Alya's on the line, I rise and shine when I pick up the mic like this game is mine. Big MC's can't test my flow 'cause I whip up the beat with each word I throw.

—Alya, "Timetagger"

Freestyle Clash 2 is a popular rapping app in the series.

How to Play

As shown in "Timetagger", the player must rap and say the most amount of rhyming lyrics in a certain time period.




  • It is shown that Alya is a good rapper.
  • Chris wanting to play the game and Lila's lie of her being the creator of it, could explain why his future, older, akumatized self is a rapping villian, as well as a time traveling one. Along with why Timetagger had chosen to time pump back to the very day his child self wasn't allowed to play Freestyle Clash 2 with Alya and Marinette, as it is a game for "big kids".
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