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Fei Wu is the Prodigious holder.
This article is about the current Prodigious holder. You may be looking for another Prodigious.

I'd like to see people as people, think of them as stories: their smallest pleasures, their greatest joys, their disappointments, their successes. That's how my adoptive father would have wanted me to see them.

—Fei Wu, "Miraculous Shanghai"

Fei Wu (吴飞/吳飛) (Wu Fei in Chinese Order) is a teenage girl living in Shanghai, China. She was found by Wu Shifu as a baby on the doorstep of his Martial Arts School and raised by him as his adopted daughter.

Wu Shifu trained her in the martial arts and raised her to uphold the values and one day take over as guardian of the Sacred Cave. After Wu Shifu died and his school was destroyed, Fei became a thief to amass enough money to pay off a local crime boss, Cash, who claimed he could tell her the truth about her adoptive father's fate.

In "Miraculous Shanghai", she helped Ladybug and Cat Noir stop Hawk Moth from claiming the Prodigious. She began wearing the Prodigious herself and uses it to become Ladydragon, an animal shape-shifting superhero.[2]


Physical appearance

Fei is a Chinese girl of average height and slender build who has very dark blue-violet hair aside from a streak of strong amaranth down the left side of her head. She often wears her hair back in a long ponytail that runs about equal length to her shoulders and has dark brownish-gray eyes and light brilliant crimson lipstick.

Civilian attire

As a civilian, Fei is often found wearing a black leather jacket, underneath, she wears a pink t-shirt with black stitching and a dragon design below the collar. The design itself has a pink dragon and white clouds, with a pair of blue jeans, accompanied by a pair of sunglasses that she wears on the top of her head. She also wears a pair of white tennis shoes.

As Ladydragon

Fei gains a red and yellow superhero bodysuit with black markings and her hair changes color from very dark blue-violet to brilliant amaranth with her ponytail extended pass her shoulders. She gains a red, yellow, and black domino mask with her eyes changing from dark brownish gray to luminous vivid gold.

For more of Fei's outfits and designs, see Fei Wu/Designs.


Fei deeply treasures the example and teachings of her late adoptive father, Wu Shifu. She has a strong sense of duty as the last Guardian of the Sacred Cave and this can lead her to take desperate measures to perform that duty. During the events of Miraculous Shanghai, she is forced to come to terms with the fact that this desire had led her to actually betray Wu's teachings and qualities, something that drove her to despair and caused her to question whether she deserved to be the Guardian.

Fei has a profound need to help people in any way that she can, even (and perhaps especially) strangers. It is this essential compassion and unwillingness to allow harm to come to the innocent that helps her come to understand how far she had strayed from being the woman that her father trained her to be.

While Fei has a quick temper, her good-hearted nature restrains her from causing harm. She chose to hand the crook Cash over to the Shanghai authorities rather than take vengeance out on him, even though his cooperation with Hawk Moth almost certainly led to her father's death, the destruction of his school, and the ruin of the only home and life she had ever known.


As a civilian

Fei takes down three enemies without even touching them.

Fei is highly trained in Kung Fu, and is very strong as she was able to repel and distract foes simply with the shockwaves of her punches and kicks. Later on, she was able to use the same power to destroy Cash's fan.

Fei is good at disguise and avoiding detection. She carries a number of simple disguises, mostly hats and sunglasses, that help her quickly change her appearance when she wishes to escape detection or evade pursuers.

Fei can play the squeeze-box accordion at a high level of proficiency.

Fei is bilingual in French and modern Chinese.

As Ladydragon

She can use the Prodigious to transform into any one of the eight animals that the Renlings resemble, so long as she possesses the value that a given Renling represents. For example, she needs to show calmness to use the power of the Bear Renling and needs to show patience to use the power of the Mantis Renling.

In her Dragon Form

She can transform into a dragon as long as she possesses the value of justice. In her dragon form she is able to fly and she can manipulate the elements of a storm (wind, water and lightning), allowing her to create whirlwinds, summon water sprouts, and shoot bolts of lightning. The dragon is the most powerful form that the Prodigious grants her.

Her wind power is strong enough to keep a person aloft in the air, as seen when she saved Marinette from falling. Her water power is strong enough to hold back a gigantic foe, as seen when she shoot a water spout in YanLuoShi's face. Her lightning power was strong enough to clash evenly against a powerful disintegration beam, as seen when she countered YanLuoShi's attack.

As Lady Bear

Bear strength.

She can transform into a bear as long as she possesses the value of calmness. In her bear form, she is very big and strong.

Her bear form is strong enough to overpower the enhanced strength of an akumatized supervillain like King Cash.

As Lady Mantis

She can transform into a mantis as long as she possesses the value of patience. In her mantis form, she is very small, making her hard to hit, and she is very agile.

As Lady Snake

Serpentine flexibility.

She can transform into a snake as long as she possesses the value of courage. In her snake form, she possesses a long serpentine body that is highly thin and flexible.

Her serpentine body helps her to avoid her opponents' attacks, as seen she avoided King Cash's blades and slipped between the cracks of the giant stone pillar that almost crushed her.

As Lady Monkey

Monkey agility.

She can transform into a monkey as long as she possesses the value of compassion. In her monkey form, she is very acrobatic and nimble.

As Lady Eagle

Eagle in flight.

She can transform into an eagle as long as she possesses the value of confidence. In her eagle form, she is able to fly and can carry people through the air.

As Lady Horse

Horse racing from the blast.

She can transform into a horse as long as she possesses the value of honor. In her horse form, she is a very fast runner.

As Lady Tiger

Tiger attack.

She can transform into a tiger as long as she possesses the value of discipline. In her tiger form, she has fierce attack power.



Wu Shifu Square.png
Wu Shifu
Fei Wu Square.png
Fei Wu

Wu Shifu
Fei Wu

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Wu Shifu

Fei trains with Wu Shifu.

She loves her adoptive father Wu Shifu deeply, treasuring his examples and teachings and doing everything she can to keep it alive as well as wanting to avenge him when everything he built was gone. However, in trying to do so out of revenge and desperation, it caused her to betray Wu's teachings and qualities as well as seeing Mei Shi as YanLuoShi causing destruction to the city drove her into despair and questioned whether she deserved to be the Guardian. She was aware that her father would devote his energy not to revenge, but instead something good with that in mind, she was able to unlock the power of the dragon.


Cash giving money to Fei.

Fei was willing to pay Cash any ransom of money by any means necessary to get information from him about her father. After stealing Marinette's things, she asked Cash if anything was of value. Upon seeing that her earrings could be worth something, she worked with him to get Marinette to pay a price for them. But when Cash is being sleazy about the price and backing out of their plan, she tricked him by swapping Marinette's earrings with the spare ones and leaves his shop.

Fei is exposed by Cash.

She was devastated that Cash told Marinette the truth about what really happened and when Fei hears him disrespect her father she ends their deal. Moreover, when she finds out that he was the one responsible for what happened to her father, she becomes furious wanting revenge but was more shocked when he was akumatized into King Cash. Regardless, she fiercely fought him with the power of the Prodigious, and with Ladybug and Cat Noir's help, they de-akumatized him. After they had calmed Mei Shi, Fei gave him a hard scolding about what his greed made her lose, and yet, despite that, she would let him face justice in prison.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Fei gives Marinette her earrings back.

At first, Fei stole Marinette's things so that she can sell them to Cash for information about her father, but with him being sleazy about the price, Fei decides to return them. However, seeing that Marinette's earrings (the Ladybug Miraculous) may be worth something, they planned to have her pay a high price for them. In searching the city for her, they bump into each other while Marinette was trying to outrun people she thought was trying to harm her and Fei helps her escape. When Marinette explains the importance of the earrings, she sympathizes and helps her to get them back although not by honest means, and was lectured about it.

Marinette is upset with Fei.

She brings Marinette to her home and explains her own hardships, but just when she was going to tell her the truth, Cash beats her to it and Fei hesitantly explains her actions, leaving Marinette tearfully crushed. Seeing her new friend threatened, she refuses to let Marinette pay for her mistakes, upon seeing her trying to flee, she tried to protect her, but hearing Marinette express doubt, Fei begged for forgiveness. However, seeing that she wouldn't and ran, Fei was hurt.

During YanLuoShi's rampage, she reunites with Marinette surprised to see her even more so that she was forgiven, but retorts that she didn’t deserve it, despite doing it for a good cause. When talking about her father's values and with her help, Fei fully understood the dragon's value, she used its power to save Marinette. Later, she comes to her friend's great-uncle’s house and celebrates his 60th birthday with her.

As with Ladybug, Fei becomes acquainted with her, aware that she is one of the good guys, and accepts the heroine's help in getting Hawk Moth and King Cash out of the Sacred Cave using the power of the Prodigious. She works along with her in stopping YanLuoShi from destroying the city, but when consumed by guilt about her actions causing all of this, Fei felt unworthy and left to sulk about her mistake until after a pep talk. The duo was able to de-akumatize Mei Shi and save the city. She thanks Ladybug for all she's done.

Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir

Fei doesn't know Adrien personally and even attempted to steal his ring. But upon seeing his bodyguard heading towards her she gave up. After Mei Shi is de-akumatized, she later comes to Marinette's great-uncle’s house and celebrates his 60th birthday with Adrien and Marinette.

She doesn't know Cat Noir too personally but welcomes his help in getting Hawk Moth and King Cash out of the Sacred Cave using the power of the Prodigious. She works alongside him in stopping YanLuoShi from destroying the city but when consumed by guilt about her actions causing all this destruction, Fei felt unworthy and is left to sulk, despite Cat Noir convincing her to try again, and when the city is saved she thanks Cat Noir for all he's done.


Ladydragon meets the renlings.

At first, Fei is shocked when she first saw them, but she easily got along with them and quickly adapted to her new powers.

After Fei failed to achieve the dragon transformation and Mei Shi got Akumatized into YanLuoShi, Fei felt great depression for her failure, both to stop the cuff crisis and live up to her father’s teaching. The Renlings felt sorry for her.

After Fei and the others returned to the Sacred Cave for Cash, Fei decided that she would not take revenge and instead let justice take its course, which made the Renlings cheer for "a truly wise Renren".

Mei Shi

Fei has a mentor and student relationship with Mei Shi when being tested to see if she is worthy of being the next Renren. When she felt that the dragon's powers weren't working, she was informed by Mei Shi that the dragon was the strongest of them all, and to master it, the Renren's actions must be noble and just. However, hearing Fei's use the dragon's powers in revenge, she was told that her judgement and intentions were clouded and unless she lets it go, Fei wouldn't be able to ascend to it but she was more horrified when he was akumatized into YanLuoShi.

Upon seeing the destruction that he caused, Fei, along with Ladybug and Cat Noir tried their best to stop him, but she was devastated that her actions caused everything, starting to believe that he was right and didn't deserve to use the Prodigious' power. So much that she fled in shame and yet, when the two girls make amends; Fei finally understood what Mei Shi meant and the dragon's value, using it to stop him from destroying everything, and with Ladybug's help, they de-akumatized him. She was relieved he was okay and seeing that Fei had all the human values required, was recognized as the next Renren and after retrieving the Sacred Cave Key, Fei and her friends were surprised and happy to see him again as her advisor.

Wang Cheng

Fei happily accepts Wang Cheng's hospitality at being invited to his 60th party. He said that the accordion was an instrument that he always wanted to play, but he never took the time to learn, Fei told him that she could play if he wanted and he agreed. Later on, Wang Cheng said that Fei was the Magic Ingredient that Marinette was desperately looking for after all.


Miraculous Shanghai

Wu Shifu was a man who held a massive secret, he was the guardian of the Sacred Cave, unfortunately, he had no relatives to pass his secret onto. Later, a baby appeared at his door and he decided to name her "Fei" which meant "to fly in the sky" in Mandarin. Wu Shifu later trained her in martial arts, such as Kung Fu and Physical Combats Methods.





  • Her original CGI model was first seen in Jeremy Zag's Instagram story on February 11, 2019.[3]
    • Three days after that, on February 14, Jeremy released two pictures of Ladydragon: one with a 2D concept art and the other with the CGI concept.[4]
  • It is strongly implied that she wears mascara, since it is shown running down with her tears in Miraculous Shanghai.
  • Ladydragon's powers are similar to Otis' form of Animan.
  • Unlike the heroes from the French Miraculous superhero team (including Ladybug and Cat Noir), Ladydragon doesn't hide her real identity, as she transforms in front of Marinette, and reveals herself to Cash.
  • Despite Fei's superhero identity is actually Ladydragon, she is mislabeled as Renren in the script for the English dub.[5]
    • A similar case happened in the end credits for the Shanghai special.[6]
  • Ladydragon's earlier outfit was inspired by Bruce Lee.[7]
  • As seen in the official teaser and trailer, as well as many concept arts, Ladydragon was originally going to have blonde hair. It was changed to purple-pink in the final release.
    • Her blonde hair was supposed to match the golden-colored hair of the Renlings. Though her animal forms have matching blonde hair.
  • Thomas Astruc confirmed that after the Shanghai special occurred, Fei began living with Wang Cheng.[1]
  • Ladydragons's animal forms and values are references to the characters from the Kung Fu Panda franchise.
  • Ladydragon is the first superhero who doesn't have a weapon or tool.
  • Fei's name means "to fly in the sky" in Mandarin.
  • Ladydragon will get her own TV show.[8][9]


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