Bee Nasca Icon.png This page lists designs and outfits for Fred Haprèle. Both final and conceptual designs are presented here.

Final designs


RC S01EP09 (240).png
Fred is tall and lanky with brown hair and brown eyes.

He wears a white shirt underneath a dark green dress jacket. He also wears dark blue jeans and black and white sneakers.

First appearance: "Rogercop"


File:The Mime 763.png
The Mime's hair is blond, and his skin is periwinkle. His irises are pale purple, and he has black lining around the eyes, with a drop shaped line below each.

He has the derby hat on his head. He wears a dark gray and white striped shirt underneath a bluish-gray dress jacket with two large black buttons and a dark blue collar. In addition, he wears high white pants with black lining on the pockets, and he wears high black and white sneakers.

After being reakumatized in "Catalyst", Mime's appearance remains the same, except most of his body is colored red, and he wears a pin that resembles an akuma on his chest.

First appearance: "The Mime"

Final design accessories

Blue and red handcuffs

RC S01EP09 (246).png
When Rogercop places Fred under arrest, he attaches a pair of handcuffs to his wrists that has no chain, a glowing red left cuff, and a glowing blue right cuff.
First appearance: "Rogercop"

Derby hat

The Mime 178.png
When he is performing pantomime, he has a black derby hat with a special pocket added in by Marinette to put a photo of Mylène.
First appearance: "The Mime"

Heroes' Day pin

File:MA (196).png
To commemorate the celebration of Heroes' Day, Fred wears a pin that has the French flag, with a blue and white silhouette of the French Imperial Eagle symbol.
First appearance: "Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)"

Conceptual designs

Ladybug PV Mime

The Mime’s design is similar to his final appearance. However, his eyes are black, and he wears black and white boots.
First appearance: "Ladybug PV"


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