Duusu is a kwami. Duusu is connected to the Peacock Miraculous.
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Duusu[5] is the kwami of Emotion[6] who is connected to the Peacock Miraculous.[7] With his power, Duusu's wearer can use the brooch to transform into a peacock-themed superhero.

Duusu and his Miraculous are occasionally active, used by Nathalie Sancoeur to transform into the supervillain Mayura.

In Season 4, Duusu and his Miraculous are currently active, used by Gabriel Agreste along with the Butterfly Miraculous through Unification to transform into the supervillain Shadow Moth.


Duusu is a deep blue creature and is 10 centimeters tall.[4] He has a small pale fuschia circle on the center of his forehead, and pale fuschia eyes with dark blue sclerae. Duusu's mouth is a plum color and contains rows of teeth on the top and the bottom. Duusu's tail, reminiscent of that of a real peacock, contains five feathers. The eyes of the feathers are pale fuschia, with a black interior and a dark blue exterior. He also has three feathers coming out from behind his head, the central one of which is longer than those to its left and right.

For more of Duusu's designs, see Duusu/Designs.


Duusu has a very sporadic personality; he can be happy one minute and then overly sad the next. It is unclear if this is his natural personality, being the living embodiment of emotion, or a result of his broken Miraculous. Because of this, Duusu is a bit oblivious to the way he acts around others as well as what his owner does with his powers, though again it is unclear if this is related to his Miraculous being damaged. Duusu is very easily excited and seems to enjoy chaos, though he is very concerned for Nathalie's health which implies that Duusu is caring.

After his Miraculous is fixed, it's revealed that his erratic behavior was, indeed, partly a result of the damage on the Peacock Miraculous, which Duusu comments as being like there was "chaos in [his] head" and he was in a nightmare. Now that his jewel is fixed, Duusu is shown to be quite emotional, but not as much as he was before.


Duusu is able to fly, levitate, phase through solid objects, and carry objects that are larger and/or heavier than him.

As a kwami, Duusu has and can give the power of emotion, able to transform the holder of the Peacock Miraculous into a peacock-themed superhero or super-villain with the power of Amokization.


Nathalie Sancoeur

Although Nathalie wields his powers for evil, Duusu is shown to still care for her as seen in the episode "Reflekdoll" where he is upset and shows concern with Nathalie collapsing in exhaustion and later advises her to rest instead of using his powers. He also seems to be aware of Nathalie's feelings for Gabriel as well, remarking that her desire to give him the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses is romantic.

Gabriel Agreste

Not much is fully known between Gabriel and Duusu, but Duusu does obey Gabriel after he tells Duusu that Nathalie needs to rest.


Duusu is good friends with Nooroo, though he is oblivious to how Nooroo is concerned about his mental condition. Nooroo is currently the only kwami he is able to meet.

After the Peacock Miraculous was fixed and his mind got cleared, Duusu was shown to be very happy to see Nooroo, happily hugging him and expressing how happy he was to see him.

Emilie Agreste

Not much is known about Duusu's relationship with Emilie, but it's likely similar to her and Gabriel, that he also knew the reason why his former owner overused the damaged jewel. And yet, just like Gabriel, Duusu was heartbroken and saddened by his wielder's fate.

Wang Fu

Not much is known about Duusu's relationship with Wang Fu, but he apparently allowed Fu to use the Peacock Miraculous to create the Dormant Sentimonster that caused the fall of the Order of the Guardians.


Before Season 1

When the concept of emotion first came into existence, Duusu came into existence. Before the Miraculouses were created, Duusu and the other kwamis traveled all over the universe, unable to interact with humans. Eventually, a mage created the Miraculouses, which allowed humans to see kwamis and the kwamis to help them.

For 5000 years, Duusu had been dormant in the Peacock Miraculous, stored in the Miracle Box at the temple of the Order of the Guardians in China.

One hundred seventy-two years ago, Master Fu used the Peacock Miraculous to create a sentimonster that would bring him food while he was doing a Guardian test. However, he ended up creating a ravenous sentimonster with an insatiable hunger for Miraculouses, due to Fu's own resentment towards the Miraculouses. This mistake resulted in not only the destruction of the temple, but also in the loss of the Peacock and Butterfly Miraculouses and the loss of the Miraculous grimoire.

At some point in recent times, Nathalie found the Butterfly Miraculous and the Peacock Miraculous, then showed them to Gabriel who took them with him back to Paris. The Miraculous were dormant for the long period of time (the 172 years after Master Fu lost the Miraculous) until the Peacock Miraculous was activated by Emilie Agreste for unknown reasons. Unfortunately, the Peacock Miraculous had been damaged at some point during or after its loss which caused her health to decline until she was preserved in a glass coffin, leading to Duusu becoming dormant in the jewel again and put in Gabriel's safe.

Season 1

Throughout the first season, Duusu was dormant in the Peacock Miraculous in the safe of Gabriel Agreste's mansion.

Season 2

In "Sandboy", Duusu was briefly mentioned by Sass, who said that he had not heard from him for a long time.

In "Mayura", his Miraculous becomes temporarily activated by Nathalie to save Hawk Moth and was returned to Gabriel's safe afterwards.

Season 3

In "Reflekdoll", Duusu was briefly activated by Nathalie to become Mayura and created the sentimonster Reflekdoll. After Mayura and Hawk Moth were defeated, he expressed excitement over what happened, but became concerned when Nathalie began coughing and fell to the floor. He was told by Gabriel that Nathalie would be fine but she needed peace and quiet.

In "Ladybug", Duusu saw that Nathalie's condition was worsening due to overusing the damaged Peacock Miraculous. Duusu became dormant when Gabriel took back the Miraculous but became active one more time when Nathalie stole it. He became active and was happy that his wielder was up and running, but when Nathalie wanted to create the ultimate sentimonster, Duusu advised against it as Nathalie had to rest. Nathalie disagreed and reminded Duusu that she was doing this audacious task for Gabriel. Duusu cried, remarking on how romantic it was. Nathalie then transformed into Mayura. Returning to the mansion, Duusu heard that Nathalie's time as Mayura was over for now and went dormant in the Peacock Miraculous again rather sadly.

Season 4

In "Truth", Gabriel is able to fix the Peacock Miraculous and puts it on, causing Duusu to appear. Now that his Miraculous was fixed, Duusu is shown to have his mind completly cleared, expressing then a big joy to see Nooroo, only for his fellow kwami to tell him his nightmare was not over, as they were about to be used by Gabriel to turn him into Shadow Moth.



Comics and books


  • Duusu was first revealed by Jeremy Zag with a picture posted on his Instagram on June 27, 2016. The post did not contain any comments from him.[8]
    • His name was revealed on October 7, 2016, during the Miraculous panel at New York Comic-Con.
    • As seen in the concept art, when he cries, his tears appear to glitter.
      • This idea, however, is part of an old concept and may not be true in the completed version of the character.[9]
    • The official Miraculous Ladybug Twitter, however, did comment on the image, stating "Who do you think is hiding behind the peacock kwami? 💙"[10]
      • Also, another piece of concept art that was revealed shows Duusu with his Miraculous' future holder, which later turned out to be Nathalie Sancoeur.
  • Duusu has coloration and plumage similar to that of a peacock.
  • Duusu's first appearance in any Miraculous media is in the second issue of Miraculous Adventures, alongside several kwamis, known and unknown, as they fly through space in a flashback.[11]
  • Out of all the known kwamis, he is the only one who didn't appear in "Sandboy". However, he was mentioned by Sass.
  • Duusu and Nooroo are currently the only known kwamis who have fallen into the hands of a villain..
  • Prior to the airing of "Truth", it was uncertain whether or not Duusu was aware that he was being used for evil and if his sporadic personality was a result of the Peacock Miraculous being damaged. The events of the episode confirmed both to be the case with him saying it was like his mind was chaotic and he was inside a nightmare being used for evil purposes, unaware that it was indeed reality.


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