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Scene: Gabriel stands in front of Emilie in his repository

Gabriel: My dear Emilie, even though it's taking longer than I expected, my plan is slowly coming to place. I had to do the unthinkable: force the person holding Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous to use them again.

Scene: Hawk Moth is in his lair, the window opens.

Gabriel: All it took was inciting chaos in Paris. Negative emotions. This is perfect. Just what I need.

Scene: "Stoneheart" Ladybug and Cat Noir arrive, Hawk Moth appears as his head made from akumas.

Gabriel: Ladybug and Cat Noir resurfaced as if by magic.

Hawk Moth: Ladybug, Cat Noir, give me the ladybug earrings and the cat ring now.

Ladybug and Cat Noir: Hawk Moth?!

Scene: Hawk Moth is in his lair, and detransforms.

Gabriel: I have not yet managed to seize their Miraculous. But they still don't know my true identity. They think my plan is limited to akumatizing villains. Oh, but how wrong they are.

Scene: "The Collector" Gabriel akumatized himself.

Gabriel: I must become someone else to lead them astray.

Gabriel: My plan goes well beyond what they could ever imagine.

Gabriel: Come to me my little akuma, and evilize me!

Gabriel: And I will destroy them.

Scene: Ladybug with Rena Rouge, Carapace, and the Miracle Box.

Gabriel: When Ladybug and Cat Noir called on new heroes, they helped me realize that there is a Miracle Box with even more Miraculous.

Scene: Ladybug and Cat Noir with their water power-ups, pages from the grimoire.

Gabriel: When they use new powers, I know they've deciphered the grimoire. My grimoire. They must have a copy.

Scene: "Sapotis": Ladybug receives a teapot from her Lucky Charm.

Gabriel: Each of their moves so far has only confirmed that they have been chosen by a guardian.

Cat Noir: A teapot?

Ladybug: It's strangely familiar. Of course! I know someone who could help. Gotta go.

Scene: Gabriel enters his lair and transforms into Hawk Moth.

Gabriel: I must find this guardian and force him to reveal the secrets of the grimoire. Then I too will have new powers. I'll be stronger, and I'll finally get what's mine. Until then, I promised to protect our son every day.

Scene: Gabriel hugs his son, Adrien looks at pictures of his mom on his phone sadly, Nathalie helps Adrien.

Gabriel: But I think that, just like me, he misses you terribly. Nathalie's a great help. She does a lot for us, you know.

Scene: Gabriel talks to Emilie in his repository.

Gabriel: Emilie, we should never have used the Miraculous of the Peacock. If we hadn't, you wouldn't be where you are today. I blame myself. Please forgive me, but I will succeed, and you'll be back with us soon, I promise. I love you, Emilie. (Gabriel walks away)

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