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Scene: Nadja Chamack is reporting on TVi from the museum.

Nadja Chamack: Don't be bemused, it's just the news! The Louvre Museum will be unveiling its latest acquisition today: a mysterious statue carved from hardened lava, which was recently discovered on the highest mountaintops of Tibet, by the museum's curator, Mr. Kubdel.
Marinette: (dreamy voice) Adrien.
Alya: Marinette, I asked Alix to get us into this unveiling so I could show you what I figured out about superheroes. Not so you could gawk at Adrien. You can do that any day at school, girl.
Marinette: Super Adrien… —ah, heroes! I'm all ears.
Alya: Cool, so first you need to know that superheroes like Ladybug and Cat Noir get their powers from magic jewels called Miraculous.
Marinette: You told me you're gonna stop researching Ladybug so you wouldn't jeopardize her secret identity!
Alya: Oh, I—I know. Except this research has nothing to do with her identity. I'm gonna help Ladybug unmask Hawk Moth! And I think I found a connection between superheroes, Hawk Moth, and the Miraculous.
Alya: Okay, I'm convinced Ladybug, Cat Noir, and other Miraculous holders have been depicted through the centuries. Until, for some unknown reason, they disappeared, and the world forgot about them. We already know this. The Ladybug from Ancient Egypt.
Alya: Here, a black knight, or Black Cat Miraculous holder.
Alix: Hmm…
Alya: Here, a lady, or a Butterfly superhero. Now this, Hercules, or Lion Miraculous holder.
Marinette: Okay, so now there's a Lion Miraculous?
Alix: Why not a Bunny Miraculous while you're at it?
Alya: Now you know back in the day sculptures were painted, right? Most of the paint vanished over time, but tiny microscopic pigments still remain. Thanks to this special app, witness how it originally looked. But here's the big thing. All these works of art have something in common. It's the same symbol! Look, everywhere. (Marinette gasps as she imagines Master Fu's mission) It's like some kind of secret society emblem. As if a kind of Order of the Guardians has been watching over the superheroes since the beginning of time!
Alix: Huh, looks like the symbol on the Tibetan statue my old man found. (Mr. Kubdel unveils the statues, Nathalie gasps, and the tablet she's holding falls and breaks)
Adrien: Nathalie, are you okay?
Nathalie: It's nothing, Adrien. Just a dizzy spell.
Adrien: Maybe we should head home now. (Nathalie, Adrien, and his bodyguard go upstairs)
Alix: According to my old man, the statue is almost two hundred years old!
Alya: From what I found, there hasn't been any Miraculous-wearing superheroes for the last two hundred years!
Alix: So… this statue would be the last known trace of a Miraculous.
Alya: Until Ladybug and Cat Noir showed up a few months ago to fight Hawk Moth, yeah!
Alix: That's rad!
Alya: I'm sure my video will help Ladybug unmask Hawk Moth!
Marinette: Wait! You're gonna publish your theories on the Ladyblog?
Alya: Actually… I already uploaded a video.
Alix: The mystery of the Miraculous. It's beyond awesome!
Marinette: For sure it is… right? Amazing! I'm sure Ladybug will be super excited about it. And so will Hawk Moth… I gotta go. I forgot I had, uh… homework! Catch you later!

Scene: Fu's massage shop. Marinette shows Master Fu the Ladyblog video

Alya: It's like some kind of secret society emblem. As if a kind of Order of the Guardians has been watching over the superheroes since the beginning of time.
Marinette: It's my fault, Master. I'm sorry. I never should have entrusted her with the Miraculous.
Master Fu: Alya is an excellent journalist. Sooner or later, she would have unveiled this secret kept under wraps for centuries. But don't worry. None of it can lead Hawk Moth to us.
Alya: This statue that arrived at the Louvre earlier this week.
Master Fu: Impossible! That's impossible! We are doomed!
Marinette: Because of a statue? But just a second ago you were saying—
Master Fu: That's not a statue, Marinette. It's a sentimonster! A magical creature conjured from a emotion shaped by the power of the Peacock!
Marinette: But, Master, Cat Noir and I have already defeated sentimonsters created by Mayura.
Master Fu: Yes, but… None of them came close to the power of this one. It was born from a negative emotion of a young man who had no idea what he was creating. Remember when I told you I made a terrible mistake? For you to understand, I must tell you the entire story. I was younger than you when I was chosen to be a guardian. My parents told me that it was a great honor. That I couldn't turn it down. So they took me to the temple. I wasn't very happy there. I would have preferred to live with my parents and be with other children my age. I didn't want to be a guardian of anything. One of the test to become a guardian required me to watch over a Miracle Box. For a full twenty-four hours without any food. All I had for support was my apprentice's staff. Soon I was hungry. With each passing hour I became hungrier. And it was all because of the Miraculous. Because I had to watch over them. I couldn't take it any longer. So I took the Peacock Miraculous and used its power. All I wanted was a nice little companion I could sent to the kitchen to fetch me some rice balls. But the Miraculous must never be used for the wrong reasons. The anger I was feeling mingled with my intense hunger. And I created a sentimonster that was very different from the one I had envisioned. A ravenous sentimonster out to devour everything, but specifically the Miraculous, since they were the bane of my life at that very moment. In my panic I lost my staff. The very object that would have enabled me to control it. I was just a young boy. I was so afraid I didn't even think of destroying it by simply using the Peacock Miraculous. I tried to erase all traces of the foolish thing that I had done. A monk told me to run away with the grimoire he managed to save, and the Miraculous Box. The very last Miraculous Box. That's when I realized my sentimonster had devoured all the other Miraculous Boxes that were kept in the temple. And when the monks tried to stop it—the temple, the Order of the Guardians, everything… it was destroyed. I tried to run away from the sentimonster. But by doing so, I lost the grimoire and both the Butterfly and the Peacock Miraculous. I thought the sentimonster had disappeared forever. As soon as Hawk Moth finds out about it, he'll be able to use the power of the Peacock to bring it back to life.
Marinette: Master, if that happens, Cat Noir and I will be there.
Master Fu: But you won't stand a chance! He's totally immune to the powers of the Miraculous! And please stop calling me Master. I have never been a guardian to begin with. I will not make another mistake! You and Cat Noir will give me your Miraculous back and I'll leave Paris with the Miracle Box, since that's what the monster is after. They will come after me, sparing the city and its inhabitants.
Marinette: But what if it catches up with you this time?
Master Fu: That will be my fate. It's all my fault, after all.
Marinette: I won't let you leave on your own! When you chose me to become Ladybug, you placed your trust in me. I'm asking you to do the same today.
Master Fu: Thank you, Marinette. Thank you for everything.

Scene: Agreste mansion.

Gabriel Agreste: Nathalie sometimes gets dizzy spells. But it's nothing serious.
Nathalie: It's thoughtful of you to be concerned, Adrien.
Gabriel: You don't have to worry about her.
Adrien: If you say so, Father. (walks away to go to his room)
Alya: And that same symbol is on this statue that arrived at the Louvre earlier this week.
Nathalie: I felt an amok within. This isn't a statue, it's a dormant sentimonster. Very old and very powerful.
Gabriel: Which means you can destroy it, or bring it back to life.
Nathalie: But since I wasn't the one who created it, I won't be able to control it.
Gabriel: I will help you. It comes from the region where we found our Miraculous. I have a strong feeling it could prove very useful to my quest. You will return to the Louvre tonight.
Nathalie: Very well. (coughs)
Gabriel: You should get some rest before you go.
Nathalie: Don't worry, I'll be fine.

Scene: Adrien's room.

Plagg: Why the long face?
Adrien: My mom used to have dizzy spells… just like Nathalie. My father said those weren't serious either.
Plagg: How about a duet?
Adrien: You play the piano?
Plagg: My talents go way beyond sniffing out cheese, young man. (Plagg plays a duet on the piano with him)
Adrien: Mom's the only one who could make me laugh like that. Thank you, Plagg.

Scene: Louvre tonight.

Mayura: I can feel its yearning, Hawk Moth. It's hungry; ravenous for Miraculous.
Dormant Sentimonster: Yum, yum! Miraculous!
Mayura: You take one more step and I'll take your amok away from you. Do you really want me to destroy you? The sentimonster's all yours, Hawk Moth.

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair open the window.

Hawk Moth: The frustration of a Miraculous just out of your grasp! I know that feeling of hunger only too well. (turns a butterfly into an Akuma) Fly away, my little akuma, and evilize this sentimonster!

Scene: Louvre. Dormant Sentimonster eats the Akuma.

Hawk Moth: (from his lair) Feast, I am Hawk Moth. You have a consuming hunger that only the Miraculous can satisfy. I'm giving you the power to track them down and devour every single one! But after you've swallowed up their owners, you must bring two Miraculous back to me. The one of the Ladybug and the Black Cat. Oh, but don't you worry, I'll give them back to you as soon as I'm done with them. I'll even give you the Peacock and mine as a bonus. Annd thus you shall have eaten every single Miraculous, and your hunger shall be satiated. Do we have an agreement? (Dormant Sentimonster nods) Right, it's dinner time, Feast. (Dormant Sentimonster transforms into Feast)
Feast: Yummy! Miraculous!

Scene: Adrien's room. Adrien and Plagg are sleeping.

Plagg: Huh?
Wayzz: I'm sorry. (Wayzz about to remove the ring)

Scene: Marinette's room.

Marinette: Wayzz? (read the letter) "Marinette, you're a most incredible Ladybug, but I cannot let you encounter or risk your lives to fix a mistake that I made. I hope you can forgive me. Be happy and forget all about me. Signed, Fu." (the letter disappears) No way! Tikki! No! Master! Wait!

Scene: Outside the Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie.

Marinette: No! Master! Wait!
Wayzz: Master, is this the best solution?
Master Fu: It's the only solution.

Scene: Place des Vosges.

Marinette: Master!

Scene: Parisian streets.

Feast: Yummy, yummy! Miraculous!
Master Fu: See, Wayzz? If Marinette had kept her Miraculous, the sentimonster would have swallowed her right up.
Wayzz: Or she would have transformed into Ladybug and fought it.
Master Fu: Sometimes fighting is futile, Wayzz.

Scene: Outside the Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie.

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair.

Hawk Moth: Feast is attracted by the Miraculous's scent. The man it's chasing can only be the guardian of the Miraculous.
Mayura: Soon he'll have nothing left to guard. (Hawk Moth nods) Feast is going to devour everything.
Hawk Moth: And we shall relish the taste of triumph, my dear Mayura.

Scene: Parisian streets.

Cat Noir (Adrien): Hi there, Bugaboo.
Ladybug (Marinette): Cat Noir? Is that you?
Cat Noir (Adrien): Of course it is. Who else would you expect by your side?
Ladybug (Marinette): Isn't that costume of yours a little unsafe?
Cat Noir (Adrien): Only on the outside. I've got a helmet and pads on under my banana peel, Bugaboo.
Ladybug (Marinette): If you call me Bugaboo one more time I'll start calling you Bananoir.
Cat Noir (Adrien): As you wish, Bugaboo.
Ladybug (Marinette): Let's take a shortcut. There! The bus! Hey, driver! I'm Ladybug and I need you to help me!
Bus Driver: Ladybug. Right. And your buddy here is the famous Banana Cat, I presume.
Cat Noir (Adrien): Just call me Bananoir.
Ladybug (Marinette): It doesn't matter who we are. That man is being chased by a monster and we have to help him!
Bus Driver: Okay, you can count on me!
Ladybug (Marinette): Thank you, Super Driver. Now!
Wayzz: Master, look! Ladybug and Cat Noir, despite their ridiculous costumes, they haven't let you down!
Wang Fu: That's impossible! They don't have their Miraculous!
Roger Raincomprix: Okay, I'll help you, but ride on the side of the road before you get hurt.
Roger Raincomprix: In the name of the law—oh, destruction of public property! I—whoa!
André Glacier: My name is André, I make the ice cream, my friends with masks—
Wayzz: Master, it's obvious it's them—who else would do something so crazy?
Cat Noir (Adrien): Hey, have a taste of this! Some exploding banana split from Bananoir!
Ladybug (Marinette): Much tastier than any Miraculous!
Wayzz: Look, Master, there's no use in running! Your disciples never give up the fight, no matter what! With or without their Miraculous, they are Ladybug and Cat Noir!
Master Fu: I don't want to be the cause of their disappearance!
Wayzz: Whether you like it or not, you're the guardian!
Master Fu: Precisely. This is my decision to make!
Cat Noir (Adrien): André, we're out of ammo!
Ladybug (Marinette): André, go somewhere safe! We're gonna handle this! (notices Feast coming towards them) …I hope…
Master Fu: Hey! Leave them alone! I'm the one you have been wanting the past one hundred and seventy-two years!

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair.

Hawk Moth: The guardian of the Miraculous is this decrepit old man?

Scene: Parisian streets.

Master Fu: Looking for this?
Feast: Yum, yum! Miraculous!

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair.

Hawk Moth: You won't have any trouble getting rid of him, Feast!

Scene: Parisian streets.

Master Fu: Go and transform, quickly! (He holds out one hand behind him with "Marinette" and "Adrien"'s Miraculous. "Marinette" takes the earrings and "Adrien" takes the ring.) I am the last of the Miraculous guardians, and I intend to accomplish my mission! I am not scared of you anymore! (Feast grabs Fu's bike. Ladybug yo-yos Fu and the Miracle Box to safety.) Thank you, Ladybug.
Wayzz: I knew you'd make the right choice!
Master Fu: Come on, Wayzz, shell o—ack!
Wayzz: Master, your back! You know you're too old to play superheroes!
Ladybug: We can handle this. Take the Miraculous Box and go hide.

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair.

Hawk Moth: Enjoy, Feast. They can't get away from you now!

Scene: Parisian streets.

Ladybug: We have to find its amok!
Cat Noir: Except this sentimonster isn't carrying any baggage!
Ladybug: Cover me! Lucky Charm! (A metal detector appears) A metal detector? When you created the sentimonster, you put the amok inside your staff, right?
Master Fu: Correct.
Ladybug: Was your staff made out of metal, by any chance?
Master Fu: Partially, yes.
Ladybug: There are only two places where your staff could be. Where the temple was, or…
Cat Noir: Hey! Hurry, my lady, this thing already swallowed my stick whole! Aah!
Ladybug: Go hide, Master! (Master Fu running and she ties her and Cat Noir to each other with her yo-yo)
Cat Noir: Uh, you sure it's the right time, my lady?
Ladybug: Ready to get the staff back?
Cat Noir: Oh no, not the tongue… (Ladybug giggles, Feast to swallow them)

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair.

Hawk Moth: Yes! Great work, Feast! Keep those two Miraculous nice and warm for me, and enjoy the other ones—you've certainly earned them.

Scene: Parisian streets. Feast chases after Master Fu.

Feast: Mm? Yum yum! Miraculous!

Scene: Inside Feast.

Cat Noir: Wow… It's bigger on the inside. —Oh! My stick! (touch the bubble) What is that? Is it digesting things or something?
Ladybug: Whatever he swallows gets sealed here forever.
Cat Noir: In that case, we'd better hurry up and figure out where the Master's staff is hiding.

Scene: Parisian streets.

Master Fu: Farewell, my dear Wayzz. You're the best kwami I could have ever hoped to have by my side all these years.
Wayzz: It's been an honor to be your kwami, Master.

Scene: Inside Feast. Ladybug finds Master Fu’s staff with her metal detector.

Ladybug: I knew it! It had to be intact, otherwise the sentimonster would have disappeared!
Cat Noir: Be careful what you wish for! Cataclysm!

Scene: Parisian streets.

(Feast bursts into bubbles and is gone, leaving Cat Noir and Ladybug on the street.)
Ladybug: No more evil-doing for you. Time to de-evilize! (Ladybug catches the akuma and amok) Gotcha! Bye-bye, little butterfly.

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair.

Hawk Moth: No! That's impossible!
(Mayura falls down, transforming back. Hawk Moth rushes to her.)
Nathalie: I'm fine.

Scene: Parisian streets.

Ladybug: Miraculous Ladybug! (She throws the metal detector into the air, restoring everything that got swallowed.)
Ladybug, Cat Noir, & Master Fu: Pound it!
Master Fu: Thank you, Ladybug. Because of you, I won't have to run anymore.
Ladybug: I only put your teaching to practice, Master. (The earrings and ring start beeping)
Cat Noir: I know two people who'd better run before they transform back.
Ladybug: Goodbye, Master.

Scene: Day. Nadja Chamack is reporting on TVi.

Nadja Chamack: Don't be bemused, it's just the news! Extraordinary and inexplicable!

Scene: Gabriel's atelier.

(Gabriel and Nathalie are watching the news report.)
Nadja Chamack: That pretty much sums up the surprising reappearance of this temple in the Tibetan mountains—

Scene: Jardin des Tuileries.

(While Kagami practices kendo, Tomoe Tsurugi is listening to the news report.)
Nadja Chamack: —a hundred and seventy-two years after it was destroyed.

Scene: Chloé's room.

(Audrey Bourgeois is watching the news report.)
Nadja Chamack: Let's go to Clara Contard on location.

Scene: Inside a helicopter above the Guardians' temple.

Clara Contard: That's correct, Nadja. But what makes this phenomenon particularly unexplainable is that all the monks who used to—

Scene: Césaire apartment. Alya is talking over the news report.

Alya: Whoa! The symbol of the guardians of the Miraculous!
Clara Contard: —live in the temple have also reappeared—
Alya: I gotta add this to the Ladyblog!
Clara Contard: —year 1844!

Scene: Fu's massage shop.

Master Fu: So my mistake has been undone. The monks have been freed and the temple has been restored. I can't thank you enough, Marinette. And Cat Noir. I'm finally free from the burden of the past that has been haunting me for so long. I shall go and see them someday soon, and explain everything to them. (Marinette nods) Your training is complete, Marinette. You are now a fully-fledged Ladybug. And the time has come for me to prepare you to become the new guardian.
Marinette: The guardian? But Master, you're the guardian! You have been for a hundred and seventy-two years!
Master Fu: Precisely. It's high time I handed it over. You have proven that you are more worthy of it than I am. In fact, your training is starting right now. You will spend the next twenty-four hours meditating with the Miracle Box without anything to eat.
Marinette: Uh, actually I… I need to help at the bakery.
Master Fu: (laughs) I was joking. Those strict traditions did no good when I was your age. I have no intention of continuing them. Instead, your first task will be to help me carry these boxes to my van.

Scene: Parisian streets.

Wang Fu: Now that Hawk Moth knows who I am— (puts on a fake mustache) —it's too dangerous for me to live here. But don't worry, Marinette. Whenever you and Cat Noir need me, I will always be here for you. (climbs into driver's seat of van) I'm not going anywhere until Hawk Moth is defeated. I'll never leave you. (Marinette nods)

Scene: Unknown repository.

Gabriel: I have not digested my defeat, Ladybug. It's simply honed my appetite all the more. But now that I know what the guardian looks like, I intend to put that knowledge to use, and prepare a dish of revenge especially for you! And it shall be served very cold.


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