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Scene: Marinette's room

Marinette: Dear diary, the girls helped me set up a romantic date with Adrien yesterday. Well, tried to help me.

Scene from "Gigantitan".

Marinette: It didn't really go as planned.
Gigantitan: Lollipop!
Marinette: But still, the girls were here for me… as always. The really are the best. They inspire me every day. Each one in their own way. I wish I had some of their qualities. You already know Alya of course aka my BFF.

Scene from "Mr. Pigeon".

She's my strategic coach. Her clever plans are the reason I finally managed to talk to Adrien.

Scene from "Befana".

Adrien's even my good friend now. Even though I wish we were more than that.

Scene from "Gigantitan".

But there's still some work to be done on that front.

Scene from "Timebreaker".

This is where I wish I were as brave as Alix. Alix never backs down from a challenge. She doesn't let anyone intimidate her and always knows what to say.
Alix: (talking to Kim) Your ridiculous bets are over. I'm gonna leave you in the dust, meathead!

Scene from "Gigantitan".

Marinette: Me on the other hand…
Adrien: But we can take you home if you want it.
Marinette: No, it's okay! I'll take a coleslaw home. Thanks! (Marinette's friends become annoyed at her.)

Scene from "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)".

I must say I can't talk about my feelings as easily as Mylène does with Ivan.

Scene from "Glaciator".

They're just so cute together.

Scene from "Gigantitan".

I guess I could be more romantic too like Rose.
Rose: It’s so romantic!

Scene from "Gorizilla".

Marinette: Whenever I try to do something romantic, it never goes as planned. (Marinette bumps into Adrien.)
Adrien: Marinette?
Marinette: Adrien?

Scene from "Gigantitan".

Rose always helps me see the silver lining.

Scene from "Reflekta".

She never gives up and she gives me the courage to keep trying.

Scene from "Gigantitan".

Even Juleka the shiest person in the whole world. Even she manages to surpass herself to our awesome group of girlfriends. The girls are like everyday superheroes always saving me.
Alya: Woohoo! Super-size!
Marinette: Sometimes without even knowing it. (Gigantitan turns around to see Alya riding the rickshaw. Mylène, Juleka, and Rose are sitting on the passenger seat holding onto the fake No-Parking sign.)
Rose: Hold on tight, Ladybug!
Ladybug: Thanks, girls!

Scene from "Sapotis".

Marinette: And next time Ladybug has Miraculous to assign I'm sure she’ll think of them.

Scene from "Gigantitan".

(All the girls put their hands together) Here we come! (The girls raise their hands up and cheer.)

I'll let you know my dear diary. Goodbye for now.


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