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Released on September 27, 2018 (KidsClick); December 14, 2018 (Netflix); May 1, 2019 (Disney Channel); November 12, 2019 (Disney+)

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"There you are! Here's a hug, because you are Ladybug!"

"What?! I have no idea what you're talking about!"
"You did what Ladybug would have, just the same. Your heart is pure, like hers. What’s your name?"
"Marinette, say it's so. Will you please play Ladybug in my video?"

Clara Nightingale and Marinette Dupain-Cheng, "Frightningale"

"Frightningale" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Its U.S premiere was on September 27, 2018 (at 07:30) on KidsClick, and December 14, 2018 (at 12:00 PST) on Netflix.[3][4]



Marinette is cast to play Ladybug and Adrien as Cat Noir for a music video honoring the heroes, but the star gets akumatized into a musical monster.[5]

Disney Channel

A young singer gets akumatized into Frightningale. Armed with a magic microphone, she wants to transform Paris into a giant musical.[6]


Clara announces casting auditions for her new music video.

The episode starts with Clara Nightingale on Marinette's computer, singing her latest single, called "Big Bang". Marinette tries to do the dance moves that are in the choreography of her music video but fails. After the music video ends, Marinette talks about how much she loves Clara's music and dancing. When Clara is talking with Alec in an interview about her new music video, she announces that the theme is "Miraculous", which centers around Ladybug and Cat Noir. She claims to have already found her Cat Noir but is looking for a Ladybug and some extras.

Marinette assures Tikki that she won't audition for the role of Ladybug.

Marinette then receives a phone call from Alya, Rose, Juleka, Mylène, and Alix, asking if Marinette has heard about the casting. Marinette says she has and agrees to meet the girls at auditions. When Marinette hangs up, Tikki follows her holder and speaks to her. As she is diligent for Marinette's identity to stay safe, she is concerned with the idea of her auditioning for the part of Ladybug. Marinette consoles Tikki and reassures her that she will always be cautious about protecting her secret identity and will instead audition as an extra for the music video. As they both leave, a relieved Tikki praises Marinette for making the right decision and kisses her on the nose.

Adrien dressed as Cat Noir.

At the Agreste mansion, Gabriel tells his son that he is going to play Cat Noir in Clara’s music video since the singer has been a supporter of his brand since starting her career. Adrien is discouraged by the task, believing that people will find out about his secret identity if he goes as the superhero. Plagg reassures him that people are too blind to notice, but Adrien is not convinced. Regardless, he decides to just avoid putting the mask on and goes to the stage. Gabriel asks Adrien where his mask is and Adrien lies, stating that he couldn’t find it. A nearby stagehand overhears and goes to look for it. Clara tells Adrien that it’s okay and begins auditions.

Clara asks Marinette to play Ladybug in her music video.

There are several girls (and boys) eager to play Ladybug, but none of them are right. When no one else is left, Clara comes up with a plan to find the right Ladybug. She offers the extras a snack and then trips on purpose. Marinette runs to help her, and Clara declares that she has found her Ladybug, claiming that Marinette did exactly what Ladybug would've and that she’d be perfect. Marinette wants to play Ladybug and be in the video with Adrien, but knowing that she must keep her identity safe, she politely turns down the offer, stating that she’d rather be an extra with her friends. Clara understands and leads Marinette to a chair to wait for makeup. When she leaves, Tikki congratulates Marinette for being sensible and not giving into the temptation.

Chloé is angry at being denied the role of Ladybug.

A limousine drives up to the building the auditions are being held at. Chloé, dressed as Ladybug, walks inside and thanks everyone for coming, adding that they can leave now. Alya lets Marinette know, but the latter says that she does not have a chance at playing Ladybug. Chloé auditions for the role and nails it. Clara commends Chloé on her talent and asks Gabriel what he thinks. He thinks that Marinette would’ve been better but decides that they have no choice but to use her for the video since she refused. Marinette, however, doesn’t want Chloé to play Ladybug and has a change of heart, deciding to be Ladybug after all despite Tikki’s protests. Clara allows this but tells Chloé that she can still be an extra. Chloé, however, is disgusted by the thought of being a mere extra and angrily exits the building.

Marinette dressed as Ladybug.

Marinette puts on the Ladybug costume and fears being recognized as the real Ladybug. She decides to leave the mask behind and goes to the stage where she and Adrien begin rehearsal. Meanwhile, at the limo, Chloé is upset about not getting the part of Ladybug and be close to Adrien. Despite her butler’s attempt to cheer her up with her teddy bear, Chloé blackmails her father into having Clara’s music video cancelled by threatening to call her mother.

Back in the building, Marinette and Adrien continue rehearsing until a member of the staff finds the masks they hid. Clara wants them to wear it, and after insisting so much, Marinette and Adrien begin to slowly put the masks on, both worried that someone might recognize their heroic forms.

The akuma enters Clara’s microphone.

Before having the chance to do so, Chloé and André storm inside and stop the rehearsal, with the mayor showing Clara a bunch of papers that supposedly show that she doesn't have permission to make a music video in Paris or anywhere else in France. Chloé taunts Clara and throws her microphone on the floor, breaking the star decor on it. Humiliated and disheartened, Clara runs to her trailer crying, making her the perfect target for Hawk Moth. The akuma possesses her microphone and transforms her into Frightningale, a supervillainess capable of turning people into pink metallic statues if they don't sing, dance, or rhyme. 

Chloé is turned into a metallic statue.

As Chloé dismisses all the extras, Frightningale makes her entrance and whips both her and the mayor. When Chloé confronts her, she fails to sing, dance, or rhyme, immediately turning her into a metallic statue. Her father frantically begs Frightningale to return his daughter to normal with a rhyme after she explains how he can avoid Chloé’s current condition, but fails to reason with her. Frightningale then leaves and starts to whip people all across Paris, turning them into metallic statues.

Ladybug and Cat Noir are forced to rhyme and dance.

Marinette and Adrien transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir to face the new threat. Ladybug manages to stop Frightningale on the theatre's roof and tries to convince her to give her the akuma, but to no avail. The villainess starts using Ladybug's own yo-yo against her until Cat Noir appears and trips her with his staff. Despite initially getting the upper hand, Frightningale manages to dodge their attacks, making them accidentally attack each other instead. With Hawk Moth's advice, Frightningale manages to whip both Ladybug and Cat Noir, and they realize they must sing, dance, or rhyme in order to keep fighting or else they will be turned into statues.

Ladybug and Cat Noir dance in sync.

After a close call, Ladybug and Cat Noir start to talk with each other in rhyme while dancing, avoiding Frightningale's attacks while trying to come up with a plan. Frightningale tries to distract them and make them fail the rhyme, but they manage to get away from her to make a better plan. After dancing and rhyming for a while, Ladybug uses her Lucky Charm, which provides her with some handcuffs. After pondering how they can be useful, she handcuffs herself to Cat Noir and they start attacking Frightningale in sync. Cat Noir uses his Cataclysm and holds it in until they get close enough. He takes Frightningale's microphone and destroys it, releasing the akuma so Ladybug can return everything back to normal.

Clara comes back and is excited to know she was saved by Ladybug and Cat Noir themselves. Ladybug then gives her an idea on how she can finish her music video, which Clara likes.

Everyone watches the completed music video.

The video has a song identical to the series' theme song and shows many people dancing with Ladybug and Cat Noir masks, including all of Marinette and Adrien's classmates (except Chloé), the teachers, and some of their other friends like Ondine, Luka, and Marc. While watching the video, Alya and the others remark how outrageous it will be for Marinette and Adrien to be Ladybug and Cat Noir despite physically resembling them. They both nervously agree with the remark, with Marinette stating that Adrien doesn’t look like Cat Noir and Adrien stating that Marinette doesn’t look like Ladybug.



Major characters

Minor characters


  • This episode was first revealed in a promotional poster for Season 2 released by TFOU on October 16, 2017.[7]
  • The episode title, Frightningale is a portmanteau of the words, "Frightening" and "Nightingale".
  • The French title of this episode is "Rossignoble".[7]
  • This episode reveals that Chloé is still in contact with her mother, and reveals (or, at the very least, implies) that her mother has a higher status than her father.
  • This is the fourth episode in which Miraculous Ladybug is used before de-evilizing the akuma following "Simon Says", "Pixelator" and "The Collector".
  • Like Wang Fu, Clara used the method (tripping on purpose) that lured Marinette out, determining she's pure enough to be Ladybug.
  • A bus ad about the Weather Girl contest from "Stormy Weather" appears again.
  • A poster for the Paris' music festival from "Captain Hardrock" can be seen in the library.
  • In the French dub, Lou and Lenni Kim's rendition of "It's Ladybug" was used for the music video of Paris' citizens wearing Ladybug and Cat Noir themed masks.
  • The Lucky Charm and Cataclysm scenes are slightly altered where both Ladybug and Cat Noir have a pink outline when using their powers, due to them being hit by Frightningale.
  • This is the seventh time Cat Noir uses his Cataclysm to destroy an akumatized object.
  • This is the second time Alya mentions to Marinette that Adrien looks similar to Cat Noir (following "Lady Wifi") and Marinette replies that Adrien is "awesomer", or similar words.
  • This is the first time Cat Noir yells "Miraculous Ladybug" along with Ladybug.
  • Chloé's dance is a reference to the movie "Flashdance."
  • This is the second time Marinette was affected by an akumatized villain following "Pixelator".
    • The first time both Ladybug and Cat Noir were affected by an akumatized villain together.
  • When Marinette was given the chance to perform with Adrien, she has a fantasy similar to her previous ones in "Despair Bear", "Gigantitan", and "Gorizilla".
  • Adrien's transformation music got a new soundtrack.
  • Permit A38 stipulated in circular B65, obtainable at counter C, third floor of City Hall, is a reference to a French animated movie "The Twelve Tasks of Asterix".
  • Unlike "Santa Claws", Frightningale's challenge is to "sing, dance and rhyme all at the same time", only the singing is left out but dancing and rhyming remains.
  • Marinette and Adrien wearing the other's mask of their alter egos foreshadows swapping their jewels in "Reflektdoll".
  • When Adrien voiced concerns about his identity being revealed, Plagg said that people were blind hinting that he was aware of the disguising capabilities of the jewels which was confirmed to be true by Uncanny Valley in "Miraculous New York".


  • Throughout many dubs of the show, the intro version of the Miraculous Ladybug theme song is reused for Clara's music video, including Marinette's lines at the start, even though in the show no one knows Marinette is Ladybug except for Master Fu, Wayzz, Tikki, Plagg, and Marinette herself.
    • This has been confirmed to be a mistake by the creator himself.[8]
    • The French version corrected this error by using Lou and Lenni Kim's version of the song throughout the music video. The English dub also corrected the error by using an instrumental theme for the verse, once the episode aired in Canada.
  • Marinette's phone case is pink instead of black.
  • Gabriel's hair is white.
  • When Adrien is looking at himself dressed as Cat Noir in the dressing room mirror, his reflection isn’t reversed like how a mirror should reflect.
  • Clara's shoes were brown and then when she dipped Marinette it turned black.
  • Butler Jean's hair is gray instead of dark brown.
  • The stripes on Chloé's teddy bear, Mr. Cuddly, are missing.
  • Chloé's earring was red before she goes to the audition, however, after she calls her mom, it turns black.
  • When Marinette and Adrien are forced to hold hands, they are both using their right hand, even though when Nightingale connects their hands and in the photos after, Adrien is using his left hand.
  • In the picture Alya took of Adrien and Marinette holding hands, more specifically of them looking away with their hands on their faces, Marinette's face is not animated.
  • After Clara fell down, the chouquettes disappeared.
  • When Marinette and Adrien go to transform, they are in their regular clothes, instead of the outfits they were just wearing previously.
  • Cat Noir's staff is black instead of silver after he tripped Frightningale.
  • Before Cat Noir says "Cataclysm", the paws on his ring don’t glow.
  • When Cat Noir uses Cataclysm, the energy ball was transparent and not black.
    • That error was due to the glow effect from the dancing spell that replaced the normal effect when recorded.


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