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Gabriel Agreste is a fashion mogul who wields the Butterfly Miraculous. After his wife Emilie went missing, he used the Butterfly Miraculous to turn people into villains. He is set on stealing the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses in order to obtain absolute power and his "secret wish." In pursuing this, however, he turned his back on his son, Adrien.

Before Season 1

Gabriel lived in the Agreste mansion with his wife and son. At some point in his life, he went on a trip with his wife where they found the Butterfly Miraculous, Peacock Miraculous, and the Miraculous spellbook. The book was the last thing Mrs. Agreste gave Gabriel. She went missing within nine months before Adrien was allowed to go to school in Season 1.

Season 1


In "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)", he forced Nooroo to explain how the Miraculouses worked and how he could transform using the Butterfly Miraculous. Nooroo tried to convince Gabriel that the Miraculouses were supposed to be used for good in the world, but Gabriel ignored him and forced the transformation anyway. Hand on his cane, Hawk Moth waited in his lair for the perfect person to akumatize. Sensing Ivan Bruel's anger, he sent an akuma to him and transformed him into Stoneheart. Stoneheart went on a rampage against the city of Paris. Gabriel didn't stay to watch; Adrien disobeyed his orders to stay home and not go to public school. Gabriel went upstairs to the dining hall where Adrien was being homeschooled by Nathalie Sancoeur. He reprimanded Adrien, telling him that he was safe in the house where he had everything he would ever want. Gabriel and Adrien have had this conversation several times.

Satisfied that he properly disciplined his son, Gabriel went back into his lair and transformed back into Hawk Moth. Stoneheart fought against Paris' two new heroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir, but did not succeed in capturing either of their Miraculouses. When Ivan was freed, the akuma returned to Hawk Moth and stayed in the jewel in his cane. Hawk Moth wasn't disappointed though; the akuma multiplied and created more Stonehearts. Laughing, he stood in wait for the next opportunity to akumatize Ivan, pleased that the two people he wanted the most showed up like he predicted.

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In "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)", Gabriel demanded that Nathalie and Adrien's bodyguard find Adrien, who escaped the house. Gabriel then went to his lair, transformed, and waited for Ivan to lose his temper. Ivan tried telling Mylène Haprèle that he was in love with her through a song, but she rejected him. This led to Hawk Moth re-releasing the akuma to Ivan. When Stoneheart made it to the Eiffel Tower, Hawk Moth made him cough up hundreds of akuma so that he could tell Paris to give him Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses. When Ladybug captured the akumas that created his face, he grew angry. He convinced Stoneheart that Ladybug and Cat Noir were trying to take Mylène away from him, bringing Stoneheart back into the fight. However, Ladybug captured Stoneheart's akuma. Angrier, Hawk Moth soliloquized that he would defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir and achieve his secret dream. The next day, Gabriel relented with Adrien and let him attend public school on the condition that his bodyguard drive him to school every day and that he follow Nathalie's updated schedule.

In "The Bubbler", Gabriel did not allow Adrien to have a birthday party. When Marinette dropped off a present for Adrien, Gabriel yelled at Nathalie for forgetting to get Adrien a gift from himself. He was visited by Nino Lahiffe in an attempt to change his mind about the birthday party, but he decided Nino was a poor influence on Adrien and banned him from the Agreste mansion. After Nino left, Gabriel transformed into Hawk Moth and sensed Nino's frustration over adults not listening to their children, akumatizing him into the Bubbler. He became angry when Bubbler captured Ladybug and Cat Noir and sent them into the sky instead of stealing their Miraculouses. When Bubbler was defeated, Hawk Moth vowed to catch and crush Ladybug and Cat Noir. Later that day, he received a message from Nathalie that Adrien liked his present.

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In "Mr. Pigeon", Gabriel held a derby hat competition at Adrien's school. The winner's hat would be used in Adrien's next photoshoot. He gave the students 10 hours to create a derby hat. In those 10 hours, Gabriel transformed into Hawk Moth and sensed Xavier Ramier's feeling of injustice and akumatized him into Mr. Pigeon. When he lost, Hawk Moth promised to destroy Ladybug and all the pigeons. Gabriel detransformed in time for his hat competition. Adrien and Mr. Damocles led Nathalie and Gabriel (who appeared only on a tablet) around the courtyard to see the hats. When confronted with two identical hats and Marinette explained that Chloé Bourgeois stole Marinette's design, he made Marinette the winner of the competition.

In "Stormy Weather", Hawk Moth sensed Aurore Beauréal's anger and sadness and akumatized her into Stormy Weather. He helped her set up a trap for Ladybug and Cat Noir. When he lost, he soliloquized that he would someday be victorious, no matter how many enemies he had to throw at the heroes.

In "Timebreaker", Hawk Moth sensed Alix Kubdel's disappointment, frustration, and negativity and akumatized her into Timebreaker. He akumatized her twice, much to his amusement. He promised to destroy Ladybug one day in the past, present, or future and become unstoppable.

In "Copycat", Hawk Moth sensed Théo Barbot's jealousy over Cat Noir's relationship with Ladybug and akumatized him into Copycat. When Copycat caught Cat Noir, Hawk Moth demanded that he get Cat Noir's Miraculous. He approved of Ladybug taking Cat Noir's Miraculous from Cat Noir, enjoying the irony.

In "The Pharaoh", Hawk Moth sensed Jalil Kubdel's frustration and disappointment over not being able to live out his "fantasy" of bringing the dead back to life and akumatized him into the Pharaoh. When the Pharaoh was about to sacrifice Ladybug to Ra, he demanded that the Pharaoh take Ladybug's earrings. Hawk Moth declared that someday, wherever Ladybug was, that he would take her Miraculous and she would be nothing.

In "Lady Wifi", Hawk Moth sensed Alya Césaire's pain over secrets and betrayals and akumatized her into Lady Wifi. He encouraged her to discover Ladybug's identity and helped her figure out what to do with Ladybug and Cat Noir after she captured both of them. Oddly enough, Hawk Moth's plan was for Ladybug to use her Lucky Charm and wait for her to switch back. Hawk Moth vowed that Ladybug's mask would fall one day and that she would hand over her Miraculous at that moment.

In "The Evillustrator", Hawk Moth sensed Nathaniel Kurtzberg's emotions and akumatized him into the Evillustrator. He threatened the Evillustrator when it seemed he was getting distracted during his date with Marinette.

In "Rogercop", Gabriel either forgot about Parents' Career Day at Collège Françoise Dupont, or he just didn't want to show up. Either way, he disappointed Adrien. Instead, he transformed into Hawk Moth and sensed Roger Raincomprix's negative emotions. When Ladybug tries to dissuade Rogercop he tells the villain not to listen to her and that she is lair. Once Rogercop is defeated, Hawk Moth declares he'll be ruling the world one day and that Ladybug and Cat Noir wouldn't be apart of it.

In "Dark Cupid", after feeling Kim's broken heart he sent an akuma his way turning him into Dark Cupid an angel filled with hate. Became annoyed that his villain lost Ladybug so easily and demanded him to find her quickly or else he threatened to remove Dark Cupid's powers. After Cat Noir was found under the influence of the hate arrow he advised Dark Cupid to team with him seeing Ladybug cornered Hawk Moth believed she was doomed but gained another defeat. As the window closed he cursed Ladybug and Valentines Day.

In "Horrificator", sensing Mylène's sadness and fear he sent an akuma to her turning her into Horrificator a villain that feeds off fear. After Horrificator took another hostage, he told her to feed off their fear as it will give her strength and soon he have strength too but after Horrificator's defeat. Hawk Moth said that Ladybug doesn't scare him at all.

In "Darkblade", he sensed Armand D'Argencourt's anger over losing the election and sent an akuma to him which akumatized the instructor into Darkblade. When he saw that Darkblade's conquest was almost complete Hawk Moth believed the heroes were doomed. With the evil knight defeated Hawk Moth claimed their duel wasn't over and he would rule in the end.

In "The Mime", after he sensed Fred Harpèle's sadness about losing his part in the performance. Hawk Moth akumatized him into The Mime. As the heroes fought against the villain on bus he instructed The Mime to grab Ladybug's earrings but after the fight at the tower Hawk Moth was handed another defeat.

In "Princess Fragrance", he sensed Rose's sadness over having her note for prince Ali ripped Hawk Moth admired that every rose has it's thorns and akumatized her into Princess Fragrance. During the midst of the prince's escape he notices that Cat Noir has been taken down and praises when Ladybug arrives she'll meet the same fate. When Ladybug entered the fray he instructed the villainess to use Cat Noir in taking Ladybug's earrings.

In "Animan", after feeling Otis' anger Hawk Moth akumatized him into Animan and instructed him to get the heroes Miraculous. After seeing that Cat Noir was subdued he told Animan to take his ring, but was defeated. Afterwards Hawk Moth believed he would be at the top of the food chain.

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In "Simon Says", Hawk Moth monitors The Challenge as a good place for negative emotions. Subsequently, Gabriel is contacted by the same program to be hypnotized by Simon Grimault, but Gabriel refuses, finding him and the program pathetic. After Simon is disqualified, he akumatizes him in Simon Says. He is worried when he hears that the super-villain wants to capture Gabriel Agreste, but he says he gave him an idea. Later Gabriel receives Ladybug and does not listen to Adrien's warnings about his safety. Quietly discusses with Ladybug but proves to be intrigued by her earrings. When Simon Says arrives with many hypnotized Parisians, he activates the house's security system at the request of Cat Noir. It is annoying that Cat Noir gives him orders but then comments that it reminds him of someone. After being left alone, Gabriel quickly goes to his lair, trasforms into Hawk Moth and reminds Simon Says to take Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses, because he "feels nearby". He detrasforms in time for the arrival of Nathalie and Nino and is later captured by Simon Says. He is taken to the TV studio and hypnotized by Simon Says to believe before being in a butterfly and then a plane. When he is about to throw himself from the roof, he is dehypnotized thanks to the Miraculous Ladybug and shakes Cat Noir's hand, noting his ring. Back home, Gabriel enters his son's room and embraces Adrien, realizing at that moment his ring and leaving the room, stating that he is only happy that everything worked out for the best.

In "Pixelator", as he sensed Vincent's sadness about not getting a picture of Jagged Stone; Hawk Moth akumatizes him into Pixelator. When the musician and heroine escaped the mastermind proposed to his villain if he wanted Jagged he had to find Ladybug but when the photo villain was more focused on Jagged, he controlled Pixelator commanding him to focus on the jewels and gives him a plan. Once Pixelator arrived at the destination, Hawk Moth let the photo shoot begin and soon afterwards Ladybug arrived and was aware of her trick. And told Pixelator that Ladybug would trick him as well as gaining another defeat but Hawk Moth declared the next time they meet it won't be a photo finish and destroy the heroes.

In "Guitar Villain", when sensing Jagged Stone's anger Hawk Moth akumatizes him into Guitar Villain and Fang into a dragon. After a battle of Rock n' Roll music Hawk Moth was defeated once more, but told the heroes not to do a victory dance yet because soon he'll be playing the anthem of the heroes defeat.

In "Kung Food", after sensing Wang Cheng's want for revenge Hawk Moth akumatized him into Kung Food. When the cooking villain saw the unknown heroes onscreen he tells him that they are Ladybug and Cat Noir and that they were here to stop giving Kung Food the idea that he should add them to his soup.

In "Gamer", after sensing Max's anger about losing his spot in the competition as well as remembering in a game there's a winner and loser he akumatized Max into Gamer. Seeing his progress Hawk Moth commended Gamer to show everyone that he was the best and continued to encourage him. He also reminding him, that if Gamer wanted to have the most powerful robot in the world he would have to succeed in their deal in getting the heroes Miraculous then it would be gamer over. Angered by another defeat Hawk Moth declared the heroes sealed their fate when they challenged him and that their game isn't over.

In "Reflekta", after feeling Juleka's loneliness about being excluded from the class photo, he akumatized her into Reflekta. Seeing her transform so many people he couldn't wait for Ladybug and Cat Noir to show up but when he saw Reflekta transform Cat Noir he told her that she should have taken his Miraculous before she transformed him. After witnessing another defeat Hawk Moth said he'll destroy Ladybug when she least expect it.

In "The Puppeteer", Hawk Moth sensed Manon's sadness over one of the dolls being taken away. He sent an akuma turning Manon into Puppeteer and was equally impressed on how quickly she figured things out. Once Hawk Moth saw that Puppeteer had Cat Noir under her control he commanded her to use him against Ladybug. When things turned into a five against one fight Hawk Moth believed victory was his until the heroine pulled a come from behind victory. He was so awestruck that Ladybug won with such odds that he yelled this is not possible as the window closes.

In "Antibug", he sensed Sabrina's sadness after a mishap with Chloé and Sabrina's game and akumatized her into Vanisher. Seeing that Ladybug and Cat Noir have arrived at the hotel he commanded her to get their miraculous. But after Vanisher's defeat he sensed Chloé’s anger and disappointment when Ladybug had accused her of being a liar and akumatized her into Antibug, Ladybug's complete opposite. After she had fought with Cat Noir and tied him, he encouraged her to keep it up to lure Ladybug out. When she finally arrived during the fight both began to run out of time and Hawk Moth told Antibug to hurry. But once Antibug was defeated he vowed for revenge.

In "Volpina", Gabriel was talking on the phone while looking in the Miraculous spellbook, saying the sample garments don't match at all. He also akumatized Lila into Volpina sensing her emotions after Ladybug humiliated her in front of Adrien. Near the end, as his lair window closed, he said that Ladybug and Cat Noir are not done with Volpina yet.

Season 2

In "Santa Claws"

TC (298)

Gabriel has akumatized himself.

In "The Collector", Gabriel found out that Adrien had taken the Miraculous Spellbook from his safe and asked him why he did so. He also asked Adrien how he will be able to trust him again and then banned him from going to public school anymore. Later on, aware that losing the Spellbook would make him the prime suspect of being Hawk Moth, he akumatized himself into The Collector. He fights against them and successfully lead Ladybug and Cat Noir from discovering his true identity, and he later got the Spellbook back from Marinette. He also allowed Adrien to return to school. Finally, Gabriel reveals to Nathalie that he was holding a digital copy of the book, then entering his lair and trasformed into Hawk Moth, intending to take Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses and realizing his secret wish.

In "Prime Queen", Gabriel watched Nadja Chamack’s live interview show with Ladybug and Cat Noir. When her show was canceled, Hawk Moth akumatizes her into Prime Queen. After he heard of the heroine's offer he commanded Prime Queen to order them to hand over their jewels. However, after she was eventually defeated, Hawk Moth said that Prime Queen was bad news, but next time he would succeed and broadcast the heroes defeat.

In "Despair Bear", Hawk Moth heard that Chloé was throwing a party. Knowing of her spiteful nature, he saw it as the perfect place to find a prey for an akuma and sent one to the party. However, Hawk Moth had complications due to Chloé attempting to be nice to others. But when she finally loses her temper and fires her butler, he was delighted by her giving him another victim and akumatized Butler Jean into Despair Bear. After the villain jumped onto multiple party guests and eventually Cat Noir, Hawk Moth commanded him to take Ladybug's earrings. But when Ladybug received help from Chloé, that led to another defeat. In anger, Hawk Moth claimed if Ladybug hadn't been helped, defeating her would've been child's play.

In "Riposte", Hawk Moth senses Kagami’s negative emotions towards her defeat by Adrien and sends an akuma after her, which lands in her ring. Once she accepts the akumatization, he transforms her into Riposte, the sword-wielding villain. When Riposte almost attacked Adrien, he told her to have patience and take the Miraculous first before getting her revenge. But after a fierce duel he was handed another defeat.

In "Befana", sensing Gina Dupain's sadness, he sent an akuma after her and gives her the opportunity to punish the ungrateful and reward the good. She accepts and is akumatized into Befana. When Ladybug showed up, he told her to get their Miraculous, but unexpectedly, she made him say please before doing this. After Befana was defeated by Ladybug and Cat Noir, Hawk Moth says that while they may have escaped punishment, he will destroy them and take their Miraculouses as his window closes.

In "Robostus", after sensing that Markov's feelings were real and his sadness on being separated from Max Hawk Moth sent an akuma to him. During their conversation he heard Markov ask of curiosity what the Miraculous are and why he wants them. Hawk Moth vaguely explained that the magic jewels have the power to make a wish and processed in akumatizing Markov into Robostus. However, problems began to arise when Robostus wanted to take the jewels for himself to make his own wish, despite threatening to take away his powers Hawk Moth had his own security system turn against him. After destroying his own missiles and Robostus' defeat exhausted he admitted that he made a mistake today but assured Ladybug and Cat Noir that it wouldn't happen again.

In "The Dark Owl", sensing Mr. Damocles' humiliation and sadness at failing to be a hero he sent an akuma turning him into The Dark Owl. After a long hard fought battle when he heard that Ladybug and Cat Noir had "given up" he instructed Dark Owl to give he him the jewels. As the drone arrived Hawk Moth gloated that he finally achieved victory, attempting to use the "jewels" to erase an event in the past.

But noticed something was wrong upon closer inspection he discovered the "jewels" were fake and informed Dark Owl of their trick. Destroying the jewels Hawk Moth told Dark Owl to destroy the heroes or he'd remove his powers, but with Dark Owl defeated he admitted he's getting closer to destroying Ladybug and Cat Noir and soon they'd be nothing more heroes in a comic book.

In "Gigantitan", feeling Adrien's bodyguard's frustration, Hawk Moth tried to send an akuma to him but became surprised when his negative emotions subsided and went to August instead. He was extremely shocked but decides to go along with it. However, Hawk Moth had a hard time explaining everything to August and yet akumatizes him into Gigantitan. Despite akumatizing the young child, when it came to fighting, he found it difficult to control him. With constant distractions such as him playing with the Agreste car, he commanded Gigantitan to attack Ladybug and Cat Noir but the latter didn't causing Hawk Moth's anger to increase. Seeing the young villain desperately restrained by Ladybug he commanded Gigantitan to grab her.

As the baby villain got distracted again losing his temper Hawk Moth told Gigantitan not to let Ladybug escape. After Gigantitan was returned to normal, he declared that the young villain wasn't big enough for the job, but his next villain will be too much for Ladybug and Cat Noir to handle.

In "Glaciator", when Hawk Moth sensed André Glacier’s sadness he akumatized him into Glaciator. As the villain's rampage continued he reminded him of their deal through, Glaciator's eyes when he saw the heroes defenseless he ordered Glaciator to strike them down but the villain refused. When André was deakumatized he knew that Ladybug melted his plan but soon vowed one day he'd get his revenge and it would taste sweet.

In "Sapotis", after sensing Ella and Etta Césaire's sadness about losing their opportunity to go the amusement park, he sends an akuma to them. Upon it entering the hat the twins were arguing over, he gave them the power to create as much mischief as they want. Seeing Ella and Etta's immense eagerness, he calmed them down and said they won't get punished in exchange for Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses. Ella and Etta agree and are akumatized into the Sapotis. Once Ladybug and Cat Noir showed up, he commanded the Sapotis' to seize the Miraculous.

After he saw Ladybug and Cat Noir with their new ally Rena Rouge, he reveals his suspicions that there were other Miraculouses in Paris. Hawk Moth remained unfazed as he still had the advantage and told the Sapotis' to ban together and defeat the heroes or else he would take away their powers. When he saw the little monsters following Ladybug to Rena Rouge’s amusement park illusion, seeing right through it, he told them not to go but the Sapotis didn’t listen. Upon the Sapotis' defeat, Hawk Moth proclaimed that he now knows of other Miraculous in the city and maybe a guardian.

In "Gorizilla", he was designing new bags for his design line when Adrien came to ask him for a few minutes of his time. Gabriel accepted his request, much to his surprise and delight. But when he responded that he'd have Nathalie let him know when he could, he left his son disappointed. After seeing Adrien fidgeting with his ring, he sent him back upstairs to practice his piano. Once Adrien leaves, Gabriel pulls up a video from the Ladyblog of Cat Noir running away before he detransforms. Then, he zoomed in on the ring and compared it to Adrien's ring in the new ad photo.

Surprised and in disbelief that his son might be Cat Noir, he marched up to Adrien's room to confirm this. But saw that Adrien had escaped his room, chastised Nathalie and Adrien's bodyguard and ordered them to find him. Later, Wayhem tried call Adrien on the Gorilla's phone, thinking Adrien would respond. Instead, an angry Gabriel responded and demanded he tell him where his son was and return the phone immediately (or face persecution). Gabriel then activated the secret mechanism that led into his lair. When Nooroo asked if he really thought that Adrien is Cat Noir, Gabriel responded by saying he isn't sure, but he knows he's hiding something.

He transforms and provokes Adrien's bodyguard to anger and frustration so he can akumatize him. Once he senses his negative emotions, he corrupts an akuma and sent it on its way to akumatized the bodyguard turning him into Gorizilla. After Ladybug was captured he instructed the his minion to have the heroine's earrings while they waited for Cat Noir to appear. But shortly after he became horror stricken at the sight of his son plummeting to his doom and quietly hopes that his son is Cat Noir so he can save himself but seeing he has no choice he told Gorizilla to release Ladybug.

Once his son is safe he instructed his minion to get them back and not screw up this time. Later on, he sees Cat Noir and "Adrien" side-by-side and, unaware that the latter was Wayhem in disguise, is fooled into believing that his suspicions were wrong. When Gorizilla is defeated, Hawk Moth vows to one day uncover his enemies' identities to make them pay for eternity.

Gabriel then meets with Adrien and lets him watch a movie staring the boy's mother in which he had wanted to see. Gabriel told he that he just needed to ask and that he should trust him, as if Adrien were to start hiding things, he'd begin to imagine things as they continued to watch the movie.

In "Captain Hardrock" Gabriel hears Adrien playing the piano but was disappointed by his performance, refusing to let him go out with his friends and telling him to keep practicing. Later Hawk Moth sensed the frustration of Anarka due to the fines received and akumatized her into Captain Hardrock. After his defeat, he declares that he would take over the "treasure" (the Miraculous) of Ladybug and Cat Noir. After the battle Gabriel is about to resent his son but he is surprised by Adrien's request to play with him. He accepts and allows Adrien to go out, who happily embraces him

In "Troublemaker", after Hawk Moth sensed Penny giving into pressure because of everyone else he akumatized her into Troublemaker. After the villainess secured one of Ladybug's earrings he praised her and yet despite that Troublemaker was able to restrain Ladybug a second time he was handed another defeat.

In "Frightningale", Gabriel was working on some new designs for Clara Nightingale and told Adrien that she was a fan of his. He wanted Adrien to wear an identical Cat Noir costume in the new music video the singer was filming to promote their business in and other places, knowing his son wouldn't disappoint him. At Clara's video shoot through a video chat Gabriel knew the costume would fit Adrien perfectly but asked him where his mask was and heard that Adrien couldn't find it. After Chloé auditioned for Ladybug, Gabriel was asked by Clara for his opinion and admitted Marinette was more artistic than Chloé but made with her since they were out of time.

Hawk Moth could sense Clara's sadness over the shoot being cancelled and akumatized her into Frightningale despite the villain doing so well Hawk Moth was handed another defeat.

In "Zombizou", after feeling Marinette's anger over being punished over what Chloé did, he sent an akuma to her. But during the attempt to akumatize her, Marinette's negative emotions weaken. However, when Miss Bustier saw the akuma and tried to defend her, Hawk Moth sensed the teacher's fear of what would happen to her student and commanded it to infect her instead. When the akuma infects her lip balm, Hawk Moth convinces Miss Bustier that he wants to help her spread love and compassion in exchange for Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculouses. Upon her defeat, Hawk Moth declared that if Zombizou was right about love conquering all, then his most cherished would come true.

In "Syren", sensing Ondine’s sadness over not being able to tell Kim how she feels, he sent an akuma to her. Once Ondine's bracelet was infected, he akumatized her into Syren, a mermaid-like villain that floods all of Paris with her tears. When Hawk Moth saw Ladybug underwater, he declared with a new environment equals a new set of rules, knowing that she couldn't breathe underwater. But when he saw Ladybug and Cat Noir in their new "Aqua Mode", he knew the Miraculouses had hidden powers. He told Syren to get rid of them but was handed another defeat.

While in his atelier Gabriel heard that Wang Fu under the name Mr. Chan came to the mansion as Adrien's substitute Chinese instructor. Later on in his lair, Gabriel interrogated Nooroo on how he can get new powers from the Spellbook like Ladybug and Cat Noir did. But when Gabriel asked if his kwami could read the Spellbook, Nooroo said only guardians can read it. With that, Gabriel became more determined than ever to find the Guardian, unaware that he was right under his nose.

In "Reverser", after Hawk Moth sensed a broken friendship between Marc and Nathaniel he akumatized Marc into Reverser. When he saw that Reverser was having a hard time striking Ladybug he told him to be patience as a writer must never run out of ideas. Upon seeing that the heroine was weakened he praised Reverser and instructed him to take her earrings. Despite the heroes falling into the river he told his villain to locate with victory being so close but Reverser retorted now that the heroes powerless they were no threat and had all the time they wanted. Enough for Reverser to get revenge on Marinette and Nathaniel to which Hawk Moth agreed but advised him to hurry. But upon Reverser's defeat, Hawk Moth vowed someday that the roles would reverse and he'd win.

In "Anansi", when he sensed Nora's frustration of concern towards her sister Alya he akumatized her into Anansi. As Hawk Moth saw her toying around with her prey, he commanded her to focus on Cat Noir's Miraculous but when Anansi demanded the hero's earrings. He clarified that Cat Noir's magic jewel was a ring and the earrings were Ladybug's. After Cat Noir summoned his power, he warned Anansi not to touch the ring as it was filled with destructive energy and advised her to wait until the he detransformed.

When Hawk Moth heard Ladybug challenge Anansi to a fight, he told her not to give in knowing it was a trap but was assured by Anansi she'd win. But when he was defeated instead of calling for revenge he told Ladybug not rejoice because she was growing in allies but he would someday outnumber them.

In "Sandboy", Gabriel reminded Nooroo that he is not allowed more than a few feet away from him after he tried to go leave. He then prevented Nooroo from communicating by ordering him, but soon after he admitted that it was a joke, allowing him to speak again. He detected negative emotions, then transformed into Hawk Moth and akumatized a boy into Sandboy. Despite all the chaos he was surprised that Ladybug and Cat Noir didn't show up and became confused. Then, he felt a strange presence and when he realized that the others kwamis were trying to contact Nooroo, he attempted to take advantage of this and find their location telling them he was going to enslave them all. Despite his strong will the kwamis cut him off.

Although the kwamis closed the connection, Hawk Moth detected them on the right bank of the Seine and ordered Sandboy to find them. He was alerted by Sandboy that he saw Cat Noir's kwami and told him to capture or follow it. When Sandboy lost the kwami, Hawk Moth frustratingly told him that Ladybug and Cat Noir would appear soon. When Sandboy took away Ladybug's powers, he congratulated him, saying he could take her Miraculous. After Sandboy was defeated, Gabriel was happy that he found out that there were other Miraculouses and kwamis close in Paris planning to capture them all, even daring to go through an army of superheroes to do it.

In "Style Queen", Gabriel held a fashion show to show off his designs and Marinette's hat. He was talking to Emilie about how long he been taking to get the heroes Miraculouses. When Audrey Bourgeois pulled a tantrum for not sitting on the front row, he was called but ignored it so Audrey could become the akumatized villain Style Queen. But was horrified to see that Adrien was her first victim and advised her to hurry. After he heard that she was looking for him he told the villainess that Ladybug was protecting him.

He kept on giving Style Queen suggestions on how to defeat Ladybug such as waiting for her to come back with Cat Noir. Upon being informed of the heroine's return he was shocked that Cat Noir wasn't with her, but instead told the villainess to capture Ladybug and force her to tell them where Cat Noir was. As Style Queen was defeated, he lamented that she and he had failed and was clueless about what to do.

In "Queen Wasp", Gabriel was talking to his wife about what to do, feeling like he was unable to keep his promise. He then relinquished Nooroo and left the lair depressed but embraced by Nathalie. Then, afterwards made an appearance at his own fashion show stunning everyone and embracing his son, once the show was over, he apologized to Audrey for the incident earlier. When Audrey was talking about Marinette's hat design he and Adrien both vouched that Marinette had talent and heard that she had the opportunity to go to New York. But after Chloé didn't get her mother's approval Gabriel was shocked that she had a Miraculous and transformed into Queen Bee as well as rushed off.

Afterwards, Gabriel and Adrien went home when his son voiced concerns about Chloé he assured him that Ladybug and Cat Noir would have everything under control. Entering the lair and reactivating Nooroo, Gabriel was filled with renew hope about getting the heroes' Miraculous by akumatizing someone else with one and retransformed into Hawk Moth. After sensing Queen Bee's sadness, he akumatized into Queen Wasp as well as called her exceptional praising her for her work and reminding her of the task at hand. Despite that he was handed another defeat however, he talked to his wife that Ladybug and Cat Noir made a mistake today and they'll be others and soon they'll be together.

Returning from his lair, he was reminded by Nathalie that he was going to stop but Gabriel said he couldn't because he missed her too much.

In "Malediktator", after sensing André Bourgeois helplessness as a father Hawk Moth akumatized him into Malediktator. When Malediktator saw that Chloé was gone, he advised him to start causing trouble at the school to have her come back on her own accord. After Malediktator made Cat Noir defenseless, but when his minion saw Ladybug leave and wanted to go after her. He instructed Malediktator to let her go and knew she'd be back to save her partner but told him to focus on Cat Noir's ring. However, after the super mayor was persuaded by Audrey to keep Cat Noir the way he was Hawk Moth told Malediktator not to disappoint him or he'd take his powers away but the villain retorted that Cat Noir was harmless.

Sometime later, as he saw Malediktator using his declaration bubbles to strike Ladybug and Queen Bee. But seeing that he was getting nowhere, Hawk Moth informed him that only people respect absolute power but was handed another defeat.

In "Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)", Gabriel stared at a stone statue of Emilie while Adrien left for school. When approached by Nathalie, he tells her that he won’t forgive himself if his latest plan fails, to which Nathalie says is perfect since his target, Lila, has had months to harbor her rage against Ladybug and it will reach devastating heights now that everyone is celebrating her on Heroes Day.

As part of Gabriel’s plan, Lila comes across an interview featuring him and Nadja Chamack, where he voices his pleasure over Ladybug’s heroic deeds and dismisses fake heroes like Volpina, causing Lila’s rage to hit its peak and allowing Hawk Moth to akumatize her into Volpina. After Volpina creates an illusion of an akumatized Ladybug fighting Cat Noir and eventually destroying him with his own Cataclysm, filling the Parisians with sadness and fear and allowing Hawk Moth to begin his plan’s next step. He removes Volpina’s akuma and akumatizes Nathalie into Catalyst, who then turns him into Scarlet Moth, a more powerful version of Hawk Moth who can create as many akumas as he desires.

He creates several akumas and sends them out to akumatize the grieving citizens of Paris. While ordering most of his akumatized villains to come to the Eiffel Tower, he instructs Gorizilla to keep Adrien away from the fight while telling Vanisher to follow Ladybug as she was likely going to recruit more superheroes and will lead them to the guardian of the Miraculous. However, Ladybug notices Vanisher following her and deakumatizes her before this can happen. So Scarlet Moth instead goes to the Eiffel Tower and, with Prime Queen filming him, declares that he will succeed in obtaining Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculouses.

In "Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)", Scarlet Moth gives Ladybug and Cat Noir a chance to surrender their Miraculouses, but they along with the other superheroes refuse. Therefore, Scarlet Moth orders Guitar Villain and Frightningale to play music while the other akumatized villains fight the heroes. While observing the battle, Scarlet Moth tells Catalyst that everything is going to plan and sends Dark Cupid after Chloé’s parents and butler. Dark Cupid shoots his arrows at them, causing their emotions about Chloé being a superhero to become negative and therefore allowing Scarlet Moth to akumatize them. He then uses Dark Cupid to reakumatize the villains the heroes had deakumatized previously in the battle and also successfully manages to akumatize Rena Rouge, Carapace, and Queen Bee, forcing Ladybug and Cat Noir to retreat into the sewers.

Scarlet Moth sends his akumatized villains to follow the heroes and attempts to use Frozer to trap them under the sewage water, only for them to escape and reveal that they are alive and well. With that, Scarlet Moth tells Prime Queen to stop filming the battle. He later tells Catalyst that the heroes are more resilient than he expected, to which Catalyst reminds him that they still have the last phase of their plan. Volpina creates an illusion of Scarlet Moth while the real Scarlet Moth hides. As Ladybug and Cat Noir confront the illusion, the real Scarlet Moth attempts to sneak up behind them and use Dark Cupid to akumatize them, only for Ladybug to spot him thanks to her Lucky Charm’s reflective surface. Scarlet Moth, angry that he failed, fights the duo, only for Cat Noir to use Cataclysm on his cane, reverting him to Hawk Moth and deakumatizing all his villains.

Seeing that he has nothing left to lose, Hawk Moth fights the duo and easily overpowers them. However, before he can take their Miraculous, he was stopped by Carapace, who along with the other superheroes, joined Ladybug and Cat Noir and prepare to defeat Hawk Moth once and for all. Queen Bee prepared to use Venom on him, but before he can be paralyzed, Nathalie, who has used the Peacock Miraculous to become Mayura, sends an amok towards Hawk Moth and offers him her help. At first, Hawk Moth begs her not to, but reluctantly agrees not long after. Thanks to the sentimonster Mayura creates, Hawk Moth was able to escape the heroes and detransform. He later comforts a weakened Nathalie and reminds her that she’d been told never to use the Peacock Miraculous as it was damaged, yet was still grateful when she says that she wanted to help him all the way ‘till the end.

Season 3

In "Chameleon", sensing Marinette's frustration over Lila hanging out with Adrien as well as lying to everyone in class. Hawk Moth sent an akuma to her once again but when her negative feelings subsided he told the akuma to wait. Feeling Marinette's negative hit their breaking point after being threatened by Lila he attempted to akumatize her again, however due to Marinette telling the akuma off her negative emotions disappeared. And yet Hawk Moth felt negative emotions somewhere else and saw the akuma being taken by Lila saying he remembers her still knowing that her emotions towards Ladybug hasn't changed he akumatizes her into Chameleon.

He saw that Chameleon had put Cat Noir out of commission, Hawk Moth instructed her to take the hero's ring but Lila retorted desperately wanting to defeat Ladybug. It led to Chameleon's downfall however, Hawk Moth knew that Lila's feelings towards Ladybug would serve some purpose in the end.

In "Animaestro",

In "Bakerix", he sensed Rolland Dupain's anger, Hawk Moth was asked if he wanted a crossaint with it but retorted saying that he only wanted the heroes' Miraculouses and akumatized Rolland into Bakerix. However, once Hawk Moth was given another defeat, but retorted believing one day the heroes will be defeated and it will sell like hot cakes.

In "Backwarder", Gabriel and Adrien board the Startrain with the Tsurugis to go to England for the royal wedding. Kagami’s mother sensed Gabriel’s uneasiness and told him that those who hope give themselves the chance to succeed while those who fear end up with the thing they dread, something Gabriel says he’ll remember. Later, he senses a negative emotion and orders the conductor to halt the train departure, claiming to not be feeling well. He goes inside a bathroom stall, transforms into Hawk Moth, and sends an akuma after Marianne Lenoir, akumatizing her into Backwarder. Later, he discovers that she knows the guardian of the Miraculouses and orders her to take him to him. Though Backwarder doesn’t know his location, she reveals his name to be Master Fu and that he lives in Paris under a false name. Hawk Moth is delighted at receiving this information, and although Backwarder is defeated, Hawk Moth declares that Ladybug hasn’t won because he’s obtained information that will help him track the guardian down. He then detransforms, exits the bathroom stall, and joins his son as they both go back to their seats.

In "Gamer 2.0", sensing Max's sadness over no one having the time to play with him, Hawk Moth akumatized him once again into Gamer 2.0. In witnessing the final round and that Ladybug's time was almost up, he taunted her believing she set up her own defeat. But seeing the heroine outsmart Gamer 2.0 he was handed another defeat but declared when the Miraculous are his the heroes won't remember the word fun.

In "Weredad", after sensing Tom's sadness over Marinette's broken heart Hawk Moth akumatized him into Weredad. Seeing that Weredad had defeated Cat Noir he told him to take the hero's ring, unknown to him thanks to Marinette, Tom was deakumatized and Hawk Moth was beaten again.

In "Silencer", when he sensed Luka's anger of being threatened by Bob Roth, Hawk Moth akumatized him into Silencer. But thanks to Bob's interventation it led to Ladybug losing her voice upon seeing the heroine weakened, he demanded Silencer to not let her get away but he allowed his minion to have his revenge. However, when Luka was deakumatized; Hawk Moth was angry that the heroes broke the law of silence but vowed once he'd get their jewels he'd prepare an act of vengeance they'd leave them speechless.

In "Oni-Chan", Gabriel, while in his repository looking at his wife, he ends up receiving a photo of Lila kissing Adrien in his house and angrily returns upstairs to see Lila, who claims she was his biggest fan and honored to meet him before leaving. He subsequently scolds Nathalie for letting him inside, as he does not like allowing Adrien's friends to come inside his house to influence him, though claims that Lila's photo will help keep her away from Adrien. Sure enough, Kagami became heartbroken upon seeing Lila's photo, allowing Hawk Moth to infect her rose with an akuma, offering her the power to hunt down Lila and keep her from Adrien in exchange for Ladybug and Cat Noir's Mirculouses before transforming her into Oni-Chan, a villain who can track down the people that she infects with her sword.

However, after Lila offers to give up Adrien so long as Oni-Chan gets rid of Ladybug for her, Hawk Moth was amazed at Lila's dedication towards destroying their mutual enemy and decides that he was wrong in trying to push Lila away, as she would make a valuable ally. The next day, Gabriel calls Lila and has her come over to his mansion. Gabriel voices his disappointment in her for intruding on his property and manipulating his son, though seemingly agrees with her claims that Adrien needs to have a friend of his own age that he can trust, remarking that they will see each other soon before shaking her hand.

In "Oblivio", after sensing Nino's and Alya's embarrassment Hawk Moth akumatized them both into Oblivio but after the fight they lose the heroes. After Oblivio had closed off the exits Hawk Moth looking through their eyes could see no one there. And yet, was aware that they were still in the building; having already used their powers, transformed back and with their memories gone Ladybug and Cat Noir were defenseless. When he saw that Oblivio couldn't find them he ordered the villain to flush them out and when Ladybug returns he saw that she has her powers but not her memory and orders Oblivio to take her earrings. After Oblivio's defeat, despite the heroes not remembering, Hawk Moth assured them he would and the love they secretly share would be their downfall.

In "Miraculer",

In "Party Crasher",

In "Christmaster", once he sensed the sadness of Chris' desire for Christmas to come to early Hawk Moth akumatized him into Christmaster. After the young villain has gotten his gift and captured Cat Noir he told him that he doesn't need Santa Claus and to take Cat Noir's ring. But when Ladybug arrived telling him that neither he or Christmaster hadn't made Santa's nice list. The mastermind retorts that she had showed up with his second gift which proves how well behaved he's been and continued telling Christmaster to take the jewels. With victory close at hand Hawk Moth rejoiced that Christmas had come early but when he begins to lose he pushes Christmaster reminding him if he doesn't succeed he'd take away his powers but when Ladybug proposed her own deal with the young villain.

Having him choose between his favorite toy or the snow globe Hawk Moth told him not to do it. But when Christmaster gave up the snow globe the mastermind was defeated again, despite the heroes stealing his Christmas present from him. He vowed that his birthday was coming soon and it'd be a day they'd never forget.

In "The Puppeteer 2",

In "Stormy Weather 2", Gabriel has Nathalie write a letter to Mrs. Tsurugi that states even though things aren't going as planned, change is a good thing and their agreement will be strengthened in the end. But when he sees Nathalie not looking well due to her previous use of the Peacock Miraculous, he asks her if she's alright, to which Nathalie says yes. Gabriel then sensed a strong negative emotion and prepares to enter his lair, only for Adrien to burst in and tell him that he enjoyed his photoshoot. He told Adrien that he can tell him talk it later as he is busy at the moment. Adrien asks him if he can hang out with his friends, but Gabriel didn't allow it and had Nathalie escort him out.

Once he's gone, Gabriel told Nooroo that the emotion he was sensing was familiar, with the latter suggested that it might be Adrien's and that he should spend more time with him. But insisted that everything he was doing was to make Adrien happy, although but was warned that he may end up losing him instead if he continues down his dark path. Not wanting to listen to Nooroo's advice, Gabriel silenced him, enters his lair, and transforms in Hawk Moth. He begins to consider that Nooroo may be right, recalling how Adrien almost fell off a building in "Gorizilla" because of his actions, though dismisses this and assures himself that he must succeed in his goals no matter what, sending an akuma after Aurore Beauréal. Hawk Moth told her that people never really change, only grow, and offers to turn her into Stormy Weather again with power over all the forces of nature, which she accepts. However, Ladybug and Cat Noir manage to defeat her Hawk Moth vows to one day send the duo into oblivion.

In "Timetagger", once again after sensing Mr. Ramier's anger; Hawk Moth akumatized him for the 24th but as he was defeated once he found the man a worthless case and decided to detransform. But before he could Hawk Moth then sensed another powerful negative feeling it's ferocity the mastermind wondered where it was coming from. As the fight between Timetagger and the heroes went on Hawk Moth commented him on his style, but was surprised that the time traveling villain contacted him. Being informed that he can from the future where Ladybug and Cat Noir were adults and that Timetagger was sent by the Future Hawk Moth to take the jewels of the heroes before they gain their adult powers. Refusing to wait for the heroes to grow up he counted on Timetagger to change the future and feeling Ladybug's attempt to surrender Hawk Moth tried to warn him about it being trap.

After soon he thought their surrender was the "real deal", Hawk Moth boasted that he had finally won. But Gabriel's hopes were devastated when Timetagger told him that the Miraculous weren't for him and that he was sent by a "Hawk Moth" but it wasn't him. Troubled by the news Gabriel detransforms and leaves his lair thinking if he's not Hawk Moth in the future then he failed. And yet, was comforted by Nathalie believing he might have succeed and that the future can always be changed. Then, he reakumatizes Mr. Ramier for the 25th time but was defeated.

In "Ikari Gozen", sensing Kagami's sadness about Marinette's desire of not wanting to be friends Hawk Moth sent an akuma her way but sensing Tomoe's anger about her authority being challenged even being stronger. He told the akuma to change it's target turning her into Ikari Gozen upon seeing his champion's daughter gain a Miraculous and escape. He instructed her get Ryuko's Miraculous along with the heroes but was given another defeat.

In "Reflekdoll",

In "Desperada", soon Hawk Moth sensed Vivica's sadness over being fired by Jagged and akumatized her into Desperada. When he saw her capture Ladybug he praised her for a job well done, and after he told that her once Cat Noir was captured as well she wouldn't need her powers believing that the stickers would deliever them to him. Once Desperada was defeated by the heroes and their new ally Viperion he vowed that one day he'll be the one that rewrites history.

In "Ladybug",

In "Startrain", sensing Roger Raincomprix's anger about people breaking the law Hawk Moth sent an akuma after him telling it to keep up. Unknowingly thanks to Sabrina he lost his connection to the butterfly with it nowhere to be found Gabriel detransformed. However sometime later he was alerted by Nathalie that the Startrain was up in space and figured out that the akuma was out of range but became more stunned that Adrien was onboard the train with that there was nothing he could do. Realizing that his own enemies were the only chance he had of his son being saved Gabriel found it ironic.

In "Feast",

In "Kwamibuster", after feeling Ms. Mendeleiev's anger about her theories about kwamis being disproving and Hawk Moth sent akuma her way saying he believed her transforming her into Kwamibuster. After seeing her take Ladybug's kwami he encouraged her the heroine's Miraculous and soon was aware that Cat Noir's kwami was taken too with the hero cornered reveled in the Cat's Miraculous being his. Until the rest of the kwamis from the Miracle Box finding this interesting Hawk Moth instructed the titular villain to capture them all. But after Kwamibuster was defeated he marveled at the fact with so many kwamis, all different kinds of powers increasing his determination and obsession to find the guardian.

In "Cat Blanc",

In "Felix",

In "Heart Hunter",

In "Miracle Queen",

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