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Furious Fu

Season 4, episode 06 (Production order); Episode 84 (Overall)

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You know why you can't come. When he made me the new Guardian, his memory was magically erased. Now, Master Fu is just like everyone else. He can't know about the Miraculous, my secret identity or you Kwamis!

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, "Furious Fu"

"Furious Fu" is a Season 4 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[3] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Furious Fu" is the 6th written and produced episode of Season 4. It is also the 84th written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]


Disney Channel

Ladybug and Cat Noir face someone they know well, and never imagined they would have to fight someday.[4]


The kwamis want to come along.

The episode starts with Marinette talking to the kwamis telling them they can't come with her to visit Master Fu. The kwamis start to get so upset and say it's not fair and demand a reason, Marinette tells them now that she is the guardian, and that Master Fu can't find out about the kwamis since he lost his memory. The kwamis said they at least want to check up on him to see if he's okay. Marinette tells them that can't happen, as there must be somonene to guard the miracle box. Trixx gets the idea that if one kwami stays that means the rest can go, Marinette disagrees but the kwamis ignore her. Sass, Xuppu, and Daizzi then decide to play Kwami-Kwa-Who, Mullo is the picker and lands on Marinette, so they all try to go through her window, but Marinette gets in their way and tells them that since she's the guardian she gets to choose who stays. Barkk answers while watching a movie on Marinette's computer that she'll stay in case a sentimonster and/or akumatized villain shows up. Marinette thanks Barkk for staying.

Su-Han hiding in a trash can.

Marinette visits the metro station waiting for Fu, the kwamis start to sing saying “Master Fu”, Marinette then takes her phone out of her bag and says the phone must have turned on by itself again to avoid suspicion. A mysterious man hiding in the trash can was suspicious about Marinette. Fu then arrives with Marianne. Marianne tells Fu that this is the girl who saved him from the boat accident. Fu thanks her for saving him and they all go on a bench to have a snack. Fu tells Marinette his time in London has been wonderful and Marianne tells Marinette that he discovered a passion for painting. Fu then hands Marinette a painting. Marinette asks if she is holding it correctly Fu says yes and that he also doesn't know what it represents, Wayzz then gets out of Marinette’s bag and crawls on the floor so Marinette tries to grab him. Fu notices Wayzz on the ground and asks if he is one of the dolls from Marinette's collection, Marinette says yes and that it probably fell out when she took the cake. So, Marinette puts Wayzz in her bag, Wayzz then exclaimed in joy. Marinette even says that the toy talks, she takes Wayzz out of her bag, squishes his head, and says "he touched me, he touched me", and tries to copy Wayzz's voice.

Su-han explaining to Marinette that Guardians' Staffs can track down the miracle boxes.

Marinette then goes to her room and finds the same man from earlier there holding the Miracle Box and Barkk, she starts to get scared not knowing who he is. The monk asks her how she has the Miracle Box, then Marinette asks who he is without answering his question. Tikki says he is the celestial guardian Su-Han, and that he was responsible for the box before the incident with Master Fu happened. Marinette asks him how he found her; Su-Han says that guardians' staff are equipped with a compass that can track down the miracle box. Marinette asks why she doesn't have one. Su-Han says that she is not a proper guardian and that the improper form of the box proves so. Marinette then says the Master Fu made her the guardian, which Su-Han gets upset with, by saying Master Fu never met any of their requirements to be a guardian. He then notices a few kwamis were missing and got even more upset to learn that Nooroo and Duusu were lost. Then he asked where Plagg was, and Marinette said that Cat Noir was his owner, but didn't know who he was, resulting with Su-Han learning that she wears the Ladybug Miraculous. He then says that Guardians aren't allowed to wear a Miraculous and forces the kwamis to return to the Miracle Box. He then tells Marinette which rules of the Order she broke and said she and Fu shouldn't have been Guardians. Then, in Marinette's computer, on the show that Barkk was watching about the knight, he was threatening to hurt a person in front of him. Su-Han says he accepts his challenge and tries to attack the knight who was actually in a computer. Marinette gets in his way and tells him to calm down, Su-Han then realizes the knight is stuck in a thin glass. Marinette then transforms into Ladybug and uses her yo-yo to talk with Cat Noir and tells him to meet her. Su-Han asks Ladybug what she is doing with her weapon, and she says she's using it to contact Cat Noir. Su-Han is surprised that they don't send doves to communicate anymore.

Su-Han getting ready to fight Cat Noir.

Su-Han and Ladybug go to find Cat Noir, when they arrive Cat Noir says this must be the guest she talked about in her message. Su-Han is really annoyed that Cat Noir is also a child, Ladybug tries to explain who he is, but she is interrupted by Su-Han who explains it in a hurry. He then demands their Miraculouses. Su-Han says when the lion speaks the cub listens, then tells Ladybug to give him the Miracle box and her Miraculous, Cat Noir says the demand to be a bad joke while Ladybug asks how they're going to defeat Shadow Moth without them. but she notes that her memory would be erased just like Fu if she gives up the Box. A sad Cat Noir, then threatens Su-Han, who fights him and Ladybug.

Su-Han tries to get Fu's cane.

Ladybug and Cat Noir then escape with the Miracle Box and Su-Han’s staff with Su-Han tracking down Fu. He then finds Fu and Marianne and tries to take his cane, and then sees an akuma sent from Shadow Moth, but Su-Han stops the akuma, and takes Fu's cane. However, Fu, upset about Su-Han pushing down Marianne and taking his cane, tries to get his cane back, but ends getting akumatized right in front of Su-Han, who runs off to track down Ladybug & Cat Noir again. Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Su-Han then meet again at the stadium where they're introduced to Fu who is now Furious Fu. Furious Fu then centers a thunderstorm around the stadium fighting Ladybug, Cat Noir and Su-Han. They then race to the Miracle Box where Cat Noir accidentally kicks the Box like they are playing soccer and then focuses again.

Marianne breaks the paintbrush.

Furious Fu then uses a teleportation card causing him to get hold of the Miracle Box. Though saying that Guardians were trained to fight rebel Miraculous holders, not villains created by their powers, Su-Han eventually fights Furious Fu but ends up freezing like a statue. In a new suit, Ladybug then summons up her Lucky Charm getting bolt cutters, using it to open a bin to get a soccer ball with Cat Noir holding Furious Fu off. The ball blocked Furious Fu's attempts to Cataclysm Cat Noir, putting him in a stalemate position. This distracted him long enough for Marianne to arrive and break his paintbrush in half, which contained the akuma and de-akumatized Fu. Ladybug then gives him a Magical Charm, saying it will now prevent Shadow Moth from akumatizing him. Su-Han then apologizes to Fu and Fu accepts it.

Back at the train, Marinette sends Fu and Marianne off, but not before Fu talks of Ladybug's awesomeness and likens Marinette to her. In response, Marinette brings up Marianne's prior heroics.

Su-Han return the box to Marinette.

In Marinette's room, Su-Han is upset about Marinette involving Marianne, a civilian, into the fight, but compliments her about her natural instincts. He says that the Chinese Miracle Box is the most powerful one, holding the most powerful Miraculouses ever, but gives an apology for not trusting her. He leaves the box in her care, but warns that he will be watching over her, and will take the box if she fails once. He then leaves, says he will learn about the modern life, to learn what threats there are. Before leaving, Marinette then gives Su-Han a new pair of shoes, pointing down to his broken sandals and his feet with them laughing, ending the episode.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Brazil on Gloob.
  • The name of the titular villain is a pun from the Martial fighting group from the Kung Fu Panda franchise, the Furious Five.
  • Master Fu and Marianne are revealed to be married and living in London, with the former having found a love for painting.
  • It's revealed the Marianne covers up the truth behind Master Fu's amnesia by claiming it was from a "paddleboat accident".
  • A Guardian's staff is revealed to contain a compass that can locate the Miracle Box.
    • It's also revealed that Master Fu's cane also possesses a compass.
      • When Master Fu had lost his staff that means at some point, he must have made his cane implying that the guardians are trained to make the guardian staffs and possible replacements in the event of the guardian ever losing theirs or to blend in.
  • According to Su-Han, the Miraculouses were never meant to be used by children or teenagers meaning they were strictly for adults only and that he was the previous guardian of the Mother Miracle Box before the incident with Fu's sentimonster.
    • Which sort of contradicts that the belief that the Miraculouses can be used by anyone regardless of age, it could be that at some point in the past maybe the guardians did put the use of the jewels under teenagers, but something must have gone wrong, and the guardians believed that teenagers wouldn't make good candidates.
    • Before the French Miraculous superhero team, if the kwamis always had adult partners it's unknown how Tikki and others knew about the five-minute time limit as it was only for teenagers and yet this could imply that not even adult Miraculous holders had full control or knowledge of their abilities or powers yet.
  • Su-Han also says that the shape of the Mother Miracle Box was incorrect implying that when a Miracle Box is passed down from one trained guardian to another it's supposed to retain its normal shape and said that its incorrect shape is an indication of it being owned by someone who isn't a real or full guardian.
    • Regardless, the Guardian's Code applies to all Guardians of the Miraculous; both full-fledged and in training, so in Ladybug's case, if she renounced her title then, her memory would be magically erased like Fu's.
  • Upon noticing that Plagg wasn't accounted for (already having an owner), Su-Han also mentioned it wasn't only the extinction of the dinosaurs Plagg was responsible for; he also caused the ending of the dragons.
    • This proves that dragons were once real in the Quantic Universe.
      • The image of Jeanne d'Arc slaying a dragon it could imply that this happened before Plagg used his powers to make the rest of them go extinct meaning that these creatures were around until somewhere in between the 15th century to 21st century.
  • Marinette transforms in front of Su-Han, revealing her secret identity to him.
    • This is the second time she deliberately reveals it, the first being in "Gang of Secrets".
  • The Chinese Miracle Box is revealed to be the first Miracle Box ever made and the one with the most powerful Miraculouses, being also called the Mother Box.
  • This is the third time where Adrien remains as Cat Noir for a whole episode, following "Prime Queen" and "Christmaster".
  • This is one of the few episodes where Plagg and Alya don't appear.
  • More insight is shown about the Order of the Guardians:
    • According to Su-Han, there are at least 133 rules, or "Perfect Precepts", within the Order of the Guardians. However, he only explained four:
      • Precept 14: Kwamis must not live outside the Box.
      • Precept 52: Guardians must never lose a Miraculous.
      • Precept 133: A Guardian cannot, under any circumstances, wear a Miraculous.
      • There's also an unnumbered Precept about not involving humans without powers in a fight.
      • Although it's unknown if they count as Precepts, Su-Han mentions Guardians must have good instincts and should understand the world around them.
    • They are fiercely trained in a Martial Arts style called Mirakung Fu.
      • The art is used to stop rogue Miraculous holders but not people affected by Miraculous magic.
    • They are taught with a certain technique that allows them to block an akuma, powered up or not.
  • Su-Han is one of the few characters ever to completely drive away an akuma.
  • This is one of the few times a character sees an akuma before it infects someone.
  • This episode has the fifth highest number of kwamis seen interacting and onscreen, with a total of 16, with only "Sandboy", "Kwamibuster", "Miracle Queen", and "Truth" passing this episode.
  • This is the eleventh time, where Cat Noir used his powers on someone else following "Dark Cupid", "Princess Fragrance", "Despair Bear", "Troublemaker", "Malediktator", "Miraculous Shanghai" "Miraculer", "Cat Blanc", "Ladybug" and "Miraculous New York" but the eighth time of his own free will and this time was a result of an accident.
  • Marinette is sad during her transformation, similarly to "The Bubbler", "Santa Claws", "Zombizou", "Style Queen", "Anansi", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Félix", "Truth", and "Gang of Secrets".
    • This is the second time following "Miraculous Shanghai", that she isn't sad that someone she cares about is in danger (her parents, Adrien, Miss Bustier, Alya, Luka, or her friends), but because her Miracle Box is being taken.
  • Similarly, to Tikki, in "Bakerix", Su-Han was fascinated by how much things have changed over time, as he was surprised when he saw Ladybug talking to Cat Noir through her Bug Phone and replied, "You don't have to send doves to communicate with each other?" implying that past Miraculous holders and guardians communicated with messenger doves, which real people did thousands of years ago.
  • When Wayzz was spotted by an amnesic Master Fu similar to Tikki in "Princess Fragrance", he pretended to be a stuffed doll.
  • The kwamis are also known to pull the "baby doll eyes", just like Manon Chamack.
  • This is the fifth time an akumatized object is destroyed by someone other than Ladybug or Cat Noir, following "Lies".
    • This is the first time the akumatized object was destroyed by a human other than Ladybug and Cat Noir.
  • This is the third episode where the transformation timer isn't mentioned, followed by "Guitar Villain" and "Stormy Weather".
  • On the French Dub of the episode, when Su-Han is questioning the guard trapped on the tv you can hear Mylène and Ivan protesting against the project oxygen with Officer Roger on the background. Foreshadowing the episode Mega Leech.
  • According to Thomas Astruc, Su-Han walked on foot to Paris, which is why his shoes are torn.[5]
    • This would also explain why he didn't come to Paris while Fu was still the guardian.
  • However, despite Su-Han trying to get the Miraculouses back let alone attempting to pick new candidates, he was unaware of the consequences he could have caused or that could've happened:
    • He has no idea how long he and the guardians had been gone.
    • Even if he could find new holders:
      • They wouldn't have the level of experience that Ladybug and Cat Noir have.
      • The life of a Miraculous holder isn't for everyone.
      • The minute Hawk Moth discovers there is a new pair of heroes running around he'll know something is wrong. Which will lead him to believe that Ladybug and Cat Noir either picked their new charges or that there is a new guardian.
    • Su-Han doesn't even know Hawk Moth as well as the French duo does.
    • Since his staff acts like a compass if Su-Han had lost it, it was stolen or ended up with Hawk Moth it would only be a matter of time before the villain figures out that it can be used to find a Miracle Box and in turn the guardian, therefore Su-Han could've put Marinette in serious danger.
      • As such, if Master Fu hadn't lost his memory or if Su-Han hadn't repelled the akuma, Hawk Moth would have certainly known about the staff's compass.
    • Not only to mention, the other guardians, Miraculouses, Miracle Boxes and information they have about them would be in serious danger if Su-Han goes back to the temple with Hawk Moth and his villains following him.
      • As Su-Han mentioned the guardian's fighting technique only works against rogue Miraculous holders not people affected by Miraculous magic leaving them vulnerable.
      • But it's also strange that the guardians never trained to be prepared under those conditions which could imply that the guardians were able to retrieve the Butterfly Miraculous and other jewels back before it happened or had someone else to act in their steed.
  • Usually when kwamis are active they can wonder as far as they want or need from their owners unless being restricted to a certain distance but when Marinette became the guardian the other kwami were able to travel without their jewels being worn.


  • When Tikki tells the rest of the Kwamis they can't come, the bottom of her antennae is missing.
  • When Barkk resumes the movie after telling the other Kwamis she isn't coming, she clicks the right mouse button instead of the left.
  • When Marinette was answering Su-Han's question about where the rest of the kwamis were, Tikki was suddenly located next to Marinette instead of being located behind her.
  • When Marinette was having lunch with Wang Fu and Marianne, her bag zipper was opened even though she closed it.
    • In the same scene, Marianne's cake suddenly disappeared.
  • In some scenes, part of Cat Noir's mask was not covering his face and it was colored black.
    • This is the third time this has happened following first "Gamer 2.0" and second "Truth".
  • When Ladybug was passing the Miracle Box to Cat Noir, Furious Fu was behind her but then suddenly reappeared next to Cat Noir.
  • When Furious Fu used his akumatized object (his magic brush) to teleport, he suddenly had a black bag on his back.
  • When Furious Fu first used the power "Phantom Palms of the Awakened", he didn't say the spell.
  • Despite forgetting everything about the Miraculouses at the end of "Miracle Queen", Furious Fu seems to remember Cat Noir and his Cataclysm in one scene, attempting to use the Cataclysm on Cat Noir, saying it will "turn [him] into cat food".
  • When Ladybug turns around to find out how to use her Lucky Charm, her left earring is black.
  • When Marinette gives Su-Han a pair of shoes, for a few frames, his toes are missing.
  • When Ladybug gives Master Fu a Magical Charm, Spots of them turn golden yellow.
  • At the beginning when all Kwamis beg Marinette, Wayzz doesn't have eyelashes, even though he seemingly gets some at the start of Season 4.
    • They only reappear when Master Fu pokes his head.
  • Throughout the whole episode, the Peacock Miraculous on Shadow Moth's chest is in its activated mode, instead of the charged.
  • After using the bolt cutters to open the box with balls, Ladybug throws them on the side, but in the next shot, they're missing.


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