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[ Theme song ]

Scene: The Agreste Mansion's basement. Gabriel Agreste visits Emilie Agreste, who is still unconscious.

Gabriel Agreste: (wipes his left hand containing the two rings with a blue cloth) Ladybug and Cat Noir's miraculous will soon be mine, I promise. Then, I will get the ultimate power, and we shall all be together again. (raises the 2 rings overlapping, then slips them apart. They shine. He puts one ring on Emilie's left ring finger, then he puts her hands together again.) You and I. (He puts the other ring on his finger.) Soon, Emilie.

Scene: The Agreste Mansion's garden

(From inside the Mansion, Nathalie looks out a window, and sees Adrien in the garden. He sits cross-legged in front of a statue of his mother, Emilie.)
Nathalie: (speaking to someone on phone) Of course. Someone will get you right away.
(She hangs up and messages Adrien's bodyguard, prompting him to leave the mansion in the car. Gabriel approaches Nathalie, and stops beside her. While she tries to give him a reassuring look, he gazes at his son below. Adrien turns and smiles at them. Nathalie waves at him, and he waves back, while Gabriel continues staring solemnly.)
Nathalie: It's been one year. The longer you keep him in the dark about what you're doing, the harder it'll be on him when he finds out. (Gabriel closes his eyes and nods, and heads outside.)
Adrien: (looks at his mother while he sings) Little kitty on a roof, all alone without his -
Gabriel: Adrien.
Adrien: Father?
Gabriel: (sits down beside him) There is something important I have to talk to you about. I think about telling you every day, but I don't know how to find the right words.
Adrien: I think I already know, father.
Gabriel: But, how?
Adrien: I've noticed how close you and Nathalie have become. If she can make you happy again, then... as far as I'm concerned, she's already part of our family.
Gabriel: (upset and offended at the comment) How could you possibly think such a thing?! Nobody could ever replace your mother, (stands) as long as she is still in our hearts she lives on! (starts walking away) We're expecting guests. Be ready. (leaves)
Plagg: Wow! Your father's like a piece of tomme cheese: where the rind's so thick it's almost impossible to get inside the center.
Adrien: Don't be so hard on him, Plagg. It's been a year today since Mom... went away forever.

Scene: Couffaine houseboat

(Marinette paces in front of her friends Kim, Rose, Juleka, Max, Alya, Nino, and Luka, as they all sit on the stage.)
Marinette: We can't leave Adrien all alone on a day like this.
(The rest of the students are on video call on Alya's tablet: Alix, Marc, Nathaniel, Myléne, Ivan, Kagami, Lila, and Chloé.)
Alix: (through video call) True that, but there's no way his old man's gonna let us see him.
Marinette: Okay, why don't we make them a video and tell him how much we all care about him?
Alya: Great idea, we can take turns recording our messages.
Nino: Then send it to him. (The others enthusiastically agree.)
Alya: (points her tablet at her) Okay, go Marinette!
Marinette: (startled) Ah - ! Yee- ! No, no, someone else go - (nervously giggles) I still need to go figure out what I'm going to say.
Alya: (smiles) Okay, girl. So Nino, ready? (he nods) Action! (starts recording him)
Nino: Hey, my dude!

Scene: Adrien's room

(Adrien sits, with tears on his eyes, staring at the photo of him and his mom on his computer.)
Nathalie: (enters) Your father is waiting for you downstairs, Adrien.
Adrien: (wipes his eyes) Ah... I'll be right there. (She exits, and he follows after her.)

Scene: Agreste mansion foyer

(Adrien stands next to his father. Nathalie opens the front door, revealing the silhouette of a figure.)
Adrien: (gasps) Mom...?
Amelie: (a woman who looks exactly like Emilie parades in) My, my! Look at how much you've grown. (gives Adrien a kiss on the cheek) Gabriel, isn't he just the absolute cutest?
Gabriel: (tense) I'm sure Adrien is delighted to have such a timely visit from his aunt, today of all days.
Adrien: (his confusion changes to surprise) Aunt Amelie?
Amelie: I'm soo happy to see you again! I thought it'd be better if we were all together on a day like this! Don't you agree, dear?
(Adrien smiles wide, while Gabriel looks displeased. Adrien's bodyguard rolls in some luggage, while Adrien's twin cousin, Félix enters.)
Adrien: Félix? (Félix puts out his hand for a handshake, but Adrien hugs him instead) Good to see you again!(Though, Félix doesn't share his enthusiasm)
Amelie: Aw, they look just like twins! Don't they, Gabriel? Do you remember when they used to have so much fun pretending to be each other? Once they had you and Emilie fooled for a whole weekend! (laughs) We laughed so hard!
Gabriel: (frowns) I won't be fooled a second time.
Félix: Hello, uncle. (He puts out his hand again, but Gabriel keeps his hands behind his back.)
Amelie: Félix, you know your uncle's never been the physical sort. (frowns, then looks behind his back) Oh! How sweet! You're still wearing your wedding band! You must have Emilie's too, I imagine? You never replied to my message about that. I'd still like to get the rings back, you know.
Gabriel: These rings are obviously very special to me.
Amelie: And they're very dear to me too, Gabriel. Those jewels have always been in the Graham de Vanily family, not the Agreste's.
Gabriel: We'll discuss it later. It's been a long journey from London, you may want to rest a bit. Nathalie?
Nathalie: (to Amelie) Follow me, please. (The two begin to walk away.)
Gabriel: (To Adrien) Take Félix to your bedroom.
Adrien: Yes, father. C'mon, Félix! (He dashes ahead. Félix follows, frowning, and glances back at Gabriel as he enters his atelier, before glancing back to Adrien.)

Scene: Couffaine houseboat.

(Alya is finishing up her message to Adrien.)
Alya: Just wanted to let you know we're thinking about ya! Mwah! (blows a kiss to the tablet.)
Nino: And, cut! (turns to Marinette) You're the last one! Ready?
Marinette: (quickly) I'd rather record myself! (snatches the tablet) I- I'll be right back! (She runs to the helm of the ship, and Tikki flies out of her bag.) What am I gonna say to him? Help me, Tikki! What would you tell a kwami friend who's lost their mom?
Tikki: The thing is, we kwamis live forever, Marinette. Just let your heart do the talking, and as long as it is filled with love, you can't go wrong!
Marinette: You think? (Tikki pulls the tablet up in front of Marinette. After receiving a reassuring nod from her, Marinette starts recording.) Adrien... I love you. I'll always be there if you need me. (panics) Ah! What was I thinking!? Oh, this is the worst day I could possibly choose to tell him! We gotta start over! (goes to delete the message.)
Tikki: (blocks her) There'll never be a right day to tell him!
Alya: (shouts from outside) Marinette, you done in there? We're all waiting for you!
Tikki: What if your message to Adrien could turn this worst day ever, into the best day ever?
(Marinette looks worried, but walks stiffly out of the cabin.)
Alya: What's goin' on, girl? You feeling sick or somethin'?
Marinette: (shoves tablet in front of her) Promise me you'll send the video without looking at it! No one can see my part!
Alya: (excitedly) No, don't tell me you... ! (She grabs the tablet, and tries to tug it away from Marinette, who doesn't budge.)
Marinette: Promise.
Alya: You have my word. (Marinette lets go.) I can't believe it! Wow! (She turns and runs to the others) We got all the messages, guys! I'm sending this to Adrien!
(Marinette wobbles as she falls to the floor.)

Scene: Adrien's room.

Adrien: (holding a basketball) Do you remember our shooting contests? (passes the ball to Félix, who, unenthusiastically, catches it with one hand and throws it into the hoop behind him.) I'm really sorry I didn't come to your dad's funeral. My father thought it would be too hard on me, considering... everything that's happened this year. You've every right to be mad at me.
Félix: You always do everything your father tells you to do?
Adrien: He's very... (smiles) protective of me. (Félix smiles, and then hugs him. His smile turns devious, and he steals Adrien's cellphone.)
Plagg: (sees Félix stealing) Huh? (disappears into the wall)
Félix: (separating from him, feigning excitement) Oh! Do you have that chess board we used to play all the time?
Adrien: Of course! Let me go upstairs and get it for us! (runs upstairs)
Félix: Well, I challenge you, so let the best man win! (While Adrien searches upstairs, Félix starts going through his cabinet.)
Adrien: (calling from upstairs) Found it!
Félix: (shouts) Grab a deck of cards, too, while you're up there! (Finds a piece of goat's cheese, sniffs it, and frowns.)
Adrien: (from upstairs) You still doing magic?
Félix: (shouts) Now more than ever, you'll see!
Adrien: (from upstairs) How about karate? Are you still practicing?
Félix: (shouts) Of course! (He sticks the cheese under Adrien's pillow, and firmly squishes it.)
Plagg: (sees this) Ah! (enraged, he flies up to Adrien) We need to talk, Adrien!
Adrien: (whispers) What are you doing here? Hide!
Félix: (shouts from downstairs) Mind if I take a shower?
Adrien: (calls back) No, go ahead! Make yourself at home! (Félix enters Adrien's bathroom, closing the door behind him.)
Plagg: What's up with that cousin of yours? First, he searches through your things, and then, the most unforgivable thing of all, he squashes my hunk of goat's cheese under your pillow! I'd been maturing that baby for two weeks! Do you realize? Two whole weeks!
Adrien: Listen, Plagg. Félix lost his dad not so long ago, he's probably not himself.
Plagg: I'm sorry, but there's just no excuse! You never touch my cheese, and yet, you just lost your mother not so long ago, right? (Adrien looks down, saddened, Plagg realizes he went too far.) Please forgive me, Adrien, I didn't mean to.
Adrien: (sincerely) I know. And I'm sorry about your cheese. (He grabs the chessboard and cards, and heads back downstairs, through he still visibly upset. Plagg droops, looks down in shame, feeling remorseful for hurting Adrien's feelings)

Scene: Adrien's Bathroom.

(The shower is turned on, but Félix stands fully clothed, leaning on the wall well away from it. He snoops through Adrien's phone.)
Félix: (sees the photos of Ladybug) Tch! Of course that idiot has a crush on a superhero. (A message notification pops up, and he clicks on it.)
Nino: (from the video message) Hey, my dude! I'm not quite sure what to tell you, except that, you're my man, dude! And bros are always there for their guys!
Félix: (mocks him) Bros are always there- blah, blah, blah! Moron.
Rose: (via video message) Unicorns have a saying: even when there's nothing but gray skies and rain, all it takes is one little sunbeam for a rainbow to appear!
Félix: Loser.
Max: (via video message, Markov floats beside him) It's one hundred percent proven, you should feel fifty-two percent happier with a healthy dose of laughter. So Markov has uploaded a few jokes for you! Starting with-
Félix: Freak. (skips ahead)
Chloé: (via video message, talks like she's gossiping) When my mother left for New York, I felt so sad. It felt like she was... (sighs, becoming sincere) She came back, and I know how lucky I am. So, you can count on me, my Adrikins.
Félix: (annoyed) Chloé. Just as annoying as usual.
Marinette: (via video message) Adrien... I love you. I'll always be there if you need me.
Félix: Pathetic. (He deletes their messages.)
Adrien's Phone: Video deleted.
Félix: (shouts) Adrien! Could you lend me some clean clothes? I left my suitcase downstairs.
Adrien: (shouts from outside) Sure! Take whatever you want in the closet!
Félix: (opens the closet with a smile) Thanks! (He puts on Adrien's exact outfit, and copies his hair as well.) Perfect. (He mimics Adrien's voice, and starts recording a message on his phone.) First of all, thanks so much for all your messages, guys...

Scene: The Couffaine Houseboat.

(Marinette and friends are all hanging out, when Alya's tablet beeps.)
Alya: (to everyone) C'mere! Adrien sent a message back on the group chat!
Nino: He did?
Marinette: Oh no! I don't wanna know! (walks away, then turns back, determined) Yes, I do wanna know! (throws up her hands and runs away) No, I don't! (in Luka and Juleka's room) What if he tells me that he loves me? Or that he doesn't love me? Or that he likes me, but not in that way - ah! (sees Luka sitting across the room with his guitar) Luka? Please don't tell me you heard me...
Luka: (gets up and sits down next to her) You know, I'll be really happy for you and Adrien if it works out. (strums a few jubilant chords, ending on a sad note) And if it doesn't... (plays triumphant tune) I'll be here for you.
Marinette: Thanks, Luka. (He takes out his phone, and plays the message of Félix impersonating Adrien.)
Félix: (via video message, in Adrien's voice) First of all, thanks so much for all your messages, guys, really. Sending me messages on today of all days... (becomes rude and vindictive) to remind me how sad I'm supposed to be feeling? Why, that's great! Really! Thanks a lot!
Kim: (watching with the others on the other side of the boat) Uh... So is he happy about it, or not?
Marinette: (concerned) There's something wrong.
Félix: (via video message) My father was right. What could I possibly get of going to school? Hanging out with you people is a total waste of time!
Chloé: (in her room, watching the video) Ha! I knew my little Adrikins couldn't possibly be real friends with those fools!
Félix: (via video message) And Chloé, you're still the same spoiled brat you ever were, you know that? (Chloé gasps, taken aback.)
Marinette: (stands up) That's not him. Impossible! There's no way that's Adrien! (runs out of the room)

Scene: Gabriel's Atelier.

(Gabriel is on his computer, when Nathalie walks up to him, holding her tablet.)
Nathalie: Sorry, sir. Lila Rossi just sent this to us. It's a message from Adrien's phone. (Gabriel presses a button on his computer, revealing the message on his screen.)
Félix: (via the video message) remind me how sad I'm supposed to be feeling? Why, that's great! Really! Thanks a lot!
Gabriel: (frowns) Félix.
Nathalie: Adrien's friends think it's him on the video, (she smiles) they must be feeling very hurt, right now.
Gabriel: (smiles, and walks over to the painting of Emilie) Mmm. All this disappointment might just help us get rid of our unwanted guests. (He presses the secret buttons on the painting, and heads into his lair.)

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair.

(The window to the lair opens, revealing Hawk Moth.)
Hawk Moth: Félix, I told you that you couldn't fool me twice! (A butterfly lands in his hands, and he akumatizes it.) Fly away, my little Akuma, and evillize these sad souls! (The Akuma flies out and into the streets of Paris.)

Scene: The Couffaine Houseboat.

Nino: No way that's real! It must be a fake. (Alya and Juleka frown at him.)
Markov: I am one hundred percent positive that the video hasn't been altered in any way!
Max: (looking up from his phone, saddened) Confirmed.
Kim: The truth is, we've only known him since we came back after the summer. (Juleka and Rose look back at the tablet in Alya's hands, and grab onto it as they do so)
Alya: Let's not forget he was friends with Chloé before he met us. (The Akuma flies into view.)
Marinette: Don't believe this video, it can't be Adrien! (The Akuma is absorbed into the tablet, and Juleka, Rose, and Alya all look up scornfully. Marinette gasps, and runs off.)
Hawk Moth: (From his lair)Lady WiFi, Reflekta, Princess Fragrance - You are now the Punisher's Trio! I'm giving you the power to chastise the boy you thought was your friend, who has hurt you so terribly. I'm only asking you one thing in return, Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous!
Juleka, Rose, and Alya: He's going to regret what he said to us! (The tablet turns purple, and the three are engulfed in purple all at once, turning into their akumatized forms.)
Marinette: (to Tikki) This isn't good, they're gonna take it out on Adrien!

[Transformation sequence.]
Marinette: Tikki, spots on! Ah! (looks unhappy; Marinette transforms into Ladybug)

Nino: Come on, Alya, you're not seriously gonna attack our buddy, are you?
Lady WiFi: (Holding the tablet) I'm not Alya, I'm Lady WiFi. Anyone who tries to stand in our way will be harshly punished! (She uses the tablet to shoot a pause icon onto Nino, freezing him.)
Ladybug: (Standing with her yo-yo at the ready.) You're not punishing anyone, WiFi! It's time to log you out!
Lady WiFi: Not now that I've got satellite connection. (Shoots icons at her, which she dodges. Princess Fragrance shoots a cloud of pink perfume down, and it spreads out. Ladybug covers her nose, but Max and Kim breathe it in.)
Max and Kim: (singing) At your service, Princess Fragrance.
Princess Fragrance: Catch Ladybug.
Max and Kim: Yaaahh! (They run after her. She trips Max and subdues Kim in a hold.)
Reflekta: Call you later. (The Trio of Punishers are teleported through Lady WiFi's tablet, disappearing.)
Ladybug: I know where you're going, Punishers. (She pushes Kim away, and uses her yo-yo to leave the boat.)

Scene: Adrien's room.

Hawk Moth: (In his lair, talking through his cane) Nathalie, get Adrien to a safe place, far from his cousin. Make sure he doesn't have his phone with him.
Nathalie: (Bursts into Adrien's room) Come along, Adrien. You have a last minute photo shoot.
Adrien: Now? (He turns to look at Félix, who still looks exactly like him. Nathalie confusedly looks between the two.) Will you come with me, Félix?
Nathalie: Your father insisted you go alone, hurry. (Adrien's phone beeps inside of Félix's pocket. He takes it out, and throws it away as the Trio of Punishers appear.)
Reflekta: (Holding out her mirror) It's time for your punishment, you naughty - Oh! (She sees the identical Adrien and Félix standing in front of her, their arms up.)
The Trio of Punishers: Boys?
Lady WiFi: It all makes sense now! There were two Adrien's.
Princess Fragrance: That explains why our super nice video was answered by the super mean one! (Adrien looks sadly over at Félix.)
Reflekta: Which one of you is a cruel and inferior copy of the original?
Adrien: (To Félix) What video is she talking about?
Félix: (In his normal voice) Hey, I have no idea what they're going on about.
Lady WiFi: One of you two guys tried to make Adrien look like a monster.
Adrien: It was him! He's Félix! My cousin!
Princess Fragrance: (Pointing her gun at Adrien) Only a real meanie would tell on his cousin! You must be Félix.
Nathalie: (Quickly takes a protective stance in front of Adrien.) What are you doing, Adrien?
Lady WiFi: (confused) Adrien? Is that Félix or not?
Adrien: What do you think? (He laughs maniacally, and runs off.)
Reflekta: (pointing after Adrien) That's him! He's the real Félix!
Nathalie: Don't touch him! (She impressively fights and dodges the Trio for a while, before being ganged up on by them, and consequently turned into a Reflekta copy and then paused by Lady WiFi.)
Hawk Moth: (in his lair) You're being tricked, you fools! Adrien has sacrificed himself for his cousin!
Félix: (In Adrien's voice, as Reflekta glares at him.) Hey, girls, wait - I didn't do anything!
Hawk Moth: (in his lair) He's the true culprit.
Lady WiFi: But...
Félix: (Drops the act) Oh well, it's too easy. Where's the fun? You want real? I'll show you real. (He puts up his hands in a typical karate stance.)
Reflekta: It's time for punishment, naughty boy.
Félix: Be careful what you wish for, naughty girls.
(The Trio all shoot their various weapons at him, but he dodges them all, before landing a kick on Reflekta. Adrien is now outside in the garden, and hides behind a wall.)
Plagg: Would you mind explaining to me why you're saving this cheese-murderer?
Adrien: Because we're the good guys. (He spots Ladybug on a nearby roof.) There's no time to lose!

[Transformation sequence.]
Adrien: Plagg, claws out! (transforms into Cat Noir)

Scene: Rooftops of Paris.

(Félix is in the bedroom dodging the Trio's attacks. Ladybug lassos him up and proceeds to carry him as she runs across a nearby roof.)
Ladybug: Don't worry, Adrien, I'll deal with them later. I'll put you out of harm's way first! (She leaps onto the roof of Le Grand Paris, letting Félix down.) You'll be safe here.
Félix: (Grabs her hand, and says in Adrien's voice) Ladybug! Wait. I... I've always been in love with you, you know.
Ladybug: Huh? I... (pulls her hand away) Really?
Félix: (In Adrien's voice) If only you would... let me. (He approaches her creepily, and she backs up against a wall.) Give you some courage before you go.
Ladybug: Uh, wait, what? No! (He leans in for a kiss, but Ladybug dodges it and gets away, enraged.) Okay, which part of the word no, did you not understand?!? (She sucker punches him to the ground.) Gross! You're not Adrien, he would never be so pushy.
Cat Noir: (just arriving) That's Félix! Adrien's cousin. I just ran into the real Adrien and he told me everything. You made a lot of enemies in one day, bet you don't have a lot of friends, acting the way you do. Am I wrong? (crosses his arms and smiles. Félix looks down sadly.)
Ladybug: (sees the Trio incoming) Cut it out! There's no time for bickering, they're coming! Lucky Charm! (An aerosol can appears, and she sprays it a bit.)
Reflekta: (landing on the roof) You really think covering us with whipped cream will save you from being punished, Ladybug? (Points her mirror at her.)
Princess Fragrance: (landing beside Reflekta) Do you wanna smell like fish for the rest of your life, kitty? (Points her gun at Cat Noir.)
Lady WiFi: (landing behind Ladybug and Cat Noir) Do anything and I'll pause you for good!
Cat Noir: (retorts)You spend way too much time on your phone, you know that?
(It's a standstill, until Félix kicks the tablet out of Lady WiFi's hands, and takes it.)
Ladybug: Félix, smash it in half, and this nightmare will be over!
Félix: (In his normal voice) What makes you think I want it to be over? (shouts) Hawk Moth! Can you hear me, Hawk Moth? You want Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous, don't you? (Hawk Moth's telepathic purple mask appears on Lady WiFi's face, then Reflekta, then Princess Fragrance, as they speak for him.)
Hawk Moth: (Directly through Lady WiFi) And what do you want?
Félix: I'm after a piece of jewelry, too. How about we make a little exchange?
Hawk Moth: (Directly through Reflekta) Get hold of the Miraculous first. (Directly through Princess Fragrance) We'll discuss the rest later.
Félix: You've got yourself a deal. Now I think it's high time Ladybug and Cat Noir were punished. (He holds out the tablet to Lady WiFi.)
(Ladybug searches for a way to use her Lucky Charm. Her vision highlights the Trio and Félix. Lady WiFi jumps down from the railing, and Ladybug throws the aerosol can down, causing her to trip into Reflekta, who shoots Princess Fragrance into the second Reflekta. Cat Noir extends his stick to block Princess Fragrance's perfume bullet, and knocks Félix off the roof in the same move. Ladybug catches him with her yo-yo, and the tablet crashes onto the ground, releasing the Akuma. The girls are deakumatized, and Ladybug and Cat Noir look down at Félix as he hangs from the roof.)
Cat Noir: I hope you've learned your lesson. (Félix nods, and Ladybug pulls him back up.)
Ladybug and Cat Noir: (as they fist bump) Pound it!
Ladybug: (She opens her yo-yo) No more evil-doing for you, little Akuma. Time to deevillize! (She captures the Akuma) Gotcha! Bye bye, little butterfly. (She releases the now white butterfly, and throws up her Lucky Charm.) Miraculous Ladybug! (Kim, Max, Nino, and Nathalie all turn back to normal.)

Scene: Agreste's Foyer.

(The Agrestes and Graham de Vanily's are gathered in the foyer.)
Adrien: That video you sent to my friends... Unforgivable, Félix. (Félix doesn't look him in the eye, only looks down, upset and ashamed.)
Amelie: Now that his father isn't here to stop him from getting into mischief - (Félix stops her.)
Félix: I don't deserve to be forgiven, mom. I put my favorite cousin in danger. He's right. No apology can ever be enough. (He finally looks up, and smiles.) I just hope I can learn from this, and come back to see you as a better person someday. (He holds out his hand, and Adrien is about to shake it, when Félix goes in for a hug. Adrien smiles and hugs back.) I really am sorry. I'll do my best to make it up to you. (turns to Gabriel) And to you, too, uncle. (He holds out his hand.)
Gabriel: Goodbye, Félix. (He shakes Félix's hand)
Amelie: Mwah! (She blows them a kiss as her and Félix leave.)
Adrien: (frowns) Félix, wait! (He runs out.)
Gabriel: Adrien, stay here!
Adrien: (catching up to Félix) If you're feeling upset or out of control, just call before you do anything you might regret.
Félix: (puts his hand on his shoulder) I'm really lucky to have you. (He steps into the car, and Adrien happily waves goodbye as they leave.)

Scene: Adrien's Room.

(Plagg sits grumpily staring at his broken cheese on Adrien's bed.)
Adrien: Sorry, Plagg. If Félix didn't destroy your cheese and steal my phone, none of this would've happened. (He sets down a wheel of cheese).
Plagg: (ecstatic about the cheese) Your cousin can come back whenever he wants! (laughs)
Adrien: Did you know my friends recorded messages for me? What a nice thing to do! I've got an idea!

Scene: Various Places

(Back at Alya's room, Nino and Alya play Super Penguino on her tablet.)
Alya and Nino: Pew pew, pewpew! (They laugh, but then stop when they get a message on the tablet.)
(Back at the Couffaine Houseboat, Juleka, Rose, and Luka are hanging out, when Juleka's phone notifies them of a message.)
Juleka: (picks up her phone and smiles) Ah!
Rose: (gesturing for Luka to come over) Oh!
Adrien: (via video message sent to the whole group. They all smile as they watch it.) Hey guys. I never got your messages, but I'm really touched just knowing you were thinking of me today. You're the best friends anyone could ever dream of. I love you, all of you.
(Back at Marinette's room, she replays the message over and over.)
Adrien: (via video message) I love you - I love you - I love you -
Marinette: Ah, I love you too, Adrien. (She rests her head on her desk to rewatch the video, all the while Tikki stares at her.)
Adrien: (via video message) I love you -
(Gabriel is in his atelier, at his computer. He zooms in on one of his designs, and is startled to find his wedding band missing.)

Scene: Inside the Startrain at the Gare du Nord.

(Amelie sits down next to her son on the Startrain back to London.)
Félix: I've got a surprise for you, mom. (He reaches behind her ear and pulls out Gabriel's ring.)
Amelie: (gasps) But Gabriel refused to hand it over to me! And after everything that happened - (reaches out and cups his face) My little magician. I can never understand how you always manage to get what you want. (closes her hand over his) Keep it. It's yours now.
Félix: But... you wanted it so much.
Amelie: Only to give it to you. You've always been so fascinated by them. How many times have you asked me to tell you the story of the Graham de Vanily twin rings, huh? (she kisses his forehead) I'm glad it's back in the family where it truly belongs. (She winks at him and then rests her eyes. Félix smiles deviously out the window.)

Scene: In the Agreste Basement.

(Gabriel takes Emilie's ring off of her hand, and places it onto his. He balls his fist and growls in frustration as he leaves, angered by his nephew's thievery. The end card shows Gabriel frowning at his ring, Félix smiling deviously as he holds onto the other twin ring, and Adrien standing in front of the statue of Emilie, glancing back at the both of them.)


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