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Season 5, episode 1 (Production order); Episode 105 (Overall)

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"Evolution" is a Season 5 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. As based on the series' production order specifically, "Evolution" is the 1st written and produced episode of Season 5. It is also the 105th written and produced episode of the series, overall.


After having access to almost all the Miraculouses, Hawk Moth turns into Monarch and uses the Rabbit Miraculous to return to a vulnerable moment in Ladybug and Cat Noir's past to capture their Miraculous.[3]


The episode follows the events of "Strikeback": At sunset, on the rooftops of the Jardins du Trocadéro, Ladybug and Cat Noir observe as the people of Paris cheer for them, who prepare to face the villain. Monarch proclaims his rule on Paris similar to what he did in Origins but this time, through the illusion of message retriever, which is surrounded by Shell-ter. He says that he will continue to attack Paris relentlessly unless they give him the Miraculouses of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Nadja reports this and says that despite the threats of Monarch, the citizens of Paris still supports the two heroes and throw stones on the message retriever. Nadja states that Monarch has won the battle but the war of the Miraculouses is just starting. Ladybug says that no matter who he is, Hawkmoth, Shadowmoth, or Monarch, he won't get their Miraculouses whereas Cat Noir says that we won't stop until they get back all the Miraculouses back from him. Cat Noir destroys the shield containing the illusion of message retriever, with only one strike of his Staff. Ladybug thanks him and Cat Noir replies that it's "me and you".

While all of this happening, Gabriel in his lair standing in front of Emilie tells her that our victory is almost complete as he has got all the miraculouses other than that of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Whereas, Ladybug assures People of Paris that Monarch's victory will never be complete. Gabriel tells Emile that he when he will get them, he will combine the miraculouses to bring her back but Sass interrupts him by asking him to think wisely because if you bring her back, who'd replace her meaning there's big price to pay for doing such a thing which is very dangerous. Gabriel silences up the Sass, similar to what he did in Sandboy to Nooroo. Whereas, Ladybug and Cat Noir on the other hand says we'll never be silenced, and won't be Monarch prisoners. All the people of Paris cheers them up. Gabriel threatens kwamis by calling them stupid creatures, and says that he is their master, and they aren't prisoners instead they're slaves of him. When the kwamis are frightened enough, Gabriel smiles and calls Nathalie, and tells her that he have got the all other miraculouses, even the evolution one which can give him the power of travel through time all because the risk that he took which worth it because Ladybug has finally made a mistake. Nathialie tells him to wait for her while Gabriel interrupts and continues to state how many times I've been so close to defeating Ladybug and Cat Noir, by traveling past can finally win. Nathalie try to convince there might be another way but Gabriel completely ignores her and declines the call. After that, Gabriel fuses the miraculouses of Moth, and rabbit.

Ladybug is trying to figure out how Monarch stole the miraculouses but instantly get interrupted by the burrow opening behind them from which Rabbit Noir and herself from few minutes in the future are chasing the Monarch who is seemingly getting weaker unifying the multiple miraculouses at once. Just before it gets more confusing, another Burrow portal opens from which the adult Bunnyx appears and explains ladybug and cat noir the situation. Meanwhile, Monarch threatens the kwamis and unifies the butterfly, rabbit. Monarch makes a great plan using the time miraculous to go back and defeat the heroes when they were weaker. He enters the burrow, and instantly was amazed by the inside look of the Burrow. He went back to the events of Lady Wifi, when Lady-Wifi imprisoned the Ladybug. Thinking it would be easier to defeat her, he enters in the scene and shocks Lady-Wifi and Ladybug as they think its Hawk Moth. On the other hand, future Bunnyx uses her miraculous to enter burrow, and they notice Monarch is creating alternative timeline by changing the events of Lady Wifi. Saying its not how it went, Bunnyx rewinds the time few back, removing the alternative timeline and Ladybug captures Monarch with her yo-yo. Monarch asks them how did she found him since he have the miraculous of time, to which Bunnyx responds the burrow can be accessed by any holder of rabbit miraculous regardless of what time they're from. Ladybug once again uses her yo-yo to catch Monarch but he opens his cane, taking all the kwamis out, stating that you may still be the guardian but i am the master now. He unifies the miraculouses of Moth, Rabbit, Bee, Fox, and Turtle. By doing so, he gets weaker. Ladybug tries to catch him but he uses his strength to throw her off once freed he uses Mirage to create clones of himself to distract heroes so he could paralyze Bunnyx and in cage them with Shell-ter so he could steal her version of the Rabbit Miraculous but thanks to the heroes it was prevented.

With Monarch getting weaker Ladybug lassos him again but he fuses the Dragon Miraculous using the Wind Dragon to escape through a portal to Riposte needing to match him Cat Noir tosses the Rabbit Miraculous to Ladybug for her to use as the Rabbit holders are the only ones who can open the portals. However realizing her earlier mistake she gives the jewel to him which shocks Cat Noir asking Ladybug if she's okay with this and the heroine replies that they are a team. Activating the Rabbit Miraculous he fuses them together turning into Rabbit Noir.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • The episode shares its name with the concept of the Rabbit Miraculous.
  • This episode has a new title card scheme where the name of the episode appears on a ladybug-themed background instead of appearing with the credits on the first scene.
    • However, it's unknown whether this is only present in the Brazilian Portuguese version or in all versions.
  • This episode begins where the previous episode left off, making it the third season-opening to do so, after "The Collector" and "Truth".
    • Similarly to "Origins", "The Queens Battle", "Heroes Day", "The Battle of the Miraculous" and "Truth". and "Truth" and "Lies", the events in this episode, alongside the ones in "Risk" and "Strikeback", take place during the same day.
  • In this episode, Gabriel Agreste appears for the first time in a new Monarch look, wearing all the Miraculous except the Ladybug, Cat and Peacock Miraculouses.
  • This is the third time Gabriel shushes a kwami (in this case Sass), after Nooroo in "Sandboy" and "Stormy Weather 2".
  • This episode features callbacks to "Lady Wifi", "The Bubbler", "Animan", "Despair Bear", "Riposte", "Style Queen", "Reverser", "Mayura", "Santa Claws", and "Backwarder".
  • This episode showed Alya and Nino's first kiss.
  • Monarch is shown to be able to make the kwamis go inside his cane. This is similar to how Trixx was able to stay in Scarabella's yo-yo, suggesting that it's a real ability of Miraculous holders to be able to put their kwamis inside their tools.
  • This episode gives further insight about the Rabbit Miraculous:
    • Even though anyone can pass through the Burrow, only the Rabbit Miraculous holders can change the destination of the portals and open them.
    • The users of the Rabbit Miraculous can use Burrow as many times as they wish without detransforming, independently of being adults or not which explains how Marinette did it in "Strikeback". However, once the user detransforms, they suffer from a temporary temporal anomaly, like talking backward which didn’t happen to her.
      • And that may be because she didn't open or used the Rabbit's Burrow as long as Rabbit Noir.
    • Rabbit Miraculous holders can send others through time without bringing themselves along.
    • Burrow's pocket dimension is at the center of all the time flow, being shared by all the Rabbit Miraculous holders, past, present, and future.
    • Even though Rabbit Miraculous holders can choose what point in time they can go to, sometimes the destinations of the portals aren't completely chosen by choice and it was probably due to the power drain that Monarch was suffering that made him change course.
  • It's revealed that Master Fu had met Marinette and Adrien long before he had decided to give them the Ladybug Miraculous and the Cat Miraculous respectively, since he got separated from Marianne when they were escaping the Nazis. This is probably the reason why he chose them in the future and knew they would make a great superhero team.
  • When Ladybug and Rabbit Noir traveled back to 1940s France, they came to the night Master Fu fled Paris. It's similar to "Rocketear", it's likely Adrien was aware or told by Ladybug that the woman his former master was with is his lover.
    • Mentioning that he'll live in fear because of his mistakes is ironically what happened to Cat Noir being separated from his lover because of the Miraculous or because someone wants them for their own selfishness and Ladybug when she lived in fear of what Shadow Moth was trying or going to do.
  • Similar to "Ephemeral", while not completely confirmed like Jeanne d'Arc, 1940's Barkk and her Miraculous were taken briefly to the future where she likely sensed Tikki's, Plagg's and Fluff's powers in her future guardian and Rabbit Noir, making her aware that some of her siblings will get owners creating a different past timeline where she may have shared this information with them when her past self returned to the box.
  • It's revealed that in "Backwarder", apparently Marianne had brown hair when she was younger.
  • This is the fourteenth time where Ladybug's Lucky Charm is an object that appeared in a previous episode. This time, it's a mini Miraculous box that previously appeared in "Mayura".
  • It's revealed that the Miraculous superpowers' effectiveness depends on how much energy their respective kwami possesses. If the kwami is left without food or their holders overuse their powers in one transformation, either by single-use or unifying powers with other Miraculous, the holder becomes weakened.
    • This is probably the reason Master Fu said unifying too many Miraculouses is dangerous in "Kwamibuster" and which may explain how Cat Noir was able to break the Shell-ter with just one hit of his Staff.
    • This is contradicting Adrien's using the Snake Miraculous in "Desperada", where only Sass was weakened by the 25,917 times Second Chance was used. Thinking that it could be with time power related Miraculouses and what Rabbit Noir said maybe these particular ones aren't bound to the normal flow of time.
    • Sass also said, "If you destroy us, then you destroy yourself", implying that the more kwamis the holder fuses together or drains them dry by using their powers, then the more the electrical discharges will intensify possibly killing the holder and endangering the kwamis if they don't defuse.
  • It's revealed that Alix's father, Alim Kubdel, already knew about his daughter's future as the superhero Bunnyx, as her older self had been sending him postcards from the past, explaining everything to him.
    • Even though Alim knew about the importance of the watch, the family tradition of passing it down was real, but the time he chose to give Alix the watch was a deliberate choice.[4]
    • Due to him knowing such importance meaning Alim knew how to keep secrets as Bunnyx mentioned in "Cat Blanc".
    • It's unknown when Alim was given the Rabbit Miraculous by his future daughter if it was before or after Hawk Moth's debut.
    • In a way, things came full circle as both Bunnyx made their debuts as Miraculous holders when a villain misused or abused the power of time travel - for adult Bunnyx it was Timetagger and for current Alix it was Monarch.
  • Nathalie feeds all the kwamis pieces of bread, despite not being some kwamis' favorite food.
  • This is the first time Ladybug and Cat Noir successfully retrieved a Miraculous back from Monarch, being the Rabbit Miraculous.
  • It's revealed that when a Miraculous holder wants to activate three Miraculouses from civilian form, they can say "Triple Metamorphosis".
  • Similar to what Alya did in "Sentibubbler", Ladybug and Rabbit Noir played on Monarch's greed.
  • This is the second time where unification is used back to back following "Miracle Queen" and "Truth".
    • This is the second time where Cat Noir unifies two Miraculous and his first since "Miracle Queen".
      • However, this is the first time he receives a unification sequence.
  • This is the first time someone other than Marinette, Adrien, or Gabriel is shown doing unification, as Alix unified the Rabbit Miraculous with the Dog while she was Canigirl.
  • This also makes Alix the fifth member of the French Miraculous superhero team to use another Miraculous. The first is Marinette with the Mouse, Fox, Cat, Dragon, Bee, Horse and Rabbit Miraculouses, the second is Adrien with the Ladybug, Snake and Rabbit Miraculouses, the third one is Master Fu with the Turtle and Peacock Miraculouses and the fourth one is Alya with the Ladybug Miraculous.
  • Alix's transformation sequence into Bunnyx has the same motion as her older self in "Timetagger".
    • However, as the symbol of the Rabbit Miraculous was changed, the symbol at the end is different.
  • Nathalie breaks ties with Gabriel as of this episode after he fails to prevent her sickness due to his obsession to get Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses.
    • However, it's implied that this isn't permanent, as it's known that Lila will team up alongside Gabriel and Nathalie at some point in the season.
  • Just like Chloé in "Miracle Queen", Gabriel didn't take responsibility for his mistakes at the end of the episode.
  • This is the second time where both Tikki and Plagg make a background appearance following "The Dark Owl".
  • Not counting unifying, this is the tenth time a character(s) appears as a Miraculous holder for a single episode, following Mister Bug and Lady Noire in "Reflekdoll", Aspik in "Desperada", Multimouse in "Kwamibuster", Scarabella in "Hack-San", Cat Walker in "Kuro Neko", Caprikid and Miss Hound in "Pentalteam" and Flairmidable in "Strikeback".
  • This is the ninth time where a Miraculous has its ownership transferred in the show following "Anansi", "Reflekdoll", "Desperada", "Kwamibuster", "Queen Banana", "Mega Leech", "Penalteam" and "Strikeback". But unlike the other instances, "Anansi" dealt with a holder who couldn't use it.
    • Unlike the others "Penalteam" and "Strikeback" despite the Miraculous being the same, this is the first time where a jewel was transferred quickly from person to person, second if counting "Desperada".
  • In the flashback of Gabriel giving Emilie the Peacock Miraculous, the back of the jewel is visibly broken, implying that most likely the couple knew the jewel was broken.
  • This is the third time the first episode of a season in production order was the same first episode that aired internationally, after "Stormy Weather" and "Chameleon".
    • Thomas Astruc confirmed on Twitter that boardcasters will be extra careful trying to air the fifth season's episodes in production order.
  • If the current time versions of Ladybug and Cat Noir are followed, this is first time where both of them spend an entire episode as their hero alter egos.
    • This is the first time for Ladybug and the fifth time for Cat Noir followed by "Prime Queen", "Chrismaster", "Furious Fu" and "Qilin".
  • Monarch was beaten by one of the qualities of the Miraculous. With the Rabbit Miraculous's power of time travel and due to its severe dangers, one of the qualities is to resist temptation and through his impatience he lost it.
    • This is another reason why kwamis have to wait a long time for an owner. When a Miraculous is needed to protect the world, the jewel needs to be matched with a person of the right physical, mental and emotional qualities needed or learn to have them to use the powers properly.
    • That's the same thing Adrien learned in "Desperada", he was so enamored with Ladybug that it distracted him but unlike his father he knew better (surrendering the jewel to Ladybug) and showed great improvement in "Miracle Queen".
    • This also seems to be a viable trait for becoming a guardian. Due to them knowing all of the jewels' strengths and weaknesses, they had to resist the urge to use them in the event if they were ever captured.
      • Master Fu had and was capable of doing it too after his incident but it wasn't out of discipline but fear.
  • Just like Adrien in the alternate future of "Cat Blanc" and "Lady Wifi", it's most likely Gabriel wanted both his wife to be well and all the jewels for himself but he could only choose one and no matter which pathway he chose the consequences would've been deadly.
  • Alim Kubdel's watch displays 8:00pm at the time of his daughter becoming a Miraculous holder.
  • This is the first episode with no Akumatization nor Amokization.
  • Cat Noir using Cataclysm on Shell-ter and Monarch using Mirage is similar to the way Miraculer used it in the episode of the same name.
    • How Gamer and Ladybug used Mirage in "Gamer 2.0".
  • This is the first, and currently only time, Gabriel is shown transforming with any miraculous, and wearing his tie.
  • Alix wants to study engineering after she graduates from school.


  • When Ladybug uses her yo-yo to dispel Monarch's Message Transmission, the yo-yo was not visible during the impact.
  • When Gabriel fuses Nooroo and Fluff, they appear as purple and bluish-white lights when with the other kwamis. But in the next scene of them entering the Miraculouses, they become blue and white.
  • In some moments focused on Rabbit Noir, the light blue marks under his eyes disappear.
  • The Lady Wifi flashbacks features a bright blue sky outside the kitchen doors, despite the episode originally taking place during nighttime.
  • One of Adult Bunnyx's postcards shows her being licked by a dinosaur's long tongue. In reality, dinosaurs had bones in their tongues that made them unable to extend, just like a crocodile.
  • When Canigirl is about to fuse the Dog and Rabbit Miraculous, Fluff's ears can be seen behind the Rabbit Miraculous symbol.
    • Also, when fused, she doesn't have the Umbrella.
  • The spots on the Rabbit Miraculous randomly appear as either black or orange.
  • When Monarch loses the Rabbit Miraculous and is left in the past, while laughing and planning on helping his past self, the Horse Miraculous phases through his face.
  • When current Alix transforms into Bunnyx, her ears are already present.


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