One who is burning with impatience can never eat hot porridge.

Master Fu, "Princess Fragrance"

Fu's massage shop was the place in which Master Wang Fu lived and worked as a masseur and healer.

After Hawk Moth finds out that Fu holds the Miracle Box, he ends up moving away from the shop, as it is no longer safe for him to live there.


There are many Chinese-influenced designs, decorations, and objects inside the building. Scrolls hang on the walls, similar to the ones in Marinette's house. On the floor in the main room is a mat where Fu works, and both the entrance door and divider have bamboo designs on them. In the same room, there is a box of matches in which Wayzz sleeps in and a gramophone which is where Fu hides the Miracle Box.




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  • It is revealed in "Sandboy", that Wang Fu's home is located at the right bank of the Seine.
  • Marinette often comes here for Master Fu’s help and advice.


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