ever I saw one. Every rose has its thorns.
Princess Fragrance, I am Hawk Moth. Your perfume is now your secret weapon. No one will be able to resist it, especially Prince Ali. All I want from you in exchange are Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous.
Cat Noir is down! It won't be long before Ladybug shows up too and meet her doom!

Ladybug & Cat Noir

You are not going to school, I've already told you! […] Everything you need is right here where I can keep an eye on you. I will not have you outside in that dangerous world. […] Because you are not like everyone else! You are my son!
I want that absolute power, Nooroo. I must have those Miraculous.
I found you, though, my little Nooroo. Your Miraculous, remind me of its powers again […] And when it comes to luring superheroes, what could be better than creating supervillains? […] I must have this absolute power! Your Miraculous is in my control! I am your master now, and you must obey me.
Nooroo, dark wings, rise! From this day on, I shall be known as... Hawk Moth!
Negative emotions. This is perfect. Just what I need. Anger, sadness... Burn a hole into his heart, my horrible akuma.
Everything's going to plan. Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous have been activated. Here they come to save the day, and now my super villain will destroy them.
Ivan has a sensitive heart. It won't be long before anger and sadness strike again, and he and the stone beings will come alive. Then, we'll see how long you will remain hidden, Ladybug and Cat Noir. Once I have your Miraculous, you will be powerless against me. Everyone will be powerless against me! I will have absolute power! Mwahahahaha!


You didn't see him leave? If anything has happened to my son you will be held responsible!
You will never, I say, never go back there again... without your bodyguard. He will drop you off and pick you off every day. Nathalie has offered to organize you a new schedule. You'll be continuing your music, Chinese, and fencing classes, and your photo shoots.
Yes... Feel the burn of those words. Lose your temper, Ivan! Your akuma awaits you.
Negative emotions... they're fading! Ugh...
This is your second chance, Stoneheart, and this time you have extra help. No one will stop you from capturing the love of your life. Just remember I'll need something in return.
People of Paris, listen carefully. I am Hawk Moth. Ladybug, Cat Noir, give me the ladybug earrings and the cat ring now. You've done enough damage to these innocent people!
Agh! That's the problem with superheroes. They're too... heroic!
This is just the beginning, Ladybug. You and Cat Noir may have won this battle, but I will win the war. I will get your Miraculouses. I will get the absolute power! And then my secret dream will come true!


Unleashing the animal in each of us. I like that idea.
You ruined everything, Ladybug. This is not how it was supposed to end! But I promise you, one day it will be me at the top of the food chain, and you'll be nothing!

Simon Says

Hilarious. Your show is pathetic, and so is your contestant. Control me? Never!
I have to apologize for my son, Ladybug, he's like his mother. Way too overly dramatic.
What could possibly happen with you here to protect me?
Adrien, my son. He's the image of perfection, don't you think?
I've never noticed your earrings before. They really are quite unique. May I?
They won't get in. This house is built like a fortress.
No one tells me what to do, not even a superhero.
...Quite a temper. You remind me of someone.
I've never noticed your ring before.
The Challenge... what an interesting concept. A TV show with such potential with negative emotions. Oh, the destructive mayhem we could cause...
Yes. Humiliation and anger, the perfect elements for transforming a loser into a winner.
It's risky, but it's given me an idea. Good luck, Simon Says.
I don't think that's a good idea, Simon Says. […] Yes, but, don't forget our deal. I feel Ladybug and Cat Noir near by. Once you've got them in front of you, you'll be able to honor our agreement. Just take their jewels, the Miraculous.


I sense brewing anger and frustration. Perfect fodder for my evil little akumas.
Pixelator, I am Hawk Moth. I am giving you the power to capture your hero's smile, forever. But in return, you'll need to do some capturing for me as well.
Next time, I assure you it won't be a photo finish! I won't stop, Ladybug! I'll destroy you!

Guitar Villain

I feel a disharmonious soul, an angry discord. Ideal prey for my evil akumas.
Guitar Villain, I am Hawk Moth. I'm giving you and your vicious crocodile the power to show the whole world that you are the number one rocker. Just make sure you get me Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous in return.
Dahhh! Don't do your victory dance just yet, because one day, I'll play you my favorite music: the anthem of your defeat, Ladybug and Cat Noir!

Kung Food

A great artist was wronged today. I can feel it. I can hear his heart screaming for revenge.
Kung Food, I am Hawk Moth. Those who tasted your soup will become your servants. The one who wronged you will pay dearly.
They are Ladybug and Cat Noir. They've come to stop you from completing your soup. You must add them to your recipe!
This evil dinner was almost perfect. Revenge is a dish that is best served cold, so watch yourself — I'll be ready to strike again!


Ah, a competition. I know you like that, my little evil akumas. Where there's a winner, there's always a loser.
Gamer, I am Hawk Moth. I'll help you win the tournament of your life. But in return, you must help me achieve my high score.
If you want to be the most powerful robot in the world, you must capture Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses. Then it really will be game over.
Such pitiful insolence! The moment you challenge me is the moment you seal your fate! This battle is not yet over...


Poor girl, feeling so lonely and ignored. How terrible it must feel that you don't even exist. Come here, my little friend.
Reflekta, I am Hawk Moth. From now on, you will be the only one people see. No one will ever ignore you again. However, you must do me a favor in return, when the time comes.
You might've pulled it off today, Ladybug, but everything is not as it appears to be! Watch out Ladybug! I'll destroy you when you least expect it.

The Puppeteer

Ah, what could be more pure than an innocent child's emotions, especially anger? I love it!
Use Cat Noir to seize Ladybug's doll. When you control that one, you'll have won everything, and Ladybug will be defeated.


It's time to fulfill our agreement, Vanisher. Cat Noir and Ladybug are at your mercy. Take their Miraculouses and bring them back to me.
Inconceivable! I was so close! Urgh!
A betrayed Ladybug worshiper? Just what I need to swiftly recover from the defeat of Vanisher. This is perfect.
Antibug, I am Hawk Moth. Ladybug has let you down, I want her downfall too. So, shall we defeat Ladybug together?
Take [Ladybug's] Miraculous before it's too late!


Yes, I'm busy. I was right in the middle of something very important, what do you want?
What?! This is unacceptable! The sample garment doesn't match at all! All you had to do was follow a pattern. Imbeciles! What am I supposed to do? The show is in three days! No, don't use him, he's completely useless. Call my assistant Nathalie, she'll give you some other news.
Ah... Jealousy, deceit, and the desire to be a superhero. This young lady is my perfect prey.
Volpina, I am Hawk Moth. I'm giving you the power of illusion. From now on, your lies will come to life. Gain Ladybug and Cat Noir's trust, and convince them you're a real superhero. Then, betray them and bring me their Miraculous.
[Lila]'s still angry. You're not done with Volpina yet, Ladybug. You haven't seen the last of her.

Season 2

Santa Claws

I know, you're right, I'll go see [Adrien]. I just need a little more time.
Go and find [Adrien] immediately. Immediately!
Ahhh, without even knowing it, you're giving me the best Christmas gift ever, Ladybug. An innocent man wrongly accused, and the spirit of Christmas is broken.
Adrien, you understand I can't have you disappearing like that. I couldn't bear the thought of losing you.

The Collector

How can I possibly trust you again, Adrien?
It's one-of-a-kind! The book's the source of my inspiration.
I must become someone else, to lead them astray.
Nooroo, I renounce you. Temporarily.
I am now, the Collector! My book of inspiration has been taken from me! So I shall build a new one! And perhaps pick up a Miraculous or two while I'm at it. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Nothing could inspire me more than imprisoning Ladybug and Cat Noir inside these pages forever!
But before I immortalize you, allow me to seize your Miraculous for Hawk Moth.
That book was the very last gift your mother gave to me before she disappeared. All I have left of her is this book. And you. But now I know I can’t keep the book or you locked up in this house forever.
I did what I had to do to keep my secret.
Ladybug. Cat Noir. You almost managed to find out who I am. But now, I am more above suspicion than I’ve ever been. As of today, nothing will stop me from getting your Miraculous and making my greatest wish come true. All I need to do now is wait for my next prey.

Prime Queen

A journalist ridiculed by Ladybug and Cat Noir. Now that's the perfect prey.
Order them to give you their Miraculous!
Prime Queen turned out to be bad news. But soon, I'll be broadcasting the end of Ladybug and Cat Noir!

Despair Bear

A party being thrown by the most spiteful girl in all of Paris? Such a fertile breeding ground for negative emotions!
What are you doing, Miss Bourgeois? Where's that natural cruelty I'm counting on?
Ah, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.
Despair Bear, if you want to continue playing this game, give me Ladybug's Miraculous!
Ladybug, if you hadn't been helped, defeating you would have been child's play. So you better watch out. Your day of devastation is coming soon!


A champion of victory has been stolen. Crushing defeat is the ideal steel with which to forge a blade of revenge!
Halt, Ripsote! You may seek your revenge, but only after you take hold of Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculous first.


What could be more powerful than a grandmother deserted by her own granddaughter? Perfect fodder for disappointment and misunderstanding!
"Ladybug has joined the party at last! Bring me the Miraculous, Befana!"[...] Please."
Ladybug, Cat Noir... you've escaped punishment yet again! I won't sugarcoat the truth, and next time I will destroy you and take your Miraculous!


A man who takes his work very seriously. Whose blood is boiled by the slightest shortfall. That's what I call an easy target for my dear akumas.
This wasn't I had in mind, but why not? After all, what could be more emotionally powerful than a baby throwing a giant temper tantrum?
Ladybug and Cat Noir, Gigantitan may not have been big enough for the job, but I promise my next villain will be more than you can handle!


A thwarted artist, his shattered dreams and the collapse of his whole little world. Quite chilling.
Don't forget what you promised me. Give me Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous!
Glaciator, fire! Now's the time! Freeze them! Forever!
Someday, I will triumph, and it will taste of such sweet revenge!


Kids should be able to do whatever they want to do. However they want to do it.
A new hero? So I was right. There are indeed other Miraculouses in the city.
You and your friends have defeated me this time, Ladybug. But thanks to you, now I know there are other Miraculous in Paris. And most likely, a guardian.


Where is my son? [...] Adrien has managed to leave his room. Without either of you noticing! Find him!
I don’t know, but he’s hiding something for sure! Since his bodyguard has failed to keep an eye on Adrien, there’s only one way for us to uncover his secret.
A failed bodyguard who can't perform his duties? Anger and frustration, perfect fodder for my akuma.
[Ladybug]’s alone. If Adrien is Cat Noir, then he’ll have to transform to help her.
If indeed you are Cat Noir, then transform, son. Please.
Adrien and Cat Noir side-by-side? So I was wrong. Just as well.
One of these days I'll find out who Ladybug and Cat Noir really are. And when I do, I'll make them pay for eternity!
You should’ve trusted me, son. It’s important for you and I to be able to trust each other. If you were to begin hiding the truth from me, then I’d naturally start imagining all kinds of things.

Captain Hardrock

We Agrestes are soloists. We’re not mere group members. I suggest you rehearse your piece some more. You'll play it for me again later today.
Not after that performance you've just given, which is probably due to [Adrien's friends] influence. You need to refocus, Adrien.
Ah, the suppression of a soul demanding liberty and freedom.
One of these days Ladybug and Cat Noir, your treasure will be mine.
You can go to your friends' concert if that's what you really want.


Poor little mermaid. How many times have you tried to tell your prince how you feel? And how many times has he dismissed you?
With every new environment comes a new set of rules, Ladybug. You won't be able to win this time. Ladybugs can't breathe underwater. Syren, are you going to let Ladybug steal your prince away from you?
I knew those Miraculous had hidden powers! Syren! There's too many fish in the sea. Take their Miraculous away before they take your merman away in their nets!
Don't treat me like an idiot! Ladybug and Cat Noir have new powers. How did they do it?
I will have to find this guardian of the Miraculous, wherever he is.


It will be an excellent promotion for the upcoming opening of our stores in Korea and China. You don't have a choice.
I've been designing Clara's costumes since she started out. She was very pleased with my humble suggestion of using you. She's only seen you in our advertisements, but she does admire you a lot. I'm hoping you won't let us down.
The costume fits you like a glove, as I knew it would. But, where is your mask?
Hmmm. Artistically speaking, the young lady with ponytails would've been ideal. But it's time to start filming. We'll make do with Miss Bourgeois.
Ah... Tears of disenchantment. Such sweet music to my ears!
Strike them, Frightningale! It'll be easier for you to overpower them if they're forced to sing and dance! Then no one will be able to stop you from accomplishing your dream! Now's your chance!
Nice work! Ladybug and Cat Noir cannot fight back! They're too busy singing and dancing while we're on the attack! Now hurry, my sweet nightingale. It's both of their Miraculous that I lack!


That feeling of injustice! What could be worse than being punished for someone else's wrongdoings?
Ugh! The emotions have weakened! Get closer, akuma!
There! The mere fear that harm might come to her little protégé! Fly, my little evil one, and akumatize her!
Who said anything about evil? There's already so much hate in the world. I want to help you unite everyone together with love, at last! Isn't that your greatest wish?
Victory has never been so close!
Ladybug. Cat Noir. If Zombizou is right, if love does always conquer, then someday, my most cherished wish will come true for sure!


A devoted assistant losing her cool. Such a fortunate opportunity!
Bravo, Troublemaker! Take [Ladybug's] Miraculous!

Style Queen

I'm sorry, it took some time, I know. But today, I can feel my prey has more malice in her than anyone I've ever akumatized before. She will be… my masterpiece.
Tell me, my dear akumas. What will be the trend tonight?
Adrien! We no longer have a choice. Style Queen, you must defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir as soon as possible.
You must seize Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous. If they can't save his son, then Gabriel Agreste will have to show up.
Let her go, she'll bring us Cat Noir. I need both of their Miraculous anyway.
Style Queen was my greatest masterpiece. How could she have failed? How could I have failed? What should I do now?
If only I could tell Adrien why I'm doing this. He would understand.

Queen Wasp

I don't want to break our promise, but… I can't keep putting our son in danger. Style Queen was supposed to be my masterpiece… but even she failed. I feel like I've done all I possibly could, you know? I'll never be able to fulfill my wish without Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous. Forgive me, Emilie. I'm giving you up, Nooroo.
My dear Audrey, I heard about the unforgivable misfortune you had to endure. [...] I want you to know that I've fired the person who was responsible for the misunderstanding. Only one row in the house is befitting to Audrey Bourgeois and that's the first.
We better be going home, Adrien. Thank you all for coming.
I'm sure Ladybug and Cat Noir will deal with [Chloé].
I still have one chance, Nooroo. All is not lost. I have a unique opportunity to akumatize someone with a Miraculous. A superhero-turned-supervillain can only be… exceptional!
It was bound to happen. Superpowers aren't child's play, my dear Chloé Bourgeois.
Nice work, Queen Wasp. You truly are exceptional! I knew it!
Ladybug and Cat Noir made a mistake today, and there will be others. Then, we'll finally be together once again. My love.
I can't give up, Nathalie. I miss [Emilie] too much.


A blooming friendship brutally ripped up. Picture perfect no more.
"Reverser, I am Hawk Moth. You've been accused of pretending to be someone you're not, so from now on, no one will be who they claim to be. I'm giving you the power to invert anyone. The strong will become weak. The brave will become cowards. And the kind will become mean. In return, you will seize Ladybug's and Cat Noir's Miraculous for me."
Be clever, Reverser. A writer must never be short of ideas.
Some day soon, Ladybug and Cat Noir, the order of things will reverse and I will win!


A big sister with the best of intentions. Unappreciated and unwanted. Ideal prey for my akumas.
Anansi, the earrings are Ladybug's Miraculous! Ugh, Cat Noir's magic jewel is a ring!
Anansi, enough toying with your prey. Concentrate on seizing Cat Noir's Miraculous!
Cat Noir has called on his power but he can't use it. Just be patient and wait for him to transform back. Then the ring will be uncharged once again and you'll be able to take it from him.
You're gaining more allies, Ladybug, but don't rush to rejoice. Soon you might just be outnumbered.


A man of power feeling helpless as a father. I sense very strong negative emotions from him.
Malediktator, if you want to find your daughter, you must first cause chaos in Paris. Start with the school. She'll come back of her own accord.
Let [Ladybug] go. She’ll be back and try to save her kitty. Except she'll be too late! Grab Cat Noir’s Miraculous!
Don’t let me down Malediktator, or I’ll take away your powers!
You won't pull it off like that! People only respect absolute power!


Adrien? Aren't you supposed to be working on your fencing moves? Mr. D'Argencourt said he was very disappointed at your last session.
Ah. A burning passion that's about to be put on ice. What perfect bait for my akuma.
You smashed through my plans like an icebreaker, Ladybug! But revenge is a dish best served cold.


You know the rules. You're not allowed to be more than a few feet away from me. And no communicating with anyone besides me. There are no exceptions.
You obviously haven't grasped the rules, Nooroo. We're going to have to make them even simpler. From now on you won't be able to communicate. At all. [...] It was a joke, Nooroo. I'm not that cruel.
I feel an emotion of great intensity. So pure.
Sandboy is turning Paris into one huge nightmare. And yet there's no sign of Ladybug or Cat Noir. What is going on?
Aha! It's me who's going to find you, little kwamis! And I will make you my slaves, just like Nooroo!
They're making a serious mistake. I just felt the kwamis somewhere on the right bank of the Seine. Find them! Capture them!
That's Cat Noir's kwami. Capture it or follow it all the way to its owner.
Good job, Sandboy. Without her powers, she won't be able to stop you from taking her Miraculous. Ladybug, your nightmare is my dream come true!
I hope you liked your friends' birthday gift, Nooroo. Now I know that they're close and that there are many of them. If I manage to find them, I'll take their Miraculous. Then I'll have unlimited powers at my disposal. If I have to fight a whole army of superheroes, I'll do it. Whatever it takes, Nooroo. And Ladybug and Cat Noir won't be able to stop me ever again.


If it were to fail Nathalie, I could never forgive myself.
The plan is already in motion. Soon Paris will mourn their heroes.
In honor of the wonderful Ladybug who has saved my son Adrien and myself, and who relentlessly protects all of us everyday, I have financed this tribute to Ladybug. Because Ladybug is the only true hero unlike her mediocre imitations, such as Volpina.
So much sadness. So much disappointment. I can feel the chasm of despair and fear about to open and swallow up every single Parisian.
Find the Parisians as they despair over Cat Noir and Ladybug's final hour and evilize each and every one of them!
Good, Gorizilla. Whatever happens, do not release Adrien. His safety is your number one priority. Now, come my dear akumatized friends.
[Ladybug]'s probably going to recruit other superheroes to help her battle my army. Without knowing it, she's going to lead us to the guardian of the Miraculous.
Vanisher? Why have I lost contact with you? Ladybug must've found you out, but there's no way she'll be able to figure out what I have in store for her next.
Ladybug. Cat Noir. Behold my powerful army and have no doubt that today belongs to Scarlet Moth!


Ladybug. Cat Noir. I can feel your close presence. If you want to save Paris and all its people, I'll give you one last chance. Give yourselves up and bring me your Miraculous!
I understand you want to fight. Then so be it. Guitar Villain. Frightningale. Music!
Fall on them like rain, my scarlet akumas!
Behold my triumph, Parisians! Your champions are trapped!
Get them my giants. Destroy Ladybug and Cat Noir! And anyone else who tries to stand in your way!
Alright, kids. Watch what a man who's got nothing to lose can do!
You're never going to win. Not today or any other day. You're still so green, young superheroes. You can't even stay transformed after you've used your powers.
I told you never to use the Peacock Miraculous. [...] It's damaged. It's way too dangerous.

Miraculous Adventures


So much rage. I can practically taste it!
Replay, I am Hawk Moth. I offer you the chance to be the star player of the game. For a little something in return, of course. Teach your teammates how valuable you really are!
Miraculous holders

Adrien Agreste/Cat NoirMarinette Dupain-Cheng/LadybugWang Fu

Reoccurring Miraculous holders

Chloé Bourgeois/Queen BeeAlya Césaire/Rena RougeLuka Couffaine/ViperionMax Kanté/PegasusNino Lahiffe/CarapaceLê Chiến Kim/King Monkey



Main villains

Gabriel Agreste/Hawk MothNathalie Sancoeur/Mayura

Other characters

Marc AncielAurore BeauréalIvan BruelManon ChamackJuleka CouffaineMylène HaprèleAlix KubdelNathaniel KurtzbergRose LavillantOndineSabrina RaincomprixLila RossiKagami TsurugiWayhem


Vincent AzaThéo BarbotAndré BourgeoisAudrey BourgeoisCaline BustierButler JeanAlec CataldiNora CésaireNadja ChamackSabine ChengAnarka CouffaineMr. DamoclesGina DupainTom DupainSimon GrimaultJalil KubdelMs. MendeleievClara NightingalePhilippeRoger RaincomprixXavier RamierPenny RollingBob RothSanta ClausJagged StoneXY



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