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The French Miraculous superhero team is a French superhero team of Miraculous owners in Paris, France. They seek to defeat Hawk Moth/Shadow Moth and his Akumatized villains, along with his Sentimonsters, to prevent him from retrieving the Ladybug Miraculous and the Cat Miraculous.

Now as of "Strikeback", Ladybug and Cat Noir seek to rescue the kwamis and Miraculouses stolen by Monarch.


Rise of Ladybug and Cat Noir

In "Ladybug & Cat Noir" when Master Wang Fu and Wayzz figured out that the Butterfly Miraculous was being used for evil, he decided that he would need help in stopping its user. To find suitable users, he went into the streets and tested people by pretending to be feeble and needing help. Marinette pulled him across the street and out of the way of a rushing vehicle, while Adrien handed him his cane and helped him stand up. Afterward, Wang sneaked the Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous in tiny chests into their respective rooms.

Adrien and Marinette opened the chests, unleashing the Miraculouses' kwamis. Tikki and Plagg explained their powers, Hawk Moth's akumatization, and the need to save Paris to Marinette and Adrien respectively. Adrien eagerly accepted the responsibility to become Cat Noir, while Marinette reluctantly transformed into Ladybug. The heroes met up while testing their new abilities, and both figured out how to stop Stoneheart but not without some mistakes and complications along the way. Ladybug gained confidence in herself, while Cat Noir became smitten with her. However, Ladybug forgot to purify the akuma, leading to it multiplying and transforming many people into frozen copies of Stoneheart. Crestfallen, Marinette decided she wasn't meant to be a superhero, taking off the Ladybug earrings.

Marinette attempted to give the Ladybug Miraculous to Alya at school by sneaking it into her bag in "Stoneheart", but she didn't discover it before rushing off to see the re-akumatized Stoneheart. Trying to get Alya's bag to her, Marinette witnessed Cat Noir being overtaken by the Stoneheart copies and Alya being pinned to a building by a thrown car. Desperate to save them, Marinette put the Ladybug Miraculous on again and transformed into Ladybug. She saved both Alya and Cat Noir and took responsibility for failing to stop Stoneheart when she was called out by Roger Raincomprix. Cat Noir cheered her up by reminding her that she had saved lives, but before more could be accomplished, an image of Hawk Moth appeared, comprised of akumas. He demanded Ladybug and Cat Noir give up, but she argued back about his villainous deeds and the heroes' intention to stop him. With Cat Noir's help, Ladybug purified all of the akumas, saved Ivan and Mylène, and returned Paris back to normal with Miraculous Ladybug. Ladybug and Cat Noir split ways, with the latter admitting he can't wait to see her again soon.

After their origins, the duo continued to fight any civilians that Hawk Moth akumatized into villains by exploiting the negative emotions caused by specific individuals such as Chloé and even themselves accidentally, along with doing heroic acts outside of fighting like protecting the mayor's daughter. While Cat Noir developed romantic feelings for Ladybug, she only saw him as a friend and a partner, due to her having a crush in her civilian life. Some notable events include the temporary death of Cat Noir in "Timebreaker", Marinette almost having conflicts with Cat Noir and finding out about past Ladybug Miraculous holders in "The Pharaoh" indirectly with Alya's help, and meeting Wang Fu as a healer for Tikki without finding out his role with the Miraculouses in "Princess Fragrance". In "Lady Wifi" and "Simon Says" there were heavy suspicions about their secret identities along with almost losing their Miraculouses, but the team managed to conquer these events.

File:VP (1132).png

Marinette officially met Master Wang Fu in "Volpina".

Things began to change for the team in "Volpina" when Adrien unknowingly found the Miraculous spellbook in a safe in his father's atelier with Plagg's help. He took the book from the safe, and it was eventually stolen by Marinette and Tikki for the latter's concern. Taking the book to Wang Fu's massage shop, Marinette officially met Master Wang Fu, the last guardian of the Miraculouses.

Wang Fu looking at the Miraculous spellbook with Marinette.

In "The Collector", Marinette and Fu concluded that whoever had the book had to be Hawk Moth as it was lost, along with the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculouses, during the destruction of the temple of the Order of the Guardians.

After wondering if it was Adrien, Marinette suspected Gabriel was the true culprit because he's an eccentric artist who never leaves his home who owned the book. However, Gabriel threw them off by akumatizing himself, which the heroes and Wang didn't know was possible. Once she and Cat Noir defeated Gabriel's akumatized form, Marinette returned the book to Gabriel after Wang took pictures of it with his phone to lift Adrien's grounding. Like previous holders, Marinette received a kwagatama from Tikki on her birthday in "Befana", symbolizing their friendship. Some time afterward, as mentioned in "Sapotis", Wang Fu teaches Marinette about the other Miraculouses and everything he learned from the spellbook.

Knowing of Ultimate Power

In "Robostus", Ladybug and Cat Noir heard Robostus declare that he wanted their Miraculouses to grant his wish of being human, and they later realized that the ability to make a wish is also what Hawk Moth wants. Later, Marinette asked Wang Fu about it, who explained that the Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous together (along with a using a special invocation) can grant a person's wish and alter reality. However, to keep the universe in balance, there is a price to pay for each wish; for example, if Robostus had wished to be human, someone else would've lost their humanity in turn. With the new knowledge, Marinette determinedly vowed to keep her Miraculous and Cat Noir's Miraculous from ending up in anyone else's hands, including Hawk Moth's.

So close yet so far

During "The Dark Owl", both heroes continued their duties outside of combat, such as helping the hero fan, Mr. Damocles, from falling from a tree. However, in an attempt to make his dream come true, Mr. Damocles was eventually akumatized into Dark Owl after he got humiliated. As Dark Owl, he trapped Ladybug and Cat Noir to force them to hand over their Miraculouses. Ladybug tricked him by apparently giving him their jewels, and as part of this plan, they de-transformed while keeping their eyes closed. Tikki and Plagg discovered each others' partner's secret identities, but they kept quiet on their new knowledge.

Sometime later, during "Glaciator", both Marinette and Cat Noir both admit to each other about their relationship problems. When the duo meet again, this time with Marinette as Ladybug, he treated her coldly but later forgave her afterward. Once the mission was over, Ladybug said that she was in love with someone else, but considered Cat Noir a close friend and a partner. As for Marinette, she discovers that the hero's feelings for her alter ego are very real, but the two remain hopeful of each others' love.


The end card of "Sapotis" with their newest ally, Rena Rouge.

When Ladybug and Cat Noir faced Sapotis, duplicating akumatized villains which caused chaos throughout Paris, there were too many for the duo to defeat alone. Ladybug gets the idea from her Lucky Charm object, a teapot, to seek Wang Fu for help. When Wang realizes that she and Cat Noir need the help of another Miraculous holder to succeed, despite being reluctant about any Miraculouses being taken out in fear of them falling into the wrong hands, he gives Marinette permission to choose one, giving it to a trustworthy person, and have the person return it to her after the villain's defeat. After careful consideration, Marinette takes the Fox Miraculous and, as Ladybug, gives it to Alya, making her promise to give it back afterward. She transforms into Rena Rouge, and with Mirage, the heroes stop Sapotis. Although she is initially reluctant to give up the Fox Miraculous, she returns it to Ladybug. Then Marinette returns the Miraculous to Wang, who congratulates her for making a wise choice. Meanwhile, Hawk Moth figures out that a guardian has to be in Paris like he predicted because of the Fox Miraculous appearance.

Unbeknownst to Adrien by studying Cat Noir's picture and by noticing his ring in "Simon Says", Gabriel believes that his son is Cat Noir in "Gorizilla" and even akumatizes Adrien's bodyguard to investigate. By having Wayhem, a fan, act as his double, Adrien was able to fool him and keep his identity safe.

In "Frightningale", Marinette faced a similar problem when she accepted Clara's offer to play to her alter ego in Clara's video, almost revealing herself until Chloé canceled the shoot, and in "Troublemaker", the titular villain took one of Ladybug's earrings, almost revealing herself to Cat Noir until she retrieved her earring.

Ladybug, Cat Noir, and their kwamis in their new Aqua Powers

During the events of "Syren", Cat Noir and Ladybug were able to use the potions from the Miraculous spellbook to access Aqua Mode for the first time. He also struggled with Ladybug hiding secrets from him, but after Adrien and Wang Fu officially meet, he thanked her for keeping her promise. Gabriel also became more determined to find the guardian.

File:Carapace Transformation (41).png

The team's new ally Carapace

In "Anansi" as the duo fought against the titular villain who kidnapped Alya, they found out that she was too strong for them to handle alone. With help from Ladybug's Lucky Charm object, a candle, she sought out Master Fu's help while Nino held off Anansi. Arriving at his shop, Marinette explained the situation. He allowed her to pick a Miraculous along with a trusted ally. Knowing they needed extra protection, she chose Master Fu's Turtle Miraculous. As Ladybug, she gave it to Nino under the condition that it must be returned after Anansi's defeat. After he transforms into Carapace, the trio was able to save Alya and defeat Anansi with Shell-ter. After the mission, Nino returned the Turtle Miraculous to Ladybug, and she returned it to Master Fu. Hawk Moth also notices that the heroes are increasing in allies but has something more sinister planned for them.

In "Sandboy", the kwamis in the Miracle Box attempt to contact Nooroo on his birthday but contact Hawk Moth instead. Now he knows of the existence of the other kwamis and seeks to enslave them all. More information about the kwamis is revealed. For example, the active kwamis bring gifts of all kinds from their owners' homes to share with the inactive kwamis, and all kwamis are under a magic spell that prevents them from saying their wielder's real names to other kwamis.

The end card of "Queen Wasp" with their new ally, Queen Bee.

During Fashion Week in "Style Queen", Chloé's mom, Audrey Bourgeois, makes an appearance for the show. Meanwhile, Gabriel Agreste is shown below his mansion talking to someone who is revealed to be his wife who has an unspecified condition and is the reason he wants the Miraculouses. As the show started, Audrey was akumatized into Style Queen, Hawk Moth's masterpiece. To make matters worse, Adrien becomes the villainess's first victim, leaving Ladybug to fight alone. When she tells Master Fu what happened, Marinette is greeted by Plagg, who already told him.

Plagg offered to help her, but Wang said it was out of the question and allowed Marinette to pick a Miraculous along with a trusted ally. Returning to the Eiffel Tower, Ladybug finds Alya and offers her the Bee Miraculous, but Alya was attacked before she could use it. She was on her own and cornered until Plagg arrived and saved her with Cataclysm (which reveals that kwamis can use their abilities without their Miraculouses), leading to Style Queen's defeat and Hawk Moth losing hope. Meanwhile back at the fashion show, Tikki reminded Marinette of the Bee Miraculous and realized it's missing, but unbeknownst to her, it was found by Chloé who opened it and was greeted by Pollen.

During the events of "Queen Wasp", Gabriel loses hope to the point where he relinquishes Nooroo and appears at the fashion show to embrace his son. As the show closed, he and Adrien commended Marinette for her derby hat design which impressed Audrey so much that she allowed Marinette to come to New York. However, Chloé was so angry and desperate for her mother's approval that she unveiled the Bee Miraculous and transformed into Queen Bee in front of everyone. Chloé then creates a fake emergency by using her powers to cause a metro train to speed out of control. After being saved by the duo, Ladybug demanded that she return the jewel, but things get worse when Hawk Moth is renewed with hope and akumatizes her. The duo was able to deakumatize Chloé, now calm, they told her that the Bee Miraculous must be returned, but she begged them for another chance. That's when they explained that everyone makes mistakes and it's important to fix them. With that in mind, Chloé returned the Miraculous and apologized to the heroes. Meanwhile, Marinette turns down Audrey's offer, deciding to stay with her friends and family, and helps Chloé make up with her mother.

In "Malediktator" after everyone tells Chloé off for not being a hero, she gets angry and leaves for New York. When André becomes akumatized into Malediktator, a commanding supervillain, Chloé begins to realize her mistake, and to make matters worse, Cat Noir falls under the villain's control. Knowing she needed help Ladybug sought out Master Fu and chose the Bee Miraculous again, this time knowing how to use it. After finding Chloé, the heroine helped her come clean with her mistake and encouraged her to fix it. Now accepting full responsibility, Chloé was given the Bee Miraculous. As Queen Bee, she followed Ladybug's lead with her Venom power, and with Cat Noir's help, they were able to stop Malediktator and save the city. This time, not disobeying the heroes, Chloé returned the Bee Miraculous willingly, earning her teammates' recognition.

Ladybug and Cat Noir continued their duties outside of combat in "Frozer". However, they began to question their relationship, thinking they can only be just friends and nothing more and seeking help from Luka and Kagami. When dealing with Frozer in their new Ice Mode, the two went their separate ways but realized they work best as a team, bringing their ideas together.

Ladybug and Cat Noir with their team.

On "Heroes' Day", Hawk Moth commences his biggest plan yet. With the help of Volpina, he makes everyone vulnerable to akumatization, and by turning Nathalie into Catalyst to amplify his powers, he becomes Scarlet Moth. Using his increased powers, he akumatized almost all the villains the heroes had ever faced, creating an army. Meanwhile, Cat Noir and Ladybug summoned their allies to fight him.

Despite Rena Rouge's, Carapace's, and Queen Bee's best efforts, they were akumatized into scarlet versions of themselves and turned against Ladybug and Cat Noir. With help from the people of Paris, the duo was able to hold them off and square off against Scarlet Moth. By destroying his cane, they were able to deakumatize everyone, including their allies. Backing their archenemy into a corner, they were about to take his Miraculous, until a new Miraculous wielder, named Mayura, entered the scene, leading to Hawk Moth escaping and the heroes suspecting he has the Peacock Miraculous wielder by his side. Nonetheless, the team revels in their victory but knows the fight isn't over.

The duo continues their fight against Hawk Moth. However, Lila makes her return and tries to win Adrien's affections while warring with Marinette.

Little by little, Gabriel gains more clues to finding the guardian in "Backwarder" when he akumatizes Master Fu's friend, Marianne Lenoir. He learns that the guardian has been hiding under a false name, though he doesn’t know what it is.

File:RD (509).png

Ladybug and Cat Noir as Lady Noire and Mister Bug

"Reflekdoll" and the remaining episodes held many surprises for the heroes, starting with the fact that they not only had to fight against Hawk Moth's akumatized villain Reflekta, but also a sentimonster created by his ally, Mayura. Also the destruction caused by Reflekdoll led to the duo's Miraculouses becoming swapped. Despite walking a mile in each other's shoes as Lady Noir and Mister Bug, they defeated the villains (not knowing that the Peacock Miraculous was damaged). Thanks to the experience, Ladybug and Cat Noir have a better understanding of each other.

In "Weredad" when Marinette believes that Cat Noir was going to discover her identity as Ladybug, she tells the hero she loves him. However, during a brunch date, he tells Marinette that he has feelings for Ladybug. With that, Marinette was very happy, but her convincing act lead to her father, Tom's, akumatization, and after a sky-high battle, Cat Noir explains that he thought Marinette was one of his fans. When she accepts the hero's feelings for Ladybug, they continue being friends.

During "Silencer", Marinette discovers that Luka has developed feelings for her, and like him, Kagami has developed feelings for Adrien in "Oni-Chan". After that, Adrien warns Lila that they would no longer be friends if she harms his loved ones, but unknown to Ladybug and Cat Noir, while seeing Lila's actions, Gabriel strikes an alliance with her, seeing her as a good ally.

Rena Rouge, Carapace, and Queen Bee continue to help Ladybug and Cat Noir fight against Hawk Moth and Mayura in "Miraculer". Aware that their enemies know Chloé’s identity, Ladybug was hesitant about giving the Bee Miraculous to her out of fear of her and her loved ones being in danger. However, Hawk Moth and Mayura know this and use this to their advantage, utilizing Lila Rossi's manipulation. After Miraculer's defeat, Ladybug finally explains to Chloé why she's been inactive recently. Chloé, albeit slowly, comes to an understanding and returns the Miraculous but remains hopeful they'll call on her again. However, she stops worshiping Ladybug and views her as any other person. Hawk Moth also remains hopeful that they will get Chloé on their side someday.

In a few episodes, like "Animaestro", "Oblivio", and others, things take an interesting turn in the ways of love for the heroes. Chloé figures out that Marinette has a crush on Adrien.

Ladybug and Cat Noir kiss.

Against Oblivio, the duo had their memories erased, and since they used their powers earlier, the pair discover each others' identities. Despite their amnesiac states, Marinette, Adrien, and Tikki (albeit he and Tikki meet for the first time) manage to keep out of the villain's sight and restore their powers. In doing so, they believe that they are more than just a team and consider each other a couple, starting to develop feelings for the other. However, with Oblivio's defeat, they discover that Ladybug's other superpower will put things back to the way they were, including their memories. Realizing that they'll forget being in love, they share a kiss, but the moment doesn't go unnoticed by Alya, who takes a picture after being deakumatized with Nino.

With their memories restored and upon seeing the picture, Marinette becomes shocked that she kissed Cat Noir, while Adrien remains hopeful of his love with Ladybug. Hawk Moth has also discovered their love for each other believing their secret romance will be their downfall.

In "Desperada", two heroes come to the rescue for the price of one, as after seeing the titular villain as a formidable opponent, the Snake Miraculous's power of Second Chance was needed. However, due to Marinette's "troubled heart", as Ladybug, she picked Adrien to wield the Miraculous, and due to him wanting to impress his crush as Aspik, it led to the heroine being captured several times over, until he informed her of what had been happening. When Ladybug had no idea who else could use the Snake Miraculous, that's when Adrien recommended Luka, with him becoming the cool, calm, and focused Viperion. By observing Desperada and using the power of Second Chance to save his allies, the duo followed his lead in defeating her. Even though Adrien didn't make a good impression as Aspik, he decided to stick with what he's good at, being Ladybug's partner as Cat Noir. As for Marinette, one day she'd have to choose between which boy she truly loved.

In "Startrain" due to battling constant villains by Hawk Moth, Adrien and Marinette were exhausted and ready for a vacation (but took the Horse Miraculous along in case trouble came). Trouble came when Max's Mother was accidentally akumatized by a rogue akuma into Startrain, taking everyone on board the train to space. Knowing they'd need extra help, Ladybug gave the Horse Miraculous to Max, who became their new ally Pegasus, and with his powers of teleportation, the trio was able to get the train back down to earth.

Marinette as Multimouse

Plagg's obsession with cheese causes one of the biggest problems for the duo yet in "Kwamibuster". He and Tikki are spotted by Ms. Mendeleiev, who wishes to prove their existence to the world, but it leads to her akumatization as the titular villain. This leads to Ladybug and Cat Noir believing that they may know each other in regular life. During the confrontation, the heroes lose their kwamis. To save them, Marinette pulls off her greatest feat yet, becoming Multimouse with the Mouse Miraculous and fusing the powers of some of the other Miraculouses. She was able to save Tikki and Plagg, and the heroes were able to protect their identities. However, upon seeing the power of the kwamis, Hawk Moth's lust and desire for power continued to grow.

In "Feast", Master Fu's mistake is fully revealed when he comes across a sentimonster he created long ago that he thought was gone. When Fu was very young, he was chosen to join the order but had no interest in being a guardian and was angry that he'd had to give up his normal life. During one of his training sessions, he had to watch a miracle box for twenty-four hours with no food. He grew hungry and used the Peacock Miraculous to create a companion to get him a snack, but the creature Wang created wasn't only fueled by his hunger, but his anger at the Miraculous, which resulted in him losing control of the creature and it destroying the temple, swallowing the guardians and the remaining Miraculouses. Wang managed to escape his creation, but in doing so, lost the Peacock and Butterfly Miraculouses and the spellbook.

Knowing that Hawk Moth and his partner, Mayura, would bring his creation back to life and hunt him or anyone with a Miraculous down and refusing to let Marinette and Adrien suffer the same fate, he took their Miraculouseses and tried to leave Paris, but seeing his disciples stand up to the creature even without their powers showed Wang why he chose them. Seeing their bravery, he followed their example and stood up to his creation at the cost of revealing his identity to Hawk Moth. Knowing what needed to be done, he returned the heroes' Miraculouses, and by diving into the belly of the beast, they destroyed the creature. With Feast destroyed, the Order of the Guardians was restored, with Wang being eternally grateful towards Ladybug and Cat Noir for freeing him from his burden of the past.

After seeing her actions, Wang calls Marinette a full-fledged Ladybug and begins her training to become the new guardian. With his shop no longer safe, Wang decided to keep a low profile but refused to leave Paris until Hawk Moth was stopped, assuring Marinette and Adrien that he'd always be there for them when they need him. However, now that Gabriel knew the identity of the Guardian, he started to find a way to put it to use.

During "Stormy Weather 2", everyone laments on how much they've changed through the powers of the Miraculouses and their feelings, too.

During the fight against the titular villain in "Ikari Gozen", Ladybug temporarily lends the Dragon Miraculous to Kagami Tsurugi when she is taken prisoner by her akumatized mother. With it, Kagami becomes Ryuko and uses her power over certain elements to help Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat Ikari Gozen. However, because Hawk Moth knew her civilian identity when she was freed, Ladybug, after having the Dragon Miraculous return from Kagami, tells her she won't be able to give the Miraculous back to her because of the risk of putting her loved ones in danger. As Marinette and Kagami spend Friendship Day together, Marinette starts to see another side to her. Due to her mother's strict upbringing, Kagami doesn't have any friends but has a strong desire to make them. Despite losing the contest, the two have a better understanding of each other.

The heroes and Alix with Bunnyx

In "Timetagger", Ladybug and Cat Noir come across a villain from the future named Timetagger but soon received some futuristic help of their own. With Alix's help and by destroying an obelisk in the museum, they discovered a future Miraculous holder who holds the Rabbit Miraculous, using it to turn into Bunnyx. Even more surprising, the future heroine was actually Alix's future self, making the current Alix ecstatic that she was going to get a Miraculous one day. From here, the duo learned that in the future, they will continue to fight akumatized villains, who are now controlled by a new Butterfly Miraculous holder and will assemble a superhero team with Bunnyx as one of its members and Ladybug's future self as team leader.

Ladybug, Cat Noir and Carapace with their newest allies Viperion, Pegasus and King Monkey

By the time of "Party Crasher", even Ladybug's and Cat Noir's team of five wasn't enough to stop the titular villain, and all were captured. Kim is then chosen by Master Fu to become the holder of the Monkey Miraculous, known as King Monkey, and rescues his teammates.

During Adrien's trip to the Musée Grévin wax museum with his friends in "The Puppeteer 2", he received a mixed-up message from Nino, thinking that Marinette hated him. Meanwhile, Marinette had trouble keeping her cool when Alya left her alone. Not wanting to lose her friendship, Adrien tried to find a way to make her more comfortable. So he decided to pretend to be a statue. When he heard her say all those things about him, Adrien unfroze. When he saw that he had upset Marinette, he apologized. He then asked if she was for real about what she said, but she responded saying she wasn't. Afterward, having a moment alone, they apologized for what happened and continued to be friends, but Marinette was downhearted when Adrien admitted that he had a crush on another girl. Marinette was encouraged by Tikki not to give up on him.

Ladybug fighting against her partner

"Felix", "Cat Blanc" and the Season finale, involves both loves and losses for everyone. As Adrien and his father remember the anniversary of Emilie's "departure", they are greeted by family, Adrien's aunt Amelie and his cousin Felix. However, due to Felix's mischief, tension is caused between Marinette's friends, who had sent a video package. Felix pretended to be Adrien and answered their video with a nasty note. The duo managed to save Felix and makeup with Adrien, with him thanking his friends for their support.

The duo and Hawk Moth make their greatest mistakes, for Ladybug, due to not leaving Adrien's room quick enough, she unknowingly led to him figuring out her identity, leading to an alternate future. With Bunnyx's help, Ladybug was led to said future, where she was surprised to find her partner akumatized into Cat Blanc and wanting her earrings to activate the ultimate wishing power. She was also surprised that he knew her identity. With Bunnyx viewing the past, she sees that, despite the two ending up together, Gabriel threatened to break them up so he could have another villain. Refusing to let Marinette go and seeing an akuma head towards her, Adrien transformed, revealing himself to his love and unknowingly his greatest enemy.

Wanting to use this to his advantage, Hawk Moth unveiled his identity and purpose to the heroes, causing his own son's greatest breakdown. So close to his goal, Gabriel akumatized him, but with Adrien so hurt and confused, he caused Hawk Moth's demise as well as everyone else on the planet. Meanwhile, in the future, Ladybug manages to save her partner, and by fixing her mistake, she changes the future. Before Bunnyx leaves, she reveals that her leader picked her because she knew how to keep secrets. After facing everything she experienced, Ladybug went off to enjoy a peaceful moment with Cat Noir.

"Ladybug" turns into one of the critical points for the team. Through Lila's deception and lies, Marinette ends up getting expelled from school, as well as almost being akumatized into giving Hawk Moth her earrings (but was unknowingly saved by Nathalie). However, knowing that Lila was behind this, Adrien told her of his earlier warning and convinced her to tell another lie that would prove Marinette's innocence, letting her be reinstated in school. Meanwhile, Cat Noir and Ladybug begin to learn more about the Peacock Miraculous, understanding that sentimonsters are more than just simple creatures but that they also have their own wills and feelings, especially elaborate ones like the heroine's sentimonster doppelganger and noticing something wrong with Mayura. They also learn how cruel the powers of the Miraculouses can be when used for evil, fearing that Mayura's power is more dangerous than Hawk Moth's. However, the continued use of the damaged Peacock Miraculous causes Nathalie to get sick, ending her time as Mayura for now.

Chloé's betrayal

In "Battle of the Miraculous" upon seeing Adrien and Kagami getting along so well, Marinette decides to give up her romantic pursuit of him. Due to her being tricked by Mayura, she accidentally goes to Master Fu as Ladybug, unknowingly leading Hawk Moth right to him. In her broken-heartedness, she takes the Dragon Miraculous to give to Kagami. After the mission, seeing that she put Master Fu in danger, Marinette breaks down in front of Luka about the stress of being her alter ego.

Seeing that Ladybug chose Ryuko over her and thanks to Hawk Moth's manipulation, Chloé betrayed the team by turning into Miracle Queen, putting their teammates in danger. Thankfully, due to their aqua powers, Ladybug and Cat Noir managed to avoid the wasps. Upon reuniting, the duo learned about the situation up top, seeing that their enemies had, not only their allies, but Master Fu and the miracle box. Ladybug breaks down again in front of Cat Noir about this being her fault, but the hero comforts her, knowing that everyone makes mistakes and that it's important to fix them, making her extremely grateful to have him by her side. With her confidence restored, the duo enacts a plan to save everyone, and with the powers of Dragon Bug and Snake Noir, they manage to save their allies and deakumatize Chloé.

Shocked by her actions, Ladybug tried to remind Chloé that Hawk Moth was their enemy, but Chloé retorted that she was fed up with being overlooked by the heroine, despite her attempts to help. Wanting her revenge, Chloé dared to use the remaining Miraculouses against her former idol, but the kwamis refused to help. Still, under the power of protection, Wang Fu encouraged his disciples to continue on and passes his role as Guardian to Ladybug, with her now owning the Miracle Box. With the knowledge he planned to take from the former guardian, as well as the box, lost, Hawk Moth and Mayura make their escape. After Chloé's failed escape attempt, she told Ladybug off and stated that they are no longer friends. Due to her terrible actions, the heroine takes the Bee Miraculous from Chloé, banishing her from the team.

What the duo also discovers is that, due to Master Fu passing his role to Ladybug, the Guardian's Code erased his memories of the Miraculouses and couldn't be restored. However, it wasn't a total loss for the villains either. Due to obtaining Master Fu's tablet of the decoded spellbook, Gabriel was able to fix the Peacock Miraculous. Marinette then takes Master Fu to Marianne at the train station. Even with his memory erased, he felt like he had known her forever, and the two leave Paris together. Meanwhile, she finds a note from her former master about her understanding of experiencing loss in life and moving on with more to come.

During "Truth" and "Lies", the duo discovers that Hawk Moth is hitting them even harder than Shadow Moth. Soon Marinette and Adrien begin to feel the pressure of increased responsibilities in their civilian lives that results in putting their love relationships on hold.

Especially for Marinette with her duties as the Guardian, she begins to feel more lonely than ever. And the pressure causes her to even push her friends away resulting in turning them into the titular villains in "Gang of Secrets", finding Lady Wifi; Ladybug talks to her about blind trust, and Alya was able to do the one thing most villains couldn't do break Shadow Moth's hold. After rejecting his influence, she receives the Fox Miraculous back and became Rena Rouge to help Ladybug and Cat Noir stop the rest of the Gang of Secrets. Then, Marinette makes up with her friends but when alone with Alya she unveils the real reason for her behavior and even her identity as the superheroine that Alya idols.

Ladybug in her updated suit and a Magical Charm.

In "Mr. Pigeon 72", Marinette continues to receive Alya's support with guardian duties while the heroine tries to figure how to stop Shadow Moth from reakumatizing people. On the other side, she was still trying to get over her feelings about Adrien but heard that he and Kagami had broken up. She desperately tried to get them back together but it caused Mr. Ramier's 72nd akumatization. After he was deakumatized through Rena's help Ladybug had gained a new perspective of her powers. In doing so, she created the Magical Charms that she uses to protect people from future amokizations and akumatizations. Afterward, Kagami helps Marinette realize her feelings for Adrien believing they were a perfect match.

Meeting Grand Master Su-Han.

In "Furious Fu", the kwamis were excited that Master Fu was back in Paris expressing a dear desire to see him despite minor hiccups the kwamis and Marinette were happy that he and Marianne were doing well. However, they were surprised by the appearance of Su-Han, who was the Celestial Guardian, the real caretaker of the Miracle Box, and Master Fu's former teacher. But he reprimanded the teens for using the jewels as well as demanding them back. With Cat Noir's encouragement, Ladybug remained confident in their abilities and defied Su-Han's demands. However, after that, the duo discovered that Master Fu had been akumatized by his former master and sent by Shadow Moth to retrieve the Miracle Box but upon seeing the young heroes save Master Fu, Su-Han admits he was wrong about them seeing Marinette as a worthy guardian and yet would keep an eye on her.

Zoé as Vesperia.

In "Queen Banana", Chloé was still resentful against Ladybug for the "Miracle Queen" incident and continues to take her rage out on everyone, especially her family including her half-sister Zoé. Her anger and jealously reaches a boiling point where she gets re-akumatized, this time into Queen Banana wanting revenge on her. Aware of Zoé's potential, Ladybug lends her the Bee Miraculous but Zoé hesitated knowing Chloé would be furious as she was the former Queen Bee until Ladybug assures her that her identity will remain a secret. With Zoé as Vesperia, she helps Ladybug and Cat Noir save Chloé.

Mylène as Polymouse.

In "Mega Leech", when Malediktator had returned but this time aided by the titular sentimonster. The duo realized they would need the team back together and aided by their newest addition Mylene as Polymouse the Malediktator clones were defeated.

Rose as Pigella.

In "Guiltrip", the duo attempted to fight Reflekta, but couldn't find her due to all of Guiltrip's negativity bubbles. However, seeing that Rose's optimism is what they needed. Ladybug gave her the Pig Miraculous, allowing her to transform into Pigella. With Gift, the trio was able to defeat Reflekta, her sentimonster, and save the entire class. After the mission, Rose slipped the Pig Miraculous back to Ladybug.

Juleka as Purple Tigress.

In "Crocoduel", it wasn't only Marinette who was having relationship problems so was the whole Couffaine family. Luka felt sad about Marinette continuously avoiding him, Juleka felt unloved by her father, and the parents arguing over who broke up their family. During the Couffaine twin's birthday, their parents were reakumatized into Crocoduel. Needing the help of someone the two villains would listen to Ladybug gives the Tiger Miraculous to Juleka and as the Purple Tigress, the trio ended the fighting and Marinette made up with Luka.

Optigami (23).png

In "Optigami", Shadow Moth and Nathalie still continue on their quest to discover Ladybug and Cat Noir's identities even using the sentimonster Optigami to spy on them. Using Audrey's fashion event to lure the team into a trap. Meanwhile, Marinette's trust in Alya continues to grow. When Shadow Moth's deception led to Style Queen's return most of the Miraculous team was removed. Leaving Ladybug, Cat Noir and Rena left while Marinette was stuck in the elevator with Adrien, aware of previous encounters she tried to slow her relationship with him.

Inside the elevator, the two noticed a pair of eyes spying on them and were aware they needed help but discreetly she texted Alya the plan and the number of the emergency phone located in the Miracle Box. Alya calls the number and alerts the kwamis of the current situation, then Kaalki opens a portal allowing her to enter Marinette's room and grab the Fox and Bee Miraculouses but without consent took the Turtle Miraculous too. Transforming into Rena Rouge and returning to the studio Alya, unknowingly, gave the Turtle Miraculous to a sentimonster who looked like Nino. With Kaalki's help, she allows Marinette to transform into Ladybug and got Adrien to safety. Marinette then unifies the Ladybug and Bee Miraculous together becoming Lady Bee. Then, summoning her Lucky Charm a compact mirror at first she didn't know how to use it but after Style Queen's deakumatization, Ladybug discovered Shadow Moth's real plan and exposed the deception to Alya. Returning home Alya felt guilty about the consequences of her actions and yet was comforted by Marinette believing one must learn from their mistakes. Aware of Shadow Moth's damage, Alya receives the Fox Miraculous permanently becoming a full-fledged member of the team and possible successor to the Miracle Box.

However, from this escapade, Gabriel and Nathalie discover that Rena Rouge and Ladybug have a special connection and they're not done with the fox heroine yet.

Sentibubbler 480.png

In "Sentibubbler", Marinette starts to have doubts about giving the Fox Miraculous to Alya, fearing Shadow Moth could take advantage of that to make her friend betray her. Meanwhile, in a plan to both capture the Ladybug, the Cat, and the Fox Miraculouses, Shadow Moth creates a sentimonster in the image of the Bubbler to capture Alya's loved ones and blackmails her into betraying Ladybug, otherwise he will send her loved ones to space. Fortunately, Alya came up with a plan to help free Marinette from her bubble using effectively her power of illusion and, at the same time, convince Shadow Moth Ladybug would never give her the Fox Miraculous to her again. This ensures Marinette she made the right call in giving the Fox Miraculous to Alya, who will now act behind the scenes to keep the illusion that she won't ever become Rena Rouge again, At least until Shadow Moth is defeated.

However, just like Ladybug in "Volpina", Cat Noir acted a little jealous or left out that Ladybug didn't completely include him in the plan with Rena until being told by Marinette otherwise. Soon he learns the hard way why he when ends up trapped again to the point of nearly exposing his identity. Despite it they manage to save Alya's family but seeing Shadow Moth flee, they are aware they'll get another chance to get him.

In "Glaciator 2", both heroes take another trip into the love department. Despite being nominated as Couple of the Year, Ladybug reprimanded Cat Noir about his flirty behavior. Even though, he promised to dial down Adrien found it complicated to the point where he nearly was akumatized. Then, consumed by anger as Cat Noir he tried to destroy traces of his love for the heroine. However, his problem didn't unnoticed by Kagami who called for Marinette and seeing her lack of confidence advised that she practice with a partner. And noticing Cat Noir nearby she asked him through the practice session the hero learned that Marinette is also in love with someone too (unaware it's his civilian self).

While at the movie theaters they discuss their love problems; for Marinette when it comes to important guys she worries about everything leading her into spiraling fantasies so that no one can see the real her. As for Cat Noir still amazed with Ladybug he found it impossible to choose someone else to the point where he feared disappointing her leading to her hating him which she proves otherwise. Seeing Glaciator return, the two meet once again and noticing Cat Noir keeping to his promise she praised him for his efforts. Afterwards, resuming the session Cat Noir heard Marinette speak from the heart finding it beautiful and wished her luck in her endeavors. As for Adrien following Marinette's advice, he decided to keep his photographs of Ladybug believing if showed his true self then she fall for him.

Ayla as Scarabella

In "Hack-San", Alya learns what it's like to be Ladybug for the weekend when Marinette gave her the Ladybug Miraculous while she was in London. Under the alias Scarabella, at first, she had a hard time adjusting starting when Cat Noir believed she was an akumatized villain or a sentimonster that harmed his partner until she convinced him otherwise. Then, the duo realized that Markov was akumatized into Robostus again with a swarm of minions after them as Scarabella fell for obvious traps. While inside the Wax Museum, Cat Noir figured out that due to the trust between Scarabella and Ladybug he believed they were friends but soon they were surrounded. Then, Alya realized that she was no Ladybug but was encouraged by Cat Noir to find her own way and she did leading to Robostus' defeat. Reuniting with his Ladybug, she apologized for her actions but despite the hero's understanding, he explained his greatest fear, because he doesn't know her identity Cat Noir was afraid he'd lose Ladybug forever until she assured him she'd always be by his side.

In "Rocketear", with Alya's new status of working behind the scenes she adopted a new persona Rena Furtive. But because of her new role she had a hard time staying hidden especially from her boyfriend. Things became crazy when Nino doubts his relationship with Alya when he believed she was in "love" with Cat Noir leading him to reveal to Adrien; his and Alya's identities as Carapace and Rena Rouge unknowingly telling Cat Noir. Hurt Nino saw revenge against the hero as the titular villain until Rena and Ladybug showed him what really happened the night he found them. Remorseful Nino relinquished his powers and made up with Cat Noir. To avoid further misunderstandings Alya told Nino that she was helping Ladybug however Adrien was shocked that Ladybug allowed Rena Rouge and Carapace to know their respective identities but not them.

In "Wishmaker", Ladybug and Cat Noir were hit by Wishmaker, causing Shadow Moth and Viperion knew their secret identities. Due to Viperion's Second Chance, Shadow Moth's memories of them were erased. When Ladybug asked Luka had Wishmaker hit Ladybug and Cat Noir, he lied to her that he didn't know it and decide to keep the new knowledge his own.

In "Dearest Family", double trouble happens during Galette Day, when Tikki's monstrous appetite returns making it difficult for Marinette to control her. Upon transforming she fell under her kwami's influence devouring every galette in sight, soon things get worse when Marinette's whole family was reakumatized despite her giving them Magical Charms. Needing Tikki, she finds that her kwami's hunger had gotten so ravenous that she used powers to create a giant galette in the sky but was thankfully destroyed by Astro Cat. Before Tikki could make another, she admitted to Marinette that she was ashamed of her flaws and believed Marinette would fear her until she was told otherwise and would help her control her hunger calming down they met up with Cat Noir. Knowing the situation, they went to Marinette's house upon finding the group's akumatized object was inside the galette they realized that Hawk Moth had created a Megakuma to overpower her magical charms. Despite that, she gave her family a set of new ones believing they could still be useful. Meanwhile Gabriel's desire for the jewels had grown darker where he wishes to use them to destroy this reality and create a new one where he and his beloved would never be separated again.

In "Ephemeral", under Su-Han's watchful eye, he was furious that Ladybug called on so many allies to defeat one villain. The reason why was because of Cat Noir's absence, consumed by fear Su-Han believed the hero was like Shadow Moth until Ladybug knew otherwise. Refusing to let the powers of the Black Cat be on the loose with a stranger the heroine was forced by the guardian to discover her partner's identity or else he'd be replaced. With Viperion's help, she planned with meeting Cat Noir at the Eiffel Tower. He apologized for his absence and after hearing his partner's reasoning of knowing their identities he revealed to Ladybug that he is Adrien Agreste. At first, she laughed but upon discovering it was true she was so shocked that she abandoned the plan and despite it relayed the information to Su-Han.

Afterwards Marinette found difficult to accept that Adrien and Cat Noir are the same until she gained insight from Luka. Starting to see her partner in a new light and with their latest victory Marinette finally had the courage to reveal herself to Adrien. The two started dating however because they slipped up Adrien discovered the horrible truth about his parents once again. This time he was akumatized by Shadow Moth and surrendered his ring having his father turned into Shadow Noir. With his son's help Shadow Noir obtained the Ladybug Miraculous, unified them and gained the Absolute Power.

Fortunately, with one chance to fix everything through the power of her Lucky Charm she summoned Luka to call for Sass and use Second Chance. Rewinding time back to the night that caused it all, soon the duo noticed time anomalies happening everywhere. Aware that this was Sass' doing the kwami explained his actions being told he received a message from her Lucky Charm telling him use it. Once Paris' time was right, Marinette confronted Su-Han about his actions being consumed by fear and the guardian admitted she was right as well as her being different than any other guardian.

Adrien as Cat Walker

"Kuro Neko" is parallel is "Hack-San", with Cat Noir leaving Ladybug believing that she doesn't need him anymore. After claiming his ring Marinette gets earful from Plagg about how badly she has been treating her partner. With no choice Marinette hastily tried to pick a new owner for Plagg to no avail meanwhile Adrien was depressed. Seeing that their owners belonged together Plagg playfully tricked Marinette into returning the ring to his owner. Reuniting with Adrien, the kwami saw that his owner was still depressed refusing the ring if things didn't change. So under Plagg's guidance, Adrien changed himself into the prestigious Cat Walker.

However, despite returning to Ladybug in a "new mask" they weren't doing so well. Due to leaving things on a sour note with her ex partner and trying not to repeat the same mistakes. The heroine acted hesitant and remorseful and hearing how Ladybug felt about his former alter-ego, Adrien understood his own feelings and actions. After many failed attempts to subdue the sentimonster the duo came to the conclusion that they needed to separate, this time Cat Walker handles exclusion with maturity leading to the creature's defeat. Returning home, Plagg explained to Adrien that his plan worked better than ever giving his owner much needed clarity but is happy to be reunited. Returning to Ladybug in his original persona Cat Noir apologized for his actions and is firmly reminded that he is irreplaceable.

Penalteam 257.png

In "Penalteam", after Chloé gets akumatized once again into Penalty and with a team of clones then into Penalteam. Then challenges Ladybug and her team to play they summon everyone (Bunnyx and Rena Rouge) including four new holder Miss Hound, Minotaurix, Rooster Bold and Caprikid with the powers of Adoration, Passion, Pretension and Determination. Despite the team putting up a good fight their numbers dwindle regrouping Ladybug realizes that she isn't doing well as team captain. So, she learns being part of a team means to work together to win. She plans a new strategy to defeat Penalty including everyone involving it, the Miraculous manages to tie the game but with Penalty constantly changing the rules and capturing Cat Noir on a timer the team had to act fast. So they use Penalty's desire for cheating against her to end the game herself with that Chloé was returned to normal.

In "Risk", feeling that he is out of patience and time Gabriel concocted a super devastating plan believing that Ladybug's cautionness is reason for Team Miraculous' constant victories he turned them into the opposite having everyone including them through Risk becoming reckless. Aware of the many things that could wrong Gabriel wanted Adrien sent away under the disgiuse of several month trip promote his company unknowingly set the duo off just like him to consume by their own desires (his son's desire for freedom and Marinette's love bordering obsession for Adrien.) As for their alter egos despite them still working together Cat Noir is still angry that Ladybug didn't trust him enough out of fear to help with her guardian duties but was still happy that he was her favorite. And yet, the one risk Ladybug, Adrien nor Shadow Moth didn't count on was Felix's arrival in Paris and when Adrien agreed to switch places with him putting the nail in the coffin. Because Felix used the opportunity to discover what his uncle was hiding going inside his safe he discovered what he believed to be true that his uncle is Shadow Moth and took the pair of fake jewels for himself even more devastating Felix finds out that his aunt's portrait has one more secret activating the hidden the passageway he shockingly discovers that his aunt is still alive. With Adrien out of the way Shadow Moth creates his deadliest sentimonster ever Strikeback and let it loose in the city.

Strikeback 523.png

In "Strikeback", during the scuffle against Strikeback problems keep arising when Cat Noir lashed out at Ladybug for not trusting him with anything she angrily admitted that she was trying to protect him from being akumatized which he retorted back that it would never happen. Moreso from Rena the team learned that Shadow Moth through another villain had marked them and that's what been causing everyone to act risking needing to find someone who wasn't under Risk's power. Ladybug pulls off a triple fusion into Pennybug still obsessing over Adrien, she goes back in time to "him" entrusting "him" with the Dog Miraculous turning into Flairaimable by going back in time they found Risk's akumatized object and return to the present to find the city in a wreck by Strikeback seeing no choice left the team banishes the sentimonster to sun.

However it ends in the heroes defeat when Ladybug returns asking for the Dog Miraculous from Adrien but when he points out she didn't give the jewel to him and her yo-yo disappears. The French Duo learned the hard way what happens when they give into one's desires selfisfly by accidently giving the jewel to Felix, he used it's power to steal Ladybug’s yo-yo, worst of all traded all the Miraculous in the Chinese Miracle Box to his uncle, rendering the whole team inactive except for Ladybug and Cat Noir. Finally having a victory Hawk Moth decided to make his announcement to all of Paris and Ladybug looks on as well feeling broken and defeated until Cat Noir appears. Shocked to find him, she battered herself about her bahvior towards him, not trusting and lying to him believing she didn't deserve a partner like him but instead of abdondoning her he assures her as long as they're still free they'll get Miraculouses back, one by one if necessary. And looking below seeing that the duo still has the people's support and with Cat Noir by her side Ladybug rises up once more knowing the war has just begun.

In "Evolution", the kwamis finally discover who Hawk Moth is and his actions despite that Gabriel Agreste merges all the miraculouses turning into Monarch. Upon running into time versions of themselves and Monarch then Bunnyx, Ladybug and Cat Noir easily found out that Monarch couldn't wait use the other jewels. First, was the Rabbit Miraculous as their enemy wanted to use it's powers to steal the duo's jewels in the past. To follow him through time and not wanting to make the same mistake Ladybug allows Cat Noir use Bunnyx's jewel becoming Rabbit Noir. Through multiple time jumps ending up in the 1940's the holders saw Monarch suffer the consequences of his greed and impatience when he used them all at one time but knowing they can't track him forever calling upon her Lucky Charm and seeing Master Fu they knew the help of another holder was needed. Since preying on younger heroes didn't work Gabriel decided to rewrite the past by giving information on how to fix the jewel to his younger self.

Later Ladybug and Rabbit Noir reunite with their former master asking for the Dog Miraculous. Knowing that the time is now, they return to their current time to retrieve Alix but receiving a jewel she didn't expect; Ladybug explained that they needed her help in retrieving the Rabbit Miraculous and was more surprised that her father knew of her destiny. Then upon entering the Burrow as Canigirl, she then tagged the current Rabbit Miraculous with the ball. And playing on Monarch's obsession and greed they managed to retrieve both Rabbit Miraculous. To ensure the jewel' safety Ladybug allows Alix to keep it becoming the current timeline Bunnyx and remain in the burrow until Monarch is defeated. Back in their own time Ladybug and Cat Noir wish to retrieve the other Miraculous but Monarch escapes leaving her distraught but was comforted by her partner to take solice in the victory they have today.

Unknown to them thanks their trick the heroes caused Mayura to finally split her ties with Gabriel because he chose his own desires over everyone else long enough.

In "Multiplication",

Miraculous Adventures

At an unknown time after the events of "The Collector", in the second issue, Wang Fu explained the origins of the kwamis and the Miraculouses to Marinette. Later that day, she and Cat Noir were summoned to New York City through a portal by Doorman. As detailed in the third issue, various superheroes requested their help in fighting a huge threat, the Trash Krakken. While reluctant about their leader, Victory's, plan, which involved catastrophic destruction followed by the Miraculous Ladybug fixing all of the damage, Ladybug and Cat Noir agreed to help. However, theorizing that a stuffed animal, called Mr. Squid, could be related to the monster, Ladybug decided to directly face the monster against orders, Cat Noir loyally following her. Knightowl, Sparrow, and Majestia, with persuasion, were willing to temporarily try the plan to snatch Mr. Squid from the Trash Krakken's body in the fourth issue. While Sparrow was caught in the Trash Krakken's body, Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Knightowl successfully took the toy. The Trash Krakken reverted back into a human man, and the toy was purified with Ladybug's yo-yo. With New York City saved, the duo and the other superheroes confirmed their alliance, and the duo returned to Paris through another portal.

Miraculous Shanghai Special

Ladybug's and Cat Noir's heroic world expands when, Shanghai needs protecting from Hawk Moth too, as it holds a secret magical object that is about old as the Miraculouses themselves: the Prodigious. Due to unknown events, its power was deemed too dangerous and sealed away. Just like the Miraculouses that were protected by the Order of the Guardians, this jewel was protected by the Renren Guardians, those who were taught ancient human values. However, as time went on, most had forgotten them, leaving a man named Wu Shifu as the sole guardian until one day when he heard the cries of a baby girl. Happy to have an heir, Wu Shifu named her Fei and taught her of his legacy, making her the next guardian. However, their days weren't always full of happiness as a greedy man, named Cash, used dirty tactics to get them off the land which ended in the school's destruction, her adoptive father's disappearance, and most importantly, the Sacred Cave Key being stolen, leaving Fei alone.

As for the French duo, Spring Break is here, but Marinette, upon realizing that Adrien is in Shanghai, followed him while wanting to visit her Great Uncle Wang Cheng to celebrate his 60th birthday. Upon visiting him, she learns more about her family and wishes to explore the city. However, just as she started to, her things get stolen, and with a language barrier, she was lost and alone in the city. Meanwhile, Adrien goes off to explore, reacquaints with Wang Cheng, and is surprised that Marinette is also in Shanghai. Noticing that she was gone for too long, he transformed into Cat Noir to find her. While wandering the streets, Marinette gets cornered by people she believed was going to hurt her. Trying to escape, she runs into Fei. Relieved that someone can understand her, she explains to her "new friend" her situation and the importance of her things. Sympathizing, Fei helps her look for them. At the time aware that the city was so big, Cat Noir contacts Ladybug to help in his efforts. After that, the girls manage to find the earrings, but Cash wants a lot of money in return. However, Fei easily swaps them for fake ones which resulted in trouble, but they gained help in unexpected places.

Briefly losing Cash's goons, Marinette was brought to Fei's home where she explained her own hardships, but just before she could explain the real reason for her friend's "misfortune", Cash beat her to it, leaving Marinette devastated because Fei was desperate for information about her father. During their discussion, Fei discovered that he was the one responsible for what happened to her father and refused to let him touch her friend. Unknown to them all, Hawk Moth was there aware of Cash's greed, he akumatizes Cash. Marinette, not completely sure of Fei's intentions but refusing to leave her at an akumatized villain's mercy, transforms into Ladybug. Happy that Cat Noir was already in Shanghai, she explained the situation. Helping Fei, Ladybug discovered that Hawk Moth attempted to steal the Prodigious. Despite not knowing what it is, she couldn't let her enemy have it. Refusing to let the heroine fight alone, Fei uses the jewel's power, becoming the new Renren guided by the Renlings. During the fight, she was observed by the guardian, Mei Shi, matching almost all the values except the dragon because she was clouded by vengeful thoughts. With Cat Noir's timely arrival, the trio deakumatizes Cash, but Hawk Moth refuses to admit defeat and turns his akuma to Mei Shi, changing the guardian into one of his most dangerous villains yet that even he couldn't stop. Heartbroken and distraught by her actions, Fei believed she wasn't worthy of the Prodigious and left the French Duo. With no choice, Cat Noir decided to use his powers on him, but it left the hero eradicated and Ladybug distraught.

Finding Fei below her, Marinette accepts her forgiveness, but Fei isn't so sure she deserves it as she turned away from her father's teachings, aware he wouldn't do this and would turn it into something good. With that in mind, she finally understands what Mei Shi meant. With that insight, Fei was able to access the power of the dragon, using it to save Marinette, and by helping Ladybug dive into the belly of the beast, the duo managed to calm the guardian and save the city. With her anger gone, Mei Shi found Fei worthy of the Prodigious but one test remained: facing Cash. Again, she reprimanded him because of his uncontrollable greed, she was left homeless but chose to let justice take its course, reclaiming the Sacred Cave Key. The group was surprised to discover that Mei Shi had another purpose: watching over the Renren. With Marinette safe and sound, they all celebrate Wang Cheng's birthday. It turns out the group of boys weren't trying to hurt her but return her necklace, whom she graciously thanks and accepts Fei as a friend and ally.

Miraculous New York Special

Class trip to New York

It's French-American Friendship Week, a week when students from both countries come together. The heroes come together, too, causing them to learn from each other on both sides of the mask. Marinette is trying to give up her romantic pursuit of Adrien and work on being his friend. Not wanting him to be alone, she convinced Gabriel to let him come to New York with them. Adrien was eternally grateful towards her, describing her as "the girl willing to take a chance". However, as their trip continued, Marinette's romantic feelings continued to grow to the point of her trying to convince a disheartened Adrien to stay in New York, admitting that she loved him.

Ladybug and Cat Noir meeting Sparrow and Uncanny Valley

As their alter egos, the bond between Ladybug and Cat Noir continues to grow, and they begin to use new powers, like the Space Mode. The ultimate test of trust between them began as she trusted Cat Noir to watch over Paris while she was gone. Not wanting to disappoint her or lose her trust, Cat Noir hid the truth from her and was in New York, too (although Marinette unknowingly took her partner with her). Along the way, they meet Majestia, Knightowl, Sparrow, and Uncanny Valley and discover that the American heroes are different from them. Unlike the Miraculous heroes, who were more secretive and independent, American ones were more open and protective of the younger heroes. As the four young heroes came together during a fight against Technolizer, Ladybug was angry at Cat Noir that he left Paris unguarded to the point she expressed her disappointment to him. A terrible mistake lead to them learning a big lesson: with great power comes great responsibility and the consequences if said power is used recklessly. The terrible mistake was Cat Noir accidentally destroying Uncanny Valley with his Cataclysm. Despite Ladybug fixing her and the city, the duo was harshly scolded by Knightowl, warning them that if the conditions had been different, then the outcome would have been worse. Then, things escalated when Ladybug and Cat Noir had discovered the state Paris was in. Aware that the damage had been there for too long and with the villain gone, Ladybug couldn't use her powers to fix anything.

Ladybug and Cat Noir reunited.

Cat Noir felt unworthy of his powers and renounced his ring, leaving Ladybug alone and heartbroken because she had become so close to him, believing that she couldn't be herself without him. Meanwhile, the American heroes learned for the younger generation of heroes to grow, one needs to take chances and make their own way as Jessica, aka Sparrow, fiercely wanted her independence and admired the Miraculous duo for it. However, it caused her and Aeon, aka Uncanny Valley, to be disobedient towards their superiors and were temporarily grounded from the team. However, Jessica and Aeon soon discover that Hawk Moth was responsible for everything that's happening in New York, and by using the Eagle Miraculous along with Techno-Pirate turning into Miraclonizer, they both misused Liiri's powers to cause the adult heroes to run wild.

Jessica, as Eagle.

Understanding that they would need their help, Uncanny left to find the french duo; due to her being a robot she figured out the heroes' identities. She tried to convince Cat Noir to return to New York, but it wasn't until he heard his partner's message that he did so, returning to a grateful Ladybug. As they hugged, he apologized for his mistake of not being honest with her. Together with Sparrow and Uncanny, along with some creative thinking, they managed to retrieve the Eagle Miraculous from the titular villain, and with Sparrow, now known as Eagle, returned the adult heroes to normal, defeated Miraclonizer, and saved the city. With the mission over, Jessica tried to return the Miraculous, but Ladybug allowed her to keep it, knowing she would use it well. Being reunited with their mothers, Jess expected a scolding but received praise from Knightowl and Majestia about proving they are meddling, turning from fledglings to full-grown eagles. They also thanked Ladybug and Cat Noir for inspiring their daughters, understanding that the French duo was secretive about their identities, Uncanny saw it necessary to erase their identity data from her memory but not before Ladybug thanked her for bringing them back together.

Honoring the young heroes.

Meanwhile, Hawk Moth didn't see this escapade as a defeat but relished in the fact that there were other lost Miraculouses and that he'd find them all no matter how long it took. Back in Paris, people were working hard to clean up the damage. They missed their local heroes, but they didn't take it too hard because they heard of the duo's adventure in New York. Ladybug and Cat Noir were thanked by the American heroes with an ice statue of the four young heroes to honor their bravery and courage. With their trip nearing the end, Marinette would have another day to sort out her feelings and, along with her friends, gave Adrien one final surprise making him smile.

Then, sometime after Ladybug and Cat Noir had returned home, Eagle and Uncanny during a nightly patrol were approached by an unnamed guardian who demanded the Eagle Miraculous. Eagle proposed a better idea: convincing the guardian to stay in New York and create a new generation of heroes.


Whenever they realize a villain is attacking, Marinette and Adrien with the help of their respective kwamis, use their Miraculouses to transform into their superhero personas, Ladybug and Cat Noir. Both have enhanced physical abilities, such as strength and agility, and they are nearly invulnerable. They also each have a special weapon, Ladybug's Yo-yo and Cat Noir's Staff, and a unique superpower, Ladybug able to create helpful object with her Lucky Charm and Cat Noir being able to destroy anything he touches with his Cataclysm.

While both are skilled fighters in their own rights, they have their unique knowledge and skills outside of their powers and tools. Ladybug is very clever and quick at thinking up plans, able to figure out how to use her Lucky Charm to benefit her situation, usually by using various items in her surroundings in conjunction with the Lucky Charm to achieve her goal. For his part, Cat Noir is skilled in fencing and he speaks various languages, along with having calm observations and reactions in serious situations.

Ladybug is the only hero able to purify akumas, but outside of occasions where Ladybug or Cat Noir have to battle villains on their own, they usually work best as a team by utilizing their strengths together.

After Wang Fu translates some of the spellbook, Ladybug and Cat Noir gain new superpowers related to particular situations, like aqua, ice and space modes.

Sometimes, Ladybug and Cat Noir are unable to handle apthe crisis on their own and need help for the power of another miraculous. When they need more support and assistance, they have a number of part-time sidekicks to aid them:

  • Rena Rouge, who proved to have remarkable resourcefulness and cunning and becomes the first member of the team to know Ladybug's secret identity, starting to help her anytime she is unable to do her superhero duties. As Rena Furtive, she acts as the team's secret protector against Shadow Moth's traps.
  • Carapace, who proved to have considerable combat skills and exceptional bravery.
  • Queen Bee, who isn't impressed by people in power and, despite her obnoxious personality, has proven that she can be a very good teammate.
  • Viperion, who is wise beyond his years, gives his teammates another chance and is able to perceive the best way to defeat relentless villains, all while preventing himself and his teammates from repeating any mistake that may compromise the mission or their identities.
  • Pegasus, who is intelligent, fast and can teleport.
  • Ryuko, who has power over the elements and is an amazing sword fighter.
  • King Monkey, who is a quick learner and brave.
  • In the future, the heroes will also receive help from Bunnyx, a hero whose Miraculous power is to travel through time. She is called as a last resort when all the other superheroes of the team fail to defeat the villain, as meddling with time is dangerous.
  • Their New York addition, Eagle, who was trained by Knightowl and understands that freedom comes with a price.

After becoming a Guardian, Ladybug kept increasing her superhero team.

  • Vesperia, Queen Bee's replacement as the Bee Miraculous holder, who possesses a much more heroic demeanor than her predecessor.
  • Polymouse, when dealing with multiple problems in multiple locations, who has good ideas and knows that to deal with a big problem you need many little solutions dealing with it at the same time, not one big miraculous solution.
  • Pigella, who knows how to spread her optimism around.
  • Purple Tigress, whose inner confidence, allied to her power (Clout), can put an end to any conflict between two parties.
  • Miss Hound, who is loyal and can retrieve any object.
  • Rooster Bold, who is confident and can give himself any power he chooses.
  • Caprikid, whose great at working with others and can create any object he desires.
  • Minotaurox, who is a gentle giant and can resist any enemy attack.

Secret Identities

The two main members of the team, Ladybug and Cat Noir, aka Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, agreed from the outset to keep their respective civilian identities secret, even from each other, since if one of them were to discover the other's secret identity, they should give up their own Miraculous to avoid endangering their partner.

Even the temporary Miraculous heroes they call for help try to respect this rule, and within the team, Ladybug, who is usually the one who recruits new heroes, knows all their civilian identities. Instead, while Cat Noir unquestionably knows the civilian identities of Queen Bee, Viperion, Pegasus, Ryuko, Bunnyx, Pigella, Rena Rouge and Carapace, and even though several important pieces of information have been revealed to him after having officially met Master Wang Fu, he doesn't know the secret identities of King Monkey, Vesperia, Polymouse and Purple Tigress, since Ladybug prefers that there are as few people as possible to know their civilian identities, and therefore, whenever possible, she tends to leave Cat Noir in the dark about such information, much to his chagrin.

However, there have been a few exceptions:

  • Since "Queen Wasp", Queen Bee, aka Chloé Bourgeois, is the only hero whose civilian identity is in the public domain, having transformed in front of the cameras to show everyone (but specifically her mother) her value. Despite the recklessness of her actions, Ladybug, who was in a desperate moment and despite understandable doubts, chose to give her a second chance, and since then Queen Bee has helped the team for some important missions, only to be suspended by Ladybug due to her public civilian identity.
  • In "Catalyst", Rena Rouge and Carapace, aka Alya Césaire and Nino Lahiffe, get to know each others' secret identities. While at first Alya had suspicions about Nino, the latter had no suspicion about the former. During Heroes' Day, Ladybug, who was in an emergency situation and didn't have time to separate the couple, was forced to ask both temporary heroes on the spot for help, revealing to each other the other's secret identity. Since then, she has made the two heroes swear to not reveal each others' civilian identities to anyone.
  • In "Desperada", after a failed attempt to woo Ladybug with the Snake Miraculous, Adrien suggests that Luka Couffaine wields it. Since nobody besides Wang was aware that Cat Noir and Adrien are the same person, from Ladybug's and Luka's points of view, Adrien is just another temporary Miraculous holder, but who is aware that Luka is the new holder of the Snake Miraculous.
  • In "Startrain", when Ladybug chose to give the Horse Miraculous to Max Kanté, besides her and Cat Noir, even Markov, Max's robot, was present at that time. As revealed in "Miraculous New York", robots are immune to the magical nature of the Miraculouses which hides the identity of the holders, although Markov can't recognize Miraculous holders' identities because he's not as advanced as Uncanny.
  • In "Ikari Gozen", Hawk Moth learns that Kagami Tsurugi is Ryuko after she is able to free herself from her akumatized mother's prison. Because of that, Ladybug tells her she may not give her back the Miraculous as it may put Kagami's loved ones in danger. Despite that, in "Heart Hunter", Ladybug asked again for her help to secretly prevent her from dating Adrien at that time.
  • In "Timetagger", Ladybug and Cat Noir met a Rabbit Miraculous holder from the future, Bunnyx, aka Alix Kubdel as an adult. Being a time traveler and a connoisseur of many key moments in the course of history, Bunnyx knows the secret identities of the two heroes, although she cannot reveal neither this nor other information in order to protect the time continuum.

Outside the team, Master Wang Fu used to know the secret identities of all the Miraculous heroes of the team, as he was the Guardian of the Miraculouses, and the chooser of some of its members (Ladybug, Cat Noir and King Monkey).

The situation, however, changed drastically in "Miracle Queen"; the titular villain, aka Chloé, who allied herself with Hawk Moth and Mayura, took mind control of all of Paris and commanded all the Miraculous holders to come to her, allowing Hawk Moth, Mayura and Chloé to learn the secret identities of Rena Rouge, Pegasus, Viperion, King Monkey, Carapace and Ryuko (Ladybug and Cat Noir escaped being affected by her powers, while Alix Kubdel, future Rabbit Miraculous holder, has not used yet her Miraculous in the present).

In order to save the other Miraculouses and prevent Hawk Moth from extracting valuable information from him, Master Fu definitively renounced his position as Guardian and a Miraculous holder and officially made Ladybug the new Guardian, at the expense, however, of his own memories of everything concerning the Miraculouses, including the secret identities of the heroes.

Later, because of Chloé's despicable actions, Ladybug seized the Bee Miraculous from her and definitively banished her from the team.

Some time later after the aforementioned incident, Ladybug, now the new Guardian, to face the even more dangerous attacks of Shadow Moth (aka, Hawk Moth's new and more powerful supervillain identity), has recruited other new temporary heroes, such as Pigella and Vesperia.

Also, despite their enemies being privy to the secret identities of many of the temporary members of the team, Ladybug has decided to keep calling them back for help, due to the increasingly difficult battles, and there were further exceptions regarding secret identities, as well as new management changes within the team:

  • In "Gang of Secrets" due to pressures of being the new Guardian, being unable to confess her feelings to Adrien, and breaking up with Luka, Marinette revealed her superhero persona to Alya for comfort, making the latter the first person, post-Master Fu's amnesia, to know Ladybug's true identity. Furthermore, in "Optigami", due to the increasing risks caused by Shadow Moth's constant attacks, Marinette definitively gave the Fox Miraculous to Alya, thus making her a full-time holder like Ladybug and Cat Noir.
  • In "Furious Fu", the celestial guardian Su-Han learned that Marinette is, not only the new Guardian, but also the current Ladybug Miraculous holder, much to his chagrin, as this broke several rules of the Order. However, after seeing how Marinette's unorthodox methods work, Su-Han decided that she is a good fit for her role, while continuing to keep an eye on her.
  • In "Sentibubbler", Rena Rouge was able to make Shadow Moth (as well as heroes such as Cat Noir and Carapace) believe, thanks to her illusions, that Ladybug will never give her the Fox Miraculous again, so as not to endanger her and her loved ones. In reality, Alya will still continue to use the Fox Miraculous, but with a new secret identity, Rena Furtive, helping her teammates in the shadows, with only Ladybug aware of Alya's new superhero persona. However, in "Rocketear", to avoid further misunderstandings with Nino, Alya decided to reveal to him her new secret identity.
  • In "Rocketear", having misunderstood the relationship between Alya and Cat Noir as romantic, in a burst of emotion and to make Adrien to believe him, Nino revealed to him his own and Alya's secret identities, thus unknowingly making Cat Noir aware, for the first time, of Rena Rouge's and Carapace's civilian identities. At the moment, Alya and Ladybug are unaware that Adrien (aka Cat Noir) is privy to such information.
  • In "Wishmaker", while fighting the titular villain, both Ladybug and Cat Noir have fallen victim to his powers, which caused their civilian identities to be revealed to both Viperion and Shadow Moth. However, thanks to Viperion's special power, Second Chance, he was able to revert both situations, preventing the main villain from uncovering such important information; but because he still retains the knowledge of the erased timelines, Luka is still privy to Marinette's and Adrien's secret identities, unbeknownst to the two main heroes.

An unusual case was that which occurred in "Miraculous New York": Uncanny Valley, being a very advanced robot, was immune to the magical nature of Ladybug's and Cat Noir's suits that made their civilian identities unrecognizable from human observers allowing her to find them in civilian form. After defeating an akumatized Techno-Pirate and understanding the French Duo's need for secrecy after their encounter, she deleted the knowledge from her memory to protect them, making herself in the dark again.

In "Ephemeral", it was shown more insight about the rules regarding the secret identities: according to Ladybug, the reason why all the other Miraculous heroes don't know who she and Cat Noir really are, is to protect them from Shadow Moth, so that he leaves them alone, since he knows their civilian identities and could threaten and blackmail them (as he tried to do with Alya in "Sentibubbler"). However, in an emergency situation, Ladybug allowed Viperion (unaware that he is already aware of the civilian identities of the two heroes) to know Cat Noir's identity, but not both; in that way, at least one of them is still out of danger. Regarding instead Ladybug and Cat Noir themselves, if at least one of them knew the other's civilian identity, and he or she get akumatized, Shadow Moth would make them betray their partner, and would get a hold of both of them (as happened in the aforementioned episode, and it was only thanks to Sass's Second Chance this timeline was erased).


In chronological order of when they were recruited:

Original members

Hero Name Miraculous Kwami Concept Superpowers Civilian
Ladybug Square.png Ladybug Ladybug Miraculous (charged) Square.png Tikki Square.png Creation Lucky Charm Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Cat Noir Square.png Cat Noir Cat Miraculous (charged) Square.png Plagg Square.png Destruction Cataclysm Adrien Agreste Square.png

Other members

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Hero Name Miraculous Kwami Concept Superpowers Civilian
Bunnyx Square 2.png Bunnyx Rabbit Miraculous (charged) Square.png Fluff Square.png Evolution Burrow Alix Kubdel Square.png

Inactive members

Hero Name Miraculous Kwami Concept Superpowers Civilian
Carapace Square.png Carapace Turtle Miraculous (charged) Square.png Wayzz Square.png Protection Shell-ter Nino Lahiffe Square 2.png
Viperion Square.png Viperion Snake Miraculous Charged Square.png Sass Square.png Intuition Second Chance Luka Couffaine Square.png
Pegasus Square.png Pegasus Horse Miraculous (charged) Square.png Kaalki Square.png Teleportation Voyage Max Kanté Square.png
Ryuko Square.png Ryuko Dragon Miraculous Сharged Square.png Longg Square.png Perfection Wind Dragon
Water Dragon
Lightning Dragon
Kagami Tsurugi Square.png
King Monkey Square.png King Monkey Monkey Miraculous (Charged) Square.png Xuppu Square.png Derision Uproar Lê Chiến Kim Square.png
Vesperia Square.png Vesperia Bee Miraculous (charged) Square 2.png Pollen Square.png Subjection Venom Zoé Lee Square.png
Polymouse Square.png Polymouse Mouse Miraculous Charged.png Mullo Square.png Multiplication Multitude Mylène Haprèle Square.png
Pigella Square.png Pigella Pig Miraculous (charged) Square.png Daizzi Square 2.png Jubilation Gift Rose Lavillant Square.png
Purple Tigress Square.png Purple Tigress Tiger Miraculous (charged) Square.png Roaar Square.png Exaltation Clout Juleka Couffaine Square.png
Miss Hound Square.png Miss Hound Dog Miraculous (Charged) Square.png Barkk Square.png Adoration Fetch Sabrina Raincomprix Square.png
Rooster Bold Square.png Rooster Bold Rooster Miraculous (Charged) Square.png Orikko Square.png Pretension[6] Sublimation Marc Anciel Square 2.png
Caprikid Square.png Caprikid Goat Miraculous (Charged) Square.png Ziggy Square.png Passion[6] Genesis Nathaniel Kurtzberg Square 2.png
Minotaurox Square.png Minotaurox Ox Miraculous (Charged) Square.png Stompp Square.png Determination[6] Resistance Ivan Bruel Square.png

Temporary members

Certain members of the French Miraculous superhero team only used their miraculous once, making that hero persona a temporary member.

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Hero Name Episode Miraculous Kwami Concept Superpowers Civilian
Lady Noire Square.png Lady Noire "Reflekdoll" Cat Miraculous (charged) Square.png Plagg Square.png Destruction Cataclysm Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Mister Bug Square.png Mister Bug Ladybug Miraculous (charged) Square.png Tikki Square.png Creation Lucky Charm Adrien Agreste Square.png
Aspik Square.png Aspik "Desperada" Snake Miraculous Charged Square.png Sass Square.png Intuition Second Chance Adrien Agreste Square.png
Multimouse Square.png Multimouse "Kwamibuster" Mouse Miraculous Charged.png Mullo Square.png Multiplication Multitude Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Scarabella Square.png Scarabella "Hack-San" Ladybug Miraculous (charged) Square.png Tikki Square.png Creation Lucky Charm Alya Césaire Square.png
Cat Walker Square.png Cat Walker "Kuro Neko" Cat Miraculous (charged) Square.png Plagg Square.png Destruction Cataclysm Adrien Agreste Square.png
Canigirl Square.png Canigirl "Evolution" Dog Miraculous (Charged) Square.png Barkk Square.png Adoration Fetch Alix Kubdel Square.png

Unified heroes

For certain missions, the members of the team unified multiple miraculouses, allowing them to become an entirely new hero.

More detailed list: Unification uses

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Hero Name Episode Unified Kwamis Civilian
Multifox Square.png Multifox "Kwamibuster" Mullo Square.png Trixx Square.png Mullo & Trixx Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Multinoir Square.png Multinoir Mullo Square.png Plagg Square.png Mullo & Plagg Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Multibug Square.png Multibug Mullo Square.png Tikki Square.png Mullo & Tikki Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Dragonbug Square.png Dragonbug "Miracle Queen" Tikki Square.png Longg Square.png Tikki & Longg Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Snake Noir Square.png Snake Noir Plagg Square.png Sass Square.png Plagg & Sass Adrien Agreste Square.png
Lady Bee Square.png Lady Bee "Optigami" Tikki Square.png Pollen Square.png Tikki & Pollen Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Pegabug Square.png Pegabug "Sentibubbler" Tikki Square.png Kaalki Square.png Tikki & Kaalki Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Pennybug Square.png Pennybug "Strikeback" Tikki Square.png Kaalki Square.pngFluff Square.png Tikki, Kaalki, & Fluff Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Rabbit Noir Square.png Rabbit Noir "Evolution" Plagg Square.png Fluff Square.png Plagg & Fluff Adrien Agreste Square.png
Canigirl (with Rabbit Miraculous) Square.png TBA "Evolution" Fluff Square.png Barkk Square.png Fluff & Barkk Alix Kubdel Square.png

Former members

Hero Name Miraculous Kwami Concept Superpowers Civilian
Jade Turtle Square.png Jade Turtle Turtle Miraculous (charged) Square.png Wayzz Square.png Protection Shell-ter Master Fu Square.png
Rena Rouge Square.pngRena Furtive Square.png Rena Rouge/Rena Furtive Fox Miraculous (charged) Square.png Trixx Square.png Illusion Mirage Alya Césaire Square.png
Queen Bee Square1.png Queen Bee Bee Miraculous (charged) Square.png Pollen Square.png Subjection Venom Chloé Bourgeois Square.png
Flairmidable Square.png Flairmidable Dog Miraculous (Charged) Square.png Barkk Square.png Adoration Fetch Félix Fathom.png



Ladybug and Cat Noir in New York with other superheroes.

  • United Heroez — A team of American superheroes, operating in mainly New York City. Two iterations of the team are shown: one in the "Miraculous Adventures" comic series, and the other in the "Miraculous New York" special.
    • Majestia — In the special, she first met Ladybug and Cat Noir after the battle against Techlonizer. While grateful for Ladybug fixing the damage from the fight, she was heartbroken due the the condition of her 'daughter', and sided with Knightowl regarding the two using their Miraculouses while in the city. After defeating Techlonizer, she, along with Knightowl, recognized the French heroes as their equals and admit that times are changing and they should as well. In the comic, she explained to the duo that she and the other superheroes in New York need their help in order to defeat the Trash Krakken.
    • Doorman — In the special, he acts as a support during the battle against Techlonizer, guiding the civilians away to safety. His powers were later used by Ladybug and Cat Noir to reach Miraclonizer and free the rest of the United Heroez from the villain's spell. In the comic, he creates a portal in order to bring Ladybug and Cat Noir over from Paris to New York and back.
    • Knightowl — In both the special and the comic, Knightowl is initially judgmental and critical towards Ladybug and Cat Noir, but after seeing their work, grows to respect their heroism. In the special, due to the damages and their reckless behavior during the battle against Techlonizer, she demands Ladybug and Cat Noir hand over their Miraculouses. After the United Heroez were released from Miraclonizer's spell, she helped detain Techlonizer long enough for Cat Noir to break his akumatized cuffs. In the comic, she and Sparrow follow Ladybug and Cat Noir to battle the Trash Kraken directly.
    • Sparrow/Eagle — Sparrow gets along very well with Ladybug and Cat Noir. In the Special, she is inspired by the French teens to try and fight Techlonizer without the adults. She is later granted the Eagle Miraculous, showing the trust Ladybug has in her, and starts going by the name "Eagle". In the comic, the character's gender is unknown, but they supported Ladybug's and Cat Noir's suggestion of how to defeat the Trash Krakken since the beginning.
      • Liiri — Only appears in the special. The kwami of Freedom. Liiri was retrieved from Miraclonizer and helped Jessica Keynes transform into Eagle.
    • Uncanny Valley — In the special, she is an AI robot created by Majestia with whom she has a mother/daughter relationship and is close friends with Sparrow. She has a key role in reuniting the heroes during the climactic battle against Miraclonizer and has proven herself to be a trusting ally by protecting Ladybug's and Cat Noir's secret identities to the point where Marinette trusted her with delivering the Cat Miraculous to Cat Noir. In the comic, she is a background character, and her connection and relationship with Majestia is either not mentioned or non-existent.
    • Camilla Hombee/Victory — The President of the United States of America and a superheroine. In the comic, she wants Ladybug to use Lucky Charm to clean up a huge catastrophic attack against the Trash Krakken, which Ladybug isn't keen on. After the monster was defeated, Victory agreed to send information about the research of the strange substance.
  • Fei Wu/Ladydragon — The holder and protector of the Prodigious and a superhero in Shanghai.
    • Renlings — The Kwamis' "cousins", inhabiting the Prodigious, they give Ladydragon her powers. They are only visible to Fei.
    • Mei Shi — A spirit and the protector of the Prodigious. He accompanies Fei and teaches her about her abilities.



  • Aside from the kwamis of the superheroes, and Nooroo and Duusu who are captured by Hawk Moth, the kwamis in the Miracle Box are trying to help the team and save Nooroo, as shown in "Sandboy". The same team-up happened at Marinette's side to save Tikki and Plagg in Kwamibuster. As of the "The Battle of the Miraculous", Marinette became the new guardian of the Chinese Miracle Box, and the kwamis are now in her care.

Former allies

  • Master Wang Fu/Jade Turtle — The former Turtle Miraculous holder and the Great Guardian of the Miraculouses. He founds the duo team when he realizes he can't defeat Hawk Moth on his own. Tikki officially introduces him to Marinette when she takes the Miraculous book to him in Volpina, helping the team through information about their powers and whereabouts of their enemies. In "Heart Hunter", Hawk Moth and Mayura locate his whereabouts. He transforms into Jade Turtle to fight them but ends up being captured by them. In "Miracle Queen", Master Fu relinquishes his role as Guardian to Marinette, causing him to lose all of his memories about the Miraculouses.
  • Chloé Bourgeois — The teenage daughter of Parisian Mayor André Bourgeois. She usually gets saved by the heroes because of the multiple akumatizations she causes, but she has helped them on occasion, such as informing them about Vanisher's akumatized object in "Antibug" and assisting Ladybug in stopping the titular villain of "Despair Bear". After the events of "The Battle of the Miraculous", she is no longer a fan of Ladybug.
  • Ladybug Sentimonster - In "Ladybug", she initially worked with Mayura to trap Cat Noir and briefly fought against the duo until her real counterpart set her free. Grateful, she agreed to help them retrieve the Peacock Miraculous, but Mayura destroyed her.

Temporary allies

  • Volpina — An akumatized villain who tricked Ladybug and Cat Noir into thinking she was the real Fox Miraculous holder and a superhero. With the use of her illusions, she made it look like she saved Paris from a meteorite and requested their help in stopping Hawk Moth, who appeared to be teleporting across Paris's rooftops. Cat Noir accepts her warmly, but Ladybug is suspicious and jealous of her. Once Volpina revealed herself to be an enemy, Ladybug and Cat Noir turned against her to revert her back into Lila.
  • Sentinino/Senticarapace - A Sentimonster of Nino Lahiffe, originally created to lure Alya Césaire into a trap, but when he was trusted with the Turtle Miraculous, he was used in an attempt to place surveillance on Ladybug to learn her identity. He helped Ladybee and Rena Rouge defeat Style Queen, before he was asked to give the Turtle Miraculous back, and having the ruse reveled by Ladybug, causing both the sentimonsters to be defeated.
  • Félix Graham de Vanily/Flairmidable - Adrien's cousin who poses as him when Ladybug gave him the Dog Miraculous. He helped the hero defeat Risk, but during the the fight against Strikeback, he used his power on Ladybug's Yo-yo, stole the Dog Miraculous, and traded Gabriel Agreste all the Miraculouses from the Miracle Box (sans the Ladybug and Cat) and his ring in exchange for the Peacock Miraculous.



  • Hawk Moth/Shadow Moth — A mysterious supervillain and the Butterfly Miraculous holder bent on acquiring the Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous, with the aid of his akumatized villains, in order to get absolute power to make his dearest wish come true. While having mutual suspicions about each other, the team rarely meets him in person. After repairing the damaged Peacock Miraculous, he now unifies it with the Butterfly Miraculous and becomes Shadow Moth.
    • Nooroo — Nooroo is not willingly an enemy but is forced to help Gabriel Agreste transform into Hawk Moth. Nooroo is the kwami of Transmission.
    • Akumatized villains — Ordinary civilians who are transformed into supervillains by Hawk Moth's akumas when they have negative emotions. With different desires and different powers, each villain does whatever they desire and pays Hawk Moth back by working to retrieve Ladybug's and Cat Noir's Miraculouses, with the exception of Robustus who betrayed him by wanting a reality-bending wish for himself. Some villains have personal goals related to the team, including Copycat, Antibug, Volpina, and Prime Queen. After the villains' defeats, though, the team doesn't hold anything against the victims, even calming them down from the stress of being a victim.
  • Mayura — Hawk Moth's ally, who physically encountered the team in "Miraculer" for first time. Her actions not only prevented them from bringing Hawk Moth to justice, but caused some of the team's most powerful opponents.
    • Duusu — Duusu is not willingly an enemy but was forced to help Nathalie Sancoeur transform into Mayura, and later, help Gabriel Agreste transform into Shadow Moth. Duusu is the kwami of Emotion.
    • Sentimonsters — Monstrous creatures manifested from people's negative emotions by Mayura's, and later Shadow Moth's, amoks. With different powers, each sentimonster is controlled by Mayura to do her bidding and is under the command of the one who holds the object containing their amok, usually helping Hawk Moth and the akumatized villains to fight the superheroes. While most Sentimonsters are beings with no sentient behavior, some are in fact sentient beings that can be turned against its creator if they lose control over it, although they are always able to destroy them.
  • Trash Krakken — A monster that causes chaos in New York City. Ladybug and Cat Noir team up with other superheroes to stop him, eventually discovering that he actually is an ordinary man mysteriously transformed in a similar fashion to akumatization which is still unknown.


  • Lila Rossi — A teenage girl, originally from Italy. She despises Ladybug after she exposed her lies to people she tried to impress. After she is de-akumatized from being Volpina, Lila refuses to accept Ladybug's apology and declares that they will never be friends. She later willingly allows Hawk Moth to akumatize her in order to get her revenge and indirectly helps him to get many people akumatized through her actions in her class.
  • Chloé Bourgeois - A French teenage girl and a former admirer and ally of Ladybug. After Ladybug refused to give her the Bee Miraculous over and over again, Chloé betrays her and joins Hawk Moth, who gives her the Bee Miraculous, along with the Miracle Box he had taken from Wang Fu, all while akumatizing her into Miracle Queen. When she is deakumatized, Chloé tries to use all the other Miraculouses, but her lack of knowledge prevents her from doing it. When Ladybug becomes the new Guardian of the Miracle Box, she is able to recover it and the Miraculouses from Chloé, who then declares to Ladybug that she's no longer her fan.
  • Tomoe Tsurugi - Kagami's mother, a tech business ceo and world champion in fencing. She made an alliance with Gabriel which was first believed to be a business deal, but she was later revealed to be aware of his secret motives and was a major part in his plan by creating and distributing the Alliance rings.


  • In early development, Ladybug and Cat Noir were going to be in a team with other types of superheroes called the Quantic Kids. However, the concept was scrapped, and Ladybug and Cat Noir were kept as a duo.[7]
    • However, Ladybug and Cat Noir work with the canon version of a character from the Quantic Kids, Sparrow, alongside other heroes in Miraculous Adventures
  • The Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous are the most powerful Miraculouses while being opposites of each other, the former having the power of creation and the latter having the power of destruction. They also compliment each other though, forming something much more powerful.
  • According to Victory, Ladybug and Cat Noir are the first superheroes that Paris has had in a long time.
  • Various people have done things to show recognition and appreciation towards Ladybug and Cat Noir:
    • A statue of Ladybug and Cat Noir, designed by Théo Barbot, is placed in the Place des Vosges and revealed in a ceremony in "Copycat".
    • Nathaniel draws a comic book in his sketchbook about Ladybug in "The Evillustrator".
    • In "Pixelator" at his concert, Jagged Stone dedicates a song to Ladybug, noting her as the girl who saved his life.
    • In "Lady Wifi" and "Antibug", Chloé cosplays as Ladybug with Sabrina as Cat Noir.
    • Life-sized cardboard stand-ups of Ladybug and Cat Noir are used with a donation box in the Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie in "Santa Claws".
    • In "Prime Queen", Nadja notes on Face to Face that many people believe that Ladybug and Cat Noir are a romantic couple. In a later episode of Nadja's series, Alya clarifies for everyone that they aren't together "yet".
    • Mr. Damocles is inspired by Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Knightowl to become a superhero himself, The Owl, in "The Dark Owl".
    • Alya keeps action figures of Ladybug and Cat Noir in her room, as shown in "The Dark Owl".
    • Clara Nightingale is inspired by Ladybug and Cat Noir to make her hit song, "Miraculous", in "Frightningale".
    • Adrien also keeps a pair of Ladybug and Cat Noir action figures in "Syren".
    • In "Reverser", Marc writes stories about Ladybug.
    • During the Season 2 finale "Heroes' Day", the people of Paris include parade floats of the heroes.
    • In "Miraculous Shanghai", figurines of Ladybug and Cat Noir could be seen.
    • In "Animaestro", Thomas Astruc creates a movie about Cat Noir and Ladybug.
    • In "Gamer 2.0", Manon has Cat Noir and Ladybug toy dolls, and Max Kante creates a video game called Miraculous All Star Brawl using the Akumatized Villains.
    • In "The Puppeteer 2", the Musée Grévin wax museum has wax statues of Ladybug and Cat Noir.
    • In "Miraculous New York", the adult heroes dedicate an ice statue of them along with Uncanny Valley and Eagle.
    • In "Gabriel Agreste", Marc and Nathaniel were working on a love arc for their story of Ladybug and Cat Noir.
    • In "Rocketear", a sequel to Thomas' moving is in the making.
    • In "Simpleman", Manon and her friends have Ladybug, Cat Noir and Rena Rouge themed backpacks.
  • Ladybug in "Chameleon" and Queen Bee in "Miraculer" were the first two team members to resist being akumatized.
    • Unlike Chloé, Marinette drove the akuma off before it affected an object of hers while Chloé did it after.
    • As of "Gang of Secrets", Alya is the first member of the team to resist Shadow Moth's akumatization while akumatized.
  • Cat Noir holds the record for being affected by an akumatized villain the most with a total of twenty-four times.
  • Meanwhile, Ladybug holds the record where her powers had been used against her the least amount of times, with a total of six.
  • As of "Ladybug", Adrien is the only member of the French Miraculous superhero team that hasn't been akumatized yet (both completely or partially) in the permanent timeline.
    • Adrien is the first person to only be akumatized in an alternate reality.
    • According to Thomas's tweet on "Cat Blanc", Adrien also broke the record for the longest time a person has been akumatized with it being over the course of a few months.
  • As of "Cat Blanc", Marinette is the only member of the team who hasn't been seen in her akumatized form. If including alternate and erased timelines, Marinette is the only member of the French Miraculous Superhero team who hasn't officially been akumatized as her akumatization in "Ladybug" was stopped mid-way.
  • In "Guiltrip", Rose is the only team member to use a Miraculous while under an illness.
  • Out of all the team members, Ladybug, Carapace, King Monkey, and Ryuko are the only ones related to their Miraculous predecessors origin wise.
  • Cat Noir, Vesperia, Viperion and Purple Tigress are the only members of the team as well as in history who are biologically related to another Miraculous holder.
  • Ryuko, Eagle, Vesperia and Ladydragon are the only members who aren't native to France.
    • Ryuko is the second member to have her identity revealed to Hawk Moth following Chloé.
  • Pigella, King Monkey, Caprikid, Rooster Bold, Minotaurox are the only ones not to have any members of their family appear onscreen.
  • Cat Noir, Lady Noir, Aspik, Viperion, Ryuko, Polymouse, Purple Tigress, Cat Walker and Rooster Bold are the only ones whose eyes change upon transforming.
  • Alix and Juleka were the only ones to get a Miraculous let alone become a Miraculous holder on their birthdays.
  • As of "Miracle Queen" and "Miraculous New York", Hawk Moth, Mayura, and Chloé learn the identities of all of Ladybug's and Cat Noir's allies except for Bunnyx, Eagle, Vesperia, Pigella, Purple Tigress and Polymouse.
    • Chloé was akumatized, so it is unknown if she remembers their identities.
      • Also, as of this episode and "Rocketear", Cat Noir knows the identities of all his teammates except for Ladybug, Vesperia, King Monkey, Polymouse, Purple Tigress, Scarabella, Miss Hound, Rooster Bold, Caprikid, Minotaurox and partially knowing Sparrow's identity as Eagle.
    • This leaves Multimouse (Marinette) and Aspik as the only team member whose identities (and in Aspik's case, existence) unknown to Hawk Moth.
  • Due to Alix not receiving the Rabbit Miraculous yet, she is the only member of the team that didn't transform as her current self.
    • Also, because of the Rabbit Miraculous's power, she will be the only known member of French Miraculous superhero team to know the identities of Ladybug and Cat Noir (meaning her future self as her current self doesn't know the identities of the heroes).
    • Because of her future alter ego, she is technically the oldest member of the team.
      • She set the record for the longest time a Miraculous holder can be transformed for a total of 5,000 years, because of being trapped in stone by Timetagger.
      • But as of the current timeline she is the second or tied with Luka and Juleka as being the oldest of the team.
  • Due to Second Chance's time based powers, Viperion (or Aspik when Adrien is using the Snake Miraculous) is the only member of the team that can use his powers multiple times before detransforming.
  • Max and Jessica are the only members of the team that don't give themselves a superhero name. Instead, Max was called Pegasus by Ladybug, and Eagle was called that by her mother.
    • Pegasus is the only member of the French Miraculous Superhero Team that doesn't wear a mask when he transforms, considering that the Horse Miraculous takes the form of glasses.
  • King Monkey is the only other hero who wasn't chosen by Ladybug.
    • Third if counting Chloé and Luka as Ladybug intended not to give Chloé the Bee Miraculous but to Alya in "Style Queen" and Luka who was given the Snake Miraculous under Adrien's suggestion.
  • So far, Ladybug and Cat Noir are the only members of the team to use power-up potions and fusion forms.
    • Which is succeed by Alix in "Evolution", fuses the Dog and Rabbit Miraculouses.
  • Eagle is the only Miraculous holder to be a part of both teams.
    • She is only member to have any type of hero training before using a Miraculous.
  • According to Su-Han in "Furious Fu", the miraculouses were never meant to be used by children or teenagers, making Ladybug and Cat Noir (also by extension their team while excluding Bunnyx) the youngest owners in Miraculous history.
  • As seen in "Optigami", similar to Rena Rouge, the rest of the team has been given their Miraculous back after the events of "Miracle Queen".
    • However, in order to protect her family, Rena Rouge stops fighting Shadow Moth at the front lines to start acting in the shadows to better protect her team from any traps from the villain or to follow him in case he appears in person at the battle.
  • Cat Noir, Rena Rouge/Rena Furtive, Ladynoir, Pegasus and Rooster Bold are the only heroes whose hair grows longer upon transformation.
    • To go along with this, Queen Bee, Rena Rouge/Rena Furtive, Viperion, Pegasus, King Monkey, Vesperia, Polymouse, Lady Bee, Purple Tigress, Pegabug, Scarabella, Cat Walker and Rooster Bold are the only heroes whose hair changes color upon transformation.
  • Carapace, Ladybug, Cat Noir, Viperion, Vesperia, Polymouse, Scarabella, Flairmidable and Canigirl are the only ones (even temporarily) to have Miraculous predecessors that are alive.
  • As of "Strikeback", all members of the team become inactive, except for Ladybug and Cat Noir, as Hawk Moth managed to obtain all the Miraculous in the Chinese Miracle Box.
    • As of "Evolution", the Rabbit Miraculous was retrieved back and given to current Alix but will remain active inside the Burrow until Monarch is defeated.


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