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Scene: The Agreste Mansion's basement. Gabriel Agreste visits Emilie Agreste, who is still unconscious.

Gabriel Agreste: (wipes his left hand containing the two rings with a blue cloth) Ladybug and Cat Noir's miraculous will soon be mine, I promise. Then, I will get the ultimate power and we shall all be together again. (Raises the 2 rings overlapping, then slips it. They glow. He puts one ring on Emilie's left ring finger, then he puts her hands together again.) You and I. (He puts on the ring in his finger.) Soon, Emilie.

Scene: The Agreste Mansion's garden.

Nathalie: (speaking to Adrien's bodyguard on phone) Of course. Someone will get you right away. (hangs up)
(Adrien's bodyguard finds a text message and leaves the mansion)
(Gabriel approaches the balcony of his atelier where Nathalie is standing. Nathalie waves at Adrien while Gabriel doesn't do anything)
Nathalie: It's been one year. The longer you keep him in the dark about what you're doing, the harder it'll be on him when he finds out.
(Gabriel leaves)
Adrien: [singing] Little kitty on a roof, all alone without his-
Gabriel: (walking up to Adrien) Adrien.
Adrien: Father?
Gabriel: There is something important I need to talk to you about. I think about telling you every day but I don't know how to find the right words.
Adrien: I think I already know, father.
Gabriel: But, how?
Adrien: I've noticed how close you and Nathalie have become. If she can make you happy again, as far as I'm concerned she is already part of our family.
Gabriel: (sounding upset and offended at the comment) How could you possibly think such a thing?! Nobody could ever replace your mother, as long as she is still in our hearts she lives on. We're expecting guests be ready.
(Gabriel leaves the garden and walks away)
Plagg: Wow are your father's like a piece of toungue cheese weather is so thick it's almost impossible to get inside the center
Adrien: Don't be so hard on him, Plagg. It's been a year today since... mom went away forever.

Scene: Couffaine houseboat

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