Ella and Etta's room is the bedroom of Ella and Etta Césaire located in the Césaire apartment.


The wall with the brown door is parallel to the wall with the window, and the walls are tan. The light switch, a button, is on the left side of the door. The window has sliding glass windows and green folded curtains, and a string of blue and red lights hang above the window. The floor is wooden with a brown rug in the middle that has two dark brown stripes and a hopscotch-like design having a grassy ground and sunny sky within the shapes. From the ceiling hangs a white round paper lantern.

One of the twins' beds is to the left of the window, and it has a pink pillow, light pink sheets, and a pink blanket. The other twin's bed is to the right, having a blue pillow, light blue sheets, and a blue blanket. At the end of each girl's bed is a brown wooden desk, including a chair with the same color as their bed. Spherical nightlights are attached in outlets next to each girl's bed. At least two brown shelves are above each girl's bed, full of books and other objects. Beneath the window, there is a green chest patterned with purple hearts. Drawings by the girls are on the walls and the inner side of the door.





  • Some of the drawings on walls are of dinosaurs, flowers, a sailboat, a horse, and birds.


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