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Scene: Marinette's room

Marinette: Dear diary, today in Science class Ms. Mendeleiev told us why family members often resemble each other. It was super interesting and it got me thinking, who do you think I resemble most?

Scene from "Stoneheart"

Marinette: Mom? Hmm, the first thing that comes to my mind when describing Mom is how calm and gentle she is. Whatever happens she never panics, unlike me.

Scene from "Troublemaker"

Marinette: But watch out! You don't want to get on her wrong side because Mom knows how to fight back!

Sabine: (grabs a peel and skillfully twirls it around in a martial-arts defensive maneuver with yelps, finishing by aiming it at Bob) I demand an apology!

Scene from "Befana"

Marinette: She always finds a solution to every problem.

Sabine: Okay I'll help you, we can manage.

Marinette: Come to think of it, I resemble her the most when I'm Ladybug. (giggles) Which makes sense, actually, since Mom is my everyday-life super hero.

Scene from "Dark Cupid"

Marinette: What about Dad? You'd never guess it but he's a true romantic.

Tom: Candy apples, girls?

Marinette: Thanks papa!

Marinette: I probably take after him on that.

Scene from "Weredad"

Marinette: He tends to get carried away sometimes like, big time!

Tom: Welcome to our home!

Sabine: Tom! Let him come up for some air huh?

Tom: Oops, sorry.

Scene from "Gamer"

Marinette: And we both love playing video games. Even though I always win, hehe.

Scene from "Timebreaker"

Marinette: That's funny, when I'm Ladybug I'm just like Mom but as Marinette, I'm the spitting image of Dad!

Scene: Marinette's room

Marinette: Wait I almost forgot the rest of the family.

Scene from "Kung Food"

Marinette: Uncle Cheng for example. The great chef. True, communication can be challenging, since we don't speak the same language.

Wang Cheng: Nǐ hǎo

Marinette: Uh welcome Mari you're at nets. Uh um welcome to Marinette's you're Chinese. No no no...

Marinette: But he always manages to express his emotions through food; kinda like me with my own creations. There's Grandpa too.

Scene from "Bakerix"

Marinette: I've never met someone so stubborn and grumpy but I know that it's just a facade. Because he's afraid of change.

Scene from "Frozer"

Marinette: And I think that I'm a bit like him sometimes.

Scene from "Befana"

Marinette: And of course there's Grandma. How can I describe her? Grandma's a bundle of energy. She's always on the move, always traveling on her motorcycle.

Scene from "Robostus"

Marinette: Sometimes when I'm flying over the Paris roofs I feel just like her, like a true adventurer.

Scenes from various episodes

Marinette: Well I think that's it. Looks like I'm a mixure of everyone in the end but who knows maybe there's someone else who's exactly like me.

Scene: Marinette's room

Marinette: After all, I haven't met everyone in my family yet. I'll ask Mom and Dad. I'll let you know. Goodbye for now dear diary.


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